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Flying Dreams: What Do They Mean?


So, what does it mean when you dream about flying? Flying dreams are actually quite common and can have a plethora of different meanings, depending on the current circumstances in a person's life. Your flying dream meaning is usually unique to you as a person, although there will be a lot of common themes. Dream interpretation is often subjective, but TheCircle has a deep understanding of issues such as:

  • What does it mean when you fly in your dreams?
  • What it means if you're dreaming of flying a plane
  • What your dreams of flying or floating are telling you
  • What you can learn from dreaming you can fly
What Does Flying In a Dream Mean?


What Does Flying In a Dream Mean?


Just as there are plenty of types of flying dreams, there are actually lots of different kinds of flight. Sometimes, dreaming you can fly means you'll be physically soaring through the air. However, other times, you will be dreaming of being carried through the air - perhaps you're on the back of a bird or something more mystical like a dragon, or maybe you're dreaming of flying a plane. The types of flying dreams you'll have will vary, just as their meaning will.


Are You Dreaming of Flying a Plane?


When your flying dreams are linked to air travel, their meaning is often linked to and dependent on your relationship with aviation. Perhaps you're a nervous traveller, and you're anxious about an upcoming trip, but the reality is that the meaning is often much deeper than that. If you're dreaming of flying a plane - physically, that is, as the pilot - then it's often a sign that you're actually in complete control of your life right now, hence taking the controls. Other flying dreams might see you as the passenger.

Regardless of what kind of actions you're doing on a plane in your dreams, you should pay close attention to the stage of flight. If you're dreaming about take off, for example, that could mean all your best ideas are about to finally go somewhere. Be careful, though - in the world of aviation, takeoff is the most statistically dangerous time, and this may be a subtle warning to you to pay attention. Conversely, landing - which can also be a dangerous time - may also tell you the same thing, but it might suggest a project or chapter in your life is about to come to a close.

Finally, when you're dreaming of flying onboard a plane, it's an unfortunate reality that some people dream that their plane is going to crash. Don't panic! This doesn't mean that your next trip will end in impending doom, as this is incredibly rare. Most people are not psychic and so these dreams will only be symbolic as opposed to predicting the future. In fact, it can show that there's an aspect of your life that you are terribly afraid of failing at. Perhaps you're setting expectations too high for yourself, or maybe you're plagued with anxieties about the course of your life, meaning you need to realistically address this self-doubt before everything comes tumbling down around you.


Perhaps You Have Dreams of Flying or Floating?


What does it mean when you dream about flying in a way that simply isn't possible? If you're having dreams of flying or floating, these are some of the most fun flying dreams that you can possibly have! They, too, carry a lot of hidden meanings, mostly linked to freedom and escaping from life's many pressures. In real life, it's impossible to fly, and our dreams are a healthy outlet for dealing with life's problems creatively.

Dreams of flying or floating highlight our everyday experiences and put them in a new light. Do we need to find a way that we can liberate ourselves on Earth, too? In real life, you might feel very grounded and secure - this could be the sign you've been looking for that you need to try new things and be free - perhaps travel or a new adventure is on the cards?


If You're Dreaming You Can Fly, You're Not Alone


Lots of people dream about flying and often pose the question 'what does it mean when you fly in your dreams?'. As humans, we recognise that our dreams often reflect our lives, and many of us are dealing with the same experiences and pressures. A lot of people actively think about flying before trying to sleep, as this is said to promote them - so if you're dreaming about flying, lucky you!

It is said, however, that people of all cultures have these dreams, because everyone desires and values freedom. However, we think that men have them slightly more frequently than women because they can often find it more difficult to talk through their emotions and the pressures that they face, meaning that working through it via a dream is something attempted by their subconscious.


What Can You Learn from These Dreams?


What does flying in a dream mean to you personally? You need to really take the time to sit yourself down and think this through, and it can help if you take steps to actively remember your dreams. If you recognise that there are areas in your life that you probably need a release from, that could explain your dreams of flying or floating. If you're an avid traveller, or perhaps a nervous flyer, dreaming of flying a plane could be your mind's way of exploring the positive and negative connotations flying has on your life.


How We Can Help


As no two flying dreams are the same, your flying dream meaning could be complex. Perhaps you're a nervous flyer in real life, but in your dreams, you're loving the opportunity to fly far away? The messages in your dreams are often different from the ones your conscious mind deals with while you're awake. At TheCircle, Readers have far more insight into spiritual matters and how they work in tandem with the things you deal with in this world, and they can advise you sensitively and confidentially.


Published: 3 Dec 2018

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