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Attuning to the Full Moon


The time of Full Moon begins about three days before the Moon is officially Full, and continues for about three days afterwards.  You can find the phase of the Moon in newspapers, on-line and with phone apps.  Full Moon is a time of fruition, when things come to a head.  If something isn’t workable, at Full Moon it may start to come unglued.  Often this period seems hyper and slightly unstable, although exciting.  You may not sleep so well, especially if your bedroom is flooded with silver light.  If you’ve been keeping a lunar journal you will have an idea how Full Moon affects you.  Hopefully some of your plans have been gaining momentum over the past week, while the Moon was Waxing, and you can now see how they are shaping up.  For more information on adapting to the changing moon you can have a read of Living in Tune With the Lunar Cycle, Understanding the Moon's Phases and Attuning to the Waxing Moon. Adapt what you do from the following list, so you can keep ‘in tune’.



•    DO – Have a beauty therapy that is a true indulgence.  Treat yourself to a fabulous new garment, or some fantastic jewellery.  Go on just a little bit longer at the gym, or out walking.  Incorporate treats into your diet, or you may binge on impulse.
•    DON’T – Overdo things – you could pull a muscle.  Take a black-and-white attitude, as in “I’ve blown my diet so I’ll go mad on chocolate.’  Push yourself too hard or take too many supplements or remedies.


•    DO – Express your feelings to your ‘significant other’.  Have a love-fest.  Dance all night.  Make a commitment.  Take a day or two off, to spend quality time with those that matter.  Have a leisurely meal with partner/loved ones/friends.  Organize a party.  Explore shared interests.  Buy someone an extra-special gift.  Write down all your thoughts and dreams – they may seem bizarre but they will be revealing!
•    DON’T –Tell white lies, or cheat.  Try not to take things personally – over-the-top reactions are more likely now.  Spend time with anyone who really annoys you.  Go over and over the past in your mind.  Say anything hurtful, or let someone down because now it will go deeper.  Go into situations you know are likely to upset you.


•    DO – If possible collect the key to a new home now.  Buy carpets, curtains and soft furnishings.  Leave the TV and computer off for a night or two, to allow your imagination to flourish during this creative time,  Be aware that pets and children may be at peak energy.  Water your garden liberally, and add fertilizer.  Install a new water feature.   Plant fruit-bearing bushes and if the weather has been dry, sow seeds.
•    DON’T – Do major work on plumbing – leaks are more likely.  Throw out too many belongings – you probably aren’t thinking clearly.  Cut timber, chop wood or use too much weed-killer.  Pick garden produce for drying.  Make major decisions for house-moving or DIY.


•    DO – Keep a notebook by your bed to record your dreams, for they may be inspiring and show the way forward.  Record also your waking inspirations.  Stock up on office essentials.  Look at what you’ve achieved and have a small celebration – involve colleagues, and if you’re the boss, give rewards.  Be prepared to work late into the night if necessary, because energies are likely to be at their peak and you’re less likely to rest if things aren’t completed.  Listen to your intuition – your body may give you information (for instance, a headache or stomach upset could hint that latest financial deal isn’t so good).
•    DON’T – Work so long and hard at anything that it could affect your health.  Try to be too logical – the vibes are too random and instincts are strong now.  Reason yourself too quickly out of any idea, however wacky.  Plan too much – be flexible.  Overload yourself with ‘to do’ lists.  Lose your grip, or lose the plot.

These suggestions should help you go with the flow when the Moon is Full and make the most of opportunities.  Sometimes there are deeper questions or problems that aren’t answered by simple attunement to the Moon, so for those always bear in mind that our helpful readers at The Circle are only a call away.

 PUBLISHED: 01 May 2014

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