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Tarot Meanings

Tarot Meanings - A brief introduction  
Tarot Meanings

Tarot Meanings

For centuries, people have relied on tarot cards for guidance, insight and advice. The 78-card decks may seem confusing, but when read by a trained and talented medium or fortune teller, they may reveal the hidden secrets of the soul and life. Each of the tarot meanings can offer clarification on a life decision, illuminate something about the future and help the one seeking a reading make the best choices for his or her life.

The 52 Major Arcana cards in a standard tarot deck can offer reflections on one's life in regard to the human condition. For instance, the Fool tarot meanings may symbolize possibility, purity and innocence. This card shows a man with an unconditional soul ready to embrace the lessons of the world. He may also represent new beginnings, choice or living in the present moment. The Magician card is a symbol of creation and confidence. He gains his power from outside sources and depends on others to create magical illusions. This card may also signify the need to act, limitless possibilities or manipulating a situation to gain control.

The High Priestess tarot card features a women that speaks directly to the unconscious mind. These tarot meanings represent the effect the unconscious has on the everyday world, the source of power and the balance between what is real and what is potential. She may also represent mystery, remaining receptive to the secrets which are revealed and the balance between action and inaction.

The Empress card signifies the unification of the body, mind and spirit. If she is drawn, the person receiving the psychic reading may need to yield to unconditional love and develop a strong connection with the inner spirit. She is balanced by the Emperor card, which has tarot meanings symbol for the mind's ability to change the world. These powerful tarot meanings may represent increasing one's understanding of the world, making one's own decisions or having confidence in one's choices. The Wheel of Fortune tarot meanings include understanding the interconnection between destiny and fate. This card may also signal change.

These are only a few of the tarot meanings one can reap from the standard deck.

To discover more of the tarot's secrets that can change your life, contact one of our gifted readers or fortune tellers today.


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