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Aquarius Zodiac: Aquarius Horoscope and Profile


Although the Aquarius sign may be represented by various watery symbols such as waves and water vessels, this zodiac sign is actually the last of the air signs.


Aquarians tend to be highly intellectual, fiercely independent and, above all else, imaginative. To be close to an Aquarius is to be truly lucky, as they will always bring fun, love and freedom into your life. 


Western Zodiac - Aquarius


Dates to Remember


Falling between January 20th and February 18th, those with an Aquarius star sign also tend to be of two minds. In one instance, an Aquarian may be shy, quiet and unassuming. Meanwhile, another may be eccentric, energetic and even unruly.


Aquarius Personality Strengths


Like their fellow air signs, Libra and Gemini, Aquarians possess a strong intellectual connection to the universe. They are incredible at problem-solving, evaluating and producing impeccable, fair results, often in situations where others would struggle. 


What sets Aquarians apart though, is that despite their analytical minds, they are also known for being imaginative, progressive, unique and compassionate. This duality allows Aquarians a distinctive view of the world, one that enables them to see both sides of an argument and find solutions with ease. More often than not, this also helps Aquarians nurture a witty, wacky side and, in some cases, even a rebellious spirit that loves to go against the grain.


Aquarius Personality Challenges


Unfortunately, this complex system of opposing personality traits can often lead to Aquarians being misunderstood. Not without any fault falling at the feet of Aquarians though, mind you. Due to their unpredictable, no-nonsense approach to opinions and problems, many signs are unable to connect with Aquarians. They are even more difficult to deal with when it comes to compromising or expressing emotions, as Aquarians are often not very good at either of those things. Those who don’t manage to get close to Aquarian will probably shrug the water bearer off as aloof and conceited, which is unfortunate as that’s rarely the case. If you really want to know how they feel, it might be worth reading an Aquarian horoscope or two while you wait for them to return.



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Aquarius Friendship


Whether they are shy or eccentric, most Aquarians love being in large groups of people. After all, that’s where they can discuss opinions on intellectual topics or help their companions solve problems. However, it does take a little while for those in the Aquarius star sign to develop truly close friendships. 


This is usually due to their deeply sensitive and cautious nature, which appears whenever an Aquarian feel vulnerable. Take into account that Aquarians need regular alone-time to recharge as well, and many other signs may find them far too aloof and challenging. Fortunately, there are a few signs that are completely compatible with Aquarius, including AriesSagittarius and, fellow air signs, Libra and Gemini. These dynamic signs all possess traits that any Aquarian will find appealing, and once you’re true friends with a water bearer it will be a life-long partnership.


Aquarius in Love


Ever the imaginative yet analytical visionary, Aquarians seek a best friend and soul mate all in one when it comes to love. Sure, they may be overly independent, opinionated and rambunctious, but these are the traits that often make Aquarians the most attractive partners. 


An Aquarius woman in love is hard to beat, as they are affectionate, tolerant and extremely generous. As they themselves are independent, they are very unlikely to encroach on your freedom, nag or become too clingy. All she will ask for is respect, intellectually stimulating conversation, spontaneity and privacy from time to time. As for an Aquarius man, showing love will not come quite as easily. That doesn’t mean for an instant that he isn’t in love, just that he will need a little time to really process, trust and express his emotions. 


How To Attract An Aquarius Woman or Aquarius Man


It is in the world of romance where Aquarius struggles with independence the most. This star sign is renowned for feeling trapped at the slightest notion, and so should always be encouraged to continue doing their own thing. To really get off on the right foot with a water bearer, the best thing to do is start off as friends. As we mentioned earlier, friends are incredibly precious to Aquarians as it takes quite a while to really get to know them.


As if that wasn’t tricky enough, Aquarians also tend to be intrigued by mystery as it causes their analytical and imaginative minds to work in tandem. So, what you’re really aiming for when it comes to Aquarian love, is a mysterious friendship at first. It may seem challenging, but it will all be worth it in the end.


Aquarius Careers & Money


As long as a career path gives an Aquarian the freedom to express themselves, chances are they will more than enthusiastic to get down to business. As visionaries, Aquarians are best suited in jobs that require smarts as well as creativity, so writing, teaching and photography are all great options. Plus, Aquarius men and women also tend to be very skilled at balancing their money so they will never be caught in their overdraft, nor will they skip on fancy, head-turning clothing and accessories. 


Whether it is personally, in friendship. love or work, Aquarius is an undeniably dynamic zodiac sign. Capable of intellect of all forms, from academic to emotional, Aquarians are a truly special sign.


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