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Welcome to Daisy's Blog:


Linking With Spirit


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides

October - Pause and Reflect


I often think we forget about the world around us and all the natural wonder it holds. While looking out through the window or opting for a walk may not solve world problems, reconnecting with the energies around us can certainly put life in perspective.


As I have mentioned before, all of us are resonating with our own energy pattern and sometimes it is worth taking time out to see the natural world resonating alongside us. Many items can have a natural element to them that you can bring into the home to feel that extra connection, such as natural crystals or indeed using colours you are drawn towards.


On the outside, you could consider the powerful influence of nature, such as the energy found with trees and their natural grounding nature. Trees offer the energetic vibration of stability, pause and readjustment.


If you have time this month, try a few minutes looking at the trees around you. The energies of tress unconsciously give breath and stability to their environment. They represent age and wisdom.


For October my guides talk about the ability to pause, ground yourself, and take stock of where you are. As the natural world heads into autumn to do exactly that.




Daisy Pin 1404

Published: 3rd October 2019




Daisy    PIN 1404   


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides.




September - Change and Revelation


Good day to you!


September is heralding the end of the summer months and slowly welcoming in the very edges of autumn air. I always feel this time of year to be a little magical, as nature around us starts to change and naturally adapt.


It is a time for revealing the hidden secrets that are produced in the trees and nature around us. Linking in with my guides I feel September is about change and revelation, possibilities become apparent where none were seen before.


Such as the hint of the leaves changing, to the slight fresh nip of the air around us. So too does the flow of the universe reveal small sings of potential that were not ready to be seen until now.


The message coming from spirit is to be open to the small signs and paying attention to detail this month, as potential pathways are being revealed. It will not yet be a grand revelation, it is the subtle whisper of gentle awareness. The energies of revelations are reflected for us all this month as we all resonate with the natural world around us.




Daisy Pin 1404

Published: 9th September 2019




Daisy    PIN 1404   


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides.




Tarot Card for August


The FOOL - 0 Major Arcana


Sometimes we worry so much about what can go wrong that we become stranded by making no decision at all.


Often the first reaction to a situation will be a feeling from your gut, or intuition. Then follows the logical brain as to why there are many reasons for that initial thought not to be the best, so we may as well not bother. How many times have you found that you talk yourself out of things?


The FOOL card drawn for August is signalling a time of adventure, and to let go a little on outcomes. The idea being to just make a start, regardless of expectations around the outcome.


The FOOL card is showing here as an uplifting and joyful journey of discovery - wanting to show that freedom of thought and movement can have positive outcomes.


The FOOL card is the Zero of the Major Arcana cards, it's at the very beginning of the journey, with all the anticipation and excitement ahead. It is the final pause before the leap into the next chapter is created and explored.


We are spiritual beings here to use the energies of the universe to create, have fun!






Daisy Pin 1404

Published: 1st August 2019




Daisy    PIN 1404   


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides.




Rune Energies


Hello, lovely to see you reading this blog today :-)


The Runes are a set of symbols that I feel resonate with the energy of the Earth. I have come to find that they are rather good at giving a snapshot of a current scenario and giving the truth of it.  To me they offer insight about the present moment. I will come back to the runes at a later date, but I wanted to share what came through today.


As I link in with my guides, I am drawn to the rune card ‘Algiz’ - meaning ‘protection ‘.


I wonder how often we sit and think about looking after ourselves. The energy of this rune is showing me about emotional balance and harmony in our lives in order to protect the inner self. Often my guides come into a situation and say that it is not always what you are looking at but actually how you feel about it that is affecting what is going on.Self protection can take the form of self love, and encouraging yourself to be your own best friend. Have a look at what you are telling yourself, are you being positive towards yourself. This rune suggests protecting your own emotional wellbeing by treating yourself kindly, but also realising that external life has its limits to solving inner worries.


I find sometimes it is good to go inwards and think about acceptance of a situation that is worrying you, or causing your emotions to go haywire. Do you have the ability to change it right now? Are you putting yourself through emotional worry over a wish for it to be different? Often acceptance can lead to calmness. While it might not change the external problem, at least feeling a bit better is a start!


The protection rune today is about looking after yourself as a friend, in order to allow the path, when it is there to be seen clearly.


I do love the runes; they are very earthly energy, usually giving practical down to Earth advice. I always feel that they resonate very well with the heavy energies of the physical world. I find them a useful tool, particularly when reading around work problems, as their practical approach can be helpful to offer solutions.





Daisy Pin 1404

Published: 1st July 2019




Daisy    PIN 1404   


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides.




Everything is in your Aura


Following on from my April Blog, my Guides wish to focus on where the information is found to produce readings, and where intuition comes from.


They explain that the aura is your personal energy signature. It is a constant that has all your experience held within it. Spirit guides can see the universal energy of our auras from within their world of energetic vibration; it is an easier energy to work with than the lower vibration of the physical body. We ourselves vibrate at many levels of energy, your ‘being’ is more than the physical body. There is also an energy body that vibrates at a higher motion and therefore, most of the time is invisible to the physical eye. This is the aura.


The aura is able to bridge the physical to the spiritual or universal energy. When spirit look in on us they see a whole picture of what is going on with us from the colours and vibrations around the body. It is this energy that is used by my Guides for readings.


When I am sitting with a client, my Guides use my aura energy, and it is here that I sense what they wish to show me or have me feel so that I can give over their message. It is a very fine energy overlay of my own, which means I have to switch off to my own thoughts to ‘hear’ from an energy perspective. It takes practice, but also it’s about trusting what you are feeling, as often it is a very faint suggestion. Spiritual connection often feels as if it’s my own voice or feelings.  It’s a bit like daydreaming, or sitting in a meditative state to help lift your vibration.


Here’s an aura photograph of me taken last year. 





Daisy Pin 1404

Published: 1st May 2019




Daisy    PIN 1404   


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides.




Spiritual tools can be fun!


Ever been curious to know how psychics do it? Where to start? Divination tools are open to all, why not have a go?


Where to start; I found for myself that I am drawn to pictures, and that I can see ‘stories’ found through Tarot cards, or indeed any sort of visual tool. I particularly love my rune cards.


My Guides use tools to create a focus for me to operate through, so I don’t actually read Tarot in the traditional way. Over the years my guides and I have learned our own interpretation of the cards to clarify and elaborate on the situations that may arise in our readings.


The same approach can be used by anyone who wants to take the time to tune into what they are drawn to. And it can be fun. Of course most divination tools arrive with a guidebook, but you will get a lot more out of your intuition by tuning into what it means to you before looking at the official guide book.


To experiment, simply pick a card and look at it for a little while. Make some notes on what you see; How does it make you feel? What colours are you drawn to? Does the picture make a story? Are there any people on the picture, what are they doing? Is it a card displaying movement or stillness? What is it not showing you, what’s missing, are there emotions shown, such as joy/laughter/tough times/introspection?


You could try looking at a card each day and keeping a journal to see how things are matching up in your life with what you felt about each card you have looked at.


There is no right or wrong over how you choose to use your own intuition, or how the divination cards resonate with you individually. You may find you are more drawn to colours or feelings, your Guides will help you with this.


 Have fun :-)




Daisy Pin 1404

Published: 1st April 2019




Daisy    PIN 1404   


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides.




Remembering to seek your Higher Self


Life is certainly busy on the surface for a lot of us right now. The Earthly energies are very heavy and can often create clutter and noise that blot out the gentler calmer energy of spirit and those that would help from the spirit world.


My guides would like to focus on when we are linking into energies that seem to bring us down in our thinking without producing any answers. This is due to us working with the Earth energies rather than our Higher Selves or souls. Have you ever become locked in a pattern of thought and despite putting much energy into these thoughts, you seem to be expending that energy, and not finding any true answers despite feeling drained?


The internal physical Earth ‘mind’ is very adept at keeping its energies alive and getting some lovely attention by keeping thoughts manifesting.  However my guides show that the more a subject is focused on the more the brain will continue to lock onto it.


The eternal energy way of resolving ‘locked energy patterns’ is to manifest your higher intentions and energy to take control of the circling thought created by the Earth Energies. Here are some things you could consider:


Check in with your own thoughts in a conscious way, rather than simply hearing the constant dialogue being presented to you from your mind, bring your thinking into the present moment and challenge yourself by asking if you agree with what you are listening to?


Consider that you exist in an energy field that is occupied by everyone. A joint field of energy that all can contribute their fears and dreams and their perceived realities into. Now you can be in default mode within those lower vibrations or you can choose not to pick up on others energies by checking in with your thoughts and feelings at any moment to see if you ‘agree’ with what you are experiencing. This will automatically send your thoughts to your Higher Self, and also manifest your ability to use that joint energy field to amplify Higher Vibrations that will help move the external dilemmas far quicker.


The message from my guides today is to take conscious control of your Earth mind, and to be aware of what is being delivered to you as a truth, when it may be a pattern of thought that no longer serves you anymore.


Higher Vibration Meditation 

Sit quietly, take time to focus within to your breath. You find yourself sitting peacefully on an area of beautiful deep green grass, you can smell the fresh air, and it makes you realise that there is a chance to be at one with the beauty of the Earth. Imagine a rainbow image of beautiful vibrant colours representing the higher energies that exist for you, and you realise that they are available to you at any time. In your hand is a heavy object, and as you look down you can see it is a smooth grey stone, its weight representing the lower energies of the Earth. You realise you do not have to hold onto this heavy energy. Gently you release the stone onto the soft grass.




Daisy Pin 1404

Published: 1st March 2019




Daisy    PIN 1404   


Spirit energies, auras and more from my guides.




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