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Dreams about Death and Dying - What do They Mean?


Dying is something that people are often very afraid to talk or think about, which means that having dreams where you're faced with death can be incredibly confronting and even frightening. It's important to address the questions that such dreams about dying evoke, the answers to which can often provide insightful commentary into our lives at any given moment. TheCircle is here to reassure you that these dreams are normal, nothing to be scared about and actually have very interesting meanings. Allow yourself to understand:

  • Who has dreams about dying
  • What dreams about death mean
  • What dreams about dying symbolise
  • Dream interpretation, death and key takeaways
  • It's natural to have dreams of death of a loved one
dreams about dying explained


Dreams about Death are More Common than you Think


If you're upset because you've had a dream about death, don't worry - these dreams are in no way a reflection on you or your character. Dreams about dying are actually pretty common, and you'll soon understand why once you read what these dreams often mean. For now, remember that when you're entering into a new phase of life - particularly one that may be a little uncertain or anxiety-inducing - you're most likely to have such dreams.


Death Dream Interpretation - Is Death Imminent?


There's a common misconception that dreams about death can mean you're going to die soon. Don't believe this for a second! The origin of this myth is quite easy to understand, but the truth is actually much more fascinating. Usually, although you can be scared you're going to die in a dream, you don't get to the actual point of dying, because most people do not have knowledge of what happens after they pass away. While some people are blessed with the gift of Clairvoyance, like our Readers, the vast majority of people who are dreaming of death are not actually seeing the future. However, the themes of death are still prevalent in those who do not have these extra abilities - but why?


There's Symbolism in Dreams about Dying


Death dream meaning can vary dramatically from person to person. Often, a typical death dream represents a big change happening in your life. Therefore, the "death" isn't actually death as you know it but instead a metaphorical death - an ending of a chapter in your life. Your brain presents it to you in the form of death because of the strong symbolism of the point of no return. Have you taken on a new job lately or perhaps ended a relationship? Very normal life changes consume us, even when we don't realise it. In fact, even when the big changes are pleasant, they can still bring such dreams. These dreams of death can merely be our way of processing often exciting - but sometimes scary - changes.

Dreams about dying can also have cultural significance. In a lot of cultures, the afterlife is something which has great importance with regards to the overall belief systems, and yet most people can't say for sure what happens next. Perhaps you're not at peace, or unsure of the fate of a loved one who has passed on? These dreams can be a way of working through these different questions and anxieties.


What about Dreams of the Death of a Loved One?


But you don't always dream about the concept of death or the potential for death to happen to us. Dreams about death can be even worse when you see someone you know and care about in real life dying. Sometimes people might worry that if they're having dreams of the death of a loved one, that they're somehow a terrible person. Don't worry - this isn't your subconscious telling you that you want this to happen.

Even more distressing can be the reality of a dream of your baby dying, which is obviously something that many of us would never want to even think about, let alone face. As you've learned above, death in dreams is often symbolic and so this doesn't need to have such dark and negative connotations. If you dream of a baby dying, it could mean that you're ready to grow up and move on from some of your more childlike endeavours. If it's your own baby, you are naturally worried that something might happen to your child. That's normal too.


Are Dreams about Death a Bad Thing?


You may feel as though your dreams about dying are haunting you, but they're actually trying to tell you something. As you've seen, dreams about death often represent transition or change - or just stress. People often struggle to cope with change, but when they're sleeping, it's healthy to process difficult aspects of that. In fact, many death dreams are your brain's way of helping you overcome struggles and deal with reality.


What Can you Learn from Dreams about Death?


Our conscious minds are very clever at hiding things that we don't want to confront, whether that's death itself, or all of the little changes in our lives that give us anxiety when we deal with them head-on. Having dreams about dying is actually a really good thing because you are able to work through all of these issues and ask yourself important questions about changes in your lives and new things that are affecting you - and even to begin working through them productively. You may even have some revelations!


How TheCircle Can Help


You should now understand the ways that your subconscious is working to give you messages about things going on in your life. However, it may be hard for you to interpret this objectively and know what to do with these interpretations once you've made them. You don't need to struggle alone! TheCircle has an insightful team of Readers who can help you along this transitional phase of life.


Published: 3 Dec 2018


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