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Welcome to Autumn's Blog:


Our Destinies Await and Unfold


Empowering, enriching, encouraging. Join with me through my blog, allow it to wash over you and touch your day.

The Positive Traits of Black


Is BLACK actually a colour at all?

Over time BLACK has been associated with a great number of things, sometimes from one extreme to another.


BLACK has long been linked with power, mystery and strength, authority and elegance, formality and sophistication are all often linked to BLACK.


Affluent and success orientated women have been known to favour BLACK attire as it can give the impression of confidence.


Tuxedos and BLACK stretch limousines are status symbols -BLACK tie event, invitation only. BLACK can symbolize luxury and humility and power


BLACK ink was used in the Middle Ages for writing as it was the easiest to see and read against white parchment and essential with the invention of printing. Still today even e books are represented black writing against a white background or screen.


King Edward the 8th of Great Britain started the tradition of wearing a white shirt and BLACK jacket and trousers to special events and celebrations.


In the BLACK refers to having money.


In England BLACK cats can signify that good luck is on its way and in the English Midlands BLACK cats were given traditionally as wedding gifts, said to bring happiness for the bride.

In Japan single women with BLACK cats are said to be more attractive.

BLACK animals were thought to have supernatural powers like the cats and ravens.



BLACK is associated with magic and esoteric ideas.

In feng shui BLACK has a way of harmonizing your home, office and other space you occupy.


We use BLACK charcoal to absorb toxins in our body and to purify water, and we now regularly see charcoal as an ingredient in toothpaste and some cosmetics.

Red Columbus monkeys in Africa have been observed eating charcoal as a means of detoxification.


BLACK is said to absorb negative energies, so it is useful to carry something BLACK with you to protect you from harm whilst traveling or going about your daily activities outside your home.


BLACK crystals are intriguing and mysterious and have a powerful presence that has been recognized throughout history. Some BLACK crystals are Shungite, BLACK tourmaline, obsidian, onyx, jet, BLACK kyanite, hematite and jet.BLACK crystals are associated with base or root chakra. The root chakra being a place of safety and security and our need for social interaction. BLACK crystals can create a sense of comfort in our current situation. Some BLACK crystals are associated with the third eye, used to help open the mind. BLACK crystals may help you identify and move through energetic blockages.



Shungite —high vibration, ancient origins, energy cleansing, can purify water


BLACK tourmaline —used for protection as a shield against negative energies, helps let go negative thoughts, reverses self-destructive patterns, helps attract positive energies.


Obsidian —spiritual dreaming, a teacher stone draws one inward to the centre of self and is called the warrior of truth, a powerful auric cleanser, strong psychic protection can stimulate prophecy and psychic intuition.


Onyx —a grounding stone and can help stabilise emotions, clearing old painful overwhelming memories.


Kyanite —never needs cleaning and can be used to cleanse other crystals, enhances psychic abilities and expands consciousness and helps move into a deep meditative state in a meditation.


Hematite —harmonizes mind, body and spirit.


Just some wonderful positive attributes of the colour BLACK for you to enjoy today.

Much love

Autumn x




Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 3rd August 2020




Autumn    PIN 0912   






In The Pink


A personal message of hope and love to everyone from me to you x


I would like to reach out to you with the colour PINK and some PINK heart energy today, with a message of hope and inspiration.


PINK a gentle loving heart energy, inspires compassion, hope, calm, unconditional love and nurturing.


PINK symbolizes affection, thoughtfulness and caring. It reflects tenderness and kindness and is a sign of being sensitive to the needs of others. It is a very positive colour ushering in comforting feelings of reassurance and a sense that everything will be ok.


TLC is signified with PINK. Prolonged exposure to large amounts of PINK is said to have a calming effect on the nerves. Good health is often suggested by PINK. Rose tinted glasses and success, a feeling that everything is rosy, everything is going to be ok.


PINK is delicate, can be sweet and nice and playful, but also PINK arouses strong emotions and is powerful, but also pretty.


PINK represents friendship, affection and harmony and inner peace.


IN THE PINK means healthy, TICKLED PINK means happy and content.


If PINK should be your favourite colour you are said to be kind and generous and sensitive to the needs of others. Friendly and approachable people are PINK lovers, and you are said to be a nurturer and someone who wants to take care of others if PINK is your colour. PINK lovers have a trait of warmth and a softness about them.


PINK people tend to have a positive and optimistic outlook on life and see the good in everyone. People who like PINK lean towards being methodical and have a tendency to be well organised, are calm and non-violent and are of youthful appearance. Acceptance and unconditional love are personality traits of PINK lovers.


In colour psychology PINK is seen as a sign of hope. It helps alleviate aggression and is said to help dissolve feelings of neglect and abandonment.


PINK gemstones are believed to bring about serenity, relaxation and acceptance. They are said to neutralise disorder and promote contentment. PINK gemstones correspond to the heart chakra and are useful in emotional healing and to assist with a feeling of connectedness and divine love. Examples of PINK gemstones and crystals which would be useful at this time are PINK tourmaline, PINK calcite, kunzite, rhodonite, morganite, PINK diamonds and rose quartz. Rose Quartz—helps dissolve old hurt and helps the heart open to trust and faith. Rhodonite—links with feeling loved and offering your love through contributing to your community. Morganite—is a heart chakra stone and helps healing emotional trauma, it helps with grief and helps transform pain and trauma into wisdom and passion. It helps process grief especially if you are questioning your faith or having a hard time hearing divine guidance. It can help release anger and hurt and promotes peace, lightness and joy. Kunzite—activates the highest frequencies of love within you. It assists you in opening up to the awareness of joy that is always accessible no matter what your present circumstances. It helps with universal love. Pink Tourmaline—helps clear emotional stress and brings calm. It is soothing and alleviates stress to balance the emotions, encourage kindness and is said to be great for anxiety and depression.


I have included a large powerful burst of PINK light energy with this message. All you have to do is agree to receive. It will help cleanse your aura and energetically lighten your living areas. I have included a picture of the afore mentioned pink crystals, feel free to allow your gaze to linger over them for a few minutes and the energetic properties of the crystals will have a positive effect on you.


Stay safe and stay well at this time.

All my love and a huge cyber hug

Autumn xxxxx





Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 18th June 2020




Autumn    PIN 0912   






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