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Astronomical Events


Astronomical Events


From the beginning of time to modern day astrology, people have believed astronomical phenomena have a significant effect on human life.

Ancient civilisations believed solar eclipses signified new beginnings whereas lunar eclipses represented endings and to this day some believe that when there is a lunar eclipse something in their lives will come to an end and a new way forward will become apparent. 

It is also believed that astronomical events have a global influence both politically and culturally and can influence issues such as war and peace.

Solar eclipses were historically seen as having a negative effect on human beings and important events such as christenings and weddings would often be rescheduled for an alternative date.  People believed it was a negative occurrence because it was thought that the moon was taking the life and energy from the sun, literally eating it up.

Celestial activity is studied by some to make predictions and to govern cultures and belief systems. 

The power of the sun and moon feature heavily throughout history as having great power and meaning with regard to human behaviour.

Great wonders of the world such as the pyramids and other monuments such as Stonehenge were thought to have been built with incredible skill based on planetary positions. Just as the moon is known to pull the tide in and out, some believe if the moon can have this effect on the ocean then it can also have an effect on our minds and bodies particularly during full moon or an event such as an eclipse. 

A lunar eclipse happens with a full moon a couple of times a year.  Planets line up when there is a full moon meaning the earth is right between the sun and moon, creating an eclipse of the moon.  Lunar eclipses can last a few hours whereas a solar eclipse will last just a few minutes.

Some astrologers look at people’s natal chart in conjunction with astronomical events and will advise with regard to relationships, career and family matters based on this information which helps to complete the picture in zodiac astrology.

The position of the moon and the sun is of particular importance and if the sun has a strong position in a chart then it is thought that person will have particularly strong leadership skills.  These skills are thought to be negatively affected when there is a solar eclipse, and an astrologer may advise against making certain decisions during this time.

A calendar of celestial events, containing dates for notable celestial occurrences including moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, oppositions, conjunctions and other phenomena, therefore helps to build an overall picture in astrology.


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