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What is Astrology?


What is Astrology?


At its simplest, astrology is the study of the relationship between planets and celestial objects and human affairs.Through elaborate systems formatted in a way people can understand, astrology interprets these relationships in order to provide a meaningful and enlightening insight into the human world.

As you discover more about astrology, it becomes clear how a study of charts showing the relative positions of the sun, moon, and other planetary objects and the signs of the Zodiac at a specific time, typically the time of birth, creates what we know as an astrology horoscope.

Zodiac astrology has ancient roots, dating back to around 500 B.C. Charts plotting an imaginary sphere surrounding the earth, which followed the path of the Sun through the constellations during the year, were developed into meaningful guides. These horoscopes, associated with birth dates, are now popular in many cultures and help individuals all over the world withtheir day-to-day lives.

Astrology Signs
There are 12 astrology signs of the Zodiac, each named after the specific constellation in that particular area, which provide great insights into our daily lives and, if properly interpreted, can help guide us through the complexity of life.


The signs correspond to the following birth dates:

Aries             The Ram                       Mar. 21–Apr. 19
Taurus          The Bull                        Apr. 20–May 20
Gemini         The Twins                     May 21–June 21
Cancer         The Crab                      June 22–July 22
Leo                The Lion                       July 23–Aug. 22
Virgo              The Virgin                     Aug. 23–Sept. 22
Libra              The Balance                Sept. 23–Oct. 23
Scorpio          The Scorpion              Oct. 24–Nov. 21
Sagittarius    The Archer                   Nov. 22–Dec. 21
Capricorn     The Goat                       Dec. 22–Jan. 19
Aquarius       The Water Bearer        Jan. 20–Feb. 18
Pisces          The Fishes                    Feb. 19–Mar. 20


These signs each have an associated astrology horoscope which can be delivered daily, almost like a life ‘forecast’. It can also help to explain aspects of one’s personality and predict future events such as changing relationships. Love astrology is particularly popular in identifying compatibility in prospective partners or lovers.

There are physical and personality traits associated with each sign and you can discover a lot of information about yourself through reading about your astrology horoscope, including the many talents and special qualities we as humans posses.

Astrology helps explain how the world is more predictable than many would believe.

Zodiac astrology can play a significant role in our lives as it demonstrates how the stars and planets can be used as a map to our personalities and a guide to our place in the world.


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