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Experience a Free Tarot Card Reading with Lenormand Cards


Lenormand cards are similar to Tarot and are chosen alongside a free Tarot card reading to help you gain clarity and guidance as well as practical solutions to problems, issues, and dilemmas you may be facing in life.


Draw your Lenormand Card of the Day



What is a Lenormand Deck?


Similar to a free Tarot card reading, Lenormand cards actually came before Tarot as we know it. While Tarot embraces the Major and Minor Arcanas, with 22 and 56 cards across them, a Lenormand deck only has 36 cards.


The style of a Lenormand reading differs from that of a Tarot reading too. Tarot is open to interpretation and can express what you should or could do in the future, while Lenormand readings are more focused on the particulars of a problem. While Tarot cards are named things such as The Hanged Man, Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun, Lenormand cards are named The House, The Heart, and The Stork, which provide more of a practical application.


What is a Daily Lenormand Card Reading?


A daily Lenormand card reading is therefore a way for you to find some guidance for a problem by seeing which cards may be pulled from the Lenormand deck during a free Tarot card reading. Being able to see and interpret a different card as part of a daily Tarot ritual may offer insight into the day-to-day activities of your life.





How Does a Lenormand Card Reading Work?


A Lenormand card reading works much the same as when reading Tarot cards. Questions are asked about particular areas or aspects of life and the answers and determined based on the context of the question, your life, and any other relevant information. So, if you asked a question about, for example, your love life and you were dealt The Key – which symbolises openness and freedom – you then have a direction to go in.


Lenormand works through the set of Lenormand combinations that can be interpreted differently. You’d then perhaps deal another card after The Key to determine what it means in practical terms for moving forwards with life. So, for instance, if the second card in your free Tarot card reading was The Fish, you’d know that your openness should be related to business or finances. This and similar Lenormand combinations can give practical advice for everyday problems.  


What to Expect from a Lenormand Card Reading


Lenormand card readings differ from that of the Tarot reading due to the meanings behind Lenormand decks. While Tarot cards divine a future, Lenormand cards focus on understanding your present and analysing where you are now and what the context of that means for your future. So, many find Lenormand card meanings to be more practical and workable while Tarot can be open to greater interpretation about what the future may hold.


Experience and specialised Readers know how to read Tarot cards so will use this expertise to deliver readings in the art of Lenormand, too. Understanding the cards means that the Reader will be able to offer analysis not only based on what the cards mean and what the Lenormand combinations mean, but on how this pertains to your life itself.  


How to Make the Most of a Free Tarot Card Reading?


To make the most of a free Tarot card reading, it really comes down to being prepared to glean some wisdom from the reading itself. The best way to do this is to arrive with a question or a specific problem or issue that you want help with. This can be very precise, such as whether or not you should take a promotion or more general such as questions about your love life and its direction.


Many people opt for free Tarot card reading and Lenormand combinations for a two-pronged approach to any issues or dilemmas they may have to gain clarity and peace of mind. So, to make the most out of any kind of reading – from Tarot cards to Oracle cards and Angel cards – it always helps to try a few different methods.




Is the reading beneficial for me?

Lenormand card readings are beneficial to everyone as everyone has something that causes them doubt, worry, or pain. While Tarot deals with spirituality more, Lenormand offers practical advice, so even the most sceptical people can benefit.


How often should you hear a reading?

Some people have a daily Tarot reading while others may have seen a Reader specialising in Lenormand online for ad-hoc problems and issues.


Tips for getting the best out of your reading

Make sure you have a question and are prepared to be completely honest. This could be with either a Reader or when dealing with your own free daily Tarot or Lenormand card. Being open with what you feel you will gain from the reading means you will make the most out of the cards and any advice they could have for you.

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