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Using the Zodiac to Make Life Decisions


Your Astrological birth sign is a marker that can show you your potential capabilities..


A Zodiac reading is a great way to discover your compatibility with a partner, your potential within a job or to pinpoint times when planetary positions are strong and things are likely to go well for you when deciding on any major life decision – when to get married, when to move, when to have another baby for example.



Definition of Astrology


Astrology is defined as a science and the positions of the planets and stars have an influence over our day to day actions and life outcomes. Planets and points combine with transits and aspects, houses and angles, sextiles and trines to form a complex and often very specific profile of a subject's personality, life and future prospects.

To get an accurate reading, rather than a Sun sign snapshot (the basic overview you get from newspapers and magazines) it is important to get a chart interpretation from an Astrology expert where a detailed study of the aspects of each planet can be looked at.

At we have highly experienced Astrological online psychics who are in great demand because they balance what they can see in your Astrological chart with what they pick up from their highly developed sixth sense. They can also combine other skills such as crystals or Tarot card reading to give you a very rounded reading.

The benefits of this combination can have far reaching effects. As an example, you may think you want to be an artist because you love drawing and have always been good at art but having looked at your chart, and maybe also by picking up on your energy psychically. An Astrologer may see that your character is more geared towards you being an architect because your strength in art is precision and accuracy rather than an extravagant creativity that might be needed to sell paintings to the general public. Instead of struggling as an artist you could end up as a world famous architect.

Your Zodiac chart is like your personal signature. It is unique to you and can signpost your life ahead. It can look at the past and highlight where there were hard times and give you a map of the future and advise you when not to make life decision and when would be the perfect time.

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