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The Zodiac Versus Chinese Astrology


The Zodiac Versus Chinese Astrology


Zodiac, or Sun Sign astrology, and Chinese astrology have some distinct similarities. They both comprise of twelve signs, and animals represent many of those signs. That’s where the similarities end.

The Zodiac divides the year into twelve segments, or signs. Chinese astrology also uses signs but they only change once a year —for example, right now, in 2013, we are in the year of the snake.

Astrology signs change every month, usually between the 19th and 22nd. Chinese signs change once a year, during the Chinese New Year, traditionally during late January or early February.

The Chinese further divide their signs into elements of wood, fire, earth, and metal. This is not dissimilar to the western Sun sign elements of fire, earth, air and water.

Astrologers that practice western Sun sign astrology do not usually practice Chinese astrology too. But, you can compare the two yourself and get some extra insight into your character.

If, for example, you are born under the sign of Taurus and you are also born in the year of the Ox, don’t you think you might be a very extreme example of Taurus? Stubborn as an Ox? Strong as a bull? Set in your ways?

Or, what if you were born a Leo Pig? What does a lion have in common with a boar? As it happens they are both generous, love luxury and have lots of friends.

An incompatible combination might appear to be Virgo Dragon. How can the self effacing Virgo pair up with the snazzy Dragon and inhabit the same body?! The answer is that it works beautifully. The Virgo adds practicality and application to Dragon’s version of pizzazz and fire.

Roosters are optimistic and chatty, not unlike Sagittarians. The Goat can be mystical and unconventional, more like a Pisces than the western Capricorn goat. The Rat is talkative and inquisitive and if you meet one you could think you are meeting a Gemini. The Tiger is cool, unconventional and a little kooky; Aquarius, anyone?  And, what about the slinky Snake? Doesn’t he remind you of Scorpio?

Have fun as you read about both types of astrology. Mix and match and apply what you learn to family members or friends. You’ll soon begin to see a pattern and this will deepen your knowledge of both the eastern and the western system. You’ll discover what they have in common and what one can bring to the other. And, for those of you who have always wondered why no two astrological Sun Signs are exactly alike, this will help you to discover some answers.

A wonderful book on the subject is, The New Astrology, A Unique Synthesis of the World’s Two Great Astrological Systems: The Chinese and the Western by Suzanne White.

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