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Welcome to Marlene D's Blog:


Cosmic Dancer


Welcome to our new comfy room! This place is made out of the love of sharing experiences and insight on mediumship, spirituality and personal growth. Here you will get to know who I am as a Psychic and have content to clarify and help you on your own path.

Angel Guidance for the Month


Hello my darlings!

For this post I’ve decided to check what guidance angels have to offer you for the month, using my favourite oracle deck Crystal Angels. I have asked for general advice that could both enlighten your heart and show you the way to fulfilment.

Through the oracle, angels have chosen to address the matters of the heart. Love is indeed a major part of our lives, capable of providing the motivation and positivity to excel in all areas or, on the other hand and unfortunately, it can also drain our energy requiring adjustments and balance. No matter what your present situation is, the angels conveyed a wonderful message of hope and development.

Choosing three cards, we were gifted with:



Rose QuartzLove Life: New or renewed romantic love is here for you.

OpalLet Yourself Sparkle and Shine: You are guided to be bold and show your bigger-than-life side to the world.

Lapis LazuliLife-Changing Epiphany or Experience: It’s a time of big and blessed change for you, and God is supporting you each step of the way.


For those of you who are seeking love

If you are looking for love do not worry. It will come for you - the message is clear! Release yourself from the anxiety of expectation and, instead, let your most beautiful inner self shine. Learn to enjoy the good little moments life offers and your own company. To be ready to be loved by someone else you must first learn to love yourself. Adopt a brighter attitude and you will unlock a blessed change.


For those of you already in a love relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs. What is important is how we behave in the face of an obstacle. Romantic love can be renewed, and this is the perfect time to make positive changes. Take a moment to reflect upon what (in your own behaviour and in your partner’s) is creating conflict and instability, accepting your fair share of the responsibility. Face it with your partner in a positive manner, showing all your love and affection – your powerful feelings can bring a new sparkle to the relationship.


A little snack for thought

No matter what your situation is, you have higher guidance and support each step of the way.

Like Marc Bolan’s song Cosmic Dancer suggests, we have danced ourselves from the womb and will do it into the tomb. If we try to understand the fears that dwell inside every one of us, we will again, and once more, dance ourselves out of the womb. This reminds us of the never-ending spinning of the wheel of life, bringing us unavoidable change but also offering the beautiful opportunity to be reborn and to rebuild our path.


See you in my next post!





Marlene D Pin 1639

Published: 28th February 2019




Marlene D    PIN 1639   


If you are you having difficulties in your life or career I can help you find clarity and understand the changes necessary for a more positive path in life.




This is me!


Hi! Welcome to this little corner of The Circle.


I have been a Tarot Reader for quite some time now and I am absolutely in love with what I do. More than seeing into the future, for me Tarot reading is all about helping others get clarification and guidance to make better choices for their lives. Having this in mind, and in heart, I will use this space to share insights and my experiences on mediumship and spirituality with you, as well as ways to help us all in our paths to personal growth. But before I start sharing, I would like you to get to know me a little better. So, this is me!


I am a compassionate reader in love with the human mind


As you already know, my name is Marlene D. What you may not know is that I am Portuguese. Yes, I live in that little country by the sea, where people drink a lot of coffee and eat a ton of cod fish! 


I am a compassionate Tarot Reader who believes the human mind has the power to change the future and the world. All we need is to believe in our own ability to change and understand what surrounds us. I am thirsty for knowledge and since I began practicing Tarot, I haven’t yet been able to stop seeking knowledge and learning. I adore it!


Tarot completely changed my life and I am sure it will help you too


It took me a while to find my path in life. When Tarot came into my life, I had a regular job and a very complicated, and toxic, love relationship. However, when I began practicing Tarot things started to change for me. It slowly took me to new levels of self-awareness, helping me break free from what was blocking my wellbeing. It was a harsh path, but it also was a fulfilling one. And this is the real beauty of Tarot: helping you to get clarity and identifying what needs to change so you can release yourself from unhealthy emotional attachments and pursue a better future.


Tools for guidance and divination and tools for energy balance


My all-time favourite deck is the Rider Waite deck. I remember I was immediately drawn to it the first time I saw it and it is still the one which resonates the most with me. I also use the Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck, the Crystal Angels Oracle and the Pendulum. In a reading, I can use only one or several of these tools, depending on what you need.


But being a Tarot Reader is not all just about the readings. It is also about being able to keep a balanced energy to allow a perfect tuning to spirit guides. For myself, music and nature are perfect for this, connecting me to the earth, to spirituality and to my inner self. (You may recognise this blog’s name from the T.Rex/Marc Bolan song “Cosmic Dancer”).


Now that you know me, we can start sharing!


See you in my next post.




Marlene D Pin 1639

Published: 30th January 2019




Marlene D    PIN 1639   


If you are you having difficulties in your life or career I can help you find clarity and understand the changes necessary for a more positive path in life.




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