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Attuning to the Waxing Moon


To get the most out of this article please first read Understanding The Moon's Phases & Living in Tune with The Lunar Cycle


The Waxing Moon gets under way after the first sight of that silver coronet in the evening sky that shows the Moon is back, about three days after the official date of New Moon that you will find on the Net and in newspapers and diaries.  Now is a period of growth, as the Moon becomes rounder and rounder, approaching Full.  Life is gaining in momentum, you may find yourself involved in new plans and ventures and becoming busier. 


If you have been keeping a lunar journal you will have some idea of how you react to this phase.  Hopefully you have hatched fresh schemes during Dark/New Moon.  Adapt your activities from the following list, so that your efforts have maximum effect.



•    DO - Start a nutritious diet – this is a good time to build muscle.  Nourish dry skin and extra-cleanse oily.  Buy an outfit in a different colour/style and/or try a new hair-do.  Begin regular sport or exercise.  Have massage or other therapy.

•    DON’T – Grab everything going just because it’s new, diet ferociously, overdo exercise, be too harsh with skin treatments, splash out or commit too much to anything not tried-and-tested.


•    DO – Go out on the pull if you are single. Join a dating site. Be brave and make the first move.  Be spontaneous.  See a romantic film/play.  Embark on new pastimes/projects with a loved one.  Be proactive and spontaneous with friends and lovers – see a show, plan a party.  Make sure your address-book is up-to-date and your calendar organized.  See as many people as you can.  Catch up with old friends.  Make time for chats.

•    DON’T – try too hard or expect too much, don’t force yourself into situations you hate, don’t restrict yourself to activities with ‘best’ friends, don’t have avoidable deep-and-meaningfuls, don’t stay alone unless essential, don’t end a relationship unless you have to.




•    DO – Start major DIY projects, redecorate.  Put your house on the market if you want to sell.  Buy large furniture and white goods.  Revamp lighting and complete plumbing jobs especially leaks.  Repot houseplants avoiding disturbing the roots and water well.  Try new recipes.  Let children stay up a little later and give pets extra exercise.  Start new garden produce. Plant seeds of herbs, flowers and leafy vegetables.

•    DON’T – Bite off more than you can chew, take chances with machinery, have a major clear-out, spend loads of time cleaning, plant root vegetables or trees, prune plants, pick produce for drying or preserving, spend ages weeding, assume everything is going swimmingly just because it’s picking up momentum.


•    DO – Consult your diary each morning and focus.  Update and revamp your CV.  Chase every opportunity.  Read self-help books in your free time and put into practice selected points.  Apply for training courses.  Ask for a raise.  Make your feelings known at work if you are unhappy or want something, choosing your words and approach with care.  Apply for a job.  Open a new bank account.  Keep a notebook with you to jot down what you need to remember, if you feel overwhelmed.  Make major necessary purchases.  Keep your spirits up by writing three good things that have happened, each evening.

•    DON’T – Be rash or impatient (now is for putting into motion things you have considered rather than launching yourself impetuously at anything different), be too demanding or pushy, over-commit financially, leave the office early/take long lunches, scatter your efforts, talk about what you can’t do, be rigid or inflexible in your routine, leave the phone off the hook, turn down opportunities.

These suggestions should help you go with the flow when the Moon is waxing and carry your life forward.  Sometimes there are deeper questions or problems that aren’t answered by simple attunement to the Moon, so for those always bear in mind that our helpful readers at The Circle are only a call away.

 PUBLISHED: 01 April 2014

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