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Dreams About Being Pregnant: What Do They Mean?


Have you ever had dreams about being pregnant and wondered what they meant? They can be very confusing to wake up from, especially when you're not pregnant and don't want a baby yet. It’s one of the most common dreams people have, right up there with teeth falling out and being naked in public. In fact, 70% of women regularly dream about having a baby but they're not pregnant.

But just like other kinds of common dreams, the meaning has nothing to do with the dream. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re actually pregnant nor does it mean a baby is anywhere on the horizon.

Dreaming is an important part of our sleep cycle. They can help bring issues in your life to the forefront of your mind and help you process things that have happened. Pregnancy dreams serve this purpose too and can help you realise a lot of important things.


to dream someone is pregnant


What Do Dreams About Being Pregnant Actually Mean?


In actuality, dreams about being pregnant have a lot to do with your creativity. They act as a symbol of personal and creative growth and show that change and growth are coming for you.

It makes sense when you think about it; pregnancy is all about change and creating something new. It’s a literal symbol of rebirth, so it’s no wonder that this is the way your mind interprets it.

Is there a new project you’re about to start working on? Or are you making changes to your home? Perhaps you’ve just started a new hobby? There are lots of things that can trigger pregnancy dreams but, at the core of it, it’s all about creative changes.

There are also a lot of different kinds of pregnant dream meanings, and they can all mean something slightly different too. Maybe you’re seeing a pregnant woman in a dream, or maybe you dream someone is pregnant instead of you. Let’s dive into these different kinds of dreams and figure out what they mean.


Finding Out That You’re Pregnant


When you find out that you’re pregnant in a dream, whether it be taking a pregnancy test or looking down at your stomach and realising that you’re suddenly with child, it can be jarring.

This kind of dream usually means that there is a part of your life which is currently undergoing a change. It is a new change that you may not consciously even realise is about to happen, and this is your subconscious' way of finding out.

Think about how you felt in your dream when you discovered you were pregnant. Were you happy or fearful? Fear can mean that you’re afraid of new responsibilities being thrust upon you as a result of this new change in your life. A Reader can help you figure out these feelings and provide guidance in these areas of your life.


Seeing a Pregnant Woman in a Dream


If your dream doesn't involve you being pregnant, but someone else instead, this can have a couple of meanings. Of course, there’s the off chance it could be a literal interpretation and they might actually be pregnant.

Often, to dream someone is pregnant is a symbol of a growing connection with that person. Maybe you’ve made a new friend or strengthened your connection with an old one recently.

It can also mean that you feel that a person has left things in their life unfinished. Maybe they have stopped working on an important project, or perhaps they aren’t expressing something clearly.

But, if your dream is that your partner is pregnant with another person’s baby, or have gotten someone else pregnant, it could mean that there is tension in the relationship. There may be distance growing between the two of you and your passions and goals may not align any more. This may be a sign that you need to seek guidance about getting your relationship back on track.


Dreaming About Being Pregnant When You Want a Baby


If you dream about being pregnant when you’re actually trying to have a baby, it has a different meaning than if you weren't trying.

This is a wish fulfilment dream where your subconscious is fulfilling your wish of falling pregnant. It could simply be a manifestation in your dreams, or perhaps you are actually pregnant already without knowing it, so take a test to be sure!


Giving Birth to a Baby


Dreams about going into labour are similar to the meaning of finding out you’re pregnant - maybe you’re working on a big project that is almost complete after all your hard work.

Or, it could be a manifestation of fear and anxiety you have over a big project or big change about to come in your life. If it’s a premature labour, it could signify that you don’t feel ready for this change or project just yet or feel anxious about it.

If the birth is done via a Caesarean section, this could signify that you need to seek help for your project or upcoming change. You feel like it can’t be done alone and you need others around you to help you out.


Figuring Out What Pregnancy Dreams Mean


Dreams about being pregnant or giving birth can be jarring and confusing when you don’t know why you’re having them. But when you know the context and reasoning behind pregnant dream meanings, it can provide you with real clarity in your life.

Dreams are important tools and can reveal a lot about us. These meanings can help you figure out other aspects of your life and where you need to make changes. Now that you know what these common dreams mean, you can start to recognise why they’re happening and what they’re trying to tell you.



Published: 3 Dec 2018

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