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Welcome to Athena Star's Blog:


How is your year manifesting?


With my insightful blogs I aim to provide you with thought provoking breakthrough insights to assist you on your path.

Choices And Libra Equinox


The Fall Equinox this week is Thurs/Fri, Sep 22/23, 2022 at  1:03 UTC,  3:03 EST, 6:03 PST.   It occurs at "0 Degrees" LIBRA, the sign of balanced scales.  It represents MAJOR choices for the collective to make in their lives leading up to the end of this year.  Libra, the Scales, also likes HARMONY, but with 6 planets now retrograde, remember to stay calm and centre, to become more clear in upcoming decisions for your highest good.


This week until Nov 22, 2022, begins the time of the “Galactic Centre," when all the planets are rotating around the "black hole," and the Asteroid, Medusa, is aligning with the Mary Magdalene energetic shift bringing in a greater alignment with the Divine Feminine of the planet. 


The ascending of QEII was also symbolic as she left the planet on Sep 8, 2022, which is symbolic with Mary Magdalene Feast Divine Feminine.  Divine Mother Mary brought through to me that QEII is also appointed to the Etheric Lady Ascended Masters "Order of the Rose," The Magenta Ray of Compassion, just as Princess Diana is.  They work on behalf of all of Humanity, especially

the nurturing of children and those in need.   And yes, Mother Theresa is also in the Order of the Rose.


 The Feminine Essence (the Right Brain), is leading the spiritual Renaissance.  As we surrender to the feminine essence in the heart, integrating with our Mighty I AM Presence, we can then experience collective UNITY consciousness.


This is also a time to be stronger in personal boundaries and if one feels uncomfortable with a situation or person, they need to step into their power and indicate that to others, politely and diplomatically.   It is also a time to break away  from co-dependent situations in one's life.   Now through end of the year will be major life choices for individuals and governments as well.   It is a powerful time of massive evolutionary changes.   So continue your deeper inner daily focus as it will help you "ride the waves." 


This is also a time of learning to Trust the Self.  When you learn to TRUST yourself and the consciousness of the body, you start to realize when you need to make new choices in your life with others .   This week may trigger relationship issues that call to your attention that you are not being respected. It is your time to choose to speak out and command that respect or make new choices in your relationships, going forward in the next few months.   This is a time to get out of your "mind,” and speak truth to others and clear the air.  It will help open up more opportunities in your life, to be "true" to yourself.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you when you are around certain people in your life.  Notice the shifts when you speak up for yourself.


Co-dependency stems from inherited, learned programming.  And when one is co-dependent, they are living within another's energy field so they affect each other.   In close partnerships, each takes on the others "karma," so to speak, so this is a time to look more deeply at that in our relationships so we can bring all more into balance when Mercury does go direct on October 2, 2022.   This is a time to stand firm with boundaries with others.


With the “Galactic Centre” and influence of the Asteroid Medusa and the influence of the "Mary Magdalene" energy, now through to Nov 22, 2022, is also a great time of Miracles and Shifts for Humanity, including governments.  It will bring up the issues of "control or freedom," and FREEDOM usually wins, especially now.   We will witness more influence of the Divine Feminine in world governments and global coherence taking place for the higher good.   More compassionate policies and autonomy will be prevalent among nations, as well as more collaboration and cooperation for the planet.  


This Friday, Sep 23, 2022, the Sun also conjuncts Mercury, which will help to nullify the Mercury Retrograde some.   Choose and speak up for what you believe in and do not let others overstep boundaries with you and remember this Libra Equinox is about bringing balance and harmony on all levels of being.  Take the time to "regroup," and make important choices going forward.  


Again, the time of massive evolutionary changes has speeded up and being in the "Super Galactic Centre," now through to Nov 22, 2022, is moving all forward on the fast track.   The "Super Galactic Centre," will be 22 degrees of Libra on the Equinox and these are pivotal points for accelerated change for ALL.   This is a time when 30 galaxies are rotating around the “black hole," of the universe and that makes this Equinox very powerful about major individual and collective choices. Mercury is also the ruler of Libra, so clear balanced communications are key at this time.


In the study of astrology, certain degrees are considered to hold greater meaning. 0° is considered a critical degree due to being at the beginning of the sign. For the Cardinal sign of Libra, the critical degree of "0" falls on the Equinox and the start of a new season.  IT IS ZERO POINT ON A COSMIC SCALE.


When polarization neutralizes in zero point energy, we achieve perfect PEACE. Not a ripple or chaotic disturbance in the field, but Divine, Calm and Balance.  The gateway is waiting for us to gather and acquire inner balance.  This week’s Libra Equinox portal a SAFE Inner Sanctuary to evolve, JOY in Present Time.   It is a time to celebrate UNITY, not divisiveness nor discord.  


The planet is rapidly moving into its full Ascension and the Crystalline Peace Grid at her centre, is vibrating at 6th & 7th dimensional frequencies, so the integration of higher consciousness has been accelerated.   This is a time to go deeper into your spiritual development and listen to your higher SELF more.  Take your time, one step at a time!


Let me assist you in a deeper Spiritual Psychic Reading and Akashic Clearing during this powerful transformational time so you can create your greatest Life & Career Potential.   


Many Blessings and Talk Soon!


Athena Star   PIN  3056





Athena Star Pin 3056

Published: 20th September 2022




Athena Star    PIN 3056   


I channel Archangel insights and clearing for breakthrough results in all areas of your life.




Royal Compassionate Wisdom


Well, our "friend" Mercury Retrograde, Sep 9 through to Oct 2, 2022, started in Libra and works its way into Virgo.  This is a time to become more empowered and speak up for yourself.  Compassion and Wisdom are the qualities of an evolved soul, so aspire to those during this time, and always.     


This is also a time to experience some "contrast" in our lives, bring forth the ultimate alignment of truth. The five other planets in retrograde now, will help serve us, speak more clearly to others from a deeper part of the SELF for greater understanding, in the end.   Perhaps it is time for a reading, to help you with your self-empowerment. 


Time for the unexpected now to enter. Venus is square with Mars, giving opportunity to learn about contrast in our lives.  It's about being able to get in touch with our ego-self and transcend more.  Ask yourself if you feel your intuition is a bit off, what can I do to expand it. Maybe just time to be more quiet and not make hard decisions.  When we make major decisions during Mercury Retrograde, we often need to make corrections later. 


Mars is inspired actions and when Venus and Mars are out of alignment, it is a time to see where our feminine/masculine energies might be out of synchronicity.  Deeper inner reflection and contemplation can help on a daily basis (daily 20-minute meditation helps all).  Open up to new friendships and shake up your usual routines, perhaps do more charitable work or even help out a neighbour and see how uplifted you feel.   Just reflect on all that is coming up and make plans for changes after Mercury goes direct (by Oct 15, 2022, is best for major life decisions,because Mercury Retro has effects on us up to 2 weeks before and after).


Remember, we often experience the negatives so we can love and have greater understanding in life.   It will help you to understand what alignment is like by facing what is not in alignment this week.  Reflect on the love within and the love around you.    Do not hold back in exploring all that you are experiencing.   Take more time out to go more deeply within and take more breaks.  This is also a time to do more research for new information, discoveries, or academics.


Remember Mercury Retrograde and the five other planets in retrograde right now may have theaffect or sense that "nothing is happening,” however, much shifting is happening for the highest good.   When Mercury returns direct on Oct 2, 2022, it will be with a sense of projecting more clarity to move forward and by mid October, 2022 onward, we will have a clearer focus for the "harvest" of 2022 with reflections of planning for the New Year 2023.    Always tune into the "optimistic" side of the street because change is always prevalent and give gratitude for all thegifts and treasures of those people we have lost, with a renewed sense of moving forward to new friends, new opportunities, and new evolvement.  


Remember, the greater you can evolve in this lifetime vibrationally and the greater contributions you can make, whether in assistance or treasure to others, the  greater rewards one will have in one's own ascension.     


Remember, the more we contribute to the highest good of the “human collective," while weare here for this short time, the greater fulfilment within the Cosmic Heart.    


As I write this blog, Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts, who lived a short 36 years of life, achieved so much, even at the end, in raising the level of the vibrations of compassionate empathy for the people, of the people and by the people, than most who live much longer.   This was evidenced by Queen Elizabeth II (herself in the Order of the Rose of Mother Mary's Legion now just as Princess Diana is), when she made a speech  after Princess Diana's  death in 1997, proclaiming how much Diana had made a difference in so many people's lives with her grace and compassion.  The outpouring of the Love of Princess Diana at her passing, actually served to have a great release on all the negative karmic past of the ancient kingdoms of the world. Queen Elizabeth II was actually acknowledging that, in her own way, when she made that speech the week of Princess Diana's passing.   


Overall, Queen Elizabeth II contributed great contributions of diligence and persistence to uplift the people during times of ups and downs, reconciling nations and peoples to move into Peace within to bring calm and peace to the world. She learned this over time and is now ascended into the realm of the Ascended Masters, also in the Orders of the Rose (Mother Mary's Legion).  She can now have greater influence through her Divine Service with world leaders, helping to integrate more of the Divine feminine/masculine balance on the planet, for full ascension.


So focus this week and the next few weeks on the shifting and beautiful integration of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine on the planet now as Queen Elizabeth II has also triggered uplifting vibrations on the planet in her own ascension, to that of more World Leaders applying more compassionate and empathetic application of their executive and legislative policies on the basis "FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL."


When that is the basis for all, then we can have Global Coherence & Global Cooperation on all levels.  And So IT IS., SeLah!


Talk Soon!

Athena Star,  PIN  3056





Athena Star Pin 3056

Published: 13th Sptember 2022




Athena Star    PIN 3056   


I channel Archangel insights and clearing for breakthrough results in all areas of your life.




Crystalline Harvest Full Moon


Sep 4 - Sep 10, 2022


The Pisces Full Moon Sep 10, 2022, is known as the "HARVEST MOON".  It is the name of the

full moon closest to the autumnal equinox and reflects that September is the beginning of the harvest season in the northern hemisphere, especially in Europe.  This Pisces Full Moon is also elusive in regard to romance as well.  Pisces likes to escape, so be careful not to indulge too much before and during the Full Moon weekend.   The full Moon is a time to be receptive, to take the

light and awareness of spirit into your emotional and physical bodies.  


Pisces is a sign for remembering dreams.  Full Moon Pisces could indicate flooding and weather disruptions.  It's also a creative time as well as a lot of mental energy so stay focussed in what you want to take action on.


This coming week is also a time to be more discriminating with new information.  Be very discerning, because according to Astrologers, Sun, Venus, Mars, Moon are all in mutable signs, so scattered energy can be prevalent.   Again, 20-minute daily is very important during this time to stay in your "centre."  Use online meditation music with high frequencies to assist you into deeper meditations if you have difficulty quieting your mind.


It’s also a time for new ideas to come forth globally for improving "harvest" time.   There are food

shortages so new ideas and creations about that may be brought forward.  If we can shift our consciousness, we can find ways to create seeds for the future and prosperity.   It is also a time to understand our origins and to focus on preservation of humanity. 


Saturn in Aquarius now is about finding new social connections for the long term.  It is happening a lot now and people are networking much more. 


And yes, our friend, the Planet of Communications MERCURY, goes Retrograde in Libra Sep 9, 2022 to Oct 2, 2022.  Gemini, Saturn and Libra are also involved.  Use extreme wisdom in your important life decisions and delay major decisions until after Oct 2, 2022, if you can.  This is a time of cleaning closets, rearranging your home, clearing and dissolving old issues that surface again so that full Clarity is attained once Mercury goes direct again. 


During this time, Jupiter is in conjunction with Aries and it is like a mermaid energy, beautiful white light and liquid light with which we are creating our world.  Mercury with Jupiter opposition affects large visions for the future so sustain your Visions and Dreams during this time even though it feels like nothing is happening.  Humanity is continuously moving into Crystalline form now with the 5th through 7th dimensions.  Anchor yourself with the Earth's inner crystalline Peace Grid as it will help you and the planet.  Mercury and Jupiter, along with Libra, the Scale of Justice, will reveal injustices and bring them into the Light during September, 2022.


All linked with the new light codes and healing with sacred geometry, are protected. We will move far beyond health systems and will be doing more healing with Light and Sound.   According to Astrologers, 5 other planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are all moving Retrograde with Mercury.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride and remember, "Row, row, row your is but a dream in 3D."


With new information coming in, how are we doing with new consciousness of unconditional love.  The more we merge into higher consciousness, the better we become.  With all the mental strains of September, it will be easy to become scattered in thinking, but the more we stay in our "centre," the better life will be.


Each day, affirm "I AM in Peace, Harmony & Gratitude.  Unexpected Miracles come to me every way in every day, and So it Is."  Remember not to be addicted to mainstream media and keep raising your frequencies with good nutrients, sound healing music, nature, energetic work and holistic therapies. Beam positive energy to others around you and around the planet during your meditations.  Try to stay out of large crowds, and protect yourself with Archangel Michael Blue Flame Shield daily, when you need to be around crowds.  When you come from the heart and bless others, situations around you will change.


Have a Happy and Prosperous Harvest Full Moon!


TALK Soon!

Athena Star   PIN 3056   




Athena Star Pin 3056

Published: 7th September 2022




Athena Star    PIN 3056   


I channel Archangel insights and clearing for breakthrough results in all areas of your life.






This is a powerful Healing Week, overseen by Arch Angel Raphael Legions of the Emerald Green Ray.  It is a time of peeling off more Karmic threads with family, friends and partners.  


Remember the Ego is not the Captain of your ship--your Higher Self, God/Goddess SELF, Mighty I AM Presence reigns.  So take this opportunity of the final week of the "8th" month to go more deeply and listen to your soul.   Place your right hand on your heart centre as you meditate and ask for Divine Guidance.  As the saying goes, "Really listen to Your Heart."


As the sun moved into Virgo this Tuesday, Aug 23,  it is ruled by  Arch Angel Raphael, the Master Healer with the Green Emerald Ray.   Ask "where am I out of alignment, what is it that I should be doing that I am not?”  Or “how can I be more clear in  my decisions?”.  Be open to the full potential of the Universe, not allowing your Linear Mind to rule your emotions.


This week is important to "come back to SELF. "It's about acting out and following through with the next steps on your path and work in this life.   Let the ideas flow through easily once you take time to get into better alignment and focus.  The Ego talks like "I must, or I should," so don’t let it rule over you this week.   Virgo energy is often critical with others and self. 


This week is also about applying what you have learned this year and beyond.  It's also about deeper inner reflecting.  Friday August 26, Mercury is in Libra and it rules with balance and harmony in relationships.  Balance and harmony bring peace and manifestation of more devotion in relationships.


August 2022 New Moon in Virgo is Saturday, August 27, 2022.  Remember that New Moon is a time for "New Creations," and a good time to write out your letter (1 page) of what you wish to create for the next 2 weeks, pray over it and burn it safely in your metal sink in the evening of the New Moon after your meditation or ritual.   This greatly helps in manifestations always for "the highest good." 


Virgo New Moon pushes us to be more disciplined, clear up our surroundings and have more clarity for decisions.   Remember not to be too critical or judging yourself or others as Virgo is a high achiever and it’s important to "go with the flow, NOT to push the river" in life endeavours.    


No matter which Sun sign you were born under, for a few days each month, we all have "Virgo" tendencies.  Since Virgo loves order, you’ll feel a stronger urge to organize your living space during the Virgo Moon transit.  This is also an excellent time to work on any projects as this diligent sign has a great ability to analyse the critical details most of us would miss!


With the August 27th New Moon in Virgo, you’ll find yourself asking, "Where do I go from here?". The key is figuring out how to use what you’ve been working on to create a different kind of new beginning in your life.


REMEMBER to clear and balance your emotions this week, check my Rota OR Email me at TheCircle and I will channel the Arch Angels and other Legions of Light for Guidance and Energy realignment for you!


Talk Soon!

Athena Star  PIN 3056





Athena Star Pin 3056

Published: 25th August 2022




Athena Star    PIN 3056   


I channel Archangel insights and clearing for breakthrough results in all areas of your life.




Harmonic Convergence


AUG 15 - 18 :  35th Harmonic Convergence


The week of  Aug 15 thru Aug 18, 2022 will be the 35th Anniversary Year since the first Harmonic

Convergence Celebration globally on August 17, 1987.


This is a week to definitely take more time to tune in, reflect and move into KNOWING  PEACE PREVAILS on  Mother EARTH.  It's TIME to really move into the KNOWING now on ALL levels and dimensions, to bring FULL Manifestation.  We are still bathing in the powerful Lions GATE and Aquarian Full Moon Portals so it is TIME for great miracles of  PEACE within and throughout Humanity.  Nurture yourself and others in SELF Love, Power and Wisdom, the Three-Fold Flame

of Ascension for the Highest Good of ALL.  It is TIME to go more deeply into "how you can transform yourself to create more in your life and for the world," rather than  just, "why is this and that happening to me?"


This particular Harmonic Convergence may well bring about PEACE in ALL nations on earth or be the catalyst to do so as millions of people take part in Global Meditations and Ceremonies around the world. It is truth seeking and calling for us to lift the veils of separation in order that we might understand ourselves a little better. It’s a time to embrace a new path, to enjoy the process and hear more of what YOU can do for Mother Earth to bring true PEACE through Divine Love, Power and Wisdom for the Highest Good of the COLLECTIVE.


Years ago, On August 17, 1987, I remember holding a Ceremony of over 100 participants overlooking Diamond Head Crater, overlooking the Pacific, in Honolulu, HI. We invoked "No Time, No Space, No Duality," for Planet Earth and planted a peace pole there, as are planted in many countries.   It was a Magnificent Day of Celebration and I could feel Mother Earth in its entirety, breathing a sigh of Relief, knowing we were linking in with her.  Remember Mother Earth, Gaia, is a Living Being and you can and should  Link into her "Harmonic Shield," located in her centre,  when you meditate as it is "Above, so Below," and  you will feel  greater illumination come through for all you are praying, visualizing  and energizing. Grounding yourself in this way (about 1,000 feet down). When doing Inner Work, this will greatly enhance your life.


Remember to express gracious gratitude to yourself, Humanity and  Mother Earth and all she does to support us during Harmonic Convergence.  Blessing all the Inner Earth Legions, Elemental and Nature Kingdoms, Water Kingdoms (Whales & Dolphins), as well as the Intergalactic Federation of Light and All Angelics, etc. Gratitude always opens the Heart for Blessings from all Legions of Light. 


Remember, take time to go within more, reflect more, forgive & release more, send gratitude more, and most of all, invoke and envision PEACE NOW PREVAILS on PLANET EARTH in every country, continent on all levels and dimensions, time and space.


Invoke or play the video music of the St. Francis Prayer of Peace, and invoke: PEACE BEGINS WITH ME NOW and FOREVER ON ALL LEVELS," during  the  powerful WEEK of  August 15 thru AUGUST  18, 2022,  the 35th Anniversary Year of Harmonic Convergence.   SEE it ALL, KNOW it ALL, BE it ALL.   


God Bless All on behalf of the Federation of Light,

Athena Star  PIN 3056




Athena Star Pin 3056

Published: 15th August 2022




Athena Star    PIN 3056   


I channel Archangel insights and clearing for breakthrough results in all areas of your life.




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