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A Day in the Life of a Clairvoyant


A Day in the Life of a Clairvoyant


Clairvoyants come in all shapes, sizes and ages but what unites them is their awareness of a higher plane of existence. Being able to see things in the mind is a gift, and clairvoyants are careful to nurture it. So, it is common for them to spend a few minutes when they wake to reflect on their dreams.

Many clairvoyants keep a notebook on their bedside table to jot down anything they remember experiencing during the night. Often, they will have woken at some point during the night during a dream and written a few words or an idea.

A successful clairvoyant who provides readings for others will try to maintain a harmonious home environment. This is especially the case if they receive clients in their home, so less clutter and more tranquility is the norm.

Clairvoyants know that they work best when they have a specific place to devote to receiving messages and visions. This may be a room set aside for the purpose, or just a comfortable chair in a peaceful part of the house.

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind, so breakfast is always a vital part of the day. A nutritious start to the day will sustain them throughout what can be a hectic schedule.
Much of the world may still operate on a nine-to-five work day, but as anyone who is self-employed knows there is a blurred line between work and free time. These days, there will generally be as much work in preparing for readings as giving them. 


 A clairvoyant may well have their own blog to update, as well as marketing and book-keeping.

The internet knows no geographical bounds, and if a clairvoyant offers readings on the phone or via Skype it can mean they have to fit the rest of their lives around clients who call early or late.

Although it is not uncommon for clairvoyants to work full time, there are some who have a regular day job and provide readings outside those hours. This can lead to some strange conversations with co-workers when they find out their "other" job. 

It can also mean having to prepare properly to field sarcasm and skepticism. It is a certainty that, at some point, they will be challenged to "guess my birthday" or "tell me what I am thinking." 



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