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Welcome to Autumn's Blog:


Our Destinies Await and Unfold


Empowering, enriching, encouraging. Join with me through my blog, allow it to wash over you and touch your day.

The Stunning Properties of Silver


Looking today at the many facets of SILVER



In history SILVER was first documented as having been mined in 3000 years BC and the colour SILVER was one of the oldest human-made pigments.


Used in the 18th century to repaint the floors and hulls of Royal Navy ships to limit ship worm and water proof timbers.


Also used to suggest chivalry knights of old wore silver coloured armour.



In Ancient Greece SILVER was the colour of the goddess Artemis symbolizing strength and purity.


SILVER with blue is the official colour of Nevada where there are many SILVER mines, therefore Nevada is known as the SILVER state.


Wearing SILVER jewellery is said to help restore vitality stability and have a calming soothing effect.


Wearing SILVER is also said to ease physical discomfort and help diminish physical pain, apparently purported to treat bronchitis and heal wounds and kill viruses.


In South East Asia sweets are covered in sheets of pure SILVER only a few micrometres thick it is said 250 tonnes of SILVER is eaten in this way every year.


SILVER is known for its antibacterial properties so was thought to be magical and people held superstitions around it, used as SILVER bullets thinking they could kill evil spirits in witches and werewolves.


SILVER objects are thought to be cleaner than objects made from other coloured materials so be objects can found imitating the SILVER colour in places like hospitals and bathrooms.


SILVER symbolizes purity and cleanliness which explains why cutlery and other utensils are fashioned using SILVER as the predominant colour.


SILVER personality people are said to be calm and organized and behaving with clarity and honesty.


SILVER is associated with industry and with the suggestion of being sleek and high tech and modern

The apple brand logo is SILVER suggesting transparency and quality as well as simplicity.


The Toyota logo is also in SILVER suggesting quality skill and mastery.



Also associated with glamour, late night party themes can often be SILVER.


The designer Paco Rabanne designed dress tunics in SILVER.



SILVER crystals are said to help enhance mental power and increase vitality eliminating negative energy and helping in problem solving.


Just a few of the amazing qualities of stunning SILVER for you today x


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog please do get in touch if you’d like an update reading on anything that’s pressing in your life x check the website for my rota it’s always a treat to hear from you x

Many blessings and all my kindest regards x

Autumn x


Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 30th May 2022




Autumn    PIN 0912   






Wonderful White


Enjoying the amazing properties and uses of WHITE today.


People who favour the colour WHITE are said to be serene and pure of heart tending towards cleanliness and being very organized.



It is said you favour WHITE not as a young child but more likely when going through a transitional state in later life as an adult, when seeking a new direction as WHITE is said to symbolize rebirth and renewal, balance harmony and fairness. Fresh starts and a clean slate are indicated with WHITE


Connected with the divine, angels in early art have been typically painted draped in white.  WHITE is found prolifically in depictions of Gods beard, robe and the clothing and rings of angels with WHITE glows or auras around them.


Early Christian church priests adopted the Roman symbolism of WHITE as the colour of purity and virtue.


The goddess isis in ancient Egypt is associated with WHITE and white bandages wrapped the dead mummies.


WHITE in Asia is linked to mourning and rebirth after death.


In the western world wedding dresses are typically WHITE depicting innocence and virginity.  It is said that queen Victoria really got the trend going for the wedding dress to be WHITE after wearing a WHITE dress when she married.


In the 18th and 19th centuries WHITE became the traditional colour for mens and womens undergarments and bed linen.


A knight in WHITE armour is said to be the saviour and hero.


WHITE symbolizes the colour of protection and encouragement offering a sense of peace and calm and hope helping alleviate emotional upsets.


Houses in hot climates are painted WHITE to reflect the heat.


Traditionally used on temples churches and government buildings to symbolize religious and civic purity.


Lighthouses are traditionally painted WHITE to help them stand out from their background.



Doctors and medical professionals and facilities favour WHITE for their outfits and interior walls because it promotes cleanliness, sterility and purity.


WHITE picket fence surrounding a home suggests a peaceful and happy house.


Bars of soap and shampoos and conditioners can typically be WHITE in colour as well as paper towels and tissues suggesting good hygiene and cleanliness.


WHITE is used to evoke moods of quietness and concentration.


WHITE crystals are used as master healers ruled by the moon, can be used to amplify the existing energies of the other crystals in your collection and some are self cleaning.


Selenite-powerful dispeller of negative energies.


WHITE Howlite-said to stimulate brain function aids memory and assists in having patience.


WHITE quartz - helps let go causes of overwhelm and helps access deeper inner wisdom during meditation.


WHITE opal-said to pull down heavenly energy onto your crown chakra.


Unicorns are typically WHITE symbolizing goodness and purity and good luck.



WHITE swan animal totem symbolizes trusting your hunches and gut instincts and tapping into intuition.


WHITE doves symbolize peace and are the Christian symbol of the Holy Spirit.


Some wonderful qualities of the colour WHITE for you today.


Thanks again for taking the time to read the blog and please do get in touch if you’d like to link up and discuss any pressing issues or situations you’d like clarity on x


Many thanks for your continued interest in having readings with us x


Kindest regards and much love

Autumn xx


Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 22nd April 2022




Autumn    PIN 0912   






Positive Power of PURPLE


PURPLE is often associated with royalty luxury and nobility, a colour of wealth and extravagances


PURPLE is also linked with creativity and dignity 


PURPLE is associated with spirituality and vitality and promises to help promote harmony of the mind. Helping ascend to higher levels of enlightenment utilizing good judgment to do good for others, serving inner peace and giving an air of confidence 


Favoured it is said by faeries and unicorns 

The colour of fantasy and magic 

Linking spiritual and physical worlds 



Promotes harmony 


It is said that PURPLE assists those who seek the meaning of life and is said to help expand consciousness, gaining inspiration, unconditional and selfless love, this supporting meditation practices and assisting in humanitarian endeavors 


In nature PURPLE is quite rare and seen as having a sacred meaning. Known to have a calming effect when used in the garden 



PURPLE flowers include the iris, used to enhance intuition , lavender, to help one feel calm , salvia, links with wisdom and long life and violet, suggests thriving against all odds







As PURPLE is rare in nature it was more expensive to make dyes therefore was associated with royalty 


Military awards favour the colour, in America the PURPLE heart for soldiers wounded in battle 

The Rockies were the only professional baseball team to use PURPLE in their team colours 

PURPLE was used by the artist Prince as song and album titles 


Is said to have attracted the philosophers of the world and artists and poets find it a draw


In science it is shown that PURPLE is just short of being on the same wavelength as X Rays suggests why it is linked with mysticism even on a subconscious level 


Also used in many churches 


People who favour PURPLE tend to be compassionate and understanding and have a quiet dignity about them while remaining charismatic, usually seeing the best in everyone. PURPLE people are said to be introverted but never really shy, loyal and known for putting the needs of others before themselves 


PURPLE crystals are known for helping with detoxification and amplifying auric energy fields. These crystals are attributed with qualities of releasing from negative energies and clearing blocks. 


Health properties of PURPLE and PURPLE crystals are said to include cleansing digestive system and encouraging hair growth, decreasing blood pressure and calming ones heart rate 


PURPLE crystals include Alexandrite/encouraging good fortune, Ametrine/ enhancing optimism, Agate/ balancing communication and bringing about justice. 




All in all a very positive colour with many great properties x


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog today x


Lovely to have your continued interest in having readings x please do check the website and the rota for our logging and availability on times if you have any concerns, or any pressing situations you’d like guidance on x always a pleasure to hear from you x


For now thanks for taking the time to read our blog and do please allow your gaze to linger on the photos of the crystals energizing and calming you x


Lots of love x

Autumn x


Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 14th February 2022




Autumn    PIN 0912   






GOLD - Wealth, Enlightenment and Illumination


GOLD is linked with illumination and courage, love and compassion.

Discussing the aspects and properties of, and associations with GOLD today.


The colour GOLD is traditionally linked with prestige and royalty, also optimism, generosity, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment, depending on where in the world you are of course.

King Midas, it was said turned anything he touched into solid GOLD!


Long synonymous with wealth, and always having been prized as an important and illustrious precious metal the world over, GOLD artifacts have been discovered dated from as early as 4th century BC. GOLD drove the 19th century GOLD rushes in America and Australia, with prospectors hoping to strike it lucky and make their fortune.


GOLD gemstones are said to increase personal wisdom and power and are said to assist with the immune system. Allow your gaze to linger over the photos of the crystals, their affect will be as strong as if you held them in your hand. GOLD fluorite is good for solar plexus chakra helps to stabilise, boost self confidence and personal energy levels. GOLD quartz a powerful energising and cleansing stone, also for success with financial goals, luck abundance and prosperity. GOLD danburite is also said to help enhance energy levels, with a mood lifting affect. It is said to originate from the higher dimensions helping to create a personal link with the angelic realms.




The saying solid GOLD refers to something of high quality.

GOLDen child means favoured person.

GOLDen handshake a large sum of money to someone who retires or made redundant.

GOLDen days happy days a period of prosperity and abundance.


GOLD tends to represent achievement. GOLD stars and medals given to people who are the best of the best. The Olympics and the armed forces give out GOLD stars to applaud a very high standard. GOLD suggests victory. Physiologically GOLD is said to induce great feelings of happiness and bliss.


In China the GOLD three legged frog suggests wealth and money luck.

GOLD is often seen being used in religious settings.



In Hinduism GOLD relates to spiritualism and higher learning.

GOLD connected with Buddhism is symbolic of enlightenment and happiness.



The twelve GOLDen stars against the blue background in the European flag denote unity and solidarity amongst the subjects.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the GOLD energies today.

Please do get in touch if you’d like an in depth reading on any subject that seems pressing, we are always thrilled to hear from you and read with you, but for now, many thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully enjoy this blog about GOLD.

Kind regards x

Autumn x



Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 24th February 2021




Autumn    PIN 0912   






Today we are looking at the wonderful energies of the colour GREEN


Used with red it’s known as a festive Christmas colour, and the colour of nature linking in with trees and pine garlands so seasonal at this time.

GREEN symbolizes nature and the natural world, growth and rebirth and promotes good health and vitality. Freshness, renewal, safety and fertility, harmony and wealth are all symbolized by GREEN. Also youthfulness.

GREEN symbolizes peace and tranquillity, stability and perseverance, the strength to get through tough times.

GREEN is no longer just a colour but a symbol of ecology, a political party and it’s now a verb!

GREEN is said to assist and improve reading ability, suggesting a green transparent sheet over one’s page to help with reading speed and comprehension.

GREEN is the global traffic light colour for go, therefore GREEN is linked with progress.

GREEN is said to encourage creativity and productivity.

Exit signs are universally GREEN, denoting the way out to safety.

Bright GREEN product packaging is a favourite for successful companies.

The original iconic Coca-Cola bottles were actually GREEN because of the minerals found in the sand at Fern Cliffs used in the original glass production. In other cities a GREEN dye was used to replicate the originals.

GREEN is said to relieve stress and assist healing especially stomach aches, and the first American president George Washington decorated his two dining rooms in GREEN, as he believed it to be the best colour to aid digestion.

In Japan GREEN is associated with eternal life.

Libya’s national flag is the only single block colour flag in the world, and it is GREEN.

GREEN is a sacred holy colour in Islam, representing respect and the prophet Muhammad.

It is the lucky colour in Ireland, the colour of the four-leaf clover, and in Chicago the 40 year tradition of dying the river GREEN to celebrate St Patrick’s day still exists.





American paper currency is sometimes referred to as GREENback. This was to prevent counterfeiting when there were only black and white camera films available in the 1860’s, the government decided to print one side of the bill in GREEN ink. In 1929 when bill size and denomination was regulated, they chose GREEN ink because it was plentiful.

Pagans believe the GREEN man symbolizes growth, rebirth and the natural world.





The heart chakra is the colour GREEN, linked to heart, lungs and circulation.

GREEN crystals respond to the heart chakra and are beneficial for healing matters of the heart and finding true love. Also helpful for healing and good luck in money matters, relieving stress and depression. GREEN crystals also have properties pertaining to raising one’s psychic energies and becoming more enlightened.





We hope you’ve enjoyed the marvels of GREEN with us today, please do get in touch and we’ll tune into your life journey and find out where things are heading forward for you.


Kind regards and many thanks for visiting my GREEN blog x

Autumn xxx




Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 2nd December 2020




Autumn    PIN 0912   






Amazing Qualities of the Colour Red


Exciting dynamic passionate and loving, all interesting qualities of the colour RED!!!!


Looking into RED symbolism and history, and the healing properties of RED crystals today.

RED commands attention, post boxes, fire-engines, STOP signs are all coloured RED! A loud colour will not be ignored! Apparently RED is said to be great in helping make decisions and improving confidence.


RED crystals especially useful in this area. Please do take a look at the photos of the crystals, allowing yourself to soak in their healing qualities, they will assist in boosting energy and can help if one is feeling lethargic.



RED is used as decoration in some restaurants as it is said to stimulate the appetite.

RED is said to be dynamic and action oriented and physically active people favour the colour RED.

Most present-day associations are to be found with strong links in the past. RED is a symbol of courage and bravery hence is often used in national flags! During the first crusade the banner of the Christians was a RED cross on white background, afterwards being integrated into the union jack flag in the 16th century. RED was the colour of the Greek gods of war Phoebus and Ares!


Also used in remembrance of heroes are RED poppies. In ancient Egypt RED symbolised life, health, and victory, and was often used to depict men’s skin colour in paintings. In ancient Africa sick people used to paint themselves with RED paint in the hope of regaining vitality.

It is said that RED if the first colour that the human eye can perceive upon birth, along with black and white so it stands to reason we have strong affinities with the colour symbolism throughout history.



Arch angel Uriel is in charge of the Ruby RED Light Ray one can call on in prayer for wisdom before making big decisions. RED ray prayers also can assist with having compassion for others.


RED has long been linked with weddings and marriages across China and India. The most popular colour in China and a sign of good luck in Asia, most Japanese children drawing the sun as a big RED circle.


In more recent times RED signifies love and was seen as a colour that suggest wealth and elegance.  Artists used RED in their paintings of royalty to portray power, RED dresses, robes and hats to send the message of moral and political strength. RED carpet treatment suggests VIP, and in 1992 Christian Louboutin brought forward his RED bottom shoes which have since become the brand signature, suggesting style, luxury and elegance.


The wonderful world of RED.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the interesting facts today, please do get in touch and call for a reading should you like me to tune into any areas of your life you feel could do with a boost and in the meantime have a wonderful rest of your day x

Kind regards and many thanks for visiting the Blog.

Autumn xxx





Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 21st October 2020




Autumn    PIN 0912   






The Positive Traits of Black


Is BLACK actually a colour at all?

Over time BLACK has been associated with a great number of things, sometimes from one extreme to another.


BLACK has long been linked with power, mystery and strength, authority and elegance, formality and sophistication are all often linked to BLACK.


Affluent and success orientated women have been known to favour BLACK attire as it can give the impression of confidence.


Tuxedos and BLACK stretch limousines are status symbols -BLACK tie event, invitation only. BLACK can symbolize luxury and humility and power


BLACK ink was used in the Middle Ages for writing as it was the easiest to see and read against white parchment and essential with the invention of printing. Still today even e books are represented black writing against a white background or screen.


King Edward the 8th of Great Britain started the tradition of wearing a white shirt and BLACK jacket and trousers to special events and celebrations.


In the BLACK refers to having money.


In England BLACK cats can signify that good luck is on its way and in the English Midlands BLACK cats were given traditionally as wedding gifts, said to bring happiness for the bride.

In Japan single women with BLACK cats are said to be more attractive.

BLACK animals were thought to have supernatural powers like the cats and ravens.



BLACK is associated with magic and esoteric ideas.

In feng shui BLACK has a way of harmonizing your home, office and other space you occupy.


We use BLACK charcoal to absorb toxins in our body and to purify water, and we now regularly see charcoal as an ingredient in toothpaste and some cosmetics.

Red Columbus monkeys in Africa have been observed eating charcoal as a means of detoxification.


BLACK is said to absorb negative energies, so it is useful to carry something BLACK with you to protect you from harm whilst traveling or going about your daily activities outside your home.


BLACK crystals are intriguing and mysterious and have a powerful presence that has been recognized throughout history. Some BLACK crystals are Shungite, BLACK tourmaline, obsidian, onyx, jet, BLACK kyanite, hematite and jet.BLACK crystals are associated with base or root chakra. The root chakra being a place of safety and security and our need for social interaction. BLACK crystals can create a sense of comfort in our current situation. Some BLACK crystals are associated with the third eye, used to help open the mind. BLACK crystals may help you identify and move through energetic blockages.



Shungite —high vibration, ancient origins, energy cleansing, can purify water


BLACK tourmaline —used for protection as a shield against negative energies, helps let go negative thoughts, reverses self-destructive patterns, helps attract positive energies.


Obsidian —spiritual dreaming, a teacher stone draws one inward to the centre of self and is called the warrior of truth, a powerful auric cleanser, strong psychic protection can stimulate prophecy and psychic intuition.


Onyx —a grounding stone and can help stabilise emotions, clearing old painful overwhelming memories.


Kyanite —never needs cleaning and can be used to cleanse other crystals, enhances psychic abilities and expands consciousness and helps move into a deep meditative state in a meditation.


Hematite —harmonizes mind, body and spirit.


Just some wonderful positive attributes of the colour BLACK for you to enjoy today.

Much love

Autumn x




Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 3rd August 2020




Autumn    PIN 0912   






In The Pink


A personal message of hope and love to everyone from me to you x


I would like to reach out to you with the colour PINK and some PINK heart energy today, with a message of hope and inspiration.


PINK a gentle loving heart energy, inspires compassion, hope, calm, unconditional love and nurturing.


PINK symbolizes affection, thoughtfulness and caring. It reflects tenderness and kindness and is a sign of being sensitive to the needs of others. It is a very positive colour ushering in comforting feelings of reassurance and a sense that everything will be ok.


TLC is signified with PINK. Prolonged exposure to large amounts of PINK is said to have a calming effect on the nerves. Good health is often suggested by PINK. Rose tinted glasses and success, a feeling that everything is rosy, everything is going to be ok.


PINK is delicate, can be sweet and nice and playful, but also PINK arouses strong emotions and is powerful, but also pretty.


PINK represents friendship, affection and harmony and inner peace.


IN THE PINK means healthy, TICKLED PINK means happy and content.


If PINK should be your favourite colour you are said to be kind and generous and sensitive to the needs of others. Friendly and approachable people are PINK lovers, and you are said to be a nurturer and someone who wants to take care of others if PINK is your colour. PINK lovers have a trait of warmth and a softness about them.


PINK people tend to have a positive and optimistic outlook on life and see the good in everyone. People who like PINK lean towards being methodical and have a tendency to be well organised, are calm and non-violent and are of youthful appearance. Acceptance and unconditional love are personality traits of PINK lovers.


In colour psychology PINK is seen as a sign of hope. It helps alleviate aggression and is said to help dissolve feelings of neglect and abandonment.


PINK gemstones are believed to bring about serenity, relaxation and acceptance. They are said to neutralise disorder and promote contentment. PINK gemstones correspond to the heart chakra and are useful in emotional healing and to assist with a feeling of connectedness and divine love. Examples of PINK gemstones and crystals which would be useful at this time are PINK tourmaline, PINK calcite, kunzite, rhodonite, morganite, PINK diamonds and rose quartz. Rose Quartz—helps dissolve old hurt and helps the heart open to trust and faith. Rhodonite—links with feeling loved and offering your love through contributing to your community. Morganite—is a heart chakra stone and helps healing emotional trauma, it helps with grief and helps transform pain and trauma into wisdom and passion. It helps process grief especially if you are questioning your faith or having a hard time hearing divine guidance. It can help release anger and hurt and promotes peace, lightness and joy. Kunzite—activates the highest frequencies of love within you. It assists you in opening up to the awareness of joy that is always accessible no matter what your present circumstances. It helps with universal love. Pink Tourmaline—helps clear emotional stress and brings calm. It is soothing and alleviates stress to balance the emotions, encourage kindness and is said to be great for anxiety and depression.


I have included a large powerful burst of PINK light energy with this message. All you have to do is agree to receive. It will help cleanse your aura and energetically lighten your living areas. I have included a picture of the afore mentioned pink crystals, feel free to allow your gaze to linger over them for a few minutes and the energetic properties of the crystals will have a positive effect on you.


Stay safe and stay well at this time.

All my love and a huge cyber hug

Autumn xxxxx





Autumn Pin 0912

Published: 18th June 2020




Autumn    PIN 0912   






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