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The Remarkable Aries Woman Personality


She is adored as the matriarch of the family, desired as an energetic and adventurous lover and admired as the high-flying career woman…


The Aries woman is the Alpha female – she is athletic, strong and very active. You won’t see an Aries woman sitting still for long, she could never be lazy and likes to make sure everything around is it just so. She has an active lifestyle, a perfect sportswoman and always enthusiastic about new adventures. The Aries woman personality is vivacious, she doesn’t crave admiration in an obvious way, but she likes to play a part of everything that is going on around her. She is fiercely protective of her family and friends and does not like injustice, she has a sense of fair play and will make her opinions known without hesitation. She has strong and passionate traits and an intense love for her family. She is the perfect matriarch and will be a fantastic mother and a powerful influence on her grandchildren. The Aries woman is always looking for new experiences, life is an adventure and her intention is to live it to the full, with spontaneity and exuberance she is forever flourishing.

This natural leader does not like inequality, she works to make the world a better place…




If you meet a dominant, strong and successful career woman – she may well be an Aries! The Aries traits are perfect for leadership in business and her loyalty, drive and desire for challenges make her a force to be reckoned with. If you employ an Aries woman, expect determination, passion, a few demanding challenges, but great results. She will always look for a stimulating career but needs to feel she has the freedom to make decisions that will not only benefit the company but also her. The Aries woman personality will be a good addition to any company, creating enthusiasm amongst the team but with a strong sense of fair play. This natural leader does not like inequality, she works to make the world a better place and will not tolerate bullying, arrogance or unethicalness. The Aries woman will strive for success and once committed to a company, her fierce loyalty will drive triumph, with her co-workers by her side. She endeavours for everyone to be noted for their hard work and certainly isn’t unfair in taking all the credit.

She does not wrap her children in cotton wool, but she does gently advise them…





The traits of an Aries mother bring stability and security to her children. She is proud of her offspring, and her intention from the outset is to encourage her children to grow in to independent, strong characters. She will always be there ready and willing to help, no matter how old her children are and often because she has gained the respect over the years and has passed on her knowledge throughout, they know they can depend on her. She is the matriarch of the family and will often be gathering the family together, providing a feast for her loved ones and admiring her clan from the head of the table. Although she has dominant characteristics and traits, she will not intentionally try to overpower everyone, she is simply a strong individual and confident in her opinions and beliefs. She does not wrap her children in cotton wool, but she does gently advise them and teach them whenever she can.

Aries women love to be respected and adored…





A steadfast lover with a spontaneous, adventurous sustained passion! But what is the Aries woman compatibility when it comes to perfect relationships?

THE LEO LOVER – The Aries woman finds the Leo man exciting! The Aries woman in bed will find a perfect match with the Leo’s traits for adventure in their sexuality. Their relationship has good grounds to be long-lasting as long as he gives her the respect she needs and is not too dominant. Both have great loyalty and would make committed parents to their offspring.


THE COMPOSED LIBRAN – An unusual combination of Fire and Air signs, this relationship can be powerful. The Libra man seems to have characteristics which the Aries woman lacks, making their partnership a perfect and complete union. He is a gentleman and because Aries women love to be respected and adored, she will find him irresistible. Their sexuality and passion between the sheets will further ignite the Aries woman in bed, as he fulfils her adventurousness. 


THE QUIRKY GEMINI – This soft, witty and often incredibly intelligent man will intrigue the Aries woman. She will be blinded by his never ending energy, his quirky passion for life and his demands in the bedroom. The Aries woman in love will adore him for his originality and she will happily dictate the relationship, and he will be content to oblige.


THE FIERY SAGITTARIAN – He is a no-nonsense charmer and she knows exactly where she stands with him. He admires her energy and enthusiasm for life and they both love to explore new adventures. She may be impatient with his lack of tact and will challenge him! The Aries woman in bed is content with her passionate Sagittarius lover.




This headstrong female needs a man who is equally strong, active and passionate about life as her. She is no fool in love and quickly picks up on someone who is insincere or who may appear to have ulterior motives. Aries woman compatibility must be someone who can challenge her dominance in the nicest possible way. He must have his own thoughts and opinions as Aries woman likes to encounter light-hearted debates where she can put her fiery views across. An Aries woman in love is when she feels respected, challenged, stimulated in conversation and at ease with her busy mind. An Aries woman in bed can be adventurous, but remember - she is active and open to explore her sexuality! Are you an Aries woman wanting to find love? Or have you already met someone and unsure if he is ‘the one’? Our talented psychics are experts in love and relationships. Call us at TheCircle now to hear about your current love situation and your future lovelife.



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PUBLISHED: 5 April 2016

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