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Key Elements of Astrology


Key Elements of Astrology


The key elements in Astrology are your Sun sign, Moon sign and your Ascendant (often called your rising sign) and are certainly the most important. An in-depth astrology reading will go a lot further than these can and give you a much more rewarding reading as they can explain things about you, and why you react to certain people or situations in the way that you do.

Your Sun sign is the most often talked about – this is the sign you were born under (Leo, Aries, Taurus etc) and this maps out your character and the kind of energy you are connected to. For instance, if you are a Leo you might be generous and enjoy being the centre of attention. Your Sun sign is the gateway to your ‘self’ or your soul. When someone asks what sign you are it is your Sun sign they are referring to. Newspapers and magazines base their predictions around Sun signs so although they cannot give an intimate view of what is going on in your life they can often give you a very general overview.

Your Moon sign represents your emotional style - your fears, your moods, your hopes and dreams - and is the gateway to your heart. If you meet someone with the same Sun sign but they come across as completely different to you then they will probably have a different Moon sign.

Your Ascendant is all about your self-image, your spontaneous reactions to things, your physical appearance and is what those around will notice first about you. If you are surprised that people see you completely differently than you see yourself, maybe you feel shy and anxious in company but other people see you as confident and outgoing, then your Ascendant is probably completely different to your Sun or Moon signs.

If you are interested in finding out what makes you tick then an Astrology reading can (given your place, time and date of birth) easily tell you what your Sun, Moon and Ascendant are and what houses all your planets are in. Each house represents a different aspect of life and when you put all this knowledge together you are given an amazing insight into your character, your feelings, your hopes and fears, your past and possibly your future. Astrology can be an extremely useful tool in all aspects of life.

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