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What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience, or the gift of receiving messages from a spiritual dimension through the sense of hearing, is one of the oldest recorded psychic abilities. The term “clairaudience” comes from the French terms “clair,” meaning “clear,” and “audience,” meaning “hearing.” A clairaudient is a psychic reader who has the power to hear voices that are mediated by the psi realm, a dimension beyond the world we interpret with our five senses.

The gift of clairaudience is often confused with auditory hallucinations, which are considered to be a sign of mental illness in conventional Western medicine. However, the messages of a clairaudience do not come from disturbances in their own minds, but from forces or beings outside themselves. Some clairaudients experience these voices as an actual auditory experience, as if the speaker were sitting in the same room. Others receive auditory impressions in the form of vibrations or messages that are not spoken aloud.

The ability to hear voices that are inaudible to others has been regarded with suspicion in the past, leading to the persecution of innocent men and women who possessed authentic psychic gifts. The French saint Joan of Arc, who was guided by spiritual voices that led her to military victories during the Hundred Years’ War, offers one of the most prominent examples of clairaudience. Today, psychic readers are respected for the unique power of clairaudience, which enables them to retrieve messages from a dimension beyond the world that most of us experience on a daily basis.

Where can I get a good clairaudience?

Many of the gifted psychics at TheCircle offer the power of clairaudience, which brings a new depth to the act of listening. As you confide your questions or worries to one of our clairaudients, he or she may use this gift to listen to the unspoken concerns beyond your question. Along with the gift of clairaudience, a reader may use spirit channeling, Tarot cards, dream interpretation or other psychic arts to lead you to the answers you seek.

If you have personal troubles, questions about a love relationship or concerns about the direction your life should take, call one of the psychics, mediums or readers for guidance inspired by messages from a spiritual realm.

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