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The Science and Theories Behind Psychics


The Science and Theories Behind Psychics - Myth or Not?


What is psychic ability and what is the science behind psychics? If you are looking for a psychic in UK areas, whether you want to have a psychic reading online or are considering speaking to a psychic by phone, it can help to first find out more about some of the science and theories behind psychics.

Although some people might mistakenly think that science and psychic abilities have nothing at all to do with each other, there have in fact been scientific studies and trials into a whole range of psychic phenomena. Abilities such as telepathy, the gift of being able to read someone’s thoughts, psychokinesis, being able to move objects with the power of the mind, precognition, being able to predict future events, and clairvoyance, being able to reach a deeper understanding using psychic abilities, are all skills that can be, and have been, explored and measured using scientific methods and which have been explained with scientific theories.

One such scientific theory is that our consciousness is not simply what is happening in our brains chemically; it is in fact much more complicated. A theory is that our brains take in much more than we are consciously aware of, but we use our sensory organs to focus only on particular elements of what our brains take in. Scientific experiments have been carried out showing that when people dream or even when they have near-death experiences, psychic episodes are much more likely. The theory is that this is because our sensory organs are not able to focus only on particular elements at times like this, so we take everything in, including those things our consciousness would not normally register.


When it comes to why some people possess psychic ability and some do not, scientific research has shown that it generally runs in families. Some scientists and psychics believe that there is a gene for psychic ability, which has simply not been discovered yet. Another common factor in people with psychic abilities is trauma to the head which has affected the functioning of the brain. Autistic people are more likely to experience psychic abilities due to the slightly different way their brains work. 

There is much theory out around psychic abilities, and if you have experienced psychic gifts yourself you will be well aware of how powerful they can be. 


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