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What are the Characteristics of the Water Signs of the Zodiac?

Water signs

Are water signs wet? No, but if you don’t have a lot of water in your chart it can sometimes appear that way to others!

The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. They are the 4th, 8th and 12th signs of the zodiac and are represented by the crab, the scorpion and the fishes, respectively. Each displays a different set of traits but they all share a few things in common.


First of all, the emotions of these signs are easily aroused —especially tender emotions. They are the most sensitive, caring, and nurturing signs of the zodiac. They fall in love easily and are moved by other people’s plights or problems. People with a lot of water in their chart —that means personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars — in water signs are empathetic. Sometimes it’s difficult for them to know where they leave off and other beings begin. They feel everything acutely but have trouble being objective.



Water signs make wonderful artists. They are intuitive and creative and therefore often succeed in the business or entertainment worlds too. In order for a water sign to function properly it needs to have a healthy dose of the other elements too in order to stabilise emotion and give some distance. Water and fire create a dramatic personality, very invested in love and emotion and feelings. Water and earth is an excellent combination adding sense and practicality so that these people can help others in a very real way. Water and air is a difficult combination. These people are often embarrassed by their deep emotions and take a while to learn to handle their feelings or simply, to bury them.

Because water signs feel everything intensely they can be incredible lovers, but they can also be fickle too. The most faithful of the water signs is Scorpio because it is a fixed sign. The least is Pisces because Pisces loves everyone and everything and finds it difficult to limit their affections. Of course, these are sweeping generalisations. If a Pisces has a Leo ascendant and a Taurus Moon you can bet they will be faithful to the point of possessiveness and if a Scorpio has a Sagittarius ascendant and a Gemini Moon they may not be possessive at all.

The houses that are ruled by the water signs also bear the traits of that sign. That’s why the 4th house of the zodiac (the fourth sign away from the ascendant) has to do with home, property, family and roots. The 8th sign of the zodiac is Scorpio’s domain and has to do with secrets, money, death and regeneration, and of course, sex. The 12th house of the zodiac is ruled by Pisces and this is where you find spirituality, universal love and escapism.

Someone who has nine planets in water summed it up beautifully,  “ I didn’t know that other people weren’t like me. I thought everyone felt things the way that I did. I now know that I have a lot of trouble standing back from any situation but I certainly don’t have any trouble caring!”.

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