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So who are these angel dudes?


Guardian Angels look after us from the moment we are born until we cross over. Guardian Angels are your life coaches and cheerleaders that whisper words of encouragement and confidence. They try to keep us on the right path and love us unconditionally. We are never alone, they are always with us. Have you ever had a gnawing feeling that something was wrong and found out you were right? Yes that’s your BFF warning of potential pitfalls and dangers. How lucky are we that God/the Universe appoints a Guardian Angel to each and every one of us.


They can’t protect us from everything. Nobody truly understands the journey of the soul in each incarnation or the exact degree of destiny and karma. Horrible, tragic things happen, we just have to dig deep and carry on. Our Guardian Angel helps us to put one foot in front of the other.


It’s so simple to communicate with your Guardian Angel, just start talking to them mentally or out loud. Being a chatterbox I talk to mine all the time. When I’ve messed up or just need guidance you can bet your bottom dollar I’m on the Angelic hotline.


Meditation works wonders for the bond between you. Treat yourself to a warm bath and get relaxed. Burn your favourite essential oils and focus on relaxing every part of your body. Breathe in the fragrance and ask your Guardian Angel to sit beside you and touch your face. Go deeper into a relaxed state and ask your Angel to make your connection even stronger. At this point ask him/her what their name is. Don’t worry if you don’t get it, when the time is right it will be revealed. Ask him to show Angelic signs that he is around you. These could be feathers, coins on the floor, clouds that look like Angels or orbs of light.


There are an infinite number of Angels. They are the foot soldiers of goodness and love. Angels are beings of light that surround us all the time, we are just not aware of them. They are pure energy. I have seen Angels disguised in human form and as towering pillars of golden light. If you are in a challenging situation just call on them to help you.


Before I start a reading I ask for 100,000 Angels to surround me so that I can give my clients the best reading I can.


Archangels or “the big boys” are the strongest and most powerful Angels. They oversee and guide other Angels. If you have a reading with me you will know that I talk about the four Big Boys, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.


Archangel Michael is your protector and gives you courage and confidence.


Archangel Raphael is the healing Archangel. Call upon him to help heal others as well as yourself.


Archangel Gabriel is the communication Archangel. Ask him to help in interviews. He helps to heal arguments and difficult emotional situations.


Archangel Uriel can create alchemy in your heart and soul by making you more spiritually aware. He is also one of the angels of magic.


Keep talking to them, you will I promise, feel them around you.



Deborah B Pin 1033

Published: 10th March 2017




Deborah B    PIN 1033   


Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential.




Walk, then run spiritual warrior...Spiritual development rocks


The most effective way to develop lasting, ripped spiritual muscles is to go back to basics. Please don’t groan, it won’t hurt (much) and will give you the chance to totally be the best you. Over the next few weeks I am going to give you the tools to build eternal confidence, become more connected to Spirit and Angels and throw in a sprinkling of magic know how to blast away the past.


Our senses are a great way to start development. They are an integral and essential element of our psychic equipment.

Because we have allowed our perceptions to be limited we miss signals from the Angels and Spirit. I will give you an example. Two people can witness the same crime for example and recount different observations depending on how truly they are switched on.


Start with vision, instead of just looking straight ahead be more aware of your peripheral vision so that you will see more and become more observant. Native Americans taught this important skill to their warriors. Since I was taught this by my guide I can see more psychically as well.


To develop better hearing visualise that you have the amazing ability to hear everything. I sometimes imagine I have radar waves emanating from my ears so that I can hear humans and “them upstairs” better!


Savour flavours, eat food slowly and appreciate the different tastes and textures. Be more aware of the sensation of touch. Take time to smell your favourite aromas.


By using these five senses more intelligently and consistently you are slowing down your chattering monkey brain and taking charge of your body and mind. Take your time practising each one and then combine them. It’s not easy at first but keep going, you can do it.


The mind, body and spirit link is so important, that’s why we really do have to start at the very beginning and keep practicing.






Deborah B Pin 1033

Published: 9th February 2017




Deborah B    PIN 1033   


Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential.




Angels Amongst Us


Angels are constantly with us to guide and help. I am so blessed that they appear to me every day. On my daily walks to the beach I am surrounded by my posse of Angels, I can feel their energy and listen to them talking to me lifting my spirits and soothing my soul.


Sometimes Angels appear as sparkling blue and golden lights. I’ve seen them as a huge column of light reaching up to the heavens. My husband and I have seen them three times disguised as humans and just disappearing into thin air. It felt as if we were being tested. They were all disguised as down and outs, the sort of people that everyone ignores because of their appearance. Yet each time as they approached us we both knew there was something really different about them. Their eyes were piercingly perceptive and other worldly. They gave us a unique message that spoke to our hearts. We both felt so honoured and humbled.


If you chat constantly to your Angels you will build the most beautiful relationship with them. To fast track feeling them close to you try this exercise as often as you can:


Ground and protect yourself


Open your chakras and relax every part of your body.


Breathe in and out three times


Chant “Angels” eleven times


Feel a golden Angelic light entering your crown chakra and that light flowing in to every cell of your body.


Using this method builds up your Angelic awareness muscles. Within a few minutes you should notice a difference.


The Angels can guide you through everyday life and help make the right decisions. They help us to choose love rather than fear. They certainly work in the most mysterious ways! I had a plumbing problem and was looking on the internet for a qualified plumber.

My guardian Angel told me very clearly to pick my future husband.

If I hadn’t listened to that angelic voice my life would have been so unhappy.


As soon as my soulmate walked in to my flat all the lights started madly flashing. I just knew the Angels were telling me that he was very special.


May your Angels guide and protect you x





Deborah B Pin 1033

Published: 26th January 2017




Deborah B    PIN 1033   


Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential.




Life, The Universe and Everything


Who says people can't change? During the Christmas countdown I transformed myself from Deborah the "non-domestic goddess" to a woman with an OCD problem!  I don’t embrace housework with a happy heart, my philosophy being "dust always returns." However I decided that as of the 1st December things needed to change. Yes I had volunteered to be an all singing all dancing hostess with the mostest in the festive season.  Being in charge of Christmas is a heavy burden, everyone would be counting on me to deliver. Instead of being half hearted I knew I had to up my game and be one hundred percent focused.    Everything had to be shiny, fragrant and polished. Decorations had to be perfectly placed and lists were checked ten times more than Santa manages. Nigella and Delia should have been quaking in their boots as I got cooking. I watched too many soppy Christmas films to get myself feeling the spirit of Christmas, surprise it really worked! 


Fortunately everything went really well and we are still recovering from sheer gluttony.


Now I've given myself a kick in the right direction, I can't allow myself to go back to being so laid back. I lost myself for nine years, like so many people there have been many challenges. 2016 fortunately for all of us was a year of endings. The last ten years could be compared to the Tower card in the tarot pack. Everything is changing for the better. 2017 is all about new beginnings, we have got to embrace change and transformation I see the Magician card as symbolising 2017. We all have the magic within us to make our dreams happen.


I really needed to prove to myself that I could alter my attitude and be capable of change. I just flipped my mental switch and decided to go for it whatever is going on in the background. We have all been on a roller coaster, soul searching ride. Whenever I speak to my lovely clients they have shown me that the human spirit is unbeatable and that courage is immortal. You have been my inspiration, I hope you all have a fantastic 2017.   



Deborah B Pin 1033

Published: 12th January 2017




Deborah B    PIN 1033   


Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential.




Ground Control


A Londoner by birth and living there for most of my life, I have expected everything to happen at lightning speed. In London adopting a swagger or exuding a confidence that may not be authentic is mandatory. The pace is furiously fast, competitive and demanding. Shops are always open, takeaways can be delivered at ungodly hours. It's fast, it's snappy, it's a concrete jungle. Something was missing. I wasn’t grounded. I was like Madonna, a scarily material girl. As usual fate takes a hand to shake us up to make us grow. It became impossible for us to live in London. We had to leave. It was a giant leap of faith from the metropolis to the great unknown.


We now live two minutes from the sea, in blissfully beautiful countryside. Deer and pheasants manage to find their way into our garden. We have hawks and of course intensely annoying seagulls flying overhead. The skies are huge in Norfolk, we have been blessed with the most amazing starry skies at night. I love the feeling of being more grounded and at peace.


I am constantly monitored by my Yorkshire terrier. As long as we recognise that he rules the roost all is well at home. It's his daily duty to try to bite the postman and chase all invaders from the garden. Lucky my black cat, escorts me to the local shop as I am apparently incapable of navigating the trip alone.


Most days I am covered in pet hair, sand and mud. In Norfolk anything goes clothes wise. I can wear my groovy granny tracksuits with pride and not an eyelid is batted. Men wear shorts until December! People tend to hold on to material goods until they are well and truly unusable.


Getting back to basics has been character building though rather hard on the washing machine. The bright lights of London are far behind us. I have been able to stand and stare at the awesome beauty of our world. I appreciate everything so much more.


If you want to feel more grounded, place your feet on the floor. Imagine your soles growing roots in to the centre of the Earth right to the core. Feel orange energy flowing from the core into your chakras to the top of your head. You're worth it!



Deborah B Pin 1033

Published: 28th November 2016




Deborah B    PIN 1033   


Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential.




The Spiritual Highway to Eternity


I am a Medium and Clairvoyant with attitude. I am on a mission to explode myths about Spirituality in general and Angels in particular.


We don’t need to find ourselves or have an intermediary to speak to Heaven. We were born with all the spiritual equipment we need to access God and the Angels. Everybody has the capacity to develop psychically and spiritually for just about free. I taught myself everything I need to know by using the internet and buying books that resonated with me. I did it you can too.


Do you need crystals, expensive spiritual toys and groovy New Age clothes to talk to the Angels and Spirit? No.


Do you need a built in Lie detector? Yes. Question everything, anything.


Everyone has their unique spiritual highway. You can belong to a gang if you want to or be a lone rider. I love the freedom of going where I please spiritually and exploring all options. Like me, you might prefer unleaded explorations of the soul and keep it simple.


You could gravitate towards a more fully leaded and conventional approach. My point being, it is for you to be conscious and make up your own mind.


I can’t pretend that my experience of the Spirit and Angel world correlates with some others. I have never been aware of the Heavenly hierarchy of Angels or Spirit. Rigid structure in the wonderful Universe of ours is an inadequate way of trying to comprehend what is clearly beyond our understanding. I believe this was invented by Man to mirror our material world. Spiritual freedom is a scary concept. Unlike religion there are no hard and fast rules. The onus is on you to discover numerous right ways and take action. Just sitting there feeling holy just doesn’t cut it with them upstairs.


Exploration of your unique pathway requires in depth preparation. We should all learn how to arm ourselves (grounding and protecting) before setting a foot into the spiritual realms. If you work hard on your soul muscles you get so much more back.


I would like to invite you to join me on a journey on how to develop your psychic abilities, talk to Angels and utilize the law of attraction.


Spooky school starts here!



Deborah B Pin 1033

Published: 3rd November 2016




Deborah B    PIN 1033   


Do you have a burning question? I can help you to find some answers, make a plan, calm your mind, become empowered and achieve your potential.




A witches life for me


I’m a potion using, frankincense burning, holy thistle anointing, athame pointing white witch.


It’s taken me a very long time to get this witchy business right; think and think again of the consequences is my motto now. After you have read my sorry blog you will understand why I felt more like the sorcerers apprentice than Harry Potter.


My first spell was rather a large learning curve. I, at seventeen, would classify myself as the Bridget Jones of witchery. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the spell was about a boy. Not just any boy, oh no. PHEW!!
He was Scandinavian, ripped and fit. Think Chris Hemsworth in the film ”Thor” and you could understand why I felt so weak at the knees. I could hardly breathe for the six weeks he was in England. When we held hands and kissed the world stopped and I felt dizzy with innocent delight. The time passed so quickly and he returned home.


I was, however, extremely annoyed that he had not written to me for some time. I ate three bars of chocolate and a family sized pizza in an hour to make myself feel better. Then I stupidly decided to meddle with destiny.


I threw caution to the wind and found a spell to compel him to communicate with me. What a mistake. Six weeks later to the day I received a letter from him. It made absolutely no sense at all; pure gobbledygook, it was almost as if he was under a spell??!! Really? That horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach told me I had blown it. I knew I would never see him again.


Oh well, back to the drawing board, I couldn’t wear my pointy hat with pride anymore. No more compelling spells for me. I learnt the hard way. Spells work, but be careful what you wish for. Be specific and positive.


Now, I’m a very well behaved witch. I go with the flow and have a far better time flying on my broomstick!


Have a magical day xx



Deborah B Pin 1033

Published: 11th October 2016



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