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The Best Ways to Use Tarot Cards


The Best Ways to Use Tarot Cards


Whether you believe that destiny is decided by outside forces or that freewill defines your future, Tarot can help you. Whether you use it for prediction or chose to think of a Tarot reading as a road map helping you decide which direction to travel rather than steering you in any particular or inevitable direction, it is a powerful tool.

Find the right Tarot cards for you. The artistic and symbolic nature of Tarot has evolved over hundreds of years (they were around before literacy was a common skill). Tarot cards tap into the human mind on a spiritual and literal level making it a language very easy to translate. Forget the cards your friend recommends or the packs you have read about. Just try looking at many different sets and see which ones ‘speak’ to you. Look at each card in the deck – do they invoke emotions or feelings?

Keep your cards clear of negative energy as this can detract from their power. There are many ways to cleanse your cards. Maybe leave them sitting in moonlight for a night or pass the cards over burning incense one by one or as a pack. Decide whether you will be the only one to touch your cards. You may like to shuffle and deal yourself or let the Seeker shuffle to put their energy into the cards. It is just a matter of personal preference. Once your cards are cleansed wrap them in a beautiful pure silk scarf, place in a black lined bag or a wooden box – or even all three – to keep them ‘clean’.

The best way of learning to read your Tarot cards is to use your intuition. Look at each individual card and write down what you think it means. How does it makes you feel? What thoughts come into your head? There is no right or wrong answer. You may get a booklet with the cards or have purchased a book - read what they have to say. This way you are backing up what you feel not trying to learn the meaning of 78 different cards.

Handle the cards as much as possible so they become an extension of you. The more comfortable you feel with the cards the better your readings will be. With practise they become an extension of you and your psychic and intuitive abilities.


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