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Your Sign’s Predictions For 2017


What lies ahead? Find out what’s in store for you next year by checking with the stars.




You have to plan and put in a lot of effort if you’re to achieve the freedom you want, but it will be worth it. Relationships are a major focus until October – if you’re single you could meet ‘the one’ and if you’re hitched find ways to make your partnership more fulfilling. Avoid clinging to old expectations and images of how a partnership should be – if you open your mind and heart you’ll be happier. As the autumn progresses, turn your attention to radical changes that have been suggesting themselves, especially in the area of jointly-held property and insurances. You can re-make yourself professionally if you trust your own unique talents.
FIND HAPPINESS by devoting yourself to others and entering in to their feelings. It’s not self-sacrifice, it’s a connection with something spiritual, and you’ll glow!


Health and fitness are high on the agenda of most people and you will have plenty of encouragement and opportunities to be the best ‘you’ that you can be. A new approach to diet and exercise can bring you a breakthrough, enabling you to feel and look better than ever.  Having a major sort-out will also be very beneficial – free yourself from clutter and you’ll find that your mind becomes much sharper. However, be careful of going to extemes with anything – going to extremes could mean the pendulum swings the other way, to the detriment of your wellbeing. Moving into Autumn, relationships blossom, either with a new romance or enrichment of an existing connection. Enjoy!
FIND HAPPINESS by letting yourself become absorbed in group concerns, using your practical skills helping with social events and charities. This will give you a sense of belonging.



This can be a creative and exciting year, if you take your confidence in both hands and strut – in the nicest possible way. Banish false modesty – it’s not big-headed to take centre stage sometimes. When you know you’re good at something or have been told by others that you’re good, hold your head high and display yourself. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back – in fact one or two knocks could be a good thing, as you will prove to yourself that you are resilient and can recover and be strengthened. It’s likely that someone influential will spot you, leading to success. As the summer fades you should be able to consolidate what you’ve achieved into a new and brighter routine, that’s a truer expression of the real you.

FIND HAPPINESS by following long held career dreams. These may be accomplished, at least in part, in ways you’ve not anticipated.




Home and family are especially important to you, and during the first half of the year you can heal any rifts with relatives through generosity of spirit. Let bygones be bygones and decide to focus on the good things. This doesn’t mean repressing your feelings, it’s about focusing on what’s right rather than wrong, and letting love override the details. The last few months of the year promise a time of enjoyment and fulfillment when you can express yourself and be appreciated. Being with children and young people could be especially good fun, and you can liberate the child within you, to discover new talents and sheer ability to enjoy yourself.

FIND HAPPINESS through your spirituality. Trust your own feelings and discover the goddess or god within you. This may come through other people and groups, a church or similar, or just through Nature. Open your heart.




A busy nine months lies ahead, with lots of comings and goings, changes of plan and last-minute messages. You’ll actually respond well to the stimulation, able to slow things down enough to get a grip and organise resourcefully. In some areas of life you may feel your knowledge isn’t up to the mark, but opportunities to go on a course will offer themselves and you should definitely take them up. Visitors – probably from abroad – will give you some exciting new viewpoints, which could lead to travel. During the last four months of the year, however, you will bring your focus more into the home. There may be a house-move, or simply some DIY as your new ways and tastes lead to practical shifts.

FIND HAPPINESS through having the courage and imagination to embrace change, wherever necessary. Sometimes you may have to face aspects of yourself that puzzle or disquiet you. So? You’re human, and it’s all part of personal growth




Financially this is an important year, when your wealth can grow, or you can squander your resources into the red. It’s not like you to be extravagant, but a feeling of bounty and a taste for the good life and beautiful things could seduce you – you have been warned! Hang on to your native common sense and you can make all your money and other possessions truly work for you. Invest wisely and have anything remotely valuable assessed for its worth. Weigh up all purchases you make against their real usefulness. From October onwards you’ll be thinking more deeply, and some interesting information will come your way. Concentrate on enhancing your security in any way that seems right.

FIND HAPPINESS through your relationships, by seeing how the other party can open your mind and change your view of reality. Close friendships and colleagues figure here, not just partners. Something truly magical could be there, if you suspend disbelief.





An uplifting and encouraging nine months will enhance your self-confidence and give you opportunities to feel proud of yourself. You can perceive your own worth and believe in yourself, which enables you to do things that formerly you might not have thought possible, leading to even better things. There’s just one teeny note of warning – keep your sense of balance. Don’t go over-the-top and become even slightly overbearing or attention-seeking, because you won’t like yourself. Relationships will keep you on your toes, in a good way, and a role model, or mentor, could bring teaching. As Autumn progresses you can turn all that you’ve learned to profit, as earning potential or some good hard cash.

FIND HAPPINESS in your daily routine, by encouraging mindfulness and seeing beyond the veil of illusion that is the day-to-day world, into the patterns of your life. Be aware of synchronicity showing you your path.




If you feel something is holding you back, keeping you unsure and unfocused, be patient. The needs of others have to take precedence for a while, and there may be issues from the distant past that seem to cloud things. Try to be honest with yourself and don’t be too proud to seek therapy if you need it. Some time during October or beyond your head will clear, ghosts will be laid and you’ll blossom. That’s when you’ll need a sense of proportion, because a ‘class is out’ feeling could make you reckless. Be restrained financially, but not ‘poverty-minded’. Some lateral thinking re investments could bring you gains.

FIND HAPPINESS in all forms of creativity, drama and art. You could be capable of something amazing if you let go of your inhibitions and fixed ideas, and experiment.




You love to be popular and you’ll certainly be basking in the attention you’re getting. But this isn’t about flattery – it’s true appreciation of your contribution to the groups you belong to. You’re in a serious frame of mind, and you need to feel useful and effectual. Charity and environmental efforts will show you in a good light and can be very fulfilling. You’re able to think outside the box yet apply your ideas with realism. The first two-thirds of the year bring something indefinable that you tend to trust – simple luck. Make a wish and don’t aim too low, for it can come true. After October you’ll need a quieter time – meditate and follow your intuition which will show new pathways.

FIND HAPPINESS with home and family, through entering into the feelings and mindset of others. All you ever wanted is within easy reach – wake up to the fact you are blessed.




Your career is important to you, or, if you don’t precisely have a career, your feeling of status and achievement within your peer group. You like to be respected and relied upon, and that’s precisely how it is now. You’re impressive! Promotion is very likely, with general success in your job, or anything that puts you ‘out there’. Often you do lack confidence – without going to extremes do try at least to act with self-assurance, because others will respond favourably and you will soon find you become truly confident, and amaze yourself! During the Autumn the focus shifts to your social life. People will come to you for advice – remember this can be dodgy, and it may be wiser to give practical help. Your popularity will grow.

FIND HAPPINESS through learning new skills and discovering facts that both change your view of the world and the way you interact with it. Exciting!




Principles and ideals motivate you, and through spring and summer you’re on a spiritual quest. This could mean simply that you travel, and that foreign cultures and people open your mind, or it could mean you find a totally new and inspiring mystical direction, maybe through meditation or retreat. You will also have opportunities for higher education, possibly going back to university, or studying on the Internet. As Autumn approaches you will have a chance to put all you’ve learned into something practical, which could mean a change of career. The keyword for you is expansion – of ideas, beliefs and also of what you think you’re capable of accomplishing. It’s lots more than you think.

FIND HAPPINESS through realising that you are part of the Cosmic flow. Gifts and money will come to you and by often passing these on you attract even more blessings.




Profound changes are on their way and you will examine your past and what makes you tick, leading to the chance to remake yourself and become a lot more powerful. This will take courage, but don’t be frightened. Spiritual strength will be yours along with psychic gifts. You are generally a very intuitive person and you will learn to trust this and develop it. Now you can influence others, so while a little light manipulation is fine, make sure your motives are always pure. Indeed you may have opportunities to sway a person or situation, so think carefully. During Autumn and Winter you feel more sure of your spiritual path and may become deeply interested in exploring reincarnation and various faiths. A lovely time of awakening and broad vistas.

FIND HAPPINESS through believing in magic. As you think so you become and if you have faith that your dreams will come true, they will!




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PUBLISHED: 1 January 2017

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