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Psychic Tarot Throughout History

Psychic Tarot

Psychic Tarot

The long history of psychic tarot is a testament to the method's ability to guide users to their best lives. Used for hundreds of years as a powerful tool of divination, the tarot has evolved into a common and beloved method for those seeking greater insight into their lives.

The first tarot decks made their appearance in Italy in the early 14th century. These cards were actually predecessors to psychic tarot as we know it today, as the original decks were used in a card game enjoyed by Italian and French elites. Intricately designed and embellished by hand, the original decks are collectors items today because they are stunning reflections of the culture and time period in which they were created.

Tarot cards were not used as tools for divination until the 18th century. Antoine Court de Gebelin, a Swiss clergyman, believed the cards had roots in ancient Egypt and could reveal mystical knowledge to users. Jean-Baptists Alliette built on Gebelin's thesis and further maintained that the cards held secrets dating back to the ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth. Psychic tarot cards were later linked to the Kaballah, a mystic Jewish teaching, and were also believed to be connected to the Christian Bible.

Finally, the psychic tarot deck was standardized into the form we enjoy today in 1909 by A.E. Waite at the request of the hermetic society the Order of the Golden Dawn. Although there are now many different designs of psychic tarot cards available today, this set is the most popular in the United States.

The standardized psychic tarot deck contains 78 cards. The first 22 make up the Major Arcana, which reflect on life forces. The remaining 56 cards represent the Minor Arcana, which is further divided into four suits. The sword, wand, cup and pentacle (or coin) cards can give readers direction on many aspects of their lives.

Our many talented psychics, mediums and readers that can use the centuries-old tradition of psychic tarot to offer you insight on your life. 

Millions of people have relied on the mystical knowledge of the tarot to make life decisions and now you can too, so call today.


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