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Using Guardian Angels to Find Love


Using Angels to Find Love


Everyone has a guardian angel who has been with you since birth and will stay with you until you go to the afterlife. 

Angels are sometimes confused for ‘spirit guides’.  Spirit guides have once lived on earth as mortals and are usually deceased loved ones who passed over either before you were born or afterwards. 

Your spirit guide will also stay with you from birth and will stay with you until you pass over.

The main difference between Angels and spirit guides is that ‘true’ guardian angels who have never been mortals possess a ‘higher’ energy.  Clairvoyants can see the difference in the aura between a spirit guide and a guardian angel as the guardian angel’s aura shines brighter than that of a spirit guide.

You may have asked for help from your angels. Your angels have probably tried to make you aware of their presence by leaving signs to show you they are responding to your calls.  Angels often leave white feathers around to show they are present, or you may have felt something soft brush across your cheek, a rush of warm air, a sweet perfume you recognise but can’t quite remember where from.

Often people who have been in the presence of their angels say they feel a deep sense of love around them and a feeling they want to give love to others.


Angels are created from a higher love and are here to respond to our calls for help and guidance in life.  Angels will though only help if we ask so the easiest way to make contact with an angel is to do just that!  A psychic, medium or clairvoyant may be able to help guide you to connect with the angels.

If you seek love, your angel may guide you on the steps you need to take in your life to help you find that love.  There may be someone already in your life who could be ‘the one’ that you are not even aware of in a romantic sense and your angel will be able to assist you in being more open to the opportunities around you.

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of pure love.  Chamuel can help find love in your heart, which will radiate from the depths of your soul and this can help lead you to your soul mate. 

Chamuel can offer you guidance and support, communicating with you through your heart to help you find love in a relationship which will be long lasting and meaningful.

Charmuel will be able to help you resolve any issues you may have from past relationships either within your family or romantically, this will then clear the path for you to find the love you are seeking.


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