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Dreaming of Falling? Your Dreams About Falling Have Deeper Meaning


There's a dream-related question that has a lot of people left wondering: What does it mean when you dream about falling? Contrary to what some people believe, dreams about falling are not an indicator that you're actually going to die if you don't wake up before impact. There are a lot of different considerations and TheCircle can help you to understand:

  • What is your falling dream meaning
  • What does it mean when you fall in your dream
  • How to interpret a falling off a cliff dream, a falling elevator dream, and a falling into water dream
  • How to understand falling dreams that wake you up
  • How TheCircle can help you understand falling in your dreams in context
What does it mean if you dream about falling?


What Does Falling in a Dream Mean?


There are plenty of different kinds of dreams about falling, and for the most part, they don't predict that you will actually fall in real life. People who have never feared falling can have these dreams, because dreams are all about your subconscious - an entirely separate entity to your conscious mind. The meaning of your dreams about falling will really depend on the types of falling dreams you're having and the current stage you're at in your life.


Why Do We Dream About Falling?


A falling dream meaning is often very unique to an individual; however, there are often very common recurring themes such as insecurity and anxiety. Falling is a symbol of instability, because you're physically losing your balance on the ground below you, which can be a metaphor for the emotional stage you're at in your life. Feelings of loss of control, failure, and losing your way can all be commonly associated with these sorts of dreams at night. Often, we set ourselves very high expectations, and these dreams can be a sign we need to let some of these go.


Have You Had a Falling Off a Cliff Dream?


What does it mean when you fall from a cliff in your dream? No two dreams about falling are created equal, and the circumstances often matter. A falling off a cliff dream can highlight the fact that you feel suspended from the edge of something - perhaps a life-changing decision or something where you feel you're about to reach a point where you can't turn back. If you fall because you've jumped, you might be ready for new adventures. If you fall - or are pushed - you might be afraid you've lost balance in your life and may now spiral into the unknown.


Perhaps You Had a Falling Elevator Dream?


What does it mean when you dream about falling while in a lift? Elevators are not inherently scary - many people ride in them every day. However, if the elevator suddenly drops in your dream, this could represent something that previously had structure suddenly becoming far less predictable - and this could mirror aspects of your life. You're fearing losing security. If you can, consider where the lift is. Is it at work, or in your apartment block? The location could point to the area of your life that you're afraid is about to fall apart (even though really, you may just need to break free).


Maybe You've Even Had a Falling Into Water Dream?


Falling into water dreams can be rather unique because the fact that you will inevitably land in a body of water subtly alters their meaning. So, why do we dream about falling into water specifically? Water in a dream is symbolic - water represents the unknown, it's tied spiritually with our emotions, and there's often a darkness surrounding it when there are vast, deep bodies of water. Falling into this essentially means you're afraid of falling into the abyss. Perhaps you don't know where you stand, or you're confused and feeling lost.


Experienced Falling Dreams That Wake You Up?


There's an old wives' tale that if you don't wake up when you're falling in your dreams, you will die. This is nonsense, although it is natural for your body to wake you up anyway - the sensation can feel very real, and the lines between dream world and the ordinary world can be very blurred while you're asleep. The phenomenon where you jerk yourself awake even has a name - it's a 'hypnic jerk'. Both your body and your mind know to protect you from danger - whether it's physical or not.



What Can You Learn From Falling In Your Dreams?


The majority of the time, dreams about falling are nothing to worry about. They're quite literally a wake-up call to us to tell us to listen to our instincts and trust ourselves to know when something is wrong. Perhaps you need to make changes or address certain issues, or perhaps you need to go down the wrong path to show you the right one. It might even be a good thing - sometimes, as we've seen with the falling elevator dream, losing control can actually be good for some people who've lived with too much structure until now.


How We Can Help


What does falling in a dream mean to you? If you're falling in your dreams, it might be that you're having a bit of a hard time lately, and you could really use someone to talk to. Readers at TheCircle are highly empathetic and can help you understand the spiritual messages coming from your very own subconscious. Crucially, we can help you empower yourself to make the decisions based on these interpretations that you know deep down you should make.


Published: 3 Dec 2018

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