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Dreaming of Getting Married? Here's Your Marriage Dream Meaning


Wedding season has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean dreams about marriage are going anywhere. Whether you’re dreaming about attending a wedding or you’re seeing your own marriage in a dream, here's how you can interpret what your subconscious is trying to tell you and give your wedding dream meaning.


dreams about marriage explained


All the Little Things That Give Your Wedding Dream Meaning


Much like a waking marriage, a marriage dream is made up of lots of little elements that all come together to create something bigger. A dress is no longer simply a dress, it’s a wedding gown, while a bunch of flowers becomes a wedding bouquet. Everything is so much more than it seems. So, it’s just as important that you know as much as you can about what your wedding dream means, as well as the picture.


Wedding Cake


If you happen to see a wedding cake in your dream, then it means you are experiencing harmony and domestic bliss. The same can be said if you are actually cutting it - a true symbol of togetherness and joy. If you go a step further and actually eat the cake in your dream though, then this signifies a developing connection with your sensuality.


Wedding Dresses


Donning a wedding dress in your dream occasionally means that you are analysing a romantic relationship. This is often harmless enough, but putting on a wedding dress can also represent feelings of unworthiness and being uncomfortable. This is especially true if you are wearing a wedding dress in a dream where you are not, in fact, the bride.


Wedding Guests


The worst-case scenario at any wedding is that no wedding guests turn up at all. If this is the case in your dream, then chances are you are feeling lonely or maybe you don’t really want to be at the wedding either. A lack of guests can be crucial towards giving your wedding dream meaning. If guests do show up only to misbehave, you may need to re-evaluate your relationship with the individual who is acting out.



Wedding or Engagement Rings


Weddings are a wonderful thing to see in a dream, as they represent long-lasting love for those who are already married in their waking life. For those who are not yet married, seeing a wedding ring could represent reaching the next level of intimacy and love with someone close to you. However, if you lose a wedding ring while dreaming, chances are you are experiencing unresolved anxieties about your real-world relationship. As for engagement rings, they tend to be a lot easier to explain. They are simply a symbol of love that will likely pop up in the dreams of anyone considering a long-term commitment and those in a strong relationship.


Wedding Tuxedo


Whether you just see a tuxedo or you yourself are wearing one, they often represent aspirations to make something of yourself. A tuxedo is an aspirational garment in many cultures around the world, especially wedding tuxedos.


Wedding Veil


Face coverings of any sort in dreams can represent a myriad of meanings. Wedding veils, in particular, can mean humility, innocence or shyness. That’s if you yourself are wearing the veil, of course. If someone else in your dream is donning the veil, then they may be a part of your own personality that you are attempting to conceal.




If you appear as a bridesmaid in your dream, this may mean that love is on the horizon for you. Remember that old saying ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’? Well, that could soon change.


The Big Day: Are Your Dreams Good or Bad?


Now that all the little elements that go into creating a wedding have come together, it’s time to analyse the big picture. Or, in this case, the big day. Whether you are simply attending a wedding in your dream or you’re the bride or groom themselves, here’s what your dreams could be telling you.


Attending Someone Else’s Wedding


If dream-you has turned up to someone else’s wedding, there are all sorts of things your subconscious could be trying to tell you. Witnessing a wedding often means that a transition in your life is either about to begin or is already underway. It may also signify some anxieties and worrying feelings you have towards aspects of your life. This is particularly clear if something goes wrong at the wedding such as getting lost, someone is injured or you get embarrassed.

To truly unravel the meaning of your dream about getting married, you must take into account how you feel at the wedding. Are you happy or nervous? Elated or irritated? Whatever feeling is most prominent will help you to understand why you are being shown this wedding.


Attending Your Own Wedding


Believe it or not, dreaming about your own wedding is even more complex than turning up to someone else’s. The simplest explanation is that you wish to live out a happy marriage and life. Alternatively, it may represent a change in your journey, a new chapter and personal growth. This often goes in tandem with feelings of great responsibility, so don’t be surprised if you have dreams about weddings after receiving a promotion or having a child.

Unfortunately, not all marriage dreams represent love and growth. If your emotions in the dream are negative, your subconscious may be trying to tell you you’re feeling restrained and controlled. The dream may mean that you are under too much pressure or that something you looked forward to hasn’t met your expectations.

Then there’s the problem of your spouse in the wedding dream. If it isn’t who you would expect it to be, chances are you’ve recently indulged in some poor behaviours or are attempting to make a decision too hastily. If you are already married in your waking life, and you dream of being wed to someone else, it may be time to analyse your feelings about your spouse. The best-case scenario is that you dream about marrying your spouse again, as this shows true commitment, as well as the beginning of a new phase for the two of you.

So, what does your wedding dream mean? Are you looking forward to entering a new phase in life or are you going have to take a closer look at your relationships? If you are still unsure as to what dreaming of your own wedding means, then you may want to consult a Reader who will help you answer any questions you may have. Whatever it is your dreams are telling you, make sure you approach any changes with positivity.


Published: 3 Dec 2018

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