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September Zodiac - Making Changes


Very often we know what we need to do, but just avoid doing it, because it’s painful or we fear the newness it would bring. Because, with the newness coming in, we have to give up the old. And that makes us very vulnerable. But the best thing would be to gather the courage to go ahead on our own steam, before life forces us to make the changes.


Tarot helps and guides in such situations and makes the transitions smoother and easier by providing deep insights into the situations.


Aries: You sometimes have such high aspirations for yourself that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to achieve and perform. This unnecessarily creates a lot of stress and related problems. The advice here is to have a more practical and do-able approach to everything, while also acknowledging and appreciating how far you have already come. Take time to relax and interact with your loved ones, as they seem to have started finding you unapproachable.


Taurus: The true fulfillment comes in the “giving”. You have been recently blessed or are going to be blessed by your wishes coming true. At these times it is easy to be swept up by the wave of achievement. It is important to have gratitude to keep yourself humble and be more generous with those who aren’t as fortunate as you are.


Gemini: You are on an emotional roller coaster ride and hence tend to be extremely moody at times. Hence people will find you extremely happy and vivacious at times and at times you will seem very snappy. Bring awareness into what is happening to make you feel like this and detach from the situation to get a better perspective. Divert yourself by listening to music, catch a play or a movie and ride out this phase with the help of arts.


Cancer: There is need for you to get away for a while. There have been many conflicts going around that are making you feel bewildered. You need to distance yourself from the situation to find the way out. The answers will be found within you, and not in any external source. If need be consult a mentor or a wise one, you will not find the answers in a book or on a website.


Leo: The message here is to let go and take time to heal your pains. You have to detach yourself from the situation which doesn’t serve your purpose and is only serving to hurt you, this could mean actually going away somewhere and figuring how to deal with your emotions. It could mean changing jobs, home or leaving a relationship that has become toxic. It could be difficult to do so because you are so used to the scene and leaving will be definitely difficult but it needs to be done.


Virgo: The situations are challenging you to have the dedication and mental focus to develop strategies to act upon that will lead you to your success. A new understanding will come upon you when you view the matter with a fresh new perspective. It also indicates that what doesn’t work for you anymore has to be left behind and you should move ahead with the clarity of which path you have to take to get ahead in life.


Libra: This month is for taking a break from “doing” things and let the ideas and plans germinate in your mind before actually going out there and doing it. You need this time to recuperate from the fast pace at which you have been operating in the past few months and if you continue to do so, you may actually burn out. This is a month for taking it easy, taking care of yourself and giving yourself enough mental and physical rest to take yourself into the next and new phase of life.


Scorpio: Things are not as they seem. What may seem to you as very bleak and depressing is, in reality not so. Wait till things gain more clarity and you are in a more positive frame of mind to take major decisions. At this low point of you mindset, it will be easy for people to take advantage of you and mislead you into believing the untruth. Postpone all important decisions for some time.


Sagittarius: Spoilt for choice. You are considering so many options and romanticizing the issues to such an extent that you cannot decide what path to take. You may have heightened expectations from things and people around you that are impractical and difficult to achieve. This may lead you to intense disappointment, so beware of such high standards for yourself and others.


Capricorn: Times are a changing and this is the time for you to review everything about your life up to now. Capitalize on your strengths, learn from your weakness and make whatever changes are required that are needed to make the most of this new phase of life that is coming into your life. Honesty is imperative. Give up behaviors that have made you fail and adopt practices that will lead you ahead successfully.


Aquarius: You have reached so far totally on your own steam! You have attained a level of expertise that is now finding acknowledgement from everyone around you. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and ensure that your efforts are being appropriately rewarded. This is important to keep your motivation high. Treat yourself to something you have always wanted.


Pisces: Its evaluation time! Either you or someone else is evaluating you. So it is a healthy and constructive time. See what has worked for you and if you are not happy with the results, determine what went wrong and what changes you need to bring in to create the desired outcomes. Any feedback from others should be treated as suggestions and learning rather than criticism. Make these changes and you will be happier with the results.





Sapna S Pin 7243

Published: 2nd September 2019




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August Zodiac - Regret


Regret is a useless emotion if you keep prolonging it. Regret comes from feeling bad about something that you did or did not do. It is better to learn from the mistakes and put effort to undo what you can and learn to not make that mistake again in the future.


Aries: There are issues which really cannot be resolved no matter what you do. It is futile to keep attempting to make it better. The message is to move away from a toxic situation that is a big drain on your energy. You need to take care of yourself. It will resolve itself if and when the time is right. Currently it is advised for you to let go and move on. If need be, take a break and go for a short holiday to rejuvenate yourself.


Taurus: You will be called upon to take an important decision. Though you may be intimidated by the enormity of the responsibility, have the faith and courage to be fair and take the lead in the interest of everyone. You do like challenges and have faith in your instincts to see you through this. Be flexible and be receptive to different points of view when considering the solution to the situation.


Gemini: It is an intensively spiritual time for you. You will notice synchronicity everywhere, like seeing same numbers everywhere etc. Pay special attention to the messages you may get in the form of a song or a sentence from an article you might be reading. These are messages from the universe and are pertinent to the situation you are currently facing. Rely also on your feelings and gut instinct. Spend more time in meditation and contemplation.


Cancer: You know that you have the resources to make a difference in the current situation. But it is advised that this is not the time for you to resolve the matter. Sometimes you have to step back so that others can grow. You have to choose your battles and this one is definitely not yours to fight. Step in only if you are specifically asked to so.


Leo: In spite of being an inherently strong person, you seem to be on an emotional roller coaster. You have attached too may hopes and expectations and tend to get too sensitive about even minor things. This is very uncharacteristic of you and the people around you do not know what to make of it. It is suggested that you have realistic and practical goals and let go of the attachment to the outcome.


Virgo: You will be pulled in many directions and may feel overwhelmed with the things demanding your attention. Though you are good at multi tasking, this time it may be a bit too much for you. Make a choice where your head and heart are aligned and choose the path that leads you to your heart’s desire. Once you have made your choice, follow through with it totally and completely without looking back.


Libra: This month is about mutual bonding and support. It is about solidifying relationships whether personal, friendly or professional. It is about giving and lending a hand to someone outside your call of duty. Do not hesitate to reach out to the people who you can depend upon in times of need. Relationships are the true assets of life and it will do well to nourish and sustain them with your time and attention.


Scorpio: This is the time to observe the situation carefully, evaluate it and then objectively decide on how to move ahead. This is not the time for emotional drama and a logical perspective is what is required. Communicate in a thorough and clear manner and do not succumb to societal / peer pressures. Carefully think out all aspects and stand by what you believe to be right.


Sagittarius: Change is the flavour of the month and vey often it is unsettling. But if you are aware that change is imminent, then you can be better prepared to handle it. Keep a very sharp eye on what is going around so that you do not encounter any shockers. Think how can you convert this situation into an opportunity so that you can overcome it with flying colours.


Capricorn: A previous situation where you might have felt stuck, will resolve itself. You need to have a change in perspective to get out of this quickly. Take advantage of the fact that something had moved to change the situation and think of various options that could be available to you to help you move quickly. Self criticism will be more harmful instead try self appreciation; It will make a world of difference.


Aquarius: The beginning of something new comes with the end of the previous and old. You will meet new people in your life who will further you and support you in many ways. Somebody from your past may reconnect with you and it is suggested that you need to forgive and restore the relationship. Make a fresh start emotionally. Communicate your feelings and let healing happen to move ahead in life.


Pisces: You need to pay attention to your body. You have been moving at a fast pace and there might already be indications that you need to slow down. Take time off from the stressful routines and spend more time with young adults or children to infuse a burst of enthusiasm in your life. Message that childhood friend you have lost touch with.





Sapna S Pin 7243

Published: 1st August 2019




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July according to your Zodiac Sign


There are times in life that to resolve things, or to get things to happen, we have to pro-actively go out and make things happen. These are the times we cannot afford to be complacent and laid back. What is that one thing that you really want to manifest in your life? Are you ready to go out on a limb, stretch yourself and do whatever it takes to work towards making it happen? Be unreasonable, unstoppable and unflinching, the goal has to manifest and the result will be favourable.


Hello all you beautiful people! The month of July is here and we are done with half the year. Let’s see how this month pans out for us.


Aries: There is sometimes a pause in the general environment. In spite of everything going well, there is a sense of unease and unrest. There is stagnation. At such points in life, it is suggested to take a step back to evaluate what needs to be infused to get the energy levels and enthusiasm up and going again. See where it applies in your life, at work or in a personal relationship. Get into a fun activity, a training, a holiday or a different way of doing things to go onto the next level.


Taurus: There is only so much planning that you can do. You have to put the wheels in motion to actually experience your plans. You have thought this through and now you have to gather yourself and put things into the execution stage. Take the courage to be bold and do things differently. Let your creative streak come up with innovative ideas!!You may be needed to travel this month. Make apt preparation for your journey, it will be fruitful.


Gemini: When presented with any kind of conflict, whether personal or professional, remember that firmness along with being gentle and compassionate is the easiest way to resolve matters. You will be surprised at the ease with which things fall into place if you use these three qualities. Also practice being more vibrant and fully expressed. To this end, take up a hobby that involves physical motion like swimming or dancing. It will help you bring out your deepest expressions.


Cancer: It is that phase of time that no matter what you do, it seems to backfire. None of your decisions turn out to be the right ones. You face challenges in all walks of life. At this point it is best to take a step back and just give yourself space of doing nothing. It is not the right time to do any evaluation either; because you are not in the frame of mind to see objectively. So just step back and go inwards. Meditating will surely help. This month do not take major decisions and as much as possible maintain status quo.


Leo: It is the time to set yourself into an overdrive to go get what you want. The stars are aligned and everything seems to going into your favor. Maximize this time with making quicker deals and increasing the flow of money into your life. Since you are doing so much, also take time to pamper yourself a bit. Make a spa appointment, buy yourself that gadget / bauble you had set your eye on!! You are on a roll!!


Virgo: This month is about patience. You may have been overworked or have too many things coming up from all directions. In such situations there is great margin for error. You may make wrong decisions or there may be costly oversights. So the advice here is to slow down. Take time to evaluate the situation taking into account all the facts before you judge a situation. Read between the lines and even what is implied before you go ahead with important decisions.


Libra: A huge new opportunity will present itself to you. It is a good one to grab up and take you to the next level, whether it is at work, an investment or a person coming into your life! Though it will seem like a drastic and sudden thing to accept, the advice is to take it on with enthusiasm and get some out of the box thinking to help you take it ahead. It is not an opportunity to allow to pass by!


Scorpio: Things have changed and the faster you accept it, the better it will be for you and to take your life ahead. You are nurturing a deep hurt and do not want to let go of what has already passed. In doing so you are creating a lot of pain for yourself and for others too. No matter how painful the situation is, you have to come to terms with reality and let it go. Only then will you make space for fresh energy to come into your life and then only can your life move ahead.


Sagittarius: You may be asked to take on a new task at work or may have additional responsibilities on the home front. You will be called to deliver something you have never done before! Do so with extreme enthusiasm by doing things differently and in a creative manner. Instil some fun into the mundane things also, and it won’t seem so much of a burden then. Tackling things in this manner will bring in a lot of inspiration which will positively impact other areas of your life too.


Capricorn: A whole new playing field is opening up to you. Whatever you had aspired is manifesting. Be aware of this and move ahead with gratitude. If you or a family member has been struggling with a health issue then the appropriate healing system will present itself in front of you. It is a good time to start a new relationship, project or business venture. The stars are in favour, so make the most of it!


Aquarius: In dealing with situations this month, you have to create a balance between extremes. Being at a single polarity will not produce results. You have to take the mid path and the results will be better than you expected. Give a bit and withhold a bit. A balance between push and pull will maintain the equilibrium of the situation. Integration is the key note of the month. Pay special attention to your work life balance.


Pisces: There are cycles and phases in life. These cycles come to an end so that a new phase of life can start. So this month is about making peace with certain closures so that the new can come in. It takes time to heal from the past, so the easier the closure, the more swiftly you will heal and allow the next phase to ease into your life. Let go of what is gone and come to terms with it.



Sapna S Pin 7243

Published: 1st July 2019




Sapna S    PIN 7243   






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