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Mediums and Clairvoyants: What are they?


Mediums, Psychics and Clairvoyants: What are they?


Before thinking about having a reading with either a medium or clairvoyant, it is advisable to understand the differences between the two, so that you are properly prepared and know what to expect from the reading.

A medium is more of a conduit, meaning the person represents a channel through which spirits are able to pass messages.  The medium cannot contact the spirit themselves but rather the spirit contacts the medium.

Not all mediums work in the same way and you may want to undertake a little research to find out who might be the best medium for you.  It could be a good idea to look at online mediums and psychics to find one who best suits your particular needs or personality. 

Many mediums work by being able to actually see the spirit who has contacted them and are also able to speak directly to the spirit.  Others may sense a spirit without being able to see or talk to them and instead use the feelings and emotions they sense to carry out the reading.  When you have found a suitable medium, it is a good idea to ask exactly how they carry out the reading.

So what then is a clairvoyant?  There are different ‘clair’ abilities which include clairaudience translated as ‘clear hearing’, clairsentience ‘clear sensing’ and clairvoyant which actually translates as ‘clear seeing’. 


This could typically be a loved one or indeed any person important in your life, whether it be in the past, present or future.  The clairvoyant can see what is happening around you in your life that you may not be aware of yourself.  This vision and understanding could help to clarify issues in your life to help you move on with a clearer direction.

Clairaudience means the reader can actually hear messages from the spirit world either as if the spirit was speaking out loud or talking as a voice inside the clairvoyant’s head.

Clairsentience means the reader can feel or sense something that may be happening in the person’s life or can similarly feel or sense something directly from a spirit.  

It may be for example that a clairsentient experiences a sudden pain in the stomach or head and when this is relayed to the client, he or she may reveal that a loved one died from something relating to that particular part of the body. 

A reader may have all of these abilities or just one or two but if you do your research and ask the reader how they work, you will know what to expect from the reading and will gain maximum benefit.


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