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What is Tarot?

What is Tarot

What is Tarot

The tarot is more than a deck of cards; it is a window to the soul that can illuminate one's past, present and future. The best answer when one asks ' what is tarot ?' is that the cards are a tool that can be used to
decipher one's journey through life and offer guidance regarding decisions both big and small. When interpreted correctly by a skilled fortune teller, the cards can reveal the secrets of the spirit, offer direction and help the person receiving the reading make the best decisions for their life.

What is Tarot? -The Major Arcana
A standard tarot deck contains 78 cards. Of these, 52 cards belong to the Major Arcana. These cards are the keys to spiritual development and may grant insight on life's biggest challenges and karmic patterns.

What is Tarot? The Minor Arcana
The remaining cards symbolize the more mundane aspects of life. These cards represent everyday experiences that combine to form the bigger picture of life.

What is Tarot?  - Major Arcana Card Meanings
Each card of the Major Arcana features a character or symbol that represents a portion of the journey through life. For instance, the Justice card may signify balance, expectations or fairness. The Hanged Man card may symbolize a fruitless struggle or making sacrifices for the greater good. The appearance of the Death card is not necessarily cause for worry. The card can indeed symbolize the loss of life, but it more frequently represents other types of loss or big changes.

What is Tarot? - Minor Arcana Card Meanings
The Minor Arcana is comprised of four suits of cards, and each suit has a special meaning. Pentacle cards can symbolize physical issues regarding finances, the home or health. These cards may also represent determination, generosity, bounty, charity and appreciation. Cup cards may represent the psyche and emotions. They may also symbolize sensuality, completion, inclusion or temptation.

Interpreting the cards' meanings is a task that is best undertaken by a skilled fortune teller or tarot reader.

If you are wondering 'what is tarot and how can it change my life?,' contact one of our talented fortune tellers today to discover the answer and begin learning about your past, present and future.


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