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Helping My Family Understand Astrology


Helping My Family Understand Astrology


As we all know the best way to understand anything fully is by experiencing it. This is particularly true when we are talking about Astrology and even more so in the context of Astrology and the family dynamic.

Have you ever wondered why children from the same family have such different character traits? Why one sibling gets left out of all the fun? Even twins born a few minutes apart can have completely different characters and an Astrology reading can pinpoint exactly why. One of the hugely beneficial ways for your family to gain better understanding of Astrology, and the family dynamic, would be to contact Astrologers and ask for a ‘Family Compatibility Reading’. For this you would need to have at hand the dates of birth of each family member. You can ask for a CD recording of the reading or take notes. If you want to go even further you could include time and place of birth as well.

Astrology can be mind blowing in its accuracy and often leaves you amazed by the various different character traits that are revealed.

It can be very interesting to hear information about you that is spot on, especially when you know that the Astrologer giving you the reading knows nothing about you at all except your birth details. Your family will be amazed by the information given about them.

Another wonderful way of helping your family gain insight into this fascinating science would be to get a baby reading. Ask the Astrologer to give you a ‘Life Path Reading’ for a new born baby. As the baby grows up over the years you would have a wonderful point of reference as to character traits and abilities which, when viewed against the forecast, would give fantastic insights.
An Astrology reading is a fabulous birthday gift at any age. Asking for a ‘Year Ahead Forecast’ for your mum for Mother’s Day is an original and thought provoking present - perhaps one of your family members will return the favour and do the same for you.

Do you have family pets? With only the month and year of birth an Astrologer can give you fascinating insights into their behavior.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, book a reading and be prepared to be amazed by a fantastic psychic Astrology reading from


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