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Tarot Cards in Popular Culture


Tarot Cards in Popular Culture


Even if you have never had a Tarot reading, chances are you have some idea of what Tarot cards are and what they are used for, thanks to popular culture. Tarot cards are often used in TV, literature and film.

If you have based all of your understanding of Tarot cards on what you’ve seen in popular culture, you probably have a few things a little bit wrong, but there are some things the films have got right. One aspect often shown in popular culture is representations of Tarot readers predicting the future. This is not completely wrong; Tarot cards can be used to decipher messages about the future, but they are often simply used to give deeper understanding to the past and the present; it’s not all about looking into the future.

Another common misconception surrounding tarot cards which is perpetuated by popular culture is that the Death card, which is one of the Major Arcana cards, represents imminent and certain death – it is often accompanied by foreboding music and almost certainly predicts a gruesome and untimely end for the unfortunate recipient in horror films! In reality, however, the Death card symbolises change. After all, there can be no life without death and therefore no change. The Death card very rarely represents literal or actual death, just as the Hanged Man rarely, if ever, represents a hanged man (it in fact symbolises sacrifice).


The Major Arcana cards are also known as the trump cards and all possess different meanings. There are a few more you might recognise from films and television: the Lovers, the Hermit, the Moon, the Sun, the World and more. All of these cards have different meanings, but their meanings vary greatly depending on which other cards they are dealt with. Look out for them in the next film you see featuring Tarot cards.


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