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Interpreting Messages from Angels


Interpreting Messages from Angels


Your angels are always with you and may be trying to communicate with you. 

An angel reader can help you converse with the angels and interpret any messages they are trying to convey.  You can find a good angel reader on-line and research the best angel reader to suit your particular needs.

 When you do have a sitting with an angel reader try to bring positive thoughts with you, this will help to provide the energy needed for the reader to receive clear communication from the angels.

Your angel reader will be able to interpret any messages you may have already been receiving without realising the meaning.  Angels often leave white feathers as a ‘calling card’ or you may hear a whisper but you can’t quite hear what is being said. Similarly, a soft touch or a sudden feeling of overwhelming love for no particular reason are signs that one or more of angels want to communicate with you. 

Your angels are with you to offer guidance and insight with regard to your life and others in your life.  You may need guidance with relationships, career, love, finances, past, present or future etc. An angel reader may receive messages from the angels as an audible sound, visions or feelings and may use angel cards or other means as a tool to help interpret these messages for you.  It is likely that your angel reader will also be psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient.


If your reader hears messages from your angels this is called clairaudience which literally means ‘clear hearing’.


Messages from your angels will always be loving and supportive, even if at times they need to guide you through a difficult period.

Angels may communicate through your angel reader by using symbolic messages, mental images and pictures, which is called clairvoyance meaning ‘clear seeing’.  Your reader will be able to describe these visual messages to you and will interpret their meaning for you.

Another way messages can be received by your reader is by feeling, using the senses we have to smell, taste or touch and this is called clairsentients (clear sensing).  Your reader may suddenly feel a change of atmosphere in the room which you may or may not be aware of.  Your reader may ask you what you were thinking at that moment or if you had a certain question in your mind as this could give some clarity to the meaning for the change of atmosphere and what your angel is trying to communicate.

Your angel reader may get a certain taste in their mouth or note a certain fragrance in the room, all of these senses can be described to you and may relate to a loved one who has passed over or someone living that your angel is trying to tell you something about.

The angel reader you choose, may use other means to ‘hear’ and interpret messages but you can be assured that whatever means your reader uses, you will have a greater insight and understanding of  messages from your angels .


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