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What Sun Sign Astrology and Horoscopes Can Show Us About The Future


What Sun Sign Astrology and Horoscopes Can Show Us About The Future


Sun Sign astrology was first used in the middle of the last century when a newspaper owner, who loved astrology and knew a lot about it, wanted to find a way to give horoscopes to the general public.

Sun Sign astrology uses the Sun as the ascendant, sometimes also called the rising sign. In traditional astrology the rising sign is based on an individual’s time of birth and is usually different to the Sun Sign. Nevertheless, the newspaper-man’s astrologer decided that a system could be devised based on the Sun alone and hence, we got modern horoscopes.

People often wonder how it is that all Virgos or all Sagittarians — one twelfth of the population — can have the same horoscope. The answer is that of course, they can’t. But that does not mean that Sun Sign astrology isn’t valuable. Sun Sign astrology is often uncannily accurate. Why?

The Sun is the most powerful planet in the heavens. You only have to look up at the sky to notice that! When the Sun travels near to the place where it was when you were born, ie: when its “in Virgo” or “in Sagittarius” its influence or some say, its “energy”, is focused on that sign. That is why people often feel a little tired or lackluster just before their birthday and then feel wonderful on their birthday and for the weeks following.

Modern Sun Sign astrologers also take the other planets into consideration. The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto also influence our charts. A Sun Sign astrologer looks at how these planets “aspect” the Sun and each other and this tells him or her how that might influence each of the Sun Signs.

So, Sun Sign astrologers work very hard. They do not make up the horoscopes that you see in the newspaper. Obviously, they can only be very general because they are talking to one twelfth of the population at a time. But, think about the weather report – that is very general too. It can’t tell you exactly when it will rain, or how much, or for how long. But, it can tell you that it will rain, and that is useful information.

Sun Sign astrologers do the same thing. They can tell us the general influences that will affect each sign each day. Many people read horoscopes and if there weren’t some truth there, the newspaper-man’s idea would have died out long ago.


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