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Telepathic - Psychic skills

An Introduction to the telepathic science  


From the Greek "tele" (meaning distant) and "pathy" (meaning feeling), telepathy is the transfer of mental states from one person to another. A form of extra-sensory perception, telepathy uses psychic power to read another's thoughts and tap into the subconscious to gain powerful insight regarding one's life.

Although telepathic methods have been used throughout history, the term "telepathy" was not coined until the late 19th century by French psychic Fredric Myers. Prior to that time, the scientific community was not concerned with the mind. Advances made in the physical sciences allowed greater understanding of the paranormal world and as a result, telepathic methods of communication became more popular toward the end of the century.

Revered psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have attested to the power of telepathy. Research conducted by the American Society for Psychical Research further confirmed the effectiveness of this method of communication. Experiments performed in both the United States and England after the first World War and by Dr. John Coover of Stanford University add further evidence to support belief in the telepathic science.

 Four types of telepathic skills and methods have emerged in parapsychology. Latent telepathic skills include the transmission of information from mind to mind over a period of time. Intuitive telepathic methods transfer information about either past or future events from one mind to another. Emotive telepathic skills include the transfer of emotions or other sensations. Lastly, superconscious telepathic methods tap into collective knowledge held in that realm of the mind. 

Before receiving a telepathic reading, clear your mind by taking a series of deep breaths. Remove all jewelry made of natural stones or wood, as the energy from these items may interrupt the reading. Focus on what you want to receive from the interaction and rid the room of any disruptions like pets or the television. Keep an open mind and trust your reader. 

Our team of psychicsmediums and tarot readers are skilled in the art of the telepathic science .

If you are struggling in your professional, personal or financial life, call today to have one of our telepathic psychics use this skill to uncover your hidden thoughts and subconscious feelings. 


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