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A Brief Introduction to Wicca  


What is about Wicca?

A new religion, Wicca, emerged in the early 20th century, combining ancient traditions, psychic connections and respect for nature in a modern form. In the 1920s, Dr. Margaret Murray, a British Egyptologist, postulated that European women believed to be witches in the 15th-18th centuries were not worshippers of Satan, but instead were followers of an ancient religion that predated Christianity. Following the publication of Dr. Murray's thesis, the Wicca - Religion gained a resurgence in England.


Believers of Wicca combined aspects of folk magic, romanticism, mythology and Druidism in their practice and the religion continued to grow in the following decades, gaining followers from around the globe.


Wicca today believes in a deity inherent in the universe which is manifested in all living entities. The divine is also present in gods and goddesses which balance each other in nature. Wicca recognizes a spirit in every living being. These spirits are interconnected to all other spirits, forming a web of the divine in all living entities.


A central tenant of Wicca is "if it harm none, do what you will." This simple statement forms the basis of the ethics of Wicca, affirming the inherent right to freedom of action while acknowledging the responsibility associated with actions. Other central tenants include power through knowledge, progressive reincarnation and harmony and serenity. Practitioners use a variety of methods to develop their spiritual lives, including dream interpretation, drawing on the moon,tarot, astrology and palmistry.


Wiccans have long faced discrimination based on the inaccurate belief that they worship the devil. Wicca does not worship Satan, in fact, it does not even acknowledge the devil's existence. While most Wiccans do not believe in the Judeo-Christian concept of God, they do believe in an ultimate deity.


 How can I get Wicca?

The very word "Wicca" stems from an old English version of "wise." Harness the wisdom of this ancient yet modern religion by exploring its tenets and principles through The Circle. Incorporating the religion's spiritual and mystical elements can lead you to peace with yourself, others and nature. Reaching this higher global consciousness can have a powerful and positive effect on your life and relationships.

Begin your journey toward Wicca and call our experienced readers, mediums and psychics today.



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