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Welcome to Allan's Blog:


Beyond Belief


I hope to use my Blog to introduce some of the simple techniques I use such as mindfulness and would like to share that experience with others in an entertaining, simple, non-dogmatic way

La Dragonne De La Dordogne


Wendy, the wonderful person who uploads the blog every week, emailed just before I started, letting me know the update had been done. Prior to her getting in touch it was the usual blog story of ‘I wonder what I’ll be writing about?’ She pointed out one of her and her partner’s favourite pastimes is kayaking. When I wrote last week’s haiku I didn’t know that! Her hubby was an instructor, in the paddling arts, for many years. If anyone might know the difference, he would. So, in deference to la belle dragonne de la Dordogne, this week’s blog is around synchronicities.


There’s an easy to understand difference between synchronicities and coincidences. Coincidences arrive, causing a raised eyebrow, a synchronicity feels like an Angel feather tickling your nose, or, if you prefer, a dragony tail across your ear. They always cause a ping in the brain, of some sort, followed by an, ‘I wonder what that’s about?’ I’m still learning the subtleties of this, and, I apologise for not wondering more about the haiku last week. You should always apologise whenever there’s a dragon involved. The other strange thing about synchronicities is they seem to be infectious, getting passed between people with the same pinging sensation. A coincidence doesn’t have the same effect. Yes of course we can convince our self there is more going on than meets the eye, but without the ping there probably isn’t. I used to read so much into coincidences I could have opened a library, but synchronicities are far more interesting and don’t seem to be as rare as you might think.


Zen explains synchronicities in a single word, Zen. If it’s possible to be in perfect step with the Universe, at all times, then that would make sense, except I don’t think that’s quite how it works. A synchronicity could be a moment when we are, unknowingly, in accord with the Universe, and, just for fun, the playful Universe does our head in. Of course that’s an unconditionally Universal love head doing in which causes the ping. Then there are the important synchronicities, those are even more head doing in. Like when a certain client comes into my thoughts, and a few hours later I find out why the Universe had to do my head in. To be completely dragony fair to the Universe, I do my own head in, and not at the time when the event happened. The Universe is innocent.


Actually, looking back, synchronicities were an important learning tool for me. The most important thing I discovered was to simply accept them as they happened and not dwell on how the result occurred. I used to stop and pick the beautiful flower growing by the path. I would examine it closely, if I held on to it long enough I would see it wither, but it was already dead.


Life should be a stroll in the park, it isn’t, we all know that only too well. Perhaps synchronicities are the Universal park keeper covering up the ‘Keep off the grass’ signs for an all too brief moment.



Now, there’s a coincidence.

The perfect haiku.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 2nd June 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Kayaking With Dragons


I’m not too sure I should be writing a blog. Wales is maintaining its social distancing measures, without any change. I don’t know what happens when blogs hit the border. I’m totally aware of the mess my blogging fingers make on the keyboard, and wonder if the effect will be similar. If you’re reading this in the Carolinas brushing up on English Mediaeval history might help explain what I just said.


Explaining is never easy. Mansplaining is way too easy and us males should always challenge our selves by explaining things simply, in a non patronising way. Which is another reason, like Mary Poppins, I never explain, making things even more difficult for myself. I work intuitively, I feel the right thing to say and just burble it out. My mediumship is the same, just a little more complicated in that I feel I’m having a two way conversation. Sometimes I work intuitively with help from a passed over loved one and their own guides. This is a four way discourse as I’m sat wondering if I should have said what I did. It gets even more interesting when I’m doing all of the above, but in a different place, after a quick astral travel.


The easiest explanation is it’s all impossible, but it happens. Obviously, no one can explain the impossible only why it is so. Which is exactly what we should all do around our own intuition! (That’s a dragony exclamation mark by the way.) We could simply accept an intuitive event occurred.


Of course, that’s another impossible. Intuitive events stand out in our minds. Maybe they should, but only for as long as it takes to build the evidence to confirm an intuitive event happened. If you are still not convinced that the Universe has a weird sense of humour, consider this. An intuitive, and, or, predictive event, can only be recognised as such in hindsight. The explanation being everything moves forwards, backwards.


Perhaps this explains why I might seem slightly weird to people, going forwards, backwards with the occasional sideways swivel, seems perfectly normal. No explanations required. However, being a caring, compassionate, person I often feel that I should give a little background as to where the previous sentence I muttered actually came from. Now, there’s the thing too. My reading style is conversational, although, admittedly, there are times when I do most of the talking. If I digressed with explanations, I might not get back on track. Of course I don’t know where the track is, and intuitions don’t come with a route map marking points of interest, it’s a flow, with eddies and whirlpools. So let’s put it this way, a reading with me is a canoe ride. A paddle is available, and is in constant use, it’s just invisible.

That’s the best explanation I can give. In regards to your own intuition it could also be the best explanation to apply as well. Explanations cause questions, and it’s not polite to ask the Universe questions.


Canoes, and Kayaks.

What’s the difference? You ask.

Canadians know.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 26th May 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




When Dragons Plant An Idea Then Run Off Giggling


I don’t think many people would disagree if I said the biggest arguments often start with the smallest misunderstandings. Of course there’s a twist, I can start the smallest of arguments with the greatest of misunderstandings using the phrase, ‘It’s perfectly OK not to be absolutely OK.’ In other words we are allowed off days. People’s reactions are amazing to that one. Of course they are reacting, and projecting, rather than thinking it through. If they did they might realise it’s a minute argument since it can’t exist. I’m OK with the fact they’re not OK with what I just said, besides, I seem to be in agreement with the Universe on this one.


If we are OK then there is no incentive to change a thing. In fact we tend to resist any changes at all. One of the tags applied to Buddha was the physician who healed himself, then found the cure could be used by others just as effectively. He knew he wasn’t OK when he sat under his tree, after that, when he was OK, it didn’t take a lot of mental gymnastics to see how one state of mind leads to the other. To me, and, possibly, the Universe, they’re the same pattern of thought. We are, who we are. Changes of our self can only come from within our self. That’s only going to happen when we decide it’s necessary. So far, so traditional Buddhist teaching. Alan’s maxim being, ‘but you don’t have to.’


If Buddha was a medium then he kept it very quiet, speaking as a medium, I wish I had! You learn stuff, uncomfortable truths which defy logic, but they don’t go away. One thing I know, for certain, is the after life is just that, what happens after, and that’s the same for all living things. There is no separation. Existence is continuous, so exist in the way you feel you should over here, as over there things just carry on from where you left off. I struggled for years with this concept, maybe because you don’t have to. In meditation I would always ask to communicate with the highest teachers, so I would understand what was required to ensure my arrival in Heaven.


There are no rules, apart from be yourself. Here should be as there, it’s that continuous existence thingie. I know it isn’t, I’m crazy enough to know it could be. Including the fact that it’s OK not to be OK, occasionally. Look at it this way, paradise can only be a paradise until the next grumpy person dies, and they educate their self into degrumping for the sake of everyone else. It would take a grump of monumental proportions to obstruct that process. No one will impose it on them. They might be avoided, by others, though, except for the rest of the grumps so everyone is happy, including the grumpies. That might seem like a consequence, it is. It’s non judgmental though, and is the Universe benignly providing what we seem to want for eternity. Maybe we need to be more careful of what we appear to be asking for?


I talk to a lot of people with the attitude of it’s OK not to be OK firmly embedded into the conversation. I only suggest possible solutions, and it’s usually a little patience to let things work themselves out. I could, notice the could, say I’m speaking on a direct line from heaven. I don’t, because I’m not. There is no invisible barrier. OK.


Life is often strange.

If you think here is weird.

Heaven awaits you.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 19th May 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Capricious Dragon


Every so often I have what I think is an idea so grand you could make a piano from it. I then spend the next two hours wondering if I can do it justice. The only way to find out is to start. Which is when the panic really sets in as it involves trip-trapping over the troll bridge to the greener grass on the other side. I would say close your eyes, to think goat, but it might make further reading problematic.


There are many reasons why the grass looks greener. It could, actually, be that the risk of travelling to the new pasture, (keep thinking goat thoughts) is your goat reality. Getting there might be tricky, but it’s definitely worth investigating. Then again the grass could really be greener, more lush, and tender. A good weed killer will do that though, and render the field toxic, for a while, at the very least. Of course it could just be Astroturf, a plastic illusion. You’re not going to find out unless you go across the bridge and confront your troll. Any sensible goat knows trolls don’t exist, they’re a metaphor for our own capriciousness, however, that character trait is a big part of who we, actually, are.


Unlike the average goat, human beings can use a lawn mower, or a fertiliser spray. We have the ability to make our grass greener. In fact it could become so green you would want to share it with everyone. What a wonderful goat you are! There will still be the weeds to deal with. Occasionally any relationship can get a bit toxic with those long, stony, silences, or Japanese knotweed eruptions. It doesn’t have to be like that, but the ground needs clearing and ploughing to keep it fertile. If you live on an Astroturf lawn the only one who can break out of that illusion would be you. Yes, it means sorting out the troll, but their manipulation, and control, can only have any power if you agree to live under those terms. If that’s too harsh, then look at it this way. Have you ever sat on Astroturf? That’s even more uncomfortable.


I make it all sound oh so simple don’t I? Humans complicate everything, goats tend not to. They have a few less perspectives to deal with. Having complications isn’t the problem though, it’s how we deal with them. Sticking with the Swiss theme, fancy watches have complications, like moon phases. Even the date function is, technically, a complication. Most people want a relationship with someone they would spend all their time with... It’s Astroturf. Life isn’t quite like that. The grass can still be green though, not a plastic construction.


Which brings us to the conclusion, you will be pleased to know that feels like I dragged the piano up the Matterhorn, and now need to get it down in one piece. My complication is a simple shove isn’t acceptable. So, while I’m pondering I’ll let you draw your own conclusions this week. Don’t moan either, the clue for the ending was in the title.


Three Billy goats gruff.

Undertook a pilgrimage.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 12th May 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragon Called Hugh


In case you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m slightly weird. I wonder, a lot. One of the few things I don’t wonder about is how many people, actually, read the blog. I seem to think myself into having a conversation with a single person, and it flows. Once it gets going, I wander off and wonder how we ended up where we did. Yes, you’re included, although it wouldn’t be fair to say, ‘It’s all your fault,’ I, obviously, helped. Usually by now a topic to wonder about has reared its scaley head. Not today, this is about you, and you alone. Whichever way you want to read that is absolutely fine.


You haven’t disappeared, it just feels like it. You’re not alone either. Logically, you’re reading the words, so it doesn’t take a gyration of mental gymnastics to hear them, in your head of course. If you think about it, that’s where you hear everything. Your ears just help in the process. We are now having a conversation, aren’t we? That idea might take a little getting used to, when it first happened to me I wobbled, so I can relate. It doesn’t take any effort at all to regain your balance. It’s simply a matter of focussing on the moment and realising what’s going on.


You might be thinking no one cares. Everyone feels that occasionally. I’m listening to you, it’s a two-way conversation. A moment of calm, away from harsh reality. The strange thing though, this is reality. Nothing’s changed, it’s the same screen, on the same device, you were using when we started talking. Nothing changes if I take myself out of the picture either, the chat carries on. No matter how difficult life gets that voice is always there, it just needs a little peace and quiet, to hear. I don’t know who it belongs to. I could venture a guess or two, except I would know I was intruding into a private conversation. I believe that’s why Buddha is very quiet about what happens next, in the afterlife. What he, and I, think is completely irrelevant, you’re the important one, what you feel is all that matters.


One of the basic tenets of Buddhism is tolerance for others, that’s the easy bit. Tolerance of our self is the biggie. I’m finding myself saying this to many people at the moment who feel their ideas are too off the wall. If you are still listening where have the walls gone? As an observer I can state, with complete conviction, your changing state of mind is simply a consequence of the current circumstances. I’ve been on a lot of spiritual retreats which seemed exactly like social distancing. It’s having the same effect. It’s why monks sit in their cells meditating, and you’re doing the same, but without trying. You’re going to feel different because your life, right now, is different. There’s nothing you can do about it! That said when things begin to return to normal, which they will, you might want to hold on to some memories of this current abnormal. As I said, I’m weird enough to think this is how normal life should be, well, apart from the queues at the Post Office.


There is no haiku.

I will leave that up to you.

You might not want one.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 5th May 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Ford Prefect Dragon


The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is also a very useful road map for all schools of Buddhism. Why? Well the big, red ‘DON’T PANIC’ button on the front is really all the information you need. Been there, done that, and yes, I panicked sometimes. Especially when Zen proposes leaving all the books on their shelves. Which, I realised, is fine. Why stop at the galactic border when the rest of the Universe lies beyond? Panic over, I went forward, alone.


Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing. Any swamp is easily drained once someone has the knack of alligator charming. Getting the knack is the tricky bit and will always involve moving on to bigger alligators to practice with. No matter how experienced an alligator wrangler we become, there will always be the awareness of that one, recalcitrant reptile which has decided to stay put. If I was in that situation I would let it be, since that is what Buddhism teaches. I also would have heeded the lesson regarding right livelihood and wouldn’t have got involved in environmental degradation in the first place. There are many forms of swamp though, my knack seems to be wandering in and helping those who are lost out of theirs. It goes without saying those swamps have the biggest alligators which need the most careful of coaxings.


I was chatting to someone yesterday, who, being a regular client, apologised for being a pain. I replied, ‘You’re not, and besides I can be one too.’ Of course they wouldn’t accept that, as they think I’m wonderful... I can be a pain though, by maintaining my single line based on someone’s first reading. I never change an outcome I have predicted. I might press the internal ‘DON’T PANIC’ button for myself, but, outwardly, I maintain my experienced swamp drainer composure. Usually the situation self rectifies over a short time period and often by people not reacting too hastily. Just because I predicted the outcome doesn’t mean I have the map to that particular swamp and which mangrove to turn right at. Situations evolve, what’s going around has to go pear shaped occasionally, before it comes around. Like mud, life finds its own, preferred form, eventually.


Buddha taught we should, rather than we must, however when we know what we should be doing it’s a no-brainer not to. This enables us to try harder, then progress to other we shoulds. Exactly like alligator wrangling there are definite, discrete, steps to success. Which sounds great until you realise the last step took you back to where it all began. Nothing has changed but everything is different. Well, not that different. The scaly things are still around, only a bit bigger, and more into Rolos than human appendages. While the wannabe wrangler gets wrangled their self now. I can live with that, without panicking.

Dragony doings.

Are often misunderstood.

They like things that way.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 29th April 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Blundering With Nessie


As soon as I saw the picture I thought ‘That’s the blog.’ While right now I’m wondering what it should be around. I’ve already covered the social responsibility aspect, and how many people are missing the outdoors. I’m sorry if the image is a bit of a red napkin to a raging bull for them. If that conjures up images of Spain and cancelled holidays, I’m sorry! However, we have a blog... about blunders.


We all make them. I made a big mistake with Nessie, who isn’t a dragon, she’s a Kelpie, which makes her only an honorary dragon. She’s also the only dragon who can dole out honorary squishes. A good squishing won’t make you an honorary dragon, only slightly flattened. That’s the thing with blunders, they’re always made in innocence, and, for some bizarre reason, happen even after careful consideration of the situation. Perhaps a blunder is the Universe directing its sense of humour directly, at us, for a moment. Only a few people find their blunders funny. While everyone else thinks it’s hilarious, or, even worse, prolong the blunderer’s agony. They don’t need to, a good blunderer, like me, holds on to the painful memory, for years.


One of the common spirits in every mythology is the chaos maker, such as the coyote of the Native Americans, or a raven for the Celts. So, comparing Nessie to a budgie, (they’re both green) isn’t a blunder, it’s just taking a slight risk of a squishing. Yes, I know ravens are black, but they have feathers. Anyway, Nessie too is a chaos bringer, as you will discover for yourself if she turns up in your garden. Mistakes should be honoured, as they are one of the easiest vehicles to bring learning to us, and, most importantly, knowledge of our self. You could do Buddha’s head completely in by considering that a perfect person must be completely aware of their own imperfections, and act appropriately imperfectly. That is the self of which he often spoke.


This blog is probably the most good humoured dragony lecture I’ve ever received. It’s also short, sweet, and to the point. Laughter only works when it is shared and when it is completely spontaneous. Stand up comedy follows the same principles. You buy your ticket, go along, but everyone is expecting the unexpected. That was another blunder, as, obviously, no one can buy a ticket for any form of entertainment at the moment.


We will now dive into philosophy, deep down to the bottom of the kelpie’s domain. Mindfulness, and being present, is simply a matter of expecting the unexpected. Then dealing with it as it arises. ‘Oh look it’s the Loch Ness monster.’


‘Where?’ Show us’

‘There she was, gone.’ That wasn’t a blunder, although people would treat you as if it was, so you, and I, being sensible, would just keep mindfully quiet. All who have seen Nessie remember one thing, her smiling wink just before she disappears back into the kitchen sink. Be careful though, dropping any of the dishes, from surprise, would be a blunder.


A Scottish Haiku.

About low roads, the high roads.

And warming wee drams.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 21st April 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Ubiquitous Dragon


This past few days has been a bit of a revelation, apparently people are finding my blogs helpful at the moment. It’s been mentioned in a few emails, calls and chats. Luckily, I don’t do self adulation, but I do use Paypal. Obviously, I don’t do totally serious either. I suppose I should just accept the praise, however I can Zen it up a bit. Oh come on, what did you honestly expect?


You could call Zen, God. Except Zen is completely accessible, but, like any self respecting deity, we assume they are so high and mighty, knowing their mind is impossible. Zen seemed like that to me, but that particular door has an infinite number of locks, while we are all born with only one key. I found the right lock, eventually. It opened on to a classroom, where nothing is taught, because that’s what’s really important once you realise everything is nothing, so by knowing nothing everything becomes apparent. The problem is we all assume we know something, so we don’t, actually, know nothing.


That’s the theory behind the blogs being useful. I’m not trying to be anything other than a blogger. There’s a nothing hidden within the something the reader is reading, and sometimes they spot it. I never do, so well done clever clogs. Anyway, what I, and the scaly thingies, want to get across is the fact inspiration, or spiritual energy, basically whatever label anyone wishes to apply is, well, so everywhere, that the word itself is irrelevant. You don’t have to go outside, or bring it inside. It is already within (this is the difficult bit to get your head around)... you. You don’t have to meditate either. A day dream is just as effective, but try not to bring wishful thinking into it. Imagining yourself in the park is fine, wanting to be there won’t work.


It’s called being present. I can’t be unique in finding huge insights when I’m doing the washing up. If I’m weird it’s in that simple way of knowing when I’m thinking, and when someone else is talking. Although the Rolo breath is a bit of a give away too. When these two are combined there is mindfulness. Which, for a while, was my new normal, now it’s just my normal. We are all in a new normal for however long the Corona virus is a problem, maybe our old normal will be changed forever in some ways. You, and I, will cope with that, and happily too. It just means a few adjustments to our assumptions around how we think everything should be will be required.


Angels, dragons, and Zen don’t hide away. They come looking for us when there is a need. That connection is always open but seeing as many of us feel we know best, we assume it’s been broken in some way. Right now there are a lot of possible ways we think it has. Space is infinite. According to the dragons the space between my ears is even more infinite, but that infinite space is around you, just as much as it is around your favourite park bench. Nothing needs to move, like you, everything is exactly where it needs to be at this present moment, so chill.

(This week’s haiku requires prior parental consent, and approval, before being read by anyone under 12 years of age.


Like Jack the ripper.

Without victims on the street.

The virus will stop.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 14th April 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Solitary Dragon


In case anyone was wondering I’m practicing ancient Egyptian healing modalities around the Coronavirus situation. The first step is not to jump into denial, (think about it) I’ve built a firm foundation for my pyramid, mostly using my own, freely given, labour, and sealed the entrance. Locked inside the cosmic energies can be focussed onto, and then throughout, my eternal body. I am alive in every sense of the word. I could just as easily play dead while slowly mouldering away. Either option is available it depends on your own perspective.


We are living in extreme times, which, to me, calls for extreme blogs! Buddha however, insists on the balanced, middle way, although giggles are allowed. Durga, who many believe is an aspect of the highest divine power, laughed in the face of the most powerful demon. Overcome with his rage he became the cause of his own downfall. Being a goddess, she helped him along as doing otherwise would be in contravention of the Universal law regarding free will.


Getting through the next few weeks is also a matter of our free will choice. If you accept we are all in this together that seems a much better attitude than assuming isolation, and self survival, is the right way forward. Either way works for the individual, while only one will benefit every person on the planet. The missing word there is eventually. No one wants to hear that right now. There should be a quick fix to the problem faced by our technologically advanced civilisation. There actually is, it’s called staying away from others to break the infectious cycle.


Most of us, by now, don’t have much choice in regard to self quarantine. We’re under government orders to do so. I’m also very aware that people are struggling to cope for various reasons. My eldest granddaughter is recovering from a confirmed case, so yes, I do have grounds to speak from experience. So speaking from experience here’s the plan. You’re not isolating, you’re helping others recover. You’re not alone, we’re all in this together. In fact, we’re all so in it together it doesn’t need mentioning.


Maybe I am a little weird in my thinking occasionally. Nature doesn’t frighten me, human nature, though, terrifies me. There seems to be this inbuilt instinct in humans that they, personally, know best. I know I don’t, and if that impression ever comes across in anything I write, or say, then you are projecting your own assumptions of infallibility on to me. Of course, no one reading the blogs would do that.


In the end the war against Coronavirus is going to be won, but, from now on we are all going to have to learn to peacefully co-exist with it. Accepting that simple fact is not surrendering, nor does it abrogate any of our responsibilities to others. I’m not a stay at home General, I’m in the trenches with everyone else and paradoxically wishing I could go home. How quickly that happens is beyond my control, but within yours.


The happy haiku.

To lift everyone’s spirits.

Is stuck in the post.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 7th April 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragon Through The Looking Glass


So far the blog has had five titles, seven opening sentences, (they were interesting titles) and several prevarications. There was almost an admission of defeat with an email to Wendy, asking to postpone. As you might have noticed it’s not often I’m stuck for words. Excuse me while I mutter to this dragon. ‘I can see what you did there.’ It looks like we have a blog after all.


I never know what to say when someone expresses their gratitude for something I did, or gives me a compliment. The same applies to pressies, it’s either the standard ‘Thank you,’ or a digression of monumental proportions. In my defence I need to point out my eyes usually light up, so that has to be a clue, it only works face to face though. I’ve got the gratitude from others covered with my ubiquitous, ‘Ya welcome. While any compliment can be swiftly turned around. Isn’t it amazing how so many people love talking about their selves?


Of course that all requires explaining. On a human level, ‘I’m shy,’ is the honest answer. I’ve honed my ‘find the quietest corner’ ability to absolute perfection. On the dragony, or, if you prefer, higher level of consciousness planes, I’m in total agreement with the scaley thingies. Such things are irrelevant. In fact they are so irrelevant there is no reason for their existence, so they don’t. Buddha’s ‘froth’ comes closest. Dharma, the correct way to be, the aspiration of all Buddhists, is a code for how to live. It’s the right way, but living without the need for compliments, or gratitude from others, puts me in the wrong, according to some.


In a weird way I can appreciate how the Universe helped me to turn what others would consider a weakness, being shy, into a strength of appreciating a large part of what Dharma actually is. Dharma is often translated as ‘Duty,’ which implies a belief in having to, when the Buddha only ever taught, try to. Maybe I do understand the Universe, a little. It makes perfect sense why it got me into having to talk to people for a vocation. It’s a lot more than a job folks. That, however, is said in hindsight. Obviously there have been many moments when I just wanted to run. For a while I escaped, I came back, willingly.


I’m sure I’ve said I’m no different to any of my readers enough times for it to have established itself as a fact, which might cause you to ponder on this. Perhaps those weaknesses, which keep getting pointed out to you, are your God given gifts and your greatest strengths. Every religion on Earth teaches the equivalent of God moving in mysterious ways. It’s a lesson I learned a long time ago. Along the way there was Zen, that’s shy too, hiding away in plain sight, doing its thing quietly and unnoticed.


Silence is golden.

And is hoarded by dragons.

They know its true worth.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 31st March 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Ever So Genteel Dragon


It can’t have escaped your notice there is a new ‘C’ word. Except this one is perfectly acceptable in polite society, even the Prime Minister says it regularly on live TV. If you catch your children using it there’s no need to wash their mouths out with soap, and anyway, soap should be saved for hands. In fact, if everyone acted as though the rest of the planet was shouting the old ‘C’ word every ten seconds, the new ‘C’ word might rapidly fall out of use. Another ‘C’ word is China, who, sort of convinced their citizens that was actually happening, so they stayed at home as far as possible. It seems to be paying off.


My preoccupation with ‘C’ words began a few days ago. I was stood in a checkout line, keeping a safe distance away from the person in front. They were obviously a couple. Anyway, he decided to walk across the space I’d created, leaned into me, and got as far as saying ‘Did you hear about.’ My response was totally new ‘C’ word orientated. ‘Would you mind stepping back from me, please? You might want to take unnecessary risks, I don’t.’ Their face changed, completely. As if I had said the old ‘C’ word, with a few attached adjectives, and an ‘F’ worded invitation to, rapidly, take their self, elsewhere. At no point did I consider a need to reference the old ‘C’ word... OK, I did think of it after, my bad.


Going from their reaction they could remember the episode, perhaps even learning from it. Dragons are experts at benign embarrassment. That evening all the bars and restaurants closed, so they couldn’t share the experience with others. Who knows? They could have been given a few pints to help them get over the shock, but, perhaps, not being able to go for a drink simply reinforced the reason behind my actions toward them.


So, there you have it, a serious situation rendered harmless simply by being true to myself. Actually, it’s less pompous than that. I did the sensible thing. Which probably shockadoodled a few dragony gourds. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Maybe we should all be doing it a little more right now.


Oh, and if you were wondering where the know it all rumour mongers, who used to stand at the corner of the bars, spouting whatever came to mind have gone, they’ve moved to the queues outside the supermarkets. This makes them fairly easy to identify, then avoid. I discovered that yesterday.


I know real life isn’t funny at the moment. We are all fearful for our self, and our families. Here’s the paradox. By constantly thinking of others we increase our own safety. As far as the dragons are concerned that’s how it should always be.


Corona virus.

We need to talk about it.

Kevin had his day



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 24th March 2002




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Slightly Dragony Encore


Carrying on with the dragony questions... Mercedes PIN 1726 wondered what do dragon’s smell like? My original answer was ‘A visit to hospital to heal injuries caused by asking impertinent questions.’ This is when the pause button got pressed. It’s, actually, very pertinent. Especially when Donna’s, PIN 8866, is factored in too. She wanted to know if dragons can become invisible, like Elliot in Pete’s dragon. I can’t answer them singly, and, each in their own way, sums up a lot of what I am trying to say in my blogs. When they are combined, only the pure essence of dragon remains. Either in your face, right up your nose, or, in my case, both.


Cinnamon has a smell, scents are really good at activating memories. Some people think carnations have a whiff of cinnamon, while others are remembering apple pies. The strange thing is it’s impossible to describe a smell in words. Technically, you can write down a building’s measurements, or the combined vibrations that make a unique sound, a smell has to rely on subjective description. They are personal, just like how any of us are aware of our own dragon. Which is, basically, Zen in a nutshell. My this is your that, but both are applicable to the invisible Universal energy.


If you close your eyes in the kitchen, the freshly baked bread doesn’t disappear. Don’t try this with cake if I’m around. Magic will happen, and I’ll blame the dragons. If you leave the door open the house becomes filled with a homely warmth too. Your rattling letterbox cover spreads the love to the world in its own, small way. Everyone will know it’s bread, but only those in the house will be able to see it.


I can’t resist saying this is proof all dragons are half baked. We are too, it’s only through the connection of awareness that the dough becomes wholesome, and ready to share with whoever comes along. Of course you can now keep your kitchen pest free by pointing out there is a dragon in the oven. It will probably rest its scaly head on your shoulder while you do the washing up too. Like Elliot, dragons slowly appear. Once they have they never fade, however, that doesn’t mean they are always around, sensible conversations with others are allowed, and encouraged. A dragon is for life, not the entire period, but how to live as often as possible.


None of the Buddhas have ever stated ‘You must,’ only ‘You should.’ Which is why Yoda, is a Yoda, not a Buddha, ‘Do, or do not, there is no try,’ goes against the concept of advancement of our eternal being. Even dragons fail, occasionally, I usually listen but not always, and a lot of things need explaining several times before making sense.


So, Mercedes, dragons smell exactly like love should. I don’t know what that is, but you do. Everyone reading this does, in their own way. Yes Donna, dragons appear when we open our eyes to start seeing the underlying universal realities. As for disappearing, I’m sure they could, I just don’t think I’ll ever see it happen.


Onwards, and upwards.

Towards the next milestone.

Fifty more to go.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 17th March 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Very Bemused, but Highly Co-operative Dragon


I tried to run away soon as I saw my horoscope for today. ‘A time for exposing and talking about hidden, intensely private, or secret subjects.’ This, being the 150th blog, is a bit different, real dragony questions, asked by real people. It’s a bit longer than usual, admittedly, but you can dip in and out as you please. So, without further ado we shall mentally hum along to Approaching Menace, (the music which opens BBC’s Mastermind) and take our first, highly appropriate, question.


Which comes from Helga, my boss, basically, who asked not to be mentioned, and, because she’s the boss, I won’t. She asked, I'd love to know what music Dragons listen to, is there a Dragon anthem, do they have a Dragon music festival?


Well Helga, dragons did have a festival a while ago, but it caused a few problems. Salisbury plain used to be as hilly as the Cairngorms, it was, obviously, a right good do as it’s now as flat as a pancake. The dragons did leave the stage behind so the locals could use it as a social centre, but there’s been a few arguments about maintenance costs. Dragons have eclectic musical tastes, and, as they are higher vibration beings, can get by with cheap headphones. Wireless being preferred due their rather larger than human heads. They don’t have an anthem as such, but when Roll Over Beethoven is playing they all stand up and salute.


Cambiel, one of TheCircle Readers, their pin is 1670, wondered do different coloured dragons represent anything in particular? Do they really hoard treasure (besides Rolos) and what makes them happy?


Some dragons be red, other dragons be green. Red ones are Freds, while greens are Maureens. Dragony children always use their fingers to paint. It’s difficult to tell what they are, or they ain’t. This is one of those examples of various rumours that have grown through the ages Cambiel. Someone asked a dragon how to find eternal life, they said, ‘Stop dying.’ When pressed to answer how that was possible, the reply was, ‘Start living.’ Dragons only hoard what is freely available to all and everyone can help their self, once they understand what they are actually looking for of course. Dragons don’t do happy, or sad, they do consistency and balance. Laughing with someone, especially when they have seen their error, warms their cockles though. It’s a bit difficult to answer as they, like us, are all individuals. I’m a bit wary of enquiring as to the condition of a dragon’s cockles though, they like their privacy.


Christine Ritchie wanted to know, how do they keep themselves clean? Lick like a cat or roll in dust (gold dust?) like a bird?


Christine, when dragons decided to fly gravity took a long, hard look at their bulk, and fragile wings. It then took their teeth and claws into consideration and decided to take the cautionary approach of not getting involved, at all, ever. Mud, being sensible, took the same approach. Dragons don’t get dirty. If they need a shine then a couple of baby unicorns having a few belly bounces, and tail slides sorts that one out.


Wendy, is the wonderful person who uploads my blog every week, her question is, do dragons really 'frolic in the autumn mist' like in the song about Puff?


Have you ever seen the disruption a bit of fog causes at Heathrow Wendy? The closest dragons get to frolicking is rounding up the baby unicorns for their afternoon nap. Which is more of a mayhem than a frolic. Dragons, being so bulky, have to organise these things taking health and safety into consideration. Apparently, some nosy humans were watching the music festival and decided to copy the moves. One of them was called Morris, and the tag stuck.


Marie Falconbridge chirped in with, I would like to know how they breathe fire? What do they drink to make that happen and where can I get some?


Marie, you already have the ability to breathe out alcohol, the fact that it’s expelled via the lungs is the basis of the breathalyser test. What you lack is the ability to self combust the fumes. Dragons actually have a modified metabolism which causes alcohol to be an end point of glycolysis, under ideal aerobic conditions. This avoids the synthesis of lactic acid, as a dragon, with cramp, just doesn’t bear thinking about. Dragons spend most of their lives nicely tanked to mellowness, but, being responsible mellowers, they know when they’ve had enough and burn off the excess alcohol, politely. Basically, it’s a belch, and a genteel dragon will always say ‘Excuse me’ afterwards. It’s not their fault we are flammable and stand too close. There are various methods whereby humans can simulate the effect of igniting bodily gases, but, well, I’m just not going there... I might if enough people write in with a request.


Jerry, another of our Readers, his PIN is 0764 is pondering the point of do dragons watch Game of thrones and how do they feel they are represented in the media?


Shiny dragons tend not to watch TV, as it’s surrounded by baby unicorns who will claim to be viewing while tail sliding and belly bouncing. It’s more of a polishing device rather than for entertainment. According to the dragon, A Game Of Thrones is why the pointy bit on top of a baby unicorn’s head is an exact fit for the off switch on the TV remote. As for their media representation they’re quite happy with any exposure they receive. No one believes anything the papers publish, so the status is firmly quo’d.


To be continued.

A haiku is not needed

So there isn’t one.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 10th March 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Dragony Musings


It’s never funny when someone dies, nor when a person diets. It’s a safe bet that many people are concerned in regards to the availability of tea in the hereafter. There is, if you want it. By the way tea, or coffee, is a necessity, not an attachment. You don’t go to Hell if you’re dying for a cuppa. Living isn’t amusing either, especially when a loved one has just died, which, unfortunately, they often do. The older we get the more that seems to happen to us. My conundrum is that there should be a balance to everything; but when it’s tested on the see-sawing, swinging roundabout of our life, and death, reaching an applicable conclusion is difficult. Luckily, not being dead, I don’t have to decide what happens when I am, just yet, and can happily speculate just like everyone else.


Mediumship, as in talking to dead people, although I have chatted with several ferrets and an alligator, etc. should qualify me to state, categorically, the exact conditions of our continued existence. For a while, when I was performing ‘live’ on the platform I used to do just that. Right up to the point I was dragoned. I’m not saying that everyone connected to a spiritualist church is wrong in their views, I just realised I might not be as right as the dogma dictated. Knowing, as a fact, everyone, including ferrets and alligators, go to the same place was a bit of an epiphany. There were several others. 


So, how does this all add up, what is the bottom line? Life is eternal, that is all you need to know. All Buddha did, while he sat under his tree, was ponder on the implications of this simple truth. You can reincarnate as many times as you feel you should, or not at all. It’s still an eternal life. We all go home, as we are, right now, and that’s for eternity. We all have the capacity to change our self, at any time throughout our eternity. Yes, I know various belief systems introduce rules, regulations, and coercions to comply. What no one can deny is that all religions have to end where the afterlife starts because it’s where truth begins. That might sound a bit heavy, don’t worry about it, your eternal life carries on regardless.


The weird thing is there do seem to be pockets in shrouds after all. Obviously, all our material possessions stay here, on earth. We take the thoughts and good wishes of those left behind with us. It might be a bit of a bonus to know negative feelings don’t get across the truth barrier, but, if you live surrounded by negativity then you’ll be in a bit of a vacuum over there. Imagine it’s an eternal Glastonbury. If people are hearing your name constantly mentioned then they will want to meet you and get to know you better. Who knows, you might even get asked to take the stage. If you want to bring religion into it, then imagine it’s a constant tea party at the vicarage, \ mosque,\ temple, whatever. I won’t be invited to those sort of parties, although, I’m sure, I would find like minded people to chat with if I attended. Heaven doesn’t have to be complicated to work, and the more simple your speculations are, the closer to reality you might be in your ideas. I would say that though, wouldn’t I?


Relax, don’t worry.

Simplicity is the key.

Opening the door.




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Published: 3rd March 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Valentine Dragon Eventually Found Their Umbrella


One of my favourite songs, of all time, is The Rose. The last two lines get recalled a couple of times a day. ‘Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows. Lies the seed, that with the sun's love, in the spring, becomes the rose.’ My bad for thinking about it just before starting the blog, because along comes a dragon with an agenda... They have a problem with the word seed, it should be bud. Modern day roses, so appreciated by people, don’t grow from seeds. Part of a chosen varieties’ stem is grafted onto pre-grown roots. The best anyone could hope for, if they planted a rose hip, would be a spindly, shapeless, thorny mass of greenery that might have a few small briar type flowers. How romantic is that? Although completely honest, and factual.


Not that said dragon with their agenda, is being overly cynical. Love has nothing to do with romance. I guarantee everyone reading this disagrees on that. Like me, until a few moments ago, you will be thinking seed, rather than bud. If you love a rose, you nurture it until the bud blooms, then, romantically, stuff it in a vase so it can be appreciated by you, and you alone. I’m not saying the rose objects, many roses, Daphnes and Daisies would be enthralled with such treatment, while it lasts. The problem is roses tend to eventually wither, fade, and die, in the romantic process. Real romance is not planting the rose seed, but when someone becomes the rain and warmth which allows the bud to thrive. Romance would never prune or train a rose’s growth either.


Being loving to each other is, perhaps, how we should treat everyone around us, but if we tried to be romantic to all, there would be a lot of slapped faces, several arrests, and a soaring divorce rate. Of course I accept romance is a big part of any relationship, but I’m beginning to realise it should come after the relationship is established, and thriving. Some people would appreciate a midnight serenade, with a mandolin accompaniment; many others have children to get off to school, and lunches to pack. Romance, like sex, should be consensual, with accepted boundaries, true feelings, and a little spontaneity could be good too.


People would have to get to know each other intimately first. This makes the whole concept difficult. It takes time to trust someone enough to open up revealing all your foibles, especially when you haven’t a clue about the other person until they do the same. There is a huge risk of rejection involved so it’s a lot easier to make it up on the hoof. It goes both ways too. He didn’t get you flowers because he wasn’t sure if you are a rose or carnation type, and it’s a bit naff giving Ferrero Rocher to a diabetic. We all expect pressies at Christmas, and we all demand gifts from our partners. Regular readers might notice what I did there. Romance evolves with the relationship, it can be the glue holding things together, or the solvent, slowly dissolving it. The wrong type of romance being just as bad as none, or too much. In the end it’s all about communication, thinking about the words you use. A single one of those can make a big difference to the meaning of what is, actually, heard.


Roses can be red.

People, though, are not like books.

Unless you’re psychic.




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Published: 25th February 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Very Dutch Dragon


If anybody giggles at the next sentence would they kindly let me know how it could be rephrased. There’s an old story, from Holland, concerning a young boy who stuck his finger in a dyke and saved the town from flooding. He did his bit standing there, in the freezing wind and rain, until help arrived. Did he solve the problem? Actually, no, it was prolonged by his actions, being, eventually, rectified by the dyke builders. Although they could walk there rather than using a boat. The moral of the story according to the dragon being, quick fixes never work they just seem to. However the seeming to might be all that is required. Obviously this is a very double Dutch dragon. Who, I hope, will explain.


Basically the approach to solving a problem should be defined by what the problem is, when there really is one. If our young hero had a basic understanding of fluid dynamics, soil structure, in regard to load bearing etc. he could have assessed the situation, and summoned the appropriate help. Instead he stayed out all night, caused his mother to panic and start a search, while not achieving anything in regard to water flow retardation. (Make that a very, very, double Dutch dragon.)

Admittedly, he set a course of events in action that led to a positive result, but other scenarios were possible, while his delaying tactics could have led to a disaster. The issue is he decided to be a hero instead of a sensible coward which would have been far more effective.


Personal responsibility is a biggie with both Buddhists and dragons, however the important thing to remember is we can only accept responsibility for our personal actions. Being nice people, who always try to be even nicer it’s really easy for us all to be convinced we are the problem, or worse, we are the answer if we only... I will now channel my inner Tina Turner, ‘We don’t need another hero.’ There seems, however, to be a significant dearth of sensible cowards with the bravery to say, ‘Hang on a minute,’ to someone. Tolerating bad behaviour is being a hero, sensible cowards fight back, but very peacefully. (O.K. a very, very, very, double Dutch dragon.)


As you should all be able to see, it’s a lot easier to be a hero than a sensible coward. A hero will always hold the fort until help arrives. A hero knows the cavalry is on its way and fights on until they collapse. A hero thinks they only hit me because they love me, and it was all my fault for winding them up. Sensible cowards survive, usually by avoiding trauma, conflict and manipulative behaviour. That said, most sensible cowards are born as heroes, then slowly get re-educated by experience.


The simile of the leaking dam is pretty apt to how we see ourselves in regards to others. Holding on so they don’t suffer. Which is how it sometimes has to be, but, it’s a quick fix, not a permanent solution. That requires the cooperation of everyone else involved. I agree with the dragon, life is all about being inwardly happy. If standing outside, in the symbolic downpour, with your finger stuck in cold mud makes you content, feel free to carry on. You might want to reconsider though, in which case I’ll get the kettle boiling so you can think about the options while you warm up.


When the levee breaks.

Is a Led Zeppelin song.

Which I relate to.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 18th February 2002




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'Let's Be Having You' Dragon


This morning was spent waiting for Godot, but the gas fitter arrived first, which meant I could write a blog instead of postponing it for another day. Apparently he’s called Phil, unless his I.D. tag tells lies. So, in a way, this is Phil’s fault. I can’t blame the dragon in my head space can I? Let’s keep it real people!


Here’s the boring bit. If you didn’t know, an acronym is an abbreviation formed by the initial letters of other words, well you do now. This bit isn’t boring, I find it really fascinating, so fascinating I thought it worthy of a blog. Bios, the Greek origin of the bio prefix in biology, biological, etc. means, ‘one's life, course, or way of living a lifetime.’ B.I.O. screams to be turned into an acronym. Alright it screeched quietly, but I heard it... Bring It On. Of course others are available, Blame It On, for instance, or, But I Often, and Because I Ordered.


I’m a, Bring It On, type of person now. Maybe we all have to go through the rest until we realise that’s the only way to be. I can sort of see the budding Zen around the concept, but if we waited for it to bloom this would become an encyclopaedia. In fact, making a giant leap for mankind I would say the Universe is a Bring It On type too. It just makes small steps forward. I also think our Universe never brings more than we can have on our plate, whatever it is. 


Bringing It On would definitely liven up some group meditations I’ve attended. The wonderful calm peace of the room would suddenly go wall to wall Angels, or dragons. A bit like the space I’m sat in right now. I used to think that everything philosophically relevant to me, such as Buddha’s teachings, Universal love, and unconditionality, for instance, could be summed up in the one word, acceptance. I’m quite chuffed to have condensed it further into three letters. Life though, should be like that, making the most of whatever is brought on. Which applies to troubles and woes, just as much as joys. Yes, I do know from painful experience how difficult it is to keep up a chin that wants to play at being a slug’s tummy. At those times it’s impossible to remember that nothing lasts forever. Until something else is brought on it will seem like it’s permanent.


Dragons are a bunch of gits, and I’m sure the Angels sometimes use them to set me up too. I always like to bring things to a conclusion, and around, Bring It On, it’s basically impossible. The Universal Bring It On will be eternal. That, I would argue, has to be true. Me, being me, would add this makes sense of the illusion of having to learn lessons, and we cause our own pain to benefit from the experience. It goes against the concept of unconditional love. Bring It On fits the reality we all perceive, simply, and quite perfectly. Maybe it’s a case of allowing Bring It On to work its magic by accepting all that has been brought on. It works for me.


Dyslexic salad.

No matter what the dressing.

Letters is needed.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 11th February 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon With The Explanation


Regular readers, perhaps that should be those who peruse the blog as part of their weekly routine, today, we are talking digestion. Dragony digestion in fact, especially their penchant for Rolos. Of course any sane person would think I made the Rolo thing up, which I didn’t. When I first began talking to dragons, (other pan dimensional spiritual beings are available, as a particular label doesn’t apply) I found a tube of Rolo in my meditating pocket. I was also on the end of a very inquisitive dragon’s snout. I eventually got the message, and, one by one, the Rolos got eaten, all of them, except the last one. This was placed on a pile in the centre of the dragon paddock, which is when I realised I was surrounded, and vastly outnumbered.


Over the years the ‘vision’ hasn’t left me, although my concepts and beliefs, have totally changed. Each time I re-run the video I learn something new, or see a subtle nuance which validates something I’m pondering on. I know it’s all highly symbolic, everything is one, a light beam from the candle of Universal love. Other people have the same experiences with Angels, or their ginormous, but, very friendly, white wolf. What matters is the experience itself, the message, not the messenger. Writing it down might make the whole episode seem fantastic, and magical. It was, however, not long after the wonderful moment my hard work began.


Looking back it was all worth it, except I shouldn’t really say that. Nothing changed inside, only the way I looked at me from outside. It’s impossible to attach a value to nothing, which also means it is absolutely priceless. I remember when I would snort with derision at a similar statement, whoever made it. Now I seem to have this inner dragony smile of contentment whenever it occurs. It’s a strange feeling, nodding in agreement with the Universal mind, but anyone can get used to it after a few times.


I very rarely eat Rolos now. Not  through some strange idea of disrespecting the dragons, or sacrificing a part of myself in a show of penance. I see the Rolos, and don’t need to eat them. Just as the archer knows, the arrow will hit the target without letting it loose. I will have one if one is offered, but every time that happens there’s a large scaly thingy in the way. I suppose Rolos are an expression of Zen to me personally. Everywhere, and under our noses, but not recognised for what they really are, because we miss seeing it in one small part, everything else escapes us too.


The pile in the paddock keeps growing. The last Rolos are all mine, but the crafty dragons know I’ll share. Which is how it should be, as they constantly share too. When all are one, sharing is the only, possible, way. I used to think there would be a Rolo party when I go home. It’s just another symbol of the eternal cycles of creation and destruction. The dragons obliterate the Rolos, and I make a nuisance of myself. All is, has been, and will be, well.


Universal love.

Like the Duracell bunny.

Just keeps on giving.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 4th February 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Pharmaceutical Dragon


Well, that’s weird, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. The blog started with a protest from me, ‘That’s a bit heavy!’ With the dragony editor’s response being, ‘I’ll show you what’s heavy.’ Followed by a playful sitting on. Apparently, I’m losing weight which makes squishing a bit uncomfortable because of the bones. Seeing how the blog turned out it made sense to enable my inner burger, or overripe strawberry. While, like the best of grapes, I gave out a little whine under pressure. We will now go forwards, not backwards.


There’s a lot meat is capable of, (vegetarians can substitute butternut squash as they read along). It can be roasted, fried, put in a pie, stewed, etc. The one thing you can’t do with meat, is educate it, while it can be cured. Humans can be both educated and cured. The problem there is our education can, sometimes, make us believe we are sick. I’m not talking about sneezing, then spending the rest of the day Googling for symptoms. This is focussed on those who have done the work required in sorting their selves out. Buddhism isn’t the only way of doing that. After resolving the traumas of childhood or failed relationships, illusory inadequacies, even undergoing cosmetic surgery can all result in our feeling better about ourselves. You will, however, inevitably, remember those times when you didn’t. They are just memories, not a signal from the Universe that more needs to be undertaken. Happy doesn’t require a fridge, or single use plastic packaging, it is eternal and self sustaining.


I’ve been through this particular mincer myself. Talking to someone who points out that I have unresolved issues, or festering trauma, based on what was being discussed. It’s happened many times. I have memories, otherwise it would be a very one sided conversation. I admit it was always painful, beating myself up for no reason, however understanding it was pointless led to complete acceptance of myself. Buddha speaks of being our own physician, basically because no one else can sort our self out apart from us. This also begs the question, ‘When does therapy become mind control?’ Maybe I saw that line in the sand and decided not to cross it.


Each time I remember something less than pleasant, which includes things I’ve done to others, it takes a while to get back onto the Mahayana bus. Obviously, other great vehicles are available including boats if that’s what floats yours. Perfection is an ongoing process, which involves thoughts, and that’s all a memory is. Unlike meat, or cabbages, we are sentient beings. Before anyone writes in you can cure cabbage, where do you think Kim Chi comes from? If any bright spark just muttered Korea, I know where you live.


Maybe the words of the Dalai lama are the basis of what I’m trying to say. ‘If you can’t help someone, at least don’t hurt them.’ We are all responsible for our own education, but, it’s so easy to get bamboozled by usually well meaning people who we assume know what’s best for us. I do try to follow the concept in my readings, some get it, some don’t, quite a lot of callers are, actually, fine, just needing a quick heads up around something. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only person who feels this way, because I still have those moments when I think I am.


A healing haiku.

Would make everybody smile.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 28th January 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'Doesn't He Go On?' Dragons


I’m heading towards an obvious conclusion. Life is only weird until everything makes sense. If I used the word everythoneing, or perhaps, onneveerythig that might help. People, quite rightly, object to being labelled as objects but they’re part of the everything I’m talking about. For the past few weeks I’ve had trouble sleeping. Which isn’t the reason for the gobbledegook. It is now pointless if I try going to bed before 1 a.m. ish. Which explains why my friend in Spain has changed her working hours, so we can only talk later in the evening. They’re an hour in front time wise, so that later quickly mounts up. It’s no longer a problem. It’s so much of no longer a problem that I can see why my rota hours for work have been extended up to 11pm. So, over the space of a fortnight, my what the (blank) is going on? Has become ‘Well, that makes sense.’


I am amazed by the perfection of the solution. I’m even more amazed that I don’t have to do anything to make it happen, apart from the little cog, in the big machine thing, that was easy. OK, I admit, like most people I took a little persuading that it wasn’t a crazy idea, and what’s the point? Yada yada, yada. Now I’m almost smug about it. The almost is important, because, as I’ve already said, I didn’t really do anything.


I could start banging on about the highest good of all (of which this is a brilliant example). Expound on the miraculous chain of events as being undeniable proof of a Universal consciousness (I got that a long time ago). Scream about manifesting and Universal ordering (which would be pushing the point, as, at the time, I don’t have a clue what was wanted, or needed). If it’s OK with you, I’ll just go with the flow. Which, apparently, is all of the above, with sprinkles, and I can now see has a sense of humour.


We all assume that when a problem arises we have to find the answer. It’s one of the principles of taking responsibility. Which is fine, except it wouldn’t have worked in this case. It might have led to ongoing negotiations, angst on several sides, and a bodged up compromise no one was really happy with. It’s come as a slight shock to realise it’s possible to take responsibility before knowing what the responsibility really is, or, have a clue about the outcome. According to the dragons it’s simply a case of being in the now, and, since that’s where we all should always be, why am I mentioning it in the first place?


The punch in the base chakra is the icing on the cake for me. I can say what happened, why, who, and when, but I can’t say how I did it, besides, I had help from others not doing anything to help, which helped immensely. It couldn’t have been learned, or taught, appeared without being looked for, and is perfection. That sounds a lot like Zen to me.


The circle of life.

May seem pear shaped, sometimes.

Because it’s a square.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 21st January 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!






Regrets, according to dragons, don’t actually exist. They are simply an illusion created by our own thoughts. My response was ‘A bit like you lot then?’ Dragons, however, don’t quite understand sarcasm, yet. I am working on this, the closest I’ve managed so far being jokes that aren’t really funny. So, I am always asked ‘Why tell them?’ Which brings me neatly back to the topic of regrets, which I never experience when I’m having a dig at the dragons. I might, if they ever get their scaly heads around sarcasm as they have very long memories.


I can see where they’re coming from. A regret is pointless unless it’s used as a reminder to correct a past action. If it can be sorted, sort it, if it can’t, the only option is to move on. Of course, a sensible dragon would have thought through the action before it was taken, avoiding any chance of regret afterwards. Regular readers might have begun to notice that dragons keep it very simple. Their wisdom might emanate from a powerful spiritual centre, but it always seems to fit into the space between someone’s ears. I can only speak from personal experience though.


Losing the ability to regret is impossible, our brains aren’t wired up to separate thoughts from feelings. We always remember both at the same time. Except that isn’t quite what happens. We recall an event was painful and could, or should, have been handled differently, however the actual hurt can’t be felt again. There is a gap in our thinking, which seems to be plugged with a regret, because, as we all know, they hurt. Regrets are, according to that logic, just another way of beating our self up. Avoiding regret is simple too, think before acting. Simple, but with simply astounding implications for how we live our life.


Which got me thinking, I know, I’m dangerous when I think. Dragons have a weird thought process compared to our own. They have lost, or never had, the power of imagination. That sounds a bit sad, but they don’t need one. Everything imaginable, unimaginable, and just shouldn’t be imagined at all, ever, but guess what somebody did, is within their access. The lack of the skill doesn’t stop them appreciating art of any form. They love stories, paintings are seen as an expression of the skill required. Perhaps they do have an imagination after all, using it only when required, or simply for fun.


Maybe we should try that approach with our own thoughts. If only it were that easy! People around us seem to have an inbuilt inability to accept any changes. In other words they imagine the worst, and do everything possible to stop it happening. Of course no one reading this would ever imagine doing that. Except I read as I write, and, as a wannabe dragon I have to be totally honest, or I will regret it. Let’s say I did, once or twice, hypothetically, for artistic and imaginative reasons, as a really neat way to conclude.

(A note from Alan’s dragony editor. That folks, is an admission if I ever saw one.)


A winter gale.

Wafted the haiku away.

Sorry about that.



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Published: 14th January 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Dreaming With Dragons


It’s 2020 already! How did that happen, and shouldn’t there have been some sort of advance warning? We are in a new decade, which, to a dragon, is a decent scratch. A tummy rub should be forever, or until the demise of the rubber, (whichever happens first). Tummy rubbed dragons often dream, usually about tummy rubs. We lead slightly more complicated lives, so our dreams are often more intricate and involved. We also tend to let real life, and others, intrude into our dreams, often with soul shattering effects.


Buddha spoke of awakening from the dream of life, then becoming aware of the Universal reality. He still dreamed of everyone else on the planet understanding what he had found, but, in a way, he achieved his dream. His awakening began with a choice to make his dream a reality, except now, it was less of a dream and more of a lifestyle choice. So he did the Buddhist thing, and sat under a tree, thinking, for a few months. Slowly the choice evolved into a project, this, obviously, needed a plan. Now things were going well, it was obvious that the first step was to go back to where it all began to go pear shaped. He journeyed back to the place he had left the disciples who had abandoned him because of his radical views on how to achieve salvation. When he spoke, for some strange reason, none of the ancient texts explain, they listened. As they heard the Buddha their own dreams changed, as did their lifestyle choice.


No one reading this has to sit, in the mud, under a tree, for all to be well. It is a simple option of deciding things are wrong, understanding when and how they went wrong, then letting it fix itself by not repeating the same actions. You could say dreams are a form of temporary insanity, but, as Einstein pointed out, ‘Madness is repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result.’


Simples isn’t it? Well, yes, it is, theoretically. The problems are the people we are, for whatever reason, involved with. Buddha’s answer to that one was to live a hermit’s life, which, let’s face it is a bit extreme. Quite a lot of us are too afraid to say what we feel when others impinge on our life in a way we don’t like. I, personally, can’t think of anything more extreme than accepting the unacceptable. That really is crazy. Unfortunately, too many people, through no fault of their own, find their self in that position. I know, I talk to them. Their awakening often begins with their realising they aren’t to blame, although they’ve been convinced otherwise. Many choose to slumber on, which is a shame.


So here’s the deal. Scrap any New Year’s resolutions you’ve already made and make a single one to carry you through the decade. ‘I will achieve my dream.’ That’s your dream, not mine. I had my dream, lifestyle choice, project planning and organising, a long time ago. Now I am just waiting for the opportunity. Within this decade would be nice. While I find embracing Buddha’s philosophy a doddle, although it took a lot of groundwork, the patience thing he had is a bit of a bind for me.


To dream in Haiku.

Would be very difficult.

Instead, use English.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 7th January 2020




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Carol, The Christmas Dragon


It seems weird doing the last blog before Christmas on the 10th of December, perhaps a bit hypocritical too. I’m always the first to write in ASDA’s complaints book about hot cross buns being stacked next to the Yule logs, which has already happened! It’s just how things have worked out with writing a week before it appears on TheCircle site. (I’m giving them a plug as a pressie). OK I know I could have done one for Christmas Eve, but gimme a break, that’s only two days after the winter solstice. Which falls on the 22nd this year. So now you know.


A few readings ago I picked up someone had placed a dragon on top of their tree. It was, admittedly, a cuddly toy, but I admired their thinking. Dragons, being helpful creatures, willingly sit on top of anything that’s got Rolos within five feet of it. This could come in handy if you have over boisterous pets who insist on playing lumberjacks every time you leave the room. There is a downside... Dragons are natural goodwill generators. They have a unique ability to stop arguments. Just because someone believes they are imaginary twaddle doesn’t stop the icy glare reaching straight through their head from back to front. This often causes a sneezing fit, but it also shuts them up.


Regular readers know I steer clear of mentioning politics, which is why it seems reasonable to make this last blog of 2019 all about politics, well sort of. Many turkey dinners have had conversations focussed on the previous referendum. Perhaps even more this year will be around the results of the recent election. Why not ban political discussions until the 27th ? Stick a post-it note under the mistletoe, if necessary. Shoo people out of the door if they refuse to listen. It’s your house, so your rules apply. As long as you make it plain to everyone, before they show up, they have no grounds to complain.


I know, I can hear the mutterings of ‘If only it were that simple,’ grumbling like distant thunder. According to Buddha it is that simple though. Which gives everyone a neat escape tunnel because Christmas is a Christian festival, the clue is in the name. Forgiveness is best practiced quietly, and, if you disagree with someone, understanding their point of view can be done just as silently. Understanding is the first step to forgiveness after all. Obviously, a Christmas without politics is the Christian thing to do, so, if everyone wants a proper family gathering, politics is off the table. In the words of Jean Luc Picard... ‘Make it so.’


I am enough of a realist to know it’s actually impossible to have a totally, politically free, Christmas dinner. A Christmas dinner \ lunch \ whatever, isn’t the same without crackers. Christmas crackers all contain jokes, which are all old, irrelevant, and usually not funny unless you’re an eight or eighty year old. You, of course, would never think that applied to whoever you recently voted for, but the person asking you to pass the parsnips might.

Whatever you do, and whether you celebrate the day or not, have a great time. Remember what the Dalai Lama said. ‘If you can’t help someone, at least don’t hurt them.’


The Christmas Haiku.

Don’t forget Santa’s cookies.

To keep his strength up.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 18th December 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragony Angel


Strangely, the idea for this blog came in a reading over chat yesterday evening. Thanks Harpal, the cheque is in the post. I wandered off and looked at something else, when the little voice in my head, said ‘You’re just a candle in the wind.’ Which is fine, listening to disembodied beings is what I do for a living. Try not to think about that too much. Anyway, seeing as we are now in Advent it makes sense to talk about candles, which, as far as the dragons are concerned, is as Christmassy as it will get. Today’s blog is a rare dragon \ Angel collaboration. I will type quickly, before they get to arguing.


Actually, I’m more of a candle in other people’s hurricanes. No matter how hard it blows I stay alight for them. Everyone else, which probably includes you, dearest reader, think the prevailing winds are just about to snuff out what little light they have left to give. Which is actually impossible, and, if something is impossible why worry about it? A candle out of the wind is still in the shop, lifeless and inert. Without air, you would burn your fingers to a crisp attempting to light any candle. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!! A candle is just an expression of the Universal light which surrounds us all, there is, has been, and will be, only one light. Whatever you’re going through, you will get through. It’s a natural course of events that your light will also attract the help you need. Just be aware that moths might be a nuisance. The trick there is to shine a little brighter and singe their wings.


There will be a short pause while I break up a teeny tiny squabble. The dragon wasn’t implying Angels are moths, it was referring to people who intrude improperly, while offering false hope and inadequate help.


Where was I? Oh yes, Buddha. Some have taken his teachings as a reason to isolate their light away behind a wind shield, commonly known as a lamp. Which is fine, if they want to be a lamp. I think they’ve missed an important point. We are all one. While it is perfectly possible to follow a lamp, and its light can guide the way out of the darkness, what happens if you are in a boat and the lamp is sat happily on the reef? It may all seem fine, to a lamp, sheltering behind their cosy windows. Risking the wind is what candles do best, and, I think, is what Buddha actually meant with his way of encouraging us all to be in the world, mindful, and present.


How the, ummmm, heck, did we get on to fairy lights? They spend most of the year tangled, and ignored, in a box. To be hauled out and shouted at for being tangled by the very person who tangled them in the first place. After this they are grumbled at for hours until they seem just right. Then they, willingly, give their light out knowing full well after a few weeks it’s back in the tangly box for them. What a life. Except fairy lights are not fairy lamps, and understand all really are just one. It’s why and where consideration of others begins. They are called the winds of change for a good reason. You might want to think about that for a while, just don’t let the sprouts boil dry if you do.


Candles in the wind.

Dancing, as bright butterflies.

Christmassy magic.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 10th December 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Helpful Dragon


Sinking in quicksand tends to focus the mind, and, quite often, leads to a radical change in priorities. For instance, few people would object to being dragged out of a bog with a plastic rope. The same thing applies when you need a tourniquet, you wouldn’t question if the bandage came from an ethical, sustainable source. In both cases I agree, the rope and bandage should not have injured the environment while saving a life. No single person is more important than the planet. Sometimes it seems they might be, I suppose it depends on the circumstances.


We should all do our bit. Unless that bit involves drowning or bleeding to death. If you are brave enough to disagree with that I applaud your principled stand, but I reserve the right to question your sanity, and perhaps, honesty. Maintaining the moral high ground is a lot easier when it’s miles away from the swamp. Swamp, of course, is just another way of saying real life. People don’t need to be in a precarious situation where they are obviously in danger to need our help. Everyone carries their own personal quicksand patch around with them, ready to jump into it at any moment. As the only one around who could reach out to them, how are you going to approach the situation?


Most of us would probably let our own experiences dictate our actions, which is a lot like discussing which type of rope would they prefer to be pulled out with. It’s easy to forget our quicksand isn’t theirs. This also usually has the effect of just moving them from one mud hole into another. The other thing to bear in mind is tourniquets shouldn’t be tightened around a person’s neck. When taken to the extremes this helping thing gets a lot more complicated than it appeared at first. Buddha used the example of rushing in to help someone drowning, then remembering you can’t actually swim yourself. Wanting to help others is, and should be, a normal human reaction. Which is where the problem lies, rather than a reaction it should be a considered action.


I have given this conundrum a lot of thought over the years, I’m in a helping job after all. My conclusion is I can only do what I can do on a human level, which is often enough. There is always a plan B, when the guidance does something absolutely weird to get the message across. I don’t see those events as a failure on my part, or anything to boast about. I knew where the rope was and handed it over to be thrown. On a percentage basis I suppose it would be a 50 – 50 split which way a reading might go. There is a downside, which, in its own way proves the rule. Occasionally, I have nothing to say which is exactly what I do by ending the reading in as positive a way as possible. I don’t question why that’s the case. I also don’t assume the person needs to sort their self out, that’s up to them, not me. Again it depends on the circumstances, some relationships are like quicksand, and, pointing out that I can’t feel any emotional connection from the other person might be the right rope to throw.


We always panic.

When there’s an emergency.

Unless we’re a nurse.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 3rd December 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Corporate, Commercially Minded Dragon


I’ve done the calculations and there’s just four blogging days left before Christmas. Please note that reads blogging days, not shopping days. There’s no need to panic. Going from previous practice this should be the Easter blog, it won’t be. Anyone who thinks I’m going to let Edgar loose, anywhere near chocolate eggs, is sadly mistaken.


I don’t know if you’ve seen the advert yet, and my non U.K. readers can find it on the web, but it’s absolutely brilliant. It is also timeless. A dragon really is forever. We are all Edgars, or, at least, have been at some time in the past. We’ve all done something unintentionally we regret. It just happened. When Edgar gets excited he erupts, things either melt, or get incinerated. Of course Edgar is then the subject of the villager’s collective miffdom which makes him retreat into his little place of safety.


The thing is Edgar is a dragon, causing mayhem is his dragony nature. Humans aren’t supposed to do this, however we always do. Not from genuine, innocent, excitement but by acting or reacting without thinking. This excitement though, is a problem. It’s natural and desirable to express joy. In fact it’s one of the subjects Buddha doesn’t seem to address in any of his teachings. I get the constant peace of mind way of thinking is a great help and benefit but, guaranteed, every so often something good is going to happen and the Zen mind falls under a bus. Weirdly, it also happens during readings or meditation. There is an energetic shift and I can’t stop giggling, or crying, but the tears are of pure joy. Whenever Buddha hasn’t given me the answer I’ve turned to the dragons. In this case Edgar came up with it. ‘If you’re happy, and you know it, clap your hands.’


There are not many places where an adult would feel comfortable spontaneously clapping. Which is the whole point. The joy remains, but further actions taken are now under conscious control. You might not be applauding yourself but you’re not going to do anything daft either. It’s a shame but no one else will be cheering what you haven’t done. Whether they should, or not, is a philosophical question so far above my pay grade it has its own resident Yeti.


 The most difficult thing we have to do in life is get over the mistakes we’ve made in the past. No matter what the intention was at the time, the actions can’t be undone. Of course there are ways to lessen the impact, like apologising. Sometimes that means saying sorry for being happy though. If the whole idea behind the Universe is to be joyful then the paradox becomes painfully obvious. Which is probably why Buddha avoided the issue. Perhaps his core message of ‘Be yourself’ carries deeper meanings. If, and when, we understand why we took a particular course of action it becomes easier to forgive our self and just move forward.


Edgar the dragon.

Was slightly accident prone.

All’s well, that ends well.


P.S. Other Supermarket’s Christmas adverts are available.



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Published: 26th November 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Sharing from, and with, Dragons


There will be a slight departure from the usual direction of the blog. We aren’t going that way, but this way instead. While this is being written in Wales, the home of archery, there won’t be any arrows. Dai Hood was an outlaw, Robin, was his alias, and Sherwood forest was a lot closer to Maid Marian, than Machynlleth. Which is a real place, I didn’t sneeze.


 I found the picture on my Facebook news feed this morning, and, immediately knew it was going to be a feature. O.K. I thought, ‘Ooooh my dragony blog editor sent me a selfie.’ Just for the record it was shared, it isn’t nicked, only being offered a little more widely now. I will be using it as the advert for next week’s blog, which many of you, until now, don’t get to see. This of course, neatly opens up the sharing can of worms dragons are so fond of banging on about. Where did it begin and does it have an end?


I don’t know, and Albert Einstein wasn’t sure if the Universe is infinite or not. I am pretty sure that whenever and however it came into being sharing happened and continues to this day. Everything we are, the planets and stars, were, originally, something else in the cosmic charity shop. When you look at it like that, and dragons do, sharing, in whatever form you choose, paying forward, forgiving, (think about it), gifting, allowing, tolerating, become a no brainer. It’s a lot easier for dragons though, they only have the same word for each concept. ( Alan’s dragony editor... We now understand the idea of tolerance as being a separate notion, which is why he hasn’t been squished.)


The more I think about it, I wonder if the dragons ever use the word sharing between them? If it needs a word it requires a thought, which perhaps shouldn’t be the process. If you know you can help, you should. Buddha summed this up a lot more neatly than dragons ever could. In his teachings it’s compared to rescuing a drowning person. If you can’t swim, keep out of the water, otherwise the result could be two very soggy corpses. You can only help someone if you have the appropriate resources to do so.


Dragons, and the Buddhas, stress personal responsibility above all things. I agree with that, obviously, but I go a step further. Sharing with another entails taking from someone, or something else. While that’s usually myself it needn’t be. Which is the origin of the problem. I think, therefore, I am going to think about... before I...


It’s difficult to the point of impossible to be right every time. Getting in our own way is intrinsic to the sharing process. We all believe we are the monkey with the last banana in creation in our possession. Which is when you can ask yourself whether or not you are hungry? One thing is for sure, you can’t take that banana with you when you go. It will either become compost, or an interesting aroma around the crematorium. One way, or another, it will be shared along.


I share my haikus.

Make of them what you choose to.

Add straw for manure.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 20th November 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Dragony Djinn and a Brain Tonic


For the past few days the four noble truths of the Buddhas have been on my mind. Yes, there’s been more than one, but they are all of a like mind. In fact, if you can get your head around that the other four truths, instantly, become irrelevant. The problem is you are going to have to explain your reasons to yourself. My saying it to you is cheating. Basically the four truths are a prescription in regards to the cure for suffering. Buddha does the doctor thing! Unfortunately, like most medics, his handwriting is terrible. The only option left being to follow the course of treatment, unquestioningly, although meditation on a full stomach isn’t recommended. Zen practice is more of a physician heal yourself, as in you sort you out because no one else can.


Dragony thinking is to take each thought to its logical, utter, finality. Dragons think a lot. My best explanation for humans who wish to simulate this is to try finding the way around the Universal laws. There aren’t any, but the avenues which open up, although not short cuts to Nirvana, lead to a greater understanding of the Buddhist nature of reality. The way to tame the monkey mind is to let it carry on being a monkey. It will find the right banana eventually. Whether or not it is then satisfied is why the Buddhas came up with the four noble truths in the first place. For the record I am a happy monkey. Weirdly, trying to convince myself I am not, by going against all I hold to be true, just makes me more happy in the Buddhist sense.


Apart from the biggies.


These are two of them:- the first being a desire to be free of desire is still a desire which, as we all know, is the cause of suffering. There is no such thing as a good desire, but, as I’ve already mentioned, Buddha has a legibility problem and didn’t use English as his preferred language. We can all have a wish list, which is why there are fairies out there. Fairies will never grant grasping hopes, and needs aren’t desires. Zen thinking doesn’t have fairies, but the Kami are everywhere. Dragons don’t DO wishes, AT All, especially the one I, sometimes, have of them being squished into a bottle.


The other one is there should be no difference in how we live on Earth, to our behaviour in our continued existence, wherever that is. Heaven here and now is how it should be, and could be. My problem is the first breath I take in the after-life... Yes folks, I’m still pondering on it. The conclusion, so far, is that I should use the whales’ entrance. That’s a dragony conclusion, in case you were wondering. It makes sense too. Once I’ve struggled up from the depths of the sea of souls to the surface, I won’t be thinking about how do I breathe and just be grateful that I can. Which is, precisely, when the Alan brain kicked in. Bottles sink, so there is bound to be one at the bottom of the sea by the whales’ entrance. I can just sit there, and wait, turning purple, until the dragons cooperate. There must be a Universal law about a first time for everything.


The tide turning Moon.

Pours silver snow on the earth.

The Sun chooses gold.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 12th November 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Dragons in Orbit


‘Be careful about going overboard with your sarcasm. Some people take your comments seriously. Not everyone understands your humour. This could make communication unclear at times.’ Thus spoke the astrologer in my horoscope for today. So, just for today, I will make sure I explain all of the funny stuff in words so simple, even a dragon could understand them. That would however mean drawing diagrams, with graphs and pie charts. On balance it would probably be easier to remain completely serious, this would, basically, be impossible for me.


According to Google, as an Aquarian, (in case no one had worked that one out already) my ruling planet is Saturn, but that was before the discovery of Uranus which has, apparently, usurped my ancient despot. I wish it had been the other way about, and Saturn had run rings around Uranus. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. I appreciate the Divine sense of humour, but it seems to be more of an, in your face thing, rather than double entendres. Dragons are the same.


Strangely, Uranus is known as the awakener, which is an awesome similarity to how the dragons see me as the annoying nuisance who always gets in the way of a good doze off. The only problem there is I don’t really ‘do’ astrology. It’s a bit difficult for me to get my head around the planetary influences, other than the gravitational one, and Uranus is a bit too distant to have that affect. In my humble opinion of course. I’m neutral about it all, I suppose I have to be given the number of dedicated, mystically wonderful astrologers on TheCircle lines.


Just don’t get me started on the lunar and solar influences, as we could be here forever, well at least for the five billion years it’s going to take the sun to become a red giant. I don’t view them from a mystical aspect though, more of an evolutionary one. Of course that means being happy we are all, originally, primeval pond scum and have retained the effects of the tides within our bodies. Lunar energies become a no brainer from that viewpoint. A natural that’s the way it is, because that’s how it was. I accept, completely, not everyone shares the concept of evolution.


In my wanderings and the ups and downs of my learning curves, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of the application of scientific principles to spirituality and esoteric practices. Einstein wasn’t an atheist, he just didn’t believe in religion. Buddhism, in its experimental approach, is totally scientific as a philosophy, however because the data collected is of a personal, anecdotal type, the Nobel prize always goes to something more recordable and repeatable. The way I look at it is the main influence we should allow the planets to manifest in us is to, peacefully, go on our way through the space-time continuum. Interacting with those who resonate and leaving those who don’t, quietly alone. One benefit to my way of thinking is whenever Mercury goes retrograde, I don’t feel I have to follow. October 31st to November 20th will just be another normal, almost lunar, dragony, month (ish).


With the right compost.

 I could grow a haiku tree.

Blogging made easy.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 5th November 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand They’re Off!


I have learned three important lessons this morning. This isn’t bad going, as I’ve only been awake since 7am (It’s not quite 10.30 right now). 1: Never, ever, dream of letting the dragons loose for a Halloween blog because they will wreak kindly havoc, while getting them back in the paddock will never happen. 2: Trust my dragony guidance, as the best time to write a release the dragons special Halloween blog, is, obviously, today, the morning of the dark moon. I knew that last Tuesday though. 3: Typing from inside a locked cupboard can be problematic. If the dragons ask, you haven’t seen me OK.


I actually thought I would struggle finding a direction to take the blog in, when all I will be doing is recording the facts. So, what happened? There I sat, having a coffee and starting to panic, when, at 08.09 Pat’s purse piccie arrived. The blog appeared, as my audience appreciates I often alliterate, while I had my ghostly goings on to give out.


 My reply to her email was, ‘It looks like something made to go inside a first dynasty Pharaoh’s sarcophagus, or the grim reaper has started trading at car boot sales.’ I then went on to say, ‘Perhaps you should bury it in the Vatican, just in case it’s as evil as it looks. This could work in your favour, as no one will want to take your haunted money.’ Pat, I should explain, is a long standing friend, and we have similar ideas on a lot of things. The purse came as a gift from her father and Pat was more shocked at the price, which is around £125. The tag is in Thai Baht.


There, as promised, is the Halloween special blog. Of course I didn’t have a clue how it would work out, and I didn’t think it would be as spectacular as this. People think that being a Reader I know what’s going to happen. This may come as a shock... I don’t. Well, to be exact, not for myself. I’m supposed to listen to the guidance and remain present. I should have had my suspicions raised last week when Wendy mentioned she would be on holiday so the blog could be delayed. I can honestly say that’s when I knew something was being planned.


I am still trying to work out if I have been tricked, or treated. I have definitely been dragoned! Oh poo! They’ve found me cupboard. A Halloween story has to have a ghost in it, or some form of spiritual energy. How often do dragons get in on the spectres, skeletons and spooks action? Only when they are released and barge in. I reckon it’s going to take me until Next Saturday to coax the scaly darlings back into the pen. They’re going to be around until then. Where all is one then they are around you all, just as much as the one blogging. Luckily for us all they’re in a playful mood. Maybe, just maybe, when the children come a knocking on Thursday there could be a dragony grin for everyone handing out fun size packs of Rolos. Especially for those who, like me, need a little dragon magic in their life.


Have a great Halloween and an illuminated Diwali for those who celebrate it.


Dragons, and Pumpkins.

Is an interesting mix.

Spooky Haribo.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 29th October 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Very Dromedary Dragon


I’ve decided. I prefer bloggy mornings when my misty mind hazily shadows the glimmer of a subject, over the glaring, Sahara sunrise ones. Those are when I know exactly what I’ll be banging on about, before switching the computer on. The trouble is it means turning a lump of lead into a peacock feather, gently wafting around the reader’s head, but retaining the ability to knock them flat or, at least, cause them to think. So what sort of morning is it? Oh look, a camel.

One of my most off the wall ideas, according to the observations from others, is I don’t think God, (however you envision that concept) is, actually, infinite. For example, I know for a statistically backed up fact, there is enough of everything on the planet, to give everyone on the planet, more than enough to live happily, and sustainably, on the planet. Mankind has a single problem, which can be expressed in the single word, distribution. Sharing is a spiritual scheme designed to enable this to happen. I don’t think it’s working, but, if God were truly infinite in their giving, sharing wouldn’t be required. It would be a human construct to enable someone to strut their stuff a little more piously. This may, occasionally happen, although the basic instinct of unconditional sharing still remains within us all. I believe that’s because ‘God,’ knowing their limitations, planned it that way.

Another thing to consider is Karma, which I understand as the balancing mechanism of the Universe. They would be redundant and good luck to whoever gets the job of handing the envelope to them. I have seen Karma at work, both for myself and others. It was probably the start of wandering this path of the non-infinite, totally unconditional, Universal consciousness. I do accept that my thinking is, obviously, flawed, since I am limited by my own humanity. That only applies when I am not meditating and often sit, silently, aware only of the Divine mind. This, as I have just explained, is a lot less than most people imagine, and so doesn’t give me any bragging rights. Not that I would use them.

No one would disagree that poverty causes suffering, Buddha had a light bulb moment, realising the worst form is poverty of thought. There are many causes of this, instruction while we are young, peer pressure, society’s demands for example. I’m sure Buddha, for a while, realised God was vastly overrated, which is why he chose to turn from his aesthetic quest to find them. Except they wouldn’t go completely away. One night they sat together under a tree.

The other thing about sharing is the weird attitude a lot of people have when anybody dares to share what their God told them. Throughout history that one has never ended well. Which is my own validation of the loving, but crafty, Divine being I honour. Buddha did the same and took responsibility for his teachings. I listen, but only to my inner voice. I know how deceptive that can be from some of my readings. People think they are just making it all up. Until one of the Angels blabs, and I share the words back again. I stopped worrying I was making it all up a long time ago, funnily enough, that was while I was sat under a tree.

To sit in silence.
While waves crash against the rocks.
Needs concentration.   

P.S. Next week’s blog will be a ‘Release the dragons’ Halloween Special. I’ll be hiding under a nice, safe rock to keep my excitement in control.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 22nd October 2019


A Dragon in Disguise


So I had this wonderful idea! Being completely bereft of blogging topics at the moment I typed ‘On this day,’ into Google. Did you know that October 8th 876 saw Louis, the Young, defeat Charles, the Bald, in battle at Andernach? I could cheat and see what happened on October 15th (which is when this would be read) but, for some, probably dragony reason I won’t. Although it would give me bit more blog filling waffle. It’s a case of onwards and upwards, rather than Charles’ hair which was more outwards and combwards.


I suppose I made a promise, a while ago, when I started writing these. There are very occasional moments when I regret it, every other Tuesday is occasionally! I’m over it once it’s done and emailed. I’ve benefited from the promise, simply from the discipline of writing. Promises aren’t made for others, they are made for ourselves as an ‘In our highest good,’ credit. Which is why they should be taken seriously once one is made. (I feel like I’m back at school writing lines at the moment.) I’m as guilty as anyone of chucking out, ‘I promise,’ way too often and with way too little commitment. On a deeply spiritual level a promise, given with honest intent, is actually a prediction. A statement of what the Universe wishes. In a way a promise is stating, ‘My God says this will be.’ The most powerful symbolism I can think of is the rainbow in regards to the Biblical flood.


Dragons don’t make promises, but they remain true to their words. Which, when you think about it, isn’t the same as making a promise. Being honest doesn’t have the same cachet as swearing to do something. Until, as often happens, the promise is broken. Honesty is unbreakable, if crockery was made of it everyone would be eating and drinking from priceless antiques. Washing up would be done weekly, in the garden, with the hosepipe. Children would volunteer for the task. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, what’s worse is it seems easier for us all to make promises rather than being honest. A broken promise is a lie, pure and simple. Yes that’s harsh, but it’s honestly harsh. I, like everyone else, have broken promises because I had no other choice. I don’t judge myself for it, so I am not judging you. I just had one regret too many and it helped me to not repeat the suffering.


Buddhism makes only one promise to its followers, practice pays off in the end. One of the basic teachings is on the use of correct speech. Except sneaky Buddha, who I am sure is a dragon in fancy dress, never mentioned the implications of changing thought patterns, and the effect on our personal behaviour to others. It happens every time I write the blog and I try to integrate the lesson into my life. Maybe, while you read them, you experience something similar. I can’t promise you will find spiritual enlightenment within them. I don’t think that is their purpose, it would also go against the principle of Zen. We all need our principles, they’re the promises to our self in regards to how we live. Choose them wisely, as a Zen master would say, or, do what we all do and find them by accident. Which, dragonly speaking, is what Zen is all about.


A haiku each week?

He won’t do it! They roared.

Guess who won the bet...



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 15th October 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Draconic Smiley


Apparently it’s never been easier to switch energy suppliers. I’ve just done it myself, and it was completely painless, apart from getting slightly soggy taking the meter reading. While I was sending it off via the online form, I started thinking, which, for me, is far from painless, and, quite often, downright dangerous.


I’ve changed my spiritual energy supplier quite a few times. In fact, over time, I have completely transformed how that energy is produced, then transmitted to me. Weirdly, it correlates closely with the changeover to sustainable ‘green’ energy that’s happening to electricity. Without using too much science green energy uses a low power source, like a breeze, but there’s a lot of it around. While traditional power stations use a high power source, like a lump of coal which makes a lot of mess. There’s a lot of everything around me, and, since I understand that as a complete, Universal, whole I can just tap in when needed. Uswitch dot cosmos will no longer be getting any of my clicks.


One of the major reasons for the sustainability of the new energy supplier is I use a lot less of it. I was taught to ground myself, protect myself, call in this and summon that etc. Then, one day, the quiet voice whispered, ‘Alan, we really do need to have a little chat.’ That opened my eyes to the meaning of unconditional love. While it happened many years ago, I suppose I am still considering some of the minor implications, especially around the intuitive, and psychic, side of my life. I’m beginning to like the idea of being a dice, whatever way I land that’s the face I speak from, whether it’s straightforward mediumship, looking around a relationship issue, using the emotional connection, or helping someone make sense of their own spirituality. I should just go with the throw, as well as the flow. In the end it’s all the same energy.


The astute and observant ones will have noticed the use of ‘I should.’ Putting the theory into practice is the problem we all have to bear in mind, all the time. In my ever so humble opinion, of course. I only know I am right for me, no one else. My own answers will never be their questions. I also accept my own human failings and conditioning. I am dealing with the baggage, and, hopefully, will be travelling with just a toothbrush and towel in the afterlife. Yes, of course, I know neither is necessary, but, if you’re carrying them everyone knows you’re on a journey so the conversations are much more interesting. That, obviously, is according to the dragons, who, living in an infinite, unconditional land, are surrounded by a myriad of places to explore, accompanied by literally endless chats with anyone who travels there.


A word to the wise, just take a toothbrush, no toothpaste. A dollop of it, and a quick rub with a towel, really brings out the gleam in a dragon’s scales. I can think of worse ways of whiling eternity away. I can think of a few better ones too. I really am spending too much time with the scaly thingies, I’m starting to see through their sneakies.


A smiling dragon.

Will always shine from within.

No dusters needed.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 8th October 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon From The Planning Department


I could start with saying I have the Monday morning blues, except I might be pushing the point at half past two in the afternoon. I might even break my own rules and play on your sympathy. I’ve had a touch of something or other for the past few days, so the blog got postponed... I could, actually, be honest and admit I’m just rambling until I find the digression to follow which results in the blog. I have arrived there, but, it’s not a digression, simply a plea from the dragons to ‘Get on with it, effeffess.’ Effeffess is one of their pet names for me, at least I think it is. I do hear it quite often.


Getting on with anything is never easy, although it should be. The problem is we plan everything out before we start. I, personally, have been thinking about writing this for around eight hours. What I am currently composing bears no resemblance at all to my previous wonderings. (( A note from Alan’s dragony editor... That’s because it’s decomposing, and smells.))


We do like our plans though. Plans are fine until they involve others, as, obviously, they have plans too. I might be a tad way off with this theory, but I’ve noticed plans fall apart, fairly quickly, while agendas, which look a lot like a plan, tend to last much longer. Agendas often cause pain to others, which, strangely, is the point at which plans seem to get dropped, or severely altered.


 Buddha didn’t like agendas. Especially the ones imposed by anyone else. He realised no one knows best, carefully including himself in that category too. Buddhism is probably the ultimate anarchy, as the self responsible for everything is the self reading and writing this. Buddha probably realised that the main reason behind our need to plan is the get out clause contained within them. If the plan fails it was because of someone’s action, or something unplanned for. We didn’t fail, we were sabotaged! It’s a nice, comfortable, way of thinking. I’m not criticising it either, I used to think along those lines myself. I chose not to, and I’m happy with the results. Being otherwise would lead to my self, blaming myself, and seeing as my self thinks myself is actually doing OK, while my self doesn’t have an agenda with myself everything seems as it should.


Buddha talked constantly of the self in singular terms. Another word which means almost the same is the eternal soul. A perhaps better way of looking at it is to use ego. The I who you really are. That self is free of others plans and agendas. If only it was as simple as just breaking free of past conditioning. It’s a good place to start, I freely admit. The issue is the one self, because that seems to be the conclusion Buddha reached. That one, isn’t one, without your one, it’s not a half of one, and is still very much one, with you, eternally, included. Once Buddha worked that out, and not wanting to influence other’s thoughts, he says nothing on how to realise, and understand, the simplicity of the unconditional reality. Now you know why he went quiet. If you are planning on severely slapping him in the after life there is a very long, but very orderly, queue. Half way from the end your planned blow will change into a hug.


A poorly haiku.

Wouldn’t take its medicine.

Chicken soup instead.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 1st October 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon Newbie


I could start by offering a list of excuses. It would be long, and, honestly, accurate. Or just jump straight in by stating writing the blog on the actual day of the equinox makes perfect sense to me. So that’s what I decided, with a little scaly help. The day marks the first day of autumn, which, obviously, makes yesterday the last day of summer. The problem is that the equinox is when the day and night are of equal length. Perhaps the day after it should mark the beginning of autumn, the day before being when summer fades away. The equinox would then stand on its own. Seeing as there are only two of them every year it wouldn’t cause too many problems with the almanacs.


Except the equinox, just like the solstice, falls on a variable date. Being human we do like our security blankets, which is why autumn always starts on September 23rd. I am spending too long in the company of dragons. It doesn’t work like that! There are Indian summers in October and Arctic winters in April. Who, or whatever, is in charge of the seasons uses an egg timer, not a Rolex. They also forget to turn it over every four minutes, or lose count of how many times they have.


As I have mentioned this is the first blog when something doesn’t need explaining, at length, with several, relevant, diagrams scratched into solid granite. I’m beginning to think like a dragon. Which wouldn’t be an issue if everyone else did. Of course they are all rolling around laughing at the fact the equinox signifies balance. I can live with that, almost, but way too many are humming the theme tune from ‘Happy Days.’


The phrase, ‘going with the flow,’ seems to have taken on a life of its own. Which, logically, is the only way the dragony Universe can, actually, function. Without wishing to be controversial, really I don’t, but this whole concept of pre-determined destiny doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Unless the Universe has a wonderfully warped sense of fun. I happen to think that’s the case. Every so often the autumn gales are switched to balmy sunshine. However it usually happens just as the clocks change, so it’s dusk before we can hit the beaches. Perhaps, just maybe, the Universe is gently pointing out the slight flaws in our thinking. Nothing is set in stone, apart from dragony diagrams.


There is another way of looking at this. In our own way we are, collectively, saying to the Universe ‘We know best.’ Good luck with that one. I tried it with the dragons and lasted around ten seconds. The thing to remember is the unconditional bit. Insisting the constructed calendar should reign supreme is like switching off gravity to stop your toast landing buttered side down to the floor. There would be implications, and not just here on Earth. My major, and, ongoing headache, is I understand the concept. My flow has changed, to a Flo (rence). It’s like having an eccentric auntie visiting. The good thing about it all is that the nights are drawing in, so I can quietly hide in the dark.


The Haiku follows.

And will appear shortly...

Invisible ink.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 24th September 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Very Irish Dragon


One thing you need to remember is, in Heaven there is no sadness. It doesn’t matter which one you end up in, there is only blissful joy. Some of you will find that in screaming at your voice activated alarm, others through marvelling at the immensity of the Universe in the night sky. Which is a bit weird, as in Heaven there’s no time, at all, at all. I’ve noticed that most folks adapt, eventually, staying for as long as they like in the moment they find themselves in. So here’s a moment from me.

You must have noticed how when water moves, it’s noisy. Now I should get all poetical with the description, but you’ll understand why not when I tell you what me job is. I watch over the lake of tears, filled by mankind’s woes. I share your pain, which often lingers, for years. I listen, I counsel, and try to keep your hope alive. Well, someone has to. You see, in a way, that water, once salty and bitter, is part of what we all are or were. The problem is the salt. One touch of that and the green lawns of paradise would be browner than a pint of Murphy’s. And, as you know too well, this lake keeps getting filled. This is the clever bit, when the water within feels ready to move on I open the flood gates, and it rushes out giggling and burbling, almost singing on its way. A quick, fiery roar over a few potatoes, and the salt tops off a huge, steaming bowl of colcannon. Sorted!

Now, I can’t do a thing about what you do to others, that’s down to you. I can do a bit around what you choose to do to yourself. Like the Murphy’s, I’m not bitter, even with what I do for me Rolo ration. Yes, I negotiated an inkling of a bonus around St. Patrick’s day. Anyway, here’s that moment I promised, and it’s a moment you all have every day. ‘Tis your cup of tea, or coffee, in the morning. It’s guaranteed that the first one will make you feel just a little better. Maybe for only the time it takes a twinkle to flash across your dozy eyes, but you had your moment. That’s because the drink moved. Now you could have another sip, and, at the same time you could remember what I’m telling you about the flowing river I, constantly, let loose. Just be careful with that one. I’m funny about exactly where I’m thought of. The last thing you want in your toilet is an Irish dragon.

Now, the clever ones, and that includes you of course, will have figured out I’ve just squished a possible new outlook on your life into a mug. It has to be a mug to save on the washing up, so you have that little bit of extra time for yourself. And that is the important part of the day, so don’t just have one, have as many cups of meditation pool as you want. After a while you won’t even need to sit quietly, sort of contemplating, and you’ll be doing it naturally in no time, at all, at all. Which sounds a bit like it is here. ‘Tis then that, instead of being deafened by me roar over the spuds, you might hear me giggling in time with the flow. That would be Zen though, and Zen is a bit hard to find on the mountains of Morne. Like the pot of gold at the rainbows end, it just appears when you’re not looking for it.

Zen, like a haiku.
Should happen without effort.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 17th September 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragony Uproar


Buddhism is based on four noble truths and eight principles. Everyone can remember twelve short phrases. I might be heretical, which is fine, as Buddhists don’t, usually, burn dissenters alive, but they will always receive a disapproving eye roll. This week’s blog just adds to the collection.


My knowing is all twelve can be reduced to just one word, acceptance. Acceptance of our self, and acceptance of others, there is no distinction between those two. Which is the bit that takes the most head getting around. It seems simple enough but there’s a consequence, it’s actually the bit Buddha never mentioned. One of those others is the embodiment of Universal love and truth. I can only understand them as a fellow human, one who accepts others completely and unconditionally. This led to some very strange conversations, until I began to see there was no agenda. Which was a major shock, and had further implications to consider. Obviously, your knowing is yours, and is just as relevant to you, as mine is to me.


The major consequence is once they are found you will never have a quiet moment again. As soon as you do they’ll be inside your thoughts, which isn’t as bad as it sounds, although slightly more annoying than most people think talking to, their, God would be. Until we achieve something, we can only imagine what the new reality could be like.


There are two ways of massively changing our life, one is a major win on the lottery, the other is accepting things are just as they are. Acceptance, strangely, overwhelms complacency mostly through that quiet inner voice. Gently nagging us into taking the small opportunity which becomes an International MegaCorp. Richard Branson started on a market stall. I am not saying he was singled out by the Divine Being, but I would get decent odds from Ladbrokes on betting he accepted that just staying on a stall wasn’t his final goal, but it would do for now, until other things came along. It’s the dragony way, gently snoring, while throwing out the occasional pearl of wisdom, until the Rolo delivery arrives. Please stand at the opposite end of the field until the mayhem subsides. It’s a condition of our insurers.


Dave Allen the comedian always ended his shows by saying ‘And may your God go with you.’ I believe that’s exactly what the supreme Divine, Universal, consciousness would use as their own goodbye, simply because it has to be the ultimate truth. That dynamic is as much a part of us, as we are of them, all are one is, possibly, the greatest acceptance. Which could explain why it is so difficult to achieve. I am miles away from where the theory tells me I should be. Then again, perhaps not. I can be fairly robust, (I like that word) in my dealings with people, not all the time, just most of the time. It’s who I am. It’s not that I am uncaring but I choose not to explain, or justify, my thought through responses. I don’t react, well, I try very hard not to, however, I accept that might be how it seems at the time. Maybe I should offer those affected my last Rolo as a signal of sincerity and compassion...


Dragons with banners.

As they quietly protest.

Peaceful silence reigns.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 10th September 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Detached to the Point of Falling Apart Dragon


I owe all my readers an apology for slightly misleading you in the past. As you know I value the words of the Buddha who spoke often of detachment. I woke up this morning with the thought I might have missed the point of what he was actually referring to. Buddha sought the underlying truth of the Universe, and, silly me, has wilfully encouraged detachment from things like material possessions. Look at it this way, the dragon sighed with frustration, ‘Bricks are a human construct, made from clay, which, unfortunately, is a Universal reality. Houses however, don’t exist!’ I now have great reasons to believe all Buddha meant was don’t get drawn into other people’s dramas. In the same way it could be that his teachings on our own perspectives, and perceptions, relate to this too. What we think, we become, but what others think of us we sometimes allow ourselves to also become.


Obviously, the implications of listening only to our own thoughts are immense. It’s the path to insanity, after walking the route I’ve discovered it’s a cul de sac, with a traffic roundabout at the end. I’ve decided to stop going round in circles.


This all started with a battered handbag on a windowsill. The night before I wrote this blog I was in a chat with someone who was in a flat panic over seeing it, because the implications were huge. I just didn’t get drawn in and stayed completely objective. Pointing out it wasn’t a fashionable item, a bit battered, and any lady visiting the house wouldn’t leave it in the kitchen round the back making it so easy to steal. She was happy, but it looks like I opened a door for my guidance to come in. Weirdly, that was the subject of another reading I had given the previous evening. I really should have paid more attention to the fact it began with a Y (why?) Being, highly, relevant.


I suppose I’m thinking aloud here. I have my own style of giving psychic readings, and, as a medium, seem to be favoured by the lovely, but slightly loony, grans and aunties. I’m not going to mention the ferrets... I have been accused of being unsympathetic, even brutal, but if there is no sign of a relationship happening between people it’s what I pass on to the client within twenty seconds or so. It’s not what I think, it’s what I feel. What I do know is I’m not infallible and time changes everything, I might have been wrong, or the circumstances altered. Do I feel the angst of the client while I do this, of course, but I always tried to remain professionally detached and objective. I’m beginning to realise detached and objective are the same word. While everyone’s profession should be to live.


I have always maintained that a psychic reading should be a two way exercise. For me I learn something from each one I do. So I would say to anyone who doesn’t feel engaged by their Reader after a minute or two, they should politely end the reading and try someone else. This is why I work at TheCircle, because it really is the company’s policy to enable this to happen. I don’t honestly think I could be appropriately detached anywhere else.


Understanding is,

Just beyond our own belief.

Faith unlocks the door.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 3rd September 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The One Dragon They All Are... (Which Cuts Right Down on the Rolos)


I’m one of those people who talks to the automatic checkout, and not just when something goes wrong. In fact, it’s not very often I get told there’s an unexpected item in the baggage area. I can’t say it’s because I treat the machine with respect, or not. I’m also not going to withhold my interaction as an experiment. The checkout doesn’t have legs, so getting itself to a therapist might be problematic. Talking to plants encourages their growth, there’s a but here, screaming threats at one plant also affects the others in the vicinity. It’s now known that trees communicate with each other via their root systems. To complicate things a fungus is sometimes involved as a go between with other tree species. The wild wood, is only the wild wood since a feisty Sycamore decided to have a wild party then invited all the others.


I don’t know how big a part of the one we all are the automatic checkout is, when compared to the wild wood. Who am I to judge? When you put it in those terms, with those examples, I wonder how anyone can judge anything. There are no parameters, or boundaries, to balance the decision against. Be honest, hands up all of you who think I’m a bit off the beaten track in talking to an automatic checkout? Now you know why. That statement isn’t made in my defence, since I can’t be guilty.


OK, I admit to having a wandering mind which sometimes stumbles across weird implications for us all. That assumption is only valid if I am right. Buddha taught we are all one, and he realised it while he was sat under a tree. When he did that automatic checkouts hadn’t been invented... just so you know. Buddhism, in general, has a down on being judgmental of others. I’ve come to the realisation this is, basically, impossible. So who’s the lunatic? Me, for talking to the checkout, or those who think they can judge others? The Universal sense of humour applies here, in spades. Most religions tend to be a tad judgmental, only a bit, I don’t want to be controversial in pointing out they have an impossibility as a basis for their beliefs towards non believers.


Buddha covered that one too, everything, our own reality, is formed as a result of our own perceptions, or, what we think, we become. What annoys me to my core is the way that has been twisted into various modalities of positive thinking, and ways of manifesting our desires. The basis of all suffering is desire. I didn’t think I would be covering two impossibilities in one blog, but, there you go.


Being miffed is not the same as being judgmental, we should always be discerning as that’s the only way to discovering the underlying reality behind the illusions our own perceptions have created. Annoyance with something, might, actually, be the key which unlocks the door of our own discernment. Yes, I know what Buddha taught about anger. I just feel, sometimes, the slight tickle of not being happy is the voice of the one we all are, quietly saying ‘I don’t think so either.’


Are we really one?

Our perceptions tell us No.

The trees know better.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 27th August 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'Look, Just Do As You're Told, It'll Be OK' Dragon


There are times when the only reasonable course of action involves slapping some sense into a dragon. This is one of those moments. I wish I was a Rolo and could disappear in their presence. I’m not unfortunately, I’m writing a blog, and Rolos tend not to.


Imagine striking a match, then using it to light a candle, and, before you burn your fingers, blow out the match. One light shines, but it’s the light of the match. You then light another candle by reigniting what’s left of the match. How many lights twinkle now? Only one, and it’s still the light of the original match. You might manage to do this a few times, but, eventually, the match is totally burned away. That doesn’t stop you lighting other candles from each other. The one light can remain aglow for as long as you wish to carry on the process. Creation, and destruction, are the same dynamic, one is a reaction to the other. Instead of using two words it makes sense to simplify the concept, let’s call it change. Simples innit?


This might take some head getting round... You are both candle, and match, when it comes to your life. It is also a Universal law that everything resists change, being happily attached to remaining in its present state. The other problem applicable to humans especially, is any change sets off the grieving process. This isn’t something we willingly choose to enter into, it hurts, it is suffering. It is also what Buddha seemed to be getting at. The point is nothing will ever remain static, there will always be change. There need not be eternal suffering.


What I thought was my greatest disaster turned into a life changing moment, and directly led to my ability to present these words to you. Of course I didn’t see it then, but the destruction of one life, and the creation of another, only took a few hours. Yes, I did strike my own match, but, at the time, I thought something else would burn. In fact I tried to destroy what was really in my own highest good. Of course I remained attached to my old way; I’m only human after all. Grief is a process which takes time, and it took a while, for me, to adjust to my new normal.


Perhaps the greatest change we all resist is our own attitudes. In many ways they are who we think we are. Zen practice is, more or less, a process of realising how programmed we have become, then letting it go. There are other systems which are just as effective, although they don’t involve as much dragony doings. As long as the end result is to embrace change that’s really all that matters. You don’t need any other philosophy, creed, or belief system, but that’s just my opinion.


The greatest change we all face is that, one day, our candle will go out. We might reincarnate, and light another match, go to some form of heaven, or that’s it entirely. I can’t give you a definitive answer mainly because I’m not dead. I’m also not fearful of embracing that change when it happens. One thing I know for sure, when it happens I won’t be hugging myself. Embraces require multiple inputs. Maybe I should have ‘Gone to the group hug’ engraved on my memorial stone.


The Candle flickers.

A flame dances in the breeze.

An eternal light.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 20th August 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Just Another Bloomin' Dragon


One of the basic drivers behind our behaviour is the seemingly endless quest for an unconditionally loving relationship. After a slight argument, which developed into a thermonuclear tiff, and the threat of being invited to a barbeque as the main course, I’ve agreed to write the map. It can’t be drawn, as, being unconditional, it applies to everything, and, by definition, can’t be defined. Therefore your starting point of the journey is to throw away any wish lists and preconceptions. This might take a while, which gives me time to get my trainers on.


The next step is to get your head round what Buddha meant when he, more or less, said ‘If you love a flower, you don’t pick it out of the ground to place in a vase. You water it where it grows’. So you might want to reconsider how effective you were in discarding your wish lists again. Loving someone as they are, and do what they do, is what it’s all about. Don’t worry, there are plenty of flowers in the garden, there’s no rush. Attraction, at first sight, happens all the time, unconditional relationships take time to build. Weeds might appear overnight, roses don’t. A rose requires pruning, setting boundaries in a relationship is important. It’s the only way you can both be unconditional to each other. I know that seems paradoxical, but they allow each to be free outside the relationship, and focussed on nothing else within it. It might sound idyllic, it is, however there’s no getting around the groundwork first, that’s hard work with a symbolic garden fork.


‘You should love each other so that you both feel free.’ Is another way of putting it. This can only happen with complete trust on all levels. Let’s face it, things happen, we all make mistakes, and somewhere down the line a bit of forgiveness is going to be needed. The problem is forgiveness only works if you know the wrong won’t be repeated. I also strongly believe unconditional relationships can have a time limit as our own lives change over the years. Unconditional loving can only thrive if both parties feel the same within it at the time. If one of them wants out, how the other person handles that is not their problem. That said if you really love someone there is less of a tendency to want to hurt them.


It’s an endless quest because you have to end at the beginning which is, first of all, loving yourself unconditionally. Amazingly, once you do that you realise most of the preconceptions you had weren’t actually yours in the first place, someone else put them there. Self love is also the antidote to any poison others try to infiltrate into the relationship. It makes you strong enough to keep outsiders where they belong, outside. That’s all there is to it. Happy gardening.


How to grow haiku.

Pot up the idea seed.

Don’t over water.



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Published: 13th August 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Always Smiling but Slightly Soggy Dragon


I can see clearly now the pain has gone, isn’t what Jimmy Cliff sang, or Johnny Nash originally wrote. Obviously, neither of them listened to their inner dragon. We all have at least one, just so you know. If you substitute pain, for rain, though, the song still makes complete sense. Why do we have this association with rain making us miserable? Oh, and anyone in Whaley Bridge or thereabouts, as a Derbyshire refugee, I share your worries right now, you have an excuse which the rest of us don’t.


Rain should have stopped us doing what we wanted to when we were children. I say should have, as my granddaughter loves the rain and puddle splashing. Her inner dragon must be a Peppa Pig fan. Times, and attitudes, have changed through the wonders of modern technology. Most of us remember sitting by the window staring outside at the downpours and choose to remember our childhoods as being marked by the sunny days on the beach. Very few holidays in the U.K. would have had a dry fortnight. It might have rained in the night, but I am fairly confident in stating it rained. If it wasn’t for the rain we would all be living on a beach, except there would be camel rides rather than squashing a donkey. It’s a green, and pleasant, land because of the rain.


Rain is beyond our control, our pain isn’t. No one has to sit, in isolation, following the instructions of another. Our parents cared and thought colds were caused by children getting slightly damp. They had good reasons to keep their responsibilities inside until the sun came out again. I’m not just talking about manipulative partners. Seeing clearly, in any situation, removes the rain, or the pain. The problem is it becomes replaced by responsibility for the consequences of our actions, which isn’t easy. What is easy is convincing ourselves it’s all fine and just carrying on through the deluge.


The song should be ‘Now the pain has gone, I can see clearly.’ Removing a headache requires taking an action. This can range from taking a pain killer to moving into a refuge. If that sounds harsh so are the conditions under which too many people and children have to exist. Buddha teaches that change can only come from within. The other person hasn’t, so change yourself. Be your own umbrella and pair of wellies. Embrace your inner Peppa and make the most of what you have, because it’s yours to enjoy. I admit I’ve gone from one extreme to the other in this blog. My own, extremely sneaky inner dragon, would like to point out that is a simple way of covering all relevant situations on the spectrum. A rainbow is just the spectrum of sunlight, which is always there, just sometimes hidden by clouds.


Those of a certain age carry the song as an earworm, knowing the lyrics off by heart and joining in, with gusto, whenever they hear it. Changing attitudes is never easy, old habits die hard. I’m a great believer in taking baby steps because they can quickly grow into giant strides. In fact nothing really changes, pain, and rain, can be seen as the same thing but we can choose to sing from a slightly different hymn sheet.


Chasing Unicorns.

Is something we often do.

Maybe we shouldn’t.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 6th August 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Croupier Dragon


I got into a conversation last week via social media, which led to a voice call. I texted it was O.K. despite being in the middle of cooking, because I could twonk it. So instead of the usual, ‘Hi,’ I was immediately interrogated around the meaning of twonk. Which, as everyone knows, is like a tweak, but a tweak won’t break your legs, although a twonk might.


Words, apparently, get people’s attention, weirdly, made up ones generate greater interest too. Perhaps we have this innate programming to think others know more simply because of how it’s said and what they say. Einstein, for instance, is often quoted, ‘If you can’t explain your theory to a six year old, then you probably don’t understand it yourself.’ Dragons are the same, they keep it simple, although they leave pondering on the implications of that simplicity to me. The more I complicate things the more they giggle. I’ve noticed the same effect in a lot of my readings, little things happen, which lead to the bigger picture appearing. The almost inconsequential phrase often keeps people going through the dark unfolding disasters until things get back on the happy track. It’s one of the reasons I, confidently, never change a reading, either with a tweak, or a twonk.


But what about free will? Which I prefer to call wasting the Universe’s time trying to find a better way. There is a single word for it, however it’s swearing in any language, and is always followed with a !. Our language, and our behaviour, are so linked together they can be seen as the same thing. Which makes it easy to see how things will proceed, or not, based on how, and what, people have communicated to another. The trick to disarming this particular bomb is not to react. Conversations should be treated like a game of Poker, until you know what your opponent’s agenda is. Going back to the behaviour aspect it’s the cards they lay down and show you that matter, not the ones they try to bluff you with.


When we lived in caves things were much simpler. Man met someone, someone smiled at man, man carried them back to his cave. There is now an App for that, there are, actually, quite a few of them. No, you don’t have to whack prospective partners with a mobile device, the apps enable communication between complete strangers. That could be as dangerous as it is potentially wonderful. I am now going to say something slightly contentious, just for a change. Don’t believe a word on any form of social media, or dating app, until you’ve seen evidence of a person’s intentions off the screen. If you really must give them several thousand pounds put it in an envelope and hand it over when you see them in the flesh, don’t give it to a friend of theirs, no matter how plausible the excuse.


Buddhist teaching has personal responsibility as a major focus. In the communication game you have five aces in your hand. Empower yourself, keep your guard up and play them wisely, that way, you can’t lose.


A kitty cat haiku.

Will keep it all relevant.

Cute puppies would too.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 30th July 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Lester, the Jester Dragon


There’s an old saying about plans seldom surviving contact with the enemy. Which describes the blogging process to a T. I had a thought which didn’t make it into the second sentence, but, as on any standard bus route, another one will arrive in a few minutes. This is why I often perform a tangential digression. I’m a philosophical magpie, magnetically attracted to shiny new ideas. For many years that was the case on my spiritual path, eventually, Zen turned everything black and white. It all changed, while nothing changed. As any dragon would, willingly, state to anyone who chose to listen, ‘Alan can be a bit of a feather brain.’


One thing I know to be true is the most powerful Universal force is laughter, not love. Love is the glue holding it all together. Laughter could, if it wanted to, split its sides, because of love it doesn’t want to. It wouldn’t be funny seeing the alarm of trillions of sentient minds watching their home disintegrate. I wonder if this is the Universal consequence of what every comedian knows is the secret to getting a giggle from a venue full of dour Glaswegians? (Other collectives of dour humanity are available by the way). This, of course, is... dramatic pause, timing.


According to Buddhist teachings, one day all this will pass away, the Universe finally understands its Buddha nature, has achieved its own Nirvana. All is, happily, one, all is at one peace of mind. Joined together, in silent, detached, knowing of being. When the quiet is deepest, at the moment when the life essences combine their own individuality, while remaining aware of their own, wonderful, individuality, allowing all others to simply be. That will be the moment when I press the button on the fart box. Releasing a raspberry that will echo throughout eternity. It has to, as that is the moment when it was born.


I used to think that was just to get me sent to the naughty corner, which suits me, as guess where the dragons already are! There is, however, a slightly deeper consequence to all this. Maybe it’s to just get people off their highly evolved being pedestals, perhaps it’s the ice breaker at the beginning of what could be a very boring, and very long, we are talking forever, party. I can’t know, as it would both spoil the joke, and my surprise. If that surprise involves not going to the naughty corner then I predict a riot. There’s a lot of Rolo smuggling space in that magical box with the big red button on top.


Those who practice a spiritual path, which is, basically, putting other’s welfare as equal to your own see the results for their selves. The brain rewires itself. I can’t say, yet, this is a scientifically proven fact, but the evidence is rapidly mounting. What will never fade is the ability to, occasionally, have a smirky smile and the odd guffaw. Try it out for yourself.


A funny haiku.

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Isabel...

Needed on a bike?



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 23rd July 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'We're Too Busy Basking, He Can Sort Himself Out This Week' Dragons


The Cambridge English dictionary defines ‘Improbable’ as ‘The statistical percentage of opening a randomly chosen Facebook newsfeed and not finding a cute animal picture within four downward swipes.’ Which, if anything, is a timely reminder to check your security settings. The last thing you want is a Cambridge English dictionary researcher having access to your device. I don’t have anything against sweet furry things taking top spots on social media, but, to me, a cataclysmic, astronomical, event, like a supernova, would be preferable to a bunny twitching its nose over an avocado. Quite frankly if you can afford to feed a rabbit avocados you must have the dosh to splash out on a decent telescope. You could post piccies of supernovae then.


I’m only on Facebook because I’m a people watcher, it helps my research. OK I’m on it because everyone else seems to be. I’m one of the herd, or whatever the collective noun for a bundle of kittens is. That said, I am also an individual with my own ideas. I’ve been blogging long enough to have made that point abundantly clear. It’s perfectly possible to do both at the same time. Until, one day, you realise it isn’t. You get half way through a blog and realise the fence you were sat on, has collapsed. Worse still, is landing firmly on the ‘We’re ALWAYS individuals’ side. Although, to be fair, I had a dragony warning the blog was going to be a surprise.


Any herd is a collection of individuals. Each of them having an individual choice as to what they do next. When the wolves arrive the buffalo instinctively huddle together, which is perfectly, and instinctively, the sensible thing to do. The problem is what if it’s not a wolf the group are reacting to? Until enough of them realise that fact the group stoically puts up its defence, and, as anyone who has tried to reason with grumpy bison knows you might as well organise elephants with a clipboard. I’m beginning to realise just how difficult it is to overcome the need for us, as individuals, to be part of a group, while not always going along with the group mentality. The ideas are the group, if we don’t agree we outcast ourselves. I could be controversial and say stupidity seems self perpetuating, but this is a blog, not a rant, so I won’t.


I can, and should, according to Buddha, act only in my individual capacity when dealing with anyone else. Not easy when your day job involves connecting with the Universal collective on behalf of individual clients. While the divine may have the highest good for all as their group motto, working with it, very often, does my head in. So I can easily relate to any issues you might be having on social media. My best answer so far, is to have a standard reply, ‘That’s nice,’ always works. Those who know me, the individual, have a smile, those who don’t aren’t insulted. I can relax having done my polite, part of the collective, bit.


I want to break free.

Just like Freddie Mercury.

But it’s retrograde.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 16th July 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Naked Dragons


Regular readers of the blog know I see very little difference between Angels and dragons, as I think in terms of energy. So I wasn’t at all perturbed when I was asked ‘How many dragons can stand on the head of a pin?’ ‘None at all I answered, ‘since the Rolo would have to be impaled on the sharp end. It would wobble off the flat bit.’ To be fair I don’t know what the technical term for the point of a pin actually is. Neither do the dragons. Dressmaking and tailoring has never been on any dragon’s radar, and, in spite of my question, still isn’t. Although if they ever need a dummy they, apparently, now know where to look.


What we know is only of value when it is of use at various moments in our life, strangely, we don’t seem to forget what we know, but we sometimes can’t remember what we have been taught. This always happens at the worst possible time, often with embarrassing results. There is a subtle difference between these two. In fact it’s a dragony difference, as the more it’s thought about the less the distinction becomes. It gets worse, as any one of us can only explain what we know to someone else in our own language and based on our own experiences. What we really know is unique to us. Almost as if the Universe conspires to keep us as a secret known only to their self.


No one has to turn around to know there is someone else stood behind them, especially if they’re reading the paper over your shoulder. We just accept, or know, they are there. We have to be taught who that person is though. We can learn from them directly, through a conversation, or be told by someone else. This can sometimes be a problem, as whoever knows will be teaching us from their viewpoint. Now you know why first impressions are so important, it’s then we know, instantly, what we know about a person. Unfortunately, being social animals we have a tendency to listen to others turning what we thought we knew into something else entirely. Of course, if this concerns a genuine bad ‘un, a warning is required. Which is a major headache for me, as, according to Buddha, there are no genuine, through and through, bad ‘uns. The teaching is to use our own discernment, rather than our own and others judgement. I’m still trying to get my head around the dragony difference between those two.


It’s not as bad as it sounds. My mediumship comes from my knowing all is one. I know the one where we all go to, so I can sit down, listen, then pass on what I’ve heard. That makes up for a lot of the angst caused by thinking things through. There is always someone willing to share what they know, in a non demanding way. It’s more a process of a meeting of minds around an agreed consensus. It sounds idyllic, it is, but there be the dragons too, however, where’s there’s dragons, there is always a blog.


Blogging is easy.

The haiku is the problem.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 9th July 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon of Providential Prevarication


Dragons, and paving slabs, look their best when wet. A thin film of moisture brings out the subtle gleaming shimmers of refracted rainbow filled drops along their flanks. The simple fact there is so much flank to gawk at instantly dispels the gloom of misty, murky, mornings like the one I woke up to. Actually, ‘woke up’ might be stretching things a bit too far. I’ve been in one of ‘those’ moods since I fell out of bed at stupid o’clock, beating the alarm by ninety minutes. If it had been a draw I could have spent the extra time asleep. I wouldn’t have minded losing on penalties after that.


‘Those,’ which should now probably become ‘This,’ mood is a bit hard to describe. Zoned out is probably the best way to put it. I have all these ideas popping into my head and I work each one through, then move onto the next. I find this is feet up on the sofa time, one of my mornings to muse over. The only disturbance being the occasional rumble from one of the scaly thingys. I was thinking about attempting a dragon free blog and realised I would fail at the first sentence. They would just say ‘What a grand idea Alan, go for it!’ while grumbling, ‘We’ll just sit in the corner, quietly. You won’t notice us, will you?’


I realised this relaxation is so deep not even a dragon could rattle it. A mobile phone tried, and failed, while coffee breaks got integrated seamlessly within it. The only thing that could, possibly, intrude would be my own rationalisation of my state of mind, with some attempt to label it as a meditative state. Nope, that wasn’t going to happen, I just thought, ‘Nah, go with it.’ So I did, and, in many ways, I still am. Thoughts of blogging should have ended the inner calm, quiet, and peace. Nothing has ever got in the way before. How wrong I was! Whichever dragon just cheered ‘Again,’... I know where you live, and where you stash your Rolos. Where was I before that interruption? Oh yeah, feet up on the sofa.


I suppose I should try to explain in a little more depth, others might want to try this at home. I can’t. I just woke up with the feeling and my own version of Banquo’s ghost dogging my every footstep, in a very pleasant way. Perhaps that’s the point of sitting here tapping on the keyboard. Some things can’t be explained and analysing them just leads to realising all the reasons why. At those times, with those things, just let them be. While hoping others just let you be so you can ponder on with your mental wanderings.


The hardest thing to request from others, is time to ourselves. It’s also the hardest thing to grant our own permission for us to do. The world won’t suddenly change its orbit if you just stop, completely, for a moment. Tea appearing ten minutes late on the table doesn’t count as an international crisis. Unfortunately, I know for many of us, me included, that’s normal reality. It looks like mine is calling me home, I’ve a blog to write apparently.


On to the haiku.

Look over there, a lion!

(It’s an escape clause.)



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 2nd July 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon with a Cold Nose


This blog began, as most blogs do, with shooing a dragon out of the fridge while making my coffee. ‘I really like that notion.’ I thought. ‘Well, obviously you would, because you don’t have to wonder about it do you?’ If removing a dragon from a fridge sounds strange things are going to get much, much, weirder. I’ve actually made the point of the blog in the very first paragraph!


Well, ish, allow me to explain. Have you noticed how we get our most original ideas when we’re not trying to think, and we remember something as soon as we stop pushing to recall it? It’s called meditating on a problem, except no one actually calls it that. People use other references like ‘blue sky thinking’ or ‘inspiration.’ I suppose mankind can’t handle the truth that our brains only start working when the mankind bits are switched off. I’ve just shown this happens quite naturally, but, as soon as the word meditation is mentioned people run off screaming. Funnily enough, dragons have the same effect. Which, paradoxically, makes them excellent meditation teachers. It takes two of them though. One to start the process and the other to play impregnable barrier to keep someone penned in. Now you know why that’s referred to as ‘kettling.’


Practicing meditation on a regular basis rewires our brains. We can become totally different in our attitudes and outlook. Being judgmental is bad, but being discerning is better. Thinking someone is being a prat is judgmental, knowing why they feel they should be a prat is discernment. Pointing it out to them is either being very brave, very stupid, or, very therapeutic. It all depends on the circumstances. I’ve just realised that no one really needs to meditate, but it’s taken me years of meditation to understand all the implications. I am wiser than the dragon who now knows why I keep telling them licking the freezer plate is a bad idea.


Buddhists recommend meditation as being the key to progression. I’m a Buddhist, and while it seems I have just shot myself in the foot, in a non-violent way of course, I haven’t. Following the peaceful teachings of any major religion, will, in my opinion, tone down the noise from the mankind bit of our minds. They all say the same thing, be nice to each other. I know that might be a little controversial, to some. In my defence can I point out I went against my own belief system to make the point. Except I didn’t. I follow Zen teachings, the go with the flow school of eternal change. The flow led me here. The flow of frozen peas, across my kitchen floor, was led by a nosy dragon.


Being kind, to others, isn’t easy. The mankind mind is a collective, governing our actions on many levels. Maybe channelling my inner rebel was my own starting point. I never quite understood the surrender to a higher power thing, which might explain the dragons. They’re just too big to argue with, and, occasionally, too stupid to educate, particularly about fridges.


What is my purpose?

The question all have asked.

Silence, their answer.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 25th June 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Wandering off for a Pondering On



Apparently, according to Ranker, Wales has the coolest national flag. It comes top of a Google search so it must be. There just happens to be a rather resplendent dragon on it, and, as everyone knows, rather resplendent is dragonish for exceedingly smug. The way to shut smug dragons up is to point out shouldn’t they, being dragons, be on the hottest flag? I looked. It belongs to Antigua and Barbuda and is a scale free zone. Which is similar to the blog at the moment, an idea free zone, but full of head scratching dragons.


Dragons don’t get dandruff, mainly for environmental reasons, they’re practically indestructible so the world would soon be knee deep in them. They also have sharp edges. This doesn’t inconvenience dragons as the underlying skin is even tougher. Kicking a dragon won’t even count as a tickle. To be honest David Beckham, when he was in his prime, might just have managed to cause a ripple of amusement, but he stuck to footballs.


Humans have this tendency to do stuff. My current ‘stuff’ being to write a blog. It has to be done, so I’ll do it. Not doing stuff is frowned upon, unless it’s in Spain where manana is a way of life. It gets done, eventually, but the length of that eventually isn’t rigidly defined. The problem is that while we all have the need, occasionally, for the Spanish attitude, we live in a country with different values, and flag(s). There is a work around, which is to be really good at what you do, that way, when a particular task seems overwhelming, and you don’t rise to the occasion, everyone excuses you by thinking no one’s perfect, while we all have off days. We don’t allow people to plead off days though. We expect perfection, after admitting no one can be. What infuriates me most is that it seems anyone objecting to someone’s off day is having one of their own, but on the quiet.


I prefer the company of dragons since they are always kind to others and to their selves. The down side is certain human concepts are beyond their comprehension. If something needs doing it should be done, now, but if it can’t be done, then it doesn’t need doing, does it? Try telling that one to your boss when there’s a deadline and you can’t be bothered. Dragons though, are always completely honest. Pardon me for being controversial, but humanity is, sometimes, less than open about things. We fear the consequences, obviously, those consequences are often the result of another person’s failure to appreciate how we are feeling, and they then act out of fear for their own welfare.


This whole ‘spiritual’ thing isn’t easy when faced with the opposition of an entire planet. Who, in their own minds, aren’t so much being antagonistic, as very sensible. I know, the answer is ‘We’ve always done it this way Alan.’ Dragons have long memories, they remember back to when we didn’t. Having such a small brain, when compared to a smug dragon, means I can’t, mentally, recall those times, but, being human, I can’t stop wishing we could all go back there and start again. A new ‘Always done it this way’ would bring endless possibilities.


The rolling time stone.

Gathers no moss upon it.

Maybe it should pause.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 17th June 2019


The Optimistic Dragon


This is a first for the blog, as it’s being written without access to coffee. Be warned, anything could happen! Except it won’t as the dragon murmuring the thoughts is also sat quite heavily on me, so I can’t get up to any mischief. The fridge-freezer packed up on Monday, but the milk didn’t go off until this morning. I have had coffee, but it seems like a past life thing at the moment.


The saying ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ is very apt right now. My particular shiny stuff is the new one is black and will match everything else. It is also a Bush (other manufacturers are available). Yes, I will soon have a black Bush in my kitchen. Which is, basically, what the sedentary scaly thingy wants to remind everyone. Every cloud really does have a silver lining, if not several, but it doesn’t, necessarily, apply to ourselves. Lettuces don’t complain about the level of water falling on them, they know things balance out when the wind changes. It’s an excellent example of the natural order.


We are not lettuces, mankind has used their collective ingenuity to construct the concept of umbrellas. This was both highly clever, and, possibly, a little bit daft. We now have the means to isolate ourselves. That was a conceptual leap forward, until the symbolic rain stops and we see the umbrella as our compassion to others. Let’s face it, someone, somewhere, is always getting rained on, while we remain dry. When the sun comes out the umbrella becomes a parasol. Too little rain is just as bad as too much.


Our planet is not a rock floating in space, it has dynamics, such as the weather, or earthquakes and volcanoes. Why it is that way has many explanations, the why, and how, doesn’t matter so much when someone, somewhere, has gone through a natural disaster. Until, like the lettuces, they regain their balance all they need is an umbrella. The natural order would be to share, without a single thought about the implications, but we all, me included, save our own umbrellas for our own rainy days. I’ve just realised why there are so many salad references in this. The dragony weight on my mind seems slightly coleslaw challenged.


Humanity is giving challenged. Too often, our first thought is ‘What’s in it for me?’ Making a donation to a charity isn’t quite sharing your umbrella, although I admit, it’s all many of us can do. It’s in our own personal relationships where we can. If one of your friends is feeling soggy try to be the silver lining in their cloud. Their smile and gratitude is the purpose of your day. It’s also the answer to your question ‘Why am I here?’ To do whatever you just did.


Coffee free haikus.

A new unknown to explore.

For somebody else.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 11th June 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'Not You Again' Dragon


I’ve just realised all of my blogs begin with the same imaginary conversation. ‘To the blog cave Batman!’ ‘(Expletive deleted) off Robin.’ A real super hero would have some sort of computer to blog automatically for them. Mine is a manual model, which involves keyboard tapping before it churns anything out.


I could say ‘Blame my fingers’ every week, except they don’t move under their own volition, it requires a thought. In the end the responsibility for what is said lies with me. At least Batman could blame the artist and writer, but Batman doesn’t actually exist. Which is a bit weird, as I spend a lot of time arguing with myself while I’m blogging. I know I am a reality, but quite where that reality is varies depending on the reality I find myself in, and the potential consequences of taking responsibility for whatever I’m going to do. You want me to explain now don’t you?


I suppose the question is ‘Am I a spiritual being having a physical experience, or a physical being having a spiritual experience?’ Zen and Buddha answer this by stating we are all beings. The problem is exactly what are we being? Taking this to its theoretical limits it would explain the power of divine forgiveness. When we’re being naughty, we stop existing in a perfect Universe, where bad behaviour just doesn’t happen. Your God of choice forgives you, because you didn’t do anything. Which sounds wonderful until you factor Karma into the equation and everything will, eventually, get balanced out.


Paradoxically, doing something ‘wrong’ even with the best of intentions, would still be wrong under this system, unless of course you were unaware of the consequences of your actions. In that case you’re not responsible for the reactions of others, they are. Perhaps the new word for enlightenment should be ‘Oops’ but only if you have considered why it might be.


Mindfulness is anything but boring. It takes you out of the constructions of old ideas and thinking. New avenues open up to be explored. The more lively the mind, the more intriguing the possibilities become. Of course, we all have our own belief system, and no one really knows for certain what happens next for instance. I understand that there is a continued existence but there is no requirement to physically die to see the light. Is it all just thoughts? I would say it’s a question of experiences and our being within them. Apparently, my loud thinking is causing a dragony experience of someone, somewhere, being a noisy nuisance, and, as far as being a philosopher goes, they should stick to their comics. If you listen carefully you might now hear the sound of backwards tip toes, preceded by a very quiet ‘Oops.’


By making mistakes.

The stupid may become wise.

So where’s their error?




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 4th June 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Quiffed Dragon


I’m going to regret this...


Apparently, at the end of Lonely Street, is Heartbreak Hotel. Where it is always busy, but you can usually get a room. Therefore, according to the dragon, Lonely Street must be a bustling thoroughfare so why don’t people just talk to each other? The problem with dragons is the constant head banging against their scaly sides, screaming ‘It isn’t that simple!’ at them. When, actually, you know it really is that simple. Remember when you were young and shone like the sun? Pink Floyd would ask. I bet you blew bubbles too. Did you notice how they all joined together, separate, but all as one. Each created by the same breath.


There are many people with egos as big as Roger Waters, or Elvis, which, to my way of thinking is fine. If the ego is our bubble, the self contained who we are, then it’s a necessary requirement for our existence. It really is an integral part of the Universe. What isn’t so beneficial is our innate talent to blow up our own bubbles, while inflating our own egos. Worse still we can easily do it for others too. One of the main reasons for my own Buddhist beliefs is that everything is being explained. I don’t do what I used to, not from fear of retribution, instead there is a realisation of an inner voice, the air of my particular bubble.


In my time I have had many teachers, each of them banged on incessantly in regard of the need to abandon ego. Each time I tried to follow their advice, I failed. Not because they were bad teachers, or I was a naughty student, they were all very good teachers, but let’s park that here. The advice was slightly off in that overcoming the inflated, earthly ego, leads to finding the real, original self. We hear the voice of our soul is another way of saying the same thing. However there has to be an end point of the destruction of ego, otherwise the process starts to go into reverse. Well, not quite directly backwards, there’s usually a tangent involved, and we can find ourselves being defined by our ‘Spiritual’ self. This was the main obstacle my teachers faced, they kept saying how highly evolved and advanced I was, while the inner voice whispered ‘Nah, you’re you, and always will be.’


I have received a bruised forehead from banging my head against every dragon in creation working out I’m me, and that’s fine. I can understand why too. The downside is I can’t tell anyone where to look because of seeing it for ourselves. It’s not in Heartbreak Hotel that’s for sure, but you might shine like a crazy diamond when you do.


Return to sender.

Should be written on coffins.

One day, we will be.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 28th May 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Slow Cooker Dragon


There isn’t a recognised recipe for chilli con carne. Actually, there’s no accepted spelling either, Google will come up with just as many results if you use the word chillie. It gets even more involved regarding its origins, there are as numerous different stories as variations of the ingredients. Which is a lot like life, in that we’re all unique, but, to make up for knowing where we came from, very few have a clue where they are going, or how to get there.


The real arguments can start around what to accompany chilli con carne. Rice? Chips? Wedges? All three, with a side salad? You can have anything, basically, as long as it’s not tortillas. Chilli con carne has nothing to do with Mexico. Of course that only matters if you insist on following strict traditions. A lot of us do, I choose not to, and not only when considering chilli. Chilli doesn’t, necessarily, require the addition of beans, or any form of capsicum species (peppers). It’s also one of the most wearable foods, especially if someone mentions ‘My mother doesn’t make it like that.’


 I have a theory, which is, chilli con carne is the original molehill from which the Andes were formed. At least it made the condors happy. Weirdly, chilli is quite a simple meal to throw together, it’s also very popular. The whole cycle becomes self perpetuating, as mothers teach their children. There is an answer though, eating mindfully. According to research, eating mindfully is the new superfood. It can even result in weight loss. Amazing! I’m mindful enough to know my mother wasn’t a Buddhist, but she was always saying ‘Chew your food.’ It’s the same thing, slow down and appreciate each forkful. Mindfulness is simply keeping things simple, as simple as possible. That way the mind gets bored because it has no one to play with, so it wanders off and finds somewhere to take a nap.


Zen and mindfulness are the same thing. One naturally leads to the other when one stops being mindfully mindful, then simply gets on with whatever we are faced with. Zen is everything, even a bowl of chilli. While mindfulness is only awareness of the moment without unnecessary distractions, like adding oregano because someone said you should.


My other theory is the molehill that grew into the Himalayas was caused by TV chefs never saying ‘This is how I make...’ A recipe is the same as being born, life is what you make of it with the ingredients you have. It’s yours and yours alone. You don’t have to emulate others, I know everyone does, but, instead of following fashions, become one. We really are what we eat, or will be in around six months which is the average life span of most of the cells in the human body. You will not be the same physical person then as you are while reading this. Now there’s a spooky thought, especially when Buddha’s teaching of ‘What we think, we become,’ is added into the mix. That’s a bowl of chilli even a dragon would find spicy.


No, I’m not having chilli for tea. It’s linguine with smoked bacon in a cream and cheddar sauce. Yes, I know, strictly it should be pancetta.


Chilli con carne.

Three words to please everyone.

Or cause a conflict.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 21st May 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Parking Warden Dragon


Most of my blogs are ‘You had to be there’ thingies. There, of course, being surrounded by stroppy, (more like honestly accurate) dragons. Who in their right mind would choose that as hobby? For a change this week I can share with, and, of course, about, others who actually were there at the time. There will now be a short, dramatic, pause while they, and they know who ‘they’ are, get their best quaking boots on. Ready folks? OK, here we go.


On the 2nd of May The Circle held a Reader and management meet up in Bristol. Luckily, I got on the right trains which took me there, and let the dragons, well, most of them, have a day by the sea in Paignton. Having been to a previous one I sort of knew what to expect. I thought the last one had changed my attitudes enough. How wrong I was. The whole point of The Circle backroom staff is to support the Reader, to them the Reader is the I in their TEAM. I got that from Manchester last year. What this one brought home to me, personally, is this I in that team is there to support the client. It’s not enough to think I try with everyone, it has to be, I did, every single time. Those commas are when the dragon stamped her foot.


Life is the ocean we all swim in, and, just like the sea, all the interesting bits happen under the surface. The venue was great, the food brilliant, with divine desserts, the company was wonderful too. I can’t say I had an epiphany, it wasn’t on the buffet spread. I must have put it in a doggy bag, and had it for breakfast this morning. Maybe the dragons made the most of their period return and are making up for lost time. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter.


The classic symbol of Zen is a circle made with a single sweep of the brush. It’s always incomplete. Weirdly, we are talking Alan weirdly here, which is a fifteen on a scale from one to ten. I can see what fills the gap in The Circle under discussion. It’s not quite me, it’s what I, the caller or chatter, the call centre staff and the management are all doing, as one, at the time. The end result should be to sit in the presence of Angels, or within the Tarot consciousness, to soar with eagles, or waddle with dragons. Whatever floats your, particular, boat. I shouldn’t speak unless I add to the ripples which counteract the tsunamis of others’ worries. It’s that simple, and that profound. It also completes the circle of my own inner quest. As the dragons would put it, ‘You’ve arrived, why did you come here?’


In conclusion, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and organised the event in Bristol. Collectively you have all changed my life and outlook, completely around, again. This is why I’m not mentioning any individuals, apart from the traffic warden who directed me to the right hotel. I know his dragony counterpart won’t be slapping a ticket on me for being in the wrong place again.


A Bristol haiku.

As constructed by Brunel.

My work in progress.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 14th May 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Scratching One's Head With Dragons


Behind every unintended consequence lies a meticulously laid out plan. Unless it’s a blog, in which case, the reverse applies. I never intended to channel a flatfish every Tuesday morning, and, verbally, flounder about. I just thought a blog seemed like a good idea at the time. The good news, or bad news, is, I still think it’s a good idea but don’t ask me what it’s about. Especially this one! Which is another of those ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ types. Is it just me who wakes up to face a mission impossible? According to the dragons, Tom Cruise does all his own stunts, so I should just stop moaning and get on with it.


When I read for a client for the first time I don’t have a clue what is going to be said, ever. My reason for always doing a complete ‘The Circle’ introduction, is to gaze at the ceiling to see the stars beyond, I only make it to the plasterboard, with the decision around painting being constantly deferred. I then ask them ‘How can I help?’ After that the words flow into my head, but I still don’t have a clue what it’s really about. Once I’ve established a degree of trust, using the psychic bit, it opens up into a conversation, which is when the guidance turns up. Basically, I’m an attention distracting side show, they’re the main event. This is the idea behind today, only you have to trust yourself, not me.


Look upon these words as a boulder in a gushing mountain stream. Except don’t focus on the rock, think about the ripples around it. Ignore the babbling and bubbling of the torrent, and appreciate the light reflecting from the water. That is the flow I constantly refer to. Being eternal gives me an excuse to always bang on about it. Which is fine except so far, it’s my flow, my river, my boulder. This isn’t a blog, and more of a rock. One you can throw into the roiling waters of your own thoughts. Strangely though, that added disturbance brings calm and clarity. The pond of the mind quickly becomes a stream of thought guided by its banks.


Which neatly brings me back to where I started, Zen will do that. Chucking a stone into a lake will cause a disturbance, that’s less of a plan and more of an obviously. However there is the unintended consequence to consider, which is the rock under consideration was already there. I just drew your attention to it. Not my boulder, not my pond, not my calm, it’s yours. As I said, I didn’t have a clue and still don’t, what today’s blog is, actually, about. Perhaps you might.


‘Write the Haiku now!’

But the inner rebel had...

Other ideas.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 7th May 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'Let's Set This Straight' Dragon


Please bear in mind I’m writing this on St. George’s day. Which the dragons refer to as ‘The great fake news outpouring.’ I know where we’re starting, but there’s going to be few twists and turns before we get to the end.


Japanese sword makers all have the status of national treasure. In the U.K. they would probably be required to move to Sheffield. Not that there’s anything wrong with Sheffield, besides, most of our cutlery is imported now. There was a time when guns were banned from warfare, as the Samurai considered them a coward’s weapon. To keep up Britain shunted all its gunsmiths to Birmingham, although I’m not sure what their lesson was, and there’s nothing wrong with Birmingham either. This all seems to point to some cosmic spiritual synergy between the two island Empires, one of the Rising Sun, and, the other, Yorkshire Drizzle. Which is when I admit to not mentioning the years of history between the events, or the local conditions. It painted a pretty, and, pretty believable, picture though.


Technically, I haven’t told fibs, but I have twisted the facts. At least I admit it, here and now, but don’t expect me to own up to all the other times I chose to delude myself. Perhaps that’s the whole point of having a memory, as it’s the lever which can move the mind to change. ‘I think, therefore I remember what a plonker I was.’ Of course you could apply terms like ‘working on your issues,’ ‘self analysis,’ even ‘spiritual development.’ All you did was remember another time, and, most importantly, different conditions applying then.


Personally, I believe wholeheartedly the secret is to stop beating our self up for realising we could have done things another way. We all think we know best, whenever we do something, but the Universe will always know better. There are no right ways, or wrong ways, only better ways. There is only the road we have chosen and created, until we decide to go along a new path, wherever it may lead.


I know that changing our mind is like meeting a dragon as we walk through the dappled shade of the peaceful wood. It’s worse if it’s flat on its back and snoring. You could just tip toe around it and breeze along for a while. The weird thing is you will soon find yourself back to the same dozing dragony thingy, and it’s still blocking the way ahead.


Be brave, wake it up, deal with it. The worst that can happen is you might lose a Rolo or two, but, from then, on you will have a friend for life. Just remember what happened to St. George, and don’t try coercion. A flick from a dragon claw sent him flying into a berberis, very prickly, very embarrassing. However, if you can’t believe what you say to yourself, you shouldn’t deem what the papers say as accurate, no matter how old the news is. You won’t know for sure, unless you were there.


A saintly haiku.

Needs a golden halo, but.

ASDA have run out.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 30th May 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Very Reverend Dragon


Every so often invisible hands place a phantom clerical collar around my neck which is a right pain! Especially if it happens as I’m brushing my teeth, like this morning. I’ve always taken it as a reminder not to preach. As if I would... There will now be one of those tangential digressions the blog is famous for, but keep the ephemeral dog collar in mind.


The world is, apparently, divided into cat people and dog people, Facebook however, proves otherwise. It’s chock a block with owners’ cats and dogs, happily co-existing in the family home. Of course, that could be due to one of the household having their own preference, while tolerating their partner’s opposite choice. According to the dragon, it’s a safe bet that the cat will attach to the dog person, and, vice versa, for the canine lodger. If you ask, which the dragon has, so I’m not arguing. The cat person will swear blind they are still a cat person, even though the dog is on their lap, while the dog person will say the same while feeding the cat. Each of them would, intensely, deny ownership of the respective animals though.


It is often said ‘Opposites attract.’ Which works, just fine for magnets, but I don’t think can be directly applied to conscious, living, beings. In this case cats, dogs and humans. From what’s been written so far, opposites attracting would be an easy assumption to make as to the point of the blog, except the point is not to assume anything, ever, AT ALL. I thought, when the collar went on, it was going to be a spiritual message for my readers, and not get caught up in pushing my beliefs. Instead, while there is a spiritual context, the divergence from the first thought, my reaction to the incident without looking at the available evidence, is the reason behind this blog. Figuring that out took as long as making my coffee. I accept that the available evidence, at the time, was a dragon’s snout, poking through the kitchen door, whispering ‘What a dumbo.’


Perhaps the antidote to assumptions are tangential digressions of monumental proportions. That said, it isn’t easy to go against what everyone believes to be true. Which is where gathering the available evidence, to back up a standpoint, comes in. Arguments stop dead, because it takes concentration to analyse what is really going on. Imagine a world without disagreements, where people listened to each other and respected differing opinions. Assumptions always get in the way, and should always be avoided for that reason. Another thing that is often said is ‘There’s always an exception which proves the rule.’ After rendering arguments and disagreements redundant by banning assumptions, one major source of contention will remain, for eternity. Who’s cat, or dog, is it at feeding time?


This haiku could be

An absolute dog’s breakfast.

Or, the cat’s whiskers.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 23rd April 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Dragon Karaoke


I’ll give the answer at the end, 5 points each for the singer and song.


Occasionally, Tuesday mornings are spent sat on the warm grass, leaning my back on a cosy, scaly, rumbling, dragon. I know what that purr means, ‘If you don’t want to get singed, shut up!’ Buddha taught that our words should only add to the silence. It’s become easier, over time, to slip my wandering mind into that static stillness. Of course, over time, includes all the hard work I put in. It needn’t have been that way, but, hindsight is a perfect science.


Not that long ago my inner voice seemed like a broken record, ‘I’m bored,’ was all it said. One day, and I remember it well, but you’re not getting easy clues; I heard, ‘You’re not bored you idiot, you’re relaxed.’ I was too. I had nothing to do, unless I chose to do it, there were no when to do it bys either. I then made an executive decision, to pour out a long Metaxa, becoming even more relaxed with each glug as it flowed into the glass. Mindfulness, it seems, has nothing to do with getting drunk, but enjoying the drink is critical, if that’s what you’re doing at the time. Obviously, the same strategy should apply to the ironing. My technique there is to be mindful that the creases will drop out... over time.


Mindfulness is sending your brain on a vacation. (Everyone who has guessed Cher, and Time After Time, has to go back to the start.) The trick is that your mind stays at home. Our brains are always looking for something to do, stuff to be aware of, as a result of the constant use of all our senses. It’s what they are built for, and there’s no way round that, however the mind isn’t the brain. They are separate. On that Grecian morning my brain may have said the words, although my mind chose to think about it and came to a different conclusion. Anyone who claims it’s possible to switch off, may, in my opinion, be safely ignored, better still, exiled to a warm Mediterranean island. Don’t worry, they won’t enjoy it, as they will go nuts trying to switch off. Zoning out is the only method I’ve found to actually work.


Planning ahead makes all the difference. Before zoning out, make sure your brain has everything it’s going to need prior to bundling it into a symbolic Routemaster bus. (Oh come on, surely you’ve got it now.) Yes, unfortunately, the brain needs all those worries and distractions. They are what make our brains happy, while our minds just get more befuddled. I have a theory that happy memories are an evolutionary response to the brain insisting we constantly fret. So, remember those peaceful, relaxed times, and, when the brain intrudes, which it will, label the thought as another pair of socks to chuck into its cabin bag.


Haikus are a chore.

Although vital for the blog.

Some may disagree.


The singer and song:- Sir Cliff Richard and The Shadows... (We’re All Going on a) Summer Holiday.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 16th April 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Mummy Dragon (She Tuts a Lot)


I’ve had a series of ‘first world’ problems over the past few days as the kitchen has been replaced. One and a half cupboards disappeared, I also ran out of bags to store stuff in. Then there was the whole thing about putting everything back into the reduced cupboard space. Which, I found, were a lot bigger than the old ones. There was the saga of waiting for the gas fitter to re-connect the cooker. Which meant I HAD to have the takeaway I planned on getting Monday evening. A Chinese should be a choice, not a chore imposed by a lack of cooking facilities! He eventually turned up, on Tuesday, at nearly 5pm. This gave me ample time to find the slight leak under the sink, which he kindly fixed too. These are just a random selection of my, self induced, angsty moments, which were all completely unnecessary, and why I am getting tutted by a dragon. Other blog subjects are available, but they are hiding behind this green mountain who is, firmly, in the way.


I think it’s a bit much to shame someone, especially me, publicly, just for doing what everyone else would have done under the circumstances. I should have known better. Which is the point. I really should have. If I can’t predict the outcome of my own kitchen refit I can hardly be trusted with sensitive information about other people’s lives can I?... I’ve never seen a dragon wagging a claw under my nose before... Of course she’s right. I was stressed over nothing, this got in the way of the reassurance everything would be fine, which it was, and is.


Apparently, I am on a fortnight’s restricted Rolo ration. Which is a right laugh, as anyone who has tried extricating a Rolo from a dragon will know only too well. What makes it all worse is, I, actually, felt everything would be fine, all the way through. Each moment spent jumping up and down while swearing and cursing, didn’t silence the quiet voice inside. This is why I feel slightly ashamed. Getting grumbled at by a dragon is something I am used to, honest self analysis isn’t.


I know I have worked on all the biggies like not being manipulative, or getting angry. What’s important is the little things. The incidents we think don’t really matter, when, in fact, they are the most significant. It’s where, and when, we spend most of our life. What really, really, really, bugs me though is it’s all around the kitchen. Every time I brew a coffee, I’ll remember. Whenever I rattle a pan, or wash up, I’ll remember. Taking a Kit Kat out of the jar will never be the same again. I don’t want it to be. While I’ve been writing a friend has been texting. At the start of the conversation I made a remark about my brain being rewired. Just like the Mummy dragon wasn’t joking, perhaps I wasn’t either.


I bet this haiku.

Will be an epic failure.

As a reminder.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 9th April 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'Say Something Weird' Dragon


I bet you’re all really intrigued with the title. Paradoxically, because I like paradoxes, I will blog in a totally sensible manner today. One of my recent testimonials mentions the fact I told someone when they had been trying to call me, but couldn’t get through, and how many times. Now, if that wasn’t weird enough, the three calls I answered while they tried were very short. I would call them failures to connect. It’s happened before, and, I’m sure, it will happen again... Sorry Boss, (I know she reads the blog.) In my defence can I point out the times when I want to disappear, but the little voice demands I stay? Probably not. At least I tried.


As I’m writing this I am beginning to think I should explore these ‘incidents’ a little more closely when they happen. Seeing as I don’t know why I said exactly that, which I wasn’t thinking about at all, this could be difficult. Apparently, there is a way, it’s just that I’m analysing what can’t be analysed in an analytical way. However, according to this scaly git, there’s a way through the maze. As a medium I could claim I went into a trance, but that would be like telling Camelot I’ve won the jackpot with all the wrong numbers. That’s because I’m fully aware of saying what comes out of my mouth, but not knowing the point behind it. Self delusion has never been an option for me.


In this case I’m referring to the reason was to give the client confidence in a very simple but unlikely relationship prediction. I can see that now from the testimonial, but it was as clear as mangrove mud at the time. I wonder if this is why I rarely ask for feedback? So I can learn from how others felt about their reading.


Which brings me neatly to the point. For a git, this git of a dragon, is a concise git. None of us ever stop learning, which is not the same as we have to learn lessons. I could have chosen to treat this incident in a completely different way. Climbing up on the roof and announcing my brilliance, for instance. Of course that is so not me. Many of my readers are on their own spiritual journey and often wonder about esoteric concepts. Sometimes they struggle. Take heart, gentle soul. What you might be stuck on can’t be as bad as working out what can’t be worked out, but has to be worked out, as I know it can be worked out, and I’ve chosen to do it. Of course, under the circumstances, I will be alone in my quest, apart from the usual, dragony, ‘encouragement.’


Perhaps our challenges are ours to overcome, only when we choose to accept the mission which seems impossible. I have a sneaky feeling that all our guides, and Angels, are on extended bikkie breaks waiting for that first step from us. Dragons don’t ‘do’ bikkies. Sometimes, especially at moments like this, I wish they did.


Rich tea digestives.

Are all that remains after

The chocolate’s gone.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 2nd April 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Chillin' With The Inuit Dragons


I was making my coffee when I noticed someone walking their dog, on the green bit, opposite my flat. She leant back at about 30° and the husky just pulled her along like a sledge. They both seemed happy with the arrangement. An added benefit might be her stretched arm comes in handy for cleaning behind the fridge. Who knows? One thing is sure, that being, I don’t. Perversely, because dragons are like that, I did know that the incident was the blog topic.


A lot of dog owners might have already decided that the husky might need a little, on the lead, training. Just like theirs had. I beg to differ. Owner and dog seemed very happy with the situation. Training advocates would appear to be promoting the compulsory adoption of their being miserable. Obviously assuming others should live by our rules often has unintended consequences. Being sociable animals means we tend to follow the other huskies.


To make matters worse, manipulative actions can exploit this behaviour pattern to obtain their desired result, with the bonus of upsetting someone too. The point is if you take a step back and look at the situation, as it really is, things can appear rather different. Taking one’s own perception out of the observation is the tricky bit. The good news is, if you can, then you really are a Zen master, so your black Kimono is in the post. Being Zen, that’s the bad news too. I am not expecting a Kimono delivery any time soon.


In my defence I can honestly state that whenever I see myself projecting on to others, I stop. Being dragon inspired that means further digging down into the hole I began, and emerging, covered in the mud of embarrassment. It isn’t a punishment, it’s an audio-visual teaching aid. A lot like these blogs where simple things get put under the microscope. The idea is when you, the reader, see something similar you might possibly remember a particular blog. Thinking, before eventually jumping, into the swamp. Of course neither I, nor the dragons, would insist on that, as we would be totally hypocritical if we did.


What seems really important to remember is the dog, and the owner, were simply being their selves. I happen to think that’s all the training we should ever need, as long as there was a course in allowing others to do the same. This comes naturally to me now. There’s something therapeutic in the mud of embarrassment.


Muddy waters blues.

Everyone knows that sorrow.

Which make a dog’s day.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 26th March 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragony Primer


This is blog no. 101. Coincidentally, 101 has slipped into the language via the U.S., as a concept of something, educationally, basic. For instance, politics 101 would be, don’t vote, because it only gives our representatives delusions of grandeur. Obviously, that’s my perception, I’m not canvassing for support.


I don’t actually buy into the idea that we are here to learn lessons. The concept goes against my own spiritual 101 of everything being one, but that one is completely unconditional. In my own weird way I could run with those three, one, nothing, one, to the absolute degree of it defining the totality of the Universe. It’s an adequate alternative to the Yin Yang symbol. You will all be pleased to know I don’t think we have to understand anything, our entry to the afterlife, is, like everything else, unconditional.


My own Zen 101, was realising the importance, and difficulty, of not getting in my own way. This involved a slow process of brain washing, as in removing the ingrained grime of previous ideas and behaviour patterns. Of course, I started off badly. By reading all the Buddhism for dummies books I could lay my hands on. I only learned more of what I would eventually have to surrender to the unknown. Buddha 101 is that the unknown, is not unknowable, but anyone saying they know what it is may, safely, be ignored. I am inclined to think it was the shock of forgiving myself, for being such a divvie, that got me out of my own way. Not by a step sideways, more like a collapsing to my knees. The clever ones reading this have already seen the paradox, you don’t know how important getting out of your own way is, until you, actually, do.


Any 101 class is intended to lay down the basic concepts of the subject in question. The question, at this moment, being, why am I here, and what am I supposed to do now I am? I honestly don’t know! I’m here, right now, to write my blog, after that it will be to make coffee and toast. I’m happy as Larry, (whoever Larry is) with that. You have a life, it doesn’t matter how you live it, you will achieve eternal peace. Having been through the mill of unravelling why, and how, difficult that is to accept, I sympathise.


I think the sneaky, but extremely clever Universe, saw this one coming. If we live kind lives, to ourselves and others, then peace of mind will, naturally, follow on. That’s the theory, it could also be the Universal plan for us all. If everyone was kind, everyone would be happy, and happy people don’t wonder about their life, as they’re too happy living it. It sounds, Oh! So simple, doesn’t it? That’s the point of 101’s though, easy steps which lead forward.


To haiku, or not?

A Shakespearian epic.

Would call for three acts.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 19th March 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Onwards, and Upwards, in a Dragony Way


‘Scuse me while I connect with my inner Olivia Colman... This, being the one hundredth blog, will be a little longer than usual. Actually the blog doesn’t really drone on, but the bit in front will stretch things out. Thank you to Wendy and Vicky for posting the blogs up to the website. There was a contingency plan in operation, which, thankfully, never had to be used. Dragons, delving into computer networks is a thought too unwholesome to describe.


This centenary is also a joint effort and has raised £60 for Guide Dogs For The Blind. I ran an auction for star billing on Facebook, Susie James, (more of whom later) made the winning bid. The only other entry was from Naomi Glendinning. I am so glad I don’t have to mention her. Susie and I have done some weird, spiritual, things together but what Naomi put me through was, well, something else. It all worked out positively in the end though. Lastly, there is Sionead, who kindly provided the picture for this particular blog. Bless ‘er she thought she was just sending a nice piccie over from Inverness. I think that wee beastie in the loch whispered in your ear while you were out with Holly. Holly is Sionead’s dog and often barks when she hears my voice.


It goes without saying that, if I get through typing this next bit with dry eyes, it will be a minor miracle. Oh, come on! It wouldn’t be my blog without a digression of M6 roadworks proportions. There is you, the reader I write for. The one I imagine I am talking to as the dragons gather to see if there are any Rolos in your handbag. Which there always are. You’re the one who gives me the topic each week too. Without you, none of this would ever have come together. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity you have given me. I will now remonstrate with a dragon for snorting, ‘You just put how you feel, into words. Make your mind up.’


Susie, and I, once got into trouble for causing an infernal racket on a retreat. I take responsibility for choosing a flying meditation, using very hairy mammoths. We were quiet as mice, but, somehow, did a little manifesting on the side. So, after the scolding, the next meditation was all about facing one’s fears by getting to know the spider as big as the moon. I should have thought that one through a little better. Most of the people downstairs were arachnophobic and were climbing the walls. My bad. I also had the honour of helping Susie say a long awaited goodbye to her late husband, Bob. We call ourselves the bookends, mainly because we come at things from opposite directions. Or, as the dragons would point out, I do everything backwards. Of course it wasn’t all beer and skittles, and fun. There was a serious side to our shared energies being shared with others. The serious side of Brigid always seemed to be on my case though. It must be a bookend thing.


Susie was once guided to say to me, ‘Alan, you are not Buddha’s parrot.’ We can both see what was meant by that, after so many years have passed. Susie’s charitable contribution gave her the right to pick the topic for the blog, which is humility. I know she will agree that factual reporting is simply that, and without any attached arrogance. I also hope those few memories have brought a smile to her face, as they have mine. There are many, many, more. Humility means I will refrain from mentioning my own particular favourite regarding the titanium pterodactyl. Which I have just aimed at the dragon who shouted, ‘You’ve done it again.’


So, Ms. James, if you would like to get cosy on the blog Reader sofa. Ignore the rest, they’re just earwigging. The not the parrot will squawk, while your handbag is examined for Rolos. I’m sure the guide dogs will appreciate the bikkies as much as the dragons enjoy their choccies.


According to the dragons, humility is the acceptance of a highest power which is too humble to claim the title. Dragons, being dragons, are naturally humble because being rather large, with the ability to breathe fire, doesn’t impress other dragons. It is simply what dragons do. Humans however, are often paralysed, and mesmerised, when encountering a dragon for the first time. Their sheer awesomeness blows our mind away. I remember how that felt! Now what would be really awesome is if they all shut up occasionally. Dragons are not kind to humans because their highest power commanded it. Being humble, it would never do that. Dragons are gentle to humans, as being otherwise would be like pulling the wings off a butterfly. Humility is also the ability to see things from the butterfly’s perspective.


When Gautama sat under the tree he, arrogantly, demanded enlightenment. Which, to a dragon, is another case of being careful what you wish for pal... When the dawn broke, the Buddha greeted his new life and the new day. He arose from where he sat and wondered what to do next. His teachings are not prescriptive my ways of thought, or highways of behavioural codes. They are simply suggestions of ways to look at ourselves and others. The humble Buddha had no need for humility, or arrogance, he now knew his true self. Unfortunately, this being several hundred years before Rolos were invented, he never made honorary dragon.


Neither have I, I don’t aim to, although, as Susie knows, for a while I was known as the dragon master. Humility is, in my opinion, just another word for Zen. It is everything, especially for those embarking on a spiritual journey of self discovery. The greatest spiritual achievement is the talent of shouting quietly, or, as the Celtic dragon clan would put it, ‘Strong words, softly spoken.’ Sometimes, I have to take up that mantle, and say a few phrases that leave the listener wondering, ‘How the flippin’ ‘eck did he know that?’ Which, I always say, is not about making me look good, it’s a means of gaining someone’s attention. I prefer doing that the draconic way, rather than the Angelic, as I’m no Angel.


Humility is the key to self discovery, it is the bleach which removes the stain of past conditioning. Sincerity with our own thoughts and feelings can empower us all, if we choose to accept who we really are, not who others say we are. It’s that simple. It’s also that difficult, not many of us are brave enough to choose that isolated path we must walk, confidently, alone. Many choose to shelter from the harsh sun under a parasol of a label, or wear a waterproof cloak of others adulation. I’m with the dragons on this, pedestals are best used for birdseed.


Of course no one reading this does that, they never have, and never will. Congratulations! It’s funny though, the person writing this will humbly own up to their failures, and is absolutely sure they will stray again in the future. However, a good thwack round their head from a dragon’s tail works wonders. Which is why Buddha got away with insisting on enlightenment. He should have felt that stinging swish but there was a tree in the way.


One hundred haikus!

Almost, I just need this one.

Coffee time, first, though.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 12th March 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Broadcasting Live From The Dragon Kindergarten


This, being blog 99, the dragons are insisting on a flake in their half-empty Rolo tubes. My reluctance at the idea, because of the crumbs, has been rejected. Apparently, the dragon paddock is home to some very well trained ants. Quite how they were educated into cleaning up chocolate bits; when Rolos are squishy, rather than brittle. I’m refusing to ask. Instead I will wear the crown of official fun spoiler for the week, with pride, and a modicum of preserved sanity. I will also refrain from adding too many spoilers. There are a few surprises planned for March 12th. Nuff Said.


Excited dragons are like toddler tornados having a sugar rush, while eternally trapped on a bouncy castle. Their inner zen flushed, rather than being channelled. They also have a major problem in that being totally honest they are completely unable to keep a secret. Sometimes that candour is brutal, although usually it’s harmless, as whatever is said makes a human think about the implications for weeks on end. A dragon’s definition of keeping someone safe includes catatonic puzzlement. It would be so easy to just swoon into their reverie and play along by blabbing. Which has led me to understanding, being human rather than dragon, occasionally, has its advantages.


Humans can, playfully tease, for instance. We can look forward to events, preparing for them to add to the impact. A steak dinner for two might begin at the butchers, but should end at the candle shop. It’s a win-win, as most candle purveyors often carry a selection of crystals to browse through. As long as the intimate dining isn’t an expression of guilt for blowing the housekeeping on a specimen Quartz, (with rainbows). Balance is the key, which dragons have in spades, but most of us need to dig deep to find. A good relationship would be one partner getting the meat, while the other looks after the candles.


Maybe the big factor at play is our actual motivation for doing what we do while candle shopping. That’s something which is personal, and, quite often, can’t be easily explained to others. We carry our past influences, and influencers, with us. It’s hard to forget what made us who we are. Thinking about it involves remembering it. Everyone has a back story, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rewrite our character as this life tale unfolds. Yes, I can speak of many experiences to verify that.


Look at it this way, said the grumpy dragon, who is only grumpy because they’re as happy as the rest. ‘Being hanged, isn’t nice, at all, ever. Keeping someone in suspense, if it’s done for the right reasons, can be wonderful for all those involved.’ The Dalai Lama tells everyone his religion is kindness. I can relate, but I’m not the Dalai Lama. I can claim the right to occasionally practice windupness, at the same time as kindness. Apparently, it’s allowed, as long as you’re not a dragon.


Haiku ninety nine!

That was a sweet idea.

Until it melted.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 5th March 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




How To Bask Like a Dragon


At the time of writing there were 309 shopping days until Christmas. What shocked me was finding a whole website dedicated to the subject. Obviously, it’s funded by following the links for gift suggestions. I can’t make up my mind whether those behind it should receive an award for business innovation, or be shot at dawn, slowly, with square bullets. What is really annoying me? Well I thought I had a brilliant idea for a blog before I Googled the information. I’ve now forgotten, due to the surprise of how easy it was to find.


Oh yes, basking. Lying on a warm beach, with nothing to do, brings about instant relaxation. The brain automatically shuts down. Dragons do a lot of basking, but their brains never switch off. Please note, this is a blog, not a debate around draconian mental faculties. During a good bask, the only thing that interrupts a baskee, is a cloud, drifting across the sun. It’s annoying! So annoying it becomes the sole focus of our attention until it wanders off looking for some daffodils, or whatever else clouds do. A dragon, being dragony, has a different viewpoint. They note that the temperature hasn’t dropped, it’s a very small cloud, and, before you know it, there it was, gone. Back to basking, after checking the Rolos are back in the cooler bag. All this comes about by their being aware at all times.


Paradoxically, mindfulness happens best when it is not trying to be achieved. A mindful basker always checks the weather forecast, for instance. Similarly, a Canadian sunbather will keep their parka on. It’s all a question of being prepared. Surprises always fluster the mind, especially a relaxed mind. Very few of us boing out of bed, like a lark boings into the sky. A small cloud sized shock takes time to recover from, that thinking clearly lag is lessened by observing the actual change that took place.


When it comes to non beached humans, quite often, the changes are minimal, to zero. The surprise is meant to disorient so they can escape, or, manipulate. The extreme of this is the technique behind gaslighting, where it is possible to convince someone they are, basically, insane. The answer is simple, remain aware of yourself. In certain circumstances, I accept this can be extremely difficult, but becomes easier with practice.


Perhaps we should look on our life as a parade. When a cloud comes along to rain upon it, put the umbrella up. Canadians will have a hood on their parka. These are instinctive reactions, however, the effect is to keep the mind, and awareness, clear. Our symbolic sky is, actually, cloud free. Unfortunately, the beach day you have now restored to its glory, is a day less for Christmas shopping.


‘We want a haiku.’

The cheering masses roared.

Just as I woke up.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 26th February 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Cruising With Dragons


I recently referred to an event being as rare as an unhorned unicorn. This, naturally, led to the issue of what a hornless unicorn would be called. An uncorni, obviously. It could be argued that uncornis and unicorns, being myths, make the whole exercise irrelevant. While I have to agree I have never actually found a unicorn, I can’t say the same about uncornis, although I’ve never seen a pony rainbow burping either. (Other means of an equine releasing intestinal gas are available.) Welcome to my world! Someone once sat on a bench beside me and asked what I was looking at. I replied, ‘The baby dragons practicing being guides with the sheep.’ Unfortunately, she started to see them too, which, in her case, might have been a welcome too far.


Perhaps dragons are just too weird for people to appreciate the Universal force they are simply symbolic of. A dragon is no different energetically to an Angel. Humans however get stuck in the argument as to whether they both have wings or not. The other problem being the religious implications attached to each. Do chalk and cheese have a religion? In my world I can bring both of them together. The stamping dragons syncopate with the voices of the Angelic choir. Finding that wonderful phrase was easy enough, I just thought with my feet. They are both firmly planted on finest Welsh floor tiles. In Wales dragons really do sing with Angels.


One of the things I found to be totally confusing along the way I chose, was realising whatever I sought could not exist. I would always put my own spin on it, because, I reasoned, we would have to communicate. The big realisation being the only thing that can be done with unconditional love is to accept it, unconditionally. Paradoxically, it became possible to see the invisible by not looking for it. Nothing coalesced into the wonderful everything. In fact, nothing changed, but it did so in this weird, completely way. Zen practice and meditation finally made sense of the Buddha’s words. Completed, the pot could slowly fill, drop, by drop.


So, what’s an easy way to know the unseen, and touch the ephemeral? Take the time to visit a gallery and look at a seascape. The wind bending the mast of the ship across its canvas ocean, or crashing the waves into the paper rocks is the same thing. Like uncornis, rationally, neither can exist, but there they are before your very eyes. All that remains is to work out how did that happen? Only you can do that. You will have learned to fly, so use your wings to guide where you need to go. Leathery or feathery, scaly or silky gowny, Angelic or draconic, doesn’t matter. Anybody who says differently, may, in my humble opinion, be very safely ignored.


Simply cage the wind.

Examining it closely.

All becomes clear.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 19th February 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Thoughts From An Ascended Dragon


How many times has someone said something, along the lines of ‘Just get over it’ to you? Getting over anything is usually the most difficult option, for a start there’s gravity to overcome. You might need a ladder, or, if it’s really big, scaffolding. In certain circumstances a team of Sherpas would be handy, better still, a helicopter. The complications of getting over something are as infinite as whatever has to be got over. Me, being bodily bone idle, but mentally productive, thinks there must be a better way of dealing with the situation.


The problem is when you say ‘I’ll get round it’ in reply to whoever advised getting over it, they will immediately accuse you of avoiding the issue. They seem incapable of seeing that this would reveal the finer details, allowing all due consideration, then the appropriate actions. The real hissy fit happens if you tell them you had an idea it was coming up and prevented the issue arising in the first place. Being told to get over, what you’ve already got over, via the bridge, just doesn’t fit in their world view. In fact I don’t think much does, besides hurdles. I dare not begin to think what would happen if they fell into a trap. In fact they probably did, a long time ago, and are still wondering how to get over it. This, being complicated, means everyone should be dragged down to their level at the bottom of the hole.


I know words can only be weaponised if whoever hears them actually believes what is being said. From past experience whenever I was told to get over something, at that point in time it was impossible. I am fairly sure I am not unique in that respect. Get over it might just be a more socially acceptable way of telling someone you’re not bothered, it’s their problem, with the added kudos of it being seen as sound advice by others. I’m sure, putting it that way, might cause some raised eyebrows. No one sets out to be deliberately cruel and insensitive to others do we? I suspect we don’t have to. It comes naturally, from not engaging the brain before moving our lips. At this point I will accept I am guilty as charged, so you lot are innocent. I’ll get over it.


I’ll get over it by never using the phrase again. If someone has shared a problem it’s fairly obvious they are looking for some form of support. This will range from just being listened to, up to direct intervention. Which is where it gets tricky. There are times when the only remedy has to come from the individual concerned. I could argue against my argument and state, perhaps get over it is an intuitive recognition of these circumstances. I very much doubt it though. Whenever I find myself in that position with someone, the guidance gently leads them to the conclusion of being their own support group and they get on with it.


Buddha teaches self reliance, but the best Buddhists tend to be found in monasteries. Where, ironically, get over it becomes replaced with meditate upon. If we can help, we should, unless we know we shouldn’t. Saying that is so, so, easy. Knowing when it applies is a totally different matter. I can’t help with that one, I’m still learning it myself. Once I’ve got over it, I’ll let you all know.


Ikea haiku.

Some assembly required.

I’m on coffee break.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 12th February 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Alison, the Dragon Under the Stairs


Gong hei fat choy! It’s the year of the pig. A time when all the vain hubbies will probably think this time is about them. Which it won’t be, but it’s also flu season so they will do their best to catch it, going for the extreme sympathy vote as recompense. I caught my dose early, this in part led to the slightly longer than intended blogging gap. My mother died just before Christmas too. Obviously, that simple statement should explain everything to my male readers. The ladies would want to know all the gory details. Men think that’s because women are naturally nosy, I used to be that stupid, but came to understand it’s simply women’s natural, nurturing nature. Talking things out really helps. As for the gruesome bits, there weren’t any. She passed away peacefully, in her sleep.


Maybe my education around connecting with my feminine side has come naturally through my work with TheCircle. So, first of all, I would like to thank all the clients over the years who helped the process. That said, I am still enough of a bloke to grumble at the particular dragon who decided it was time to come out about it.


We all have that spot, under the stairs, where the junk goes. Looking back, it was simply a case of slowly clearing the rubbish away. This was the imposed cultural concepts regarding the differences between men and women. It took a while. Guess what guys, there’s very little divergence, and most of it comes from your own prejudices. I can relate!


I can also relate to the fact reconnecting with your feminine mindset in no way affects your masculinity. It does make you a lot more desirable though. The problem there is, if you are insincere, you will be seen through faster than a dragon can disappear a Rolo. It is also a slow process. Announcing you will, henceforth, be a new you, won’t wash. Although asking to learn how the machine works will earn a brownie point, it isn’t the point Alison is trying to get across. It’s all about communication.


Alison is one of the Irish dragon clan. The clue is in her name, but you have to hear it with the right accent. Once you do things change. It’s also a one way street, you can only move forward. I, personally, think that’s because it’s actually the way men really are. Trying to be something different to our inherent nature always causes problems. Stress and anxiety are, according to the doctors, best avoided. I know men contribute to their own downfall in failing to accept their nurturing, caring side, focussing instead on being the defender and provider. Looking back I owe Alison a lot, in fact, you could say, Alisoned. We weren’t sure if this blog should have been titled The Cotton Bud Dragon, but the medics say the only thing you should stick in your ear is your elbow. Strangely, given the chance, Alison has a way of working herself in there, and into the gap between our manly ears.


A rusty haiku.

As I am out of practice.

Where’s me polish?



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 5th February 2019




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Preoccupied Dragons


This feels weird as it’s the last blog I will be writing for around three weeks. In fact I feel a lot like the Christmas tree in ASDA which has been on display since November 7th. To make matters worse someone has given the dragons Smarties, which for the U.S. readers are like M&M’s. So if anyone is expecting a festive draconic channelling of scaly philosophy direct from the dragon meadow, there’s no chance! At the moment it’s a killing field and I’m keeping my head down.


Rolos, being soft and squishy, fit neatly on to the tip of a dragon’s claw. The bit on the end that is sharp enough to cut through silk without leaving a ragged edge. Smarties however, require a different ingestion method. Humans refer to this as tiddlywinks, dragons, being dragons, call it eating.


The problem is Smarties are made for sharing, so a quick claw press sends a single Smartie flying to whichever dragon is lucky enough to catch it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Almost quaint and cosy. Obviously you’ve never felt the sting a Smartie travelling at several hundred miles an hour can cause when it strikes, or the bruise it will leave. Not to mention the fact thousands of sheeny, shiny, mountains are simultaneously leaping skyward to grab one. They all have to come down somewhere.


In the lead up to Christmas it’s difficult to remember what it is all really about. To me that is others being put first, before our self. Any joy we have is when we see their face light up with surprised joy. I don’t celebrate Christmas, instead, I honour the Solstice. The good thing about that is I totally avoid the madness of the festive supermarket battleground. The downside is I always get invited to the dragon Smartie party, and I’m dumb enough to think it can’t be as bad as last year. If that sounds familiar deal with it, and make some changes, carry a tube of Smarties around as a reminder.


Maybe we all have an inner Grinch we choose to let out, or not. They don’t, actually, steal Christmas we let them take it from us. Yes, I know a festive meal with all the trimmings is a chore for someone. I have had enough practice there. It’s the little things that matter guys! While she’s busily basting, get in there, put the kettle on, and make her a cup of tea. Do it, don’t wait to be asked, but don’t pour the sherry out until the roasties are, well, roasting.


I hope you all have a dragony Christmas, which is where the little things, like Smarties, are all that matters. It would be nice if the dragons applied that concept to me, right now. I might feel a bit more safe.


A Christmas haiku.

The American version.

Happy Holidays.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 18th December 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragonless Blog


The problem with waiting for inspiration is it’s a bus. Nothing comes along for ages, then three great ideas arrive at once. Settle down, according to the time table they aren’t due until tomorrow and I’ll have forgotten them by next week. So I am, officially, blogless, except there needs to be a blog. The old saying ‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ needs editing. Prevarication is the parent, of my creativity right now. She is asking if it is really wise to admit I don’t have a thing to write about, especially in the first paragraph?


I happen to think the most important phrase in any language is ‘Good luck with that.’ Throughout human history it has been wished on everyone who thought outside the box. For instance, whoever kept bees for the first time. Obviously, they succeeded, but I am sure they also heard the second most used phrase in any language, which is, ‘It can only end in tears.’ Like I feel at the moment, they would have no one to turn to for sympathy each time they were stung. Perversely, they wouldn’t have been congratulated for their honey production either, as they would be busily haggling over the price.


The other group of words that may need mentioning is ‘You’ll get your reward in Heaven.’ Personally, I reckon if any of the Angels read my blog I will be lined up to get something, and I don’t think it will be a set of wings. The strange thing is that after being criticised, then ostracised, the original apiarist was rapidly elevated to the upper hierarchy of their religion. Throughout history there are reams of evidence pointing to the sacred values of honey and bees. As a medium I am aware of their smug smile beaming down on me from above, and there was a blog after all.


No, I haven’t quite finished, there’s more. Have you noticed how, when something works for an individual it becomes copied by others? Our natural reaction is usually a little pique to say the least. Buddha, and a few others, ran with that. Their thinking was it might get taken up by others if they chose to treat people with kindness and respect. I don’t think it was difficult for them to control their dismay at being plagiarised, as it was so rare an event. Buddhists don’t, actually, have a heaven, any reward I’m due would have to happen on Earth. I know it’s good luck with that Alan, since being kind is just the right way to be. I just know it doesn’t, eventually, all end in tears.


The longest delay.

Is never starting the task.

Which remains undone.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 11th December 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




When Dragons Get Stuck into Sherry Trifle


Hopefully, by the time this gets read, you will have remembered where the Advent calendar was hidden. This is the problem with planning ahead, once we reach the ahead, the plan has changed. Forgetting is not necessarily a bad thing as it can introduce some interesting dynamics. Weirdly, we seem to remember just at the moment it’s no longer relevant to the current situation. Perhaps we have an inbuilt tendency to go with the flow. Which is fine, until the current deposits us on an unknown shore. Let’s face it, disasters happen, jobs end, people die, or fall ill.


There is a school of thought that believes such things are actually pre-destined, personally I can’t subscribe to those ideas. Which, for a long time, led to the conundrum of knowing what would happen in people’s lives, then letting them know, should be impossible. Let’s get that impossible into context, I only had to do it once but it’s happened thousands of times. Is it really like opening the Advent calendar window, because that’s how it seems, or is there a deeper understanding I’ve missed? The fact I am not allowed to reveal anything that would cause a client to worry would indicate there is something else going on in the process.


Many years of thinking led me to the inescapable conclusion that the plan is simple. Everything in the Universe should be happy. Which sounds wonderful. It is, until we have to define what the word happy means, especially when it has to apply to every minute constituent particle of the Universe, and all at the same time. Mountains are too big to be miserable, humans however, are just the right size to inflict despair on their self, while dragging in anyone in the vicinity too. I am slowly working through the implications of whatever my happy is, it will contain a responsibility not to impinge on any other happy in any way.


The problem with the ultimate simplification is the infinite ramifications within it. It only gets worse when it is understood nothing can, actually, exist outside of the Universe. Anyone can imagine whatever they choose to dream of, the thought doesn’t become real without a plan and appropriate action. This always entails using stuff the Universe has pre-provided for us all to share from. There is only so much to go around.


Living in a random Universe, I freely admit, might not suit everybody. I don’t actually think things are quite as random as the theory would suggest. Which brings me neatly to the moral mine field of which religion, or philosophy, is the right one to follow? Is there a cosmic get out of jail free card in the monopoly game of life? Obviously, the answer is, yes. It’s the one that makes you happy.


Haiku an unknown.

The scaly beastie advised.

Then, disappeared.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 4th December 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Walkabout with Sydney, the Antipodean Dragon


I always try to learn something new every day. On Monday I discovered Wombat’s poop is cubed shape. This makes them not only extremely cute, but totally unique in the living world. Just for the record, and to stop the giggling from the back, Wombat’s bums are round! The shape is formed by variable elasticity of the intestinal tract. They are nocturnal, producing around a hundred cubes every night. They pile them up to mark their territories. If they were round, the poop mounds would just blow away. Obviously this all evolved over time, or you could be just as correct by thinking isn’t God clever? Whichever floats your Ark. In case anyone is concerned about Wombat welfare, their poop has rounded off edges, without angular corners.


What fascinated me is that it pointed out how a major problem, the survival of a species, is solved in a simple, but elegant way. If I am weird, for thinking cubical poop is elegant, I will happily wear the T shirt. That’s because I firmly believe no matter how complicated the situation seems, there is always a straightforward answer, as long as the indicated action is taken. Usually that involves patience, since quite often doing nothing sorts things out.


You may have guessed that I’ve basically thought of little else since discovering this factoid a few days ago, which makes sense in regard to my next point. From personal experience and observation, which is difficult to convey to others, this is an easily understood example that anyone can appreciate. If the answer is always simple, the guidance to finding it will always be simple too. My draconic drive has two forward gears, Yes and No. Reverse is ‘We don’t believe you just did that.’ Perversely, my clients say that a lot when I pull something highly valid out of thin air during the reading.


Unlike this wonderfully exclusive ability of wombats when compared to other animals, I don’t consider myself any different to any other human on the planet. Honesty drives me to add ‘Or off it’ there but that’s my own, personal, Ark. I was told long ago to keep it simple. Funnily enough, around this time of the year too. Perhaps I needed a reminder, and a reason to pass on the advice.


Another major benefit from keeping things simple is simplicity doesn’t involve a lot of words, so I’ll keep this blog short, and very simple, as I have some serious thinking to do. In a few days I will need to find a relevant picture to advertise the update on social media. That may take a while, keeping it clean, and entirely appropriate, will not be easy.


Cancel the haiku!

He is too pooped to write.

Where did that come from?




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Published: 27th November 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Gulliver's Dragon


Well this is weird, as in a way I’m reprising my first proper blog, ‘The Kitchen Sink Samurai.’ I got this idea while I was washing up. Relaxing is difficult knowing the kitchen looks like a war zone. I can, however, smile at those words, both cryptically and enigmatically, since I know what’s coming later.


When I was growing up I was constantly told ‘You are what you eat.’ It’s a lie! I can prove it too. My first piece of evidence is I am not a curried crab stick. Any reasonable jury would agree curried crab sticks don’t write blogs.


Saturday was a good day, the food parcel from Spain arrived. I would have shared the chocolate walnuts and Brazils, all you had to do was turn up. Sunday was extra brilliant! I made paella. Now it’s Tuesday, bringing with it the realisation paella is just a biriani, or yung chow fried rice. A moussaka is Greek for shepherd’s pie, only the potatoes go on the bottom, which they also do in the Persian version.


More or less everything we cook has another form in another country. The only difference being the seasoning of the dish. Any and every kitchen should be a haven of peace when you look at it like that. They aren’t, and not just until the washing up is done. Perhaps this is why every religion has the notion of sharing food as part of its creed. This applies to Christians, Hindus, Moslems, (although theirs will upset the vegans) Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists, Jains, from Anabaptist to Zoroastrian. Maybe the problem is, while sharing is easy, how we share is more important? That’s my second piece of evidence we are not what we eat, perhaps we could be if we tried.


In the story of Gulliver’s Travels, two islands were at war over which end to bash boiled eggs. Which is ridiculous. Is it really that ridiculous when humanity seems to constantly do the same thing? Jonathan Swift wrote his novel as a parody, somewhere along the way the message got lost. Gulliver never came home.


A few days ago this country stopped, for two minutes. It takes three and a half of them to boil an egg. Many who lost their lives in the conflicts would have killed for a home cooked meal as they marched. The fact they died means we are free to cook what we want, how we want, and choose who we eat it with too. For that I am grateful beyond words. When you see it so starkly in those simple to understand terms, surely we should do more to help in any way. Not just the ex service people, but the mangled civilians too. Most of the devastating earthquakes take less time to happen than a slice of bread in the toaster. Things can only get better when we all get around the table having decided we, actually, will be what we eat, but that must be food for thought. ‘Look at it this way,’ rumbled the dragon. ‘Remembering is a single thought away from forgetting.’


Gulliver’s travels.

A story all children love.

But adults forget.




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Published: 20th November 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Tinedy, the Lidl Dragon Wifth a Snifftle


I’m one of those annoying people who, when others say ‘The world is going to Hell in a handcart,’ politely point out handcarts need pushing. Why anyone would get angry by hearing the blooming obvious seems a bit weird. I’m pretty sure they haven’t taken the time to consider the implications of the answer before flapping their arms like a demented budgie. I can only assume they didn’t like having to accept some responsibility as a pushed or pusher. Strangely, the only people who get on my nerves are those who claim not to be involved with the handcart at all. I suppose I should be impressed by their apparent ability to breath in the vacuum of space, or, perhaps, the space is between their ears.


Inner peace is neither deaf, dumb, or blind. It is however, very picky over what to get involved in. I have found that being sympathetic to others problems doesn’t always help. It can get in the way as nothing gets resolved. Every so often I find myself listening more than talking, and, eventually, the client makes their own conclusions and puts them into action, usually with very positive results. Thinking aloud, is allowed, but, perversely, I do it quietly. I could do the Buddhist detachment thing with everyone’s issues, but that would mean denying the reality of handcart Earth. Unfortunately, there are certain people who seek sympathy and attention, and kick off like Ronaldo when they don’t get it. It’s a rare occurrence for this to be pointed out to them as it’s easier to just go along with the drama. What isn’t rare at all, is the fact they are constantly talked about behind their back by those who watched the performance, and go on to create their own production just in a different theatre. I’m the busker outside, singing about handcarts.


The old saying about pots and kettles no longer seems to hold in the age of induction hobs, electric kettles and Le Creuset stoneware. It was reinforced by observation and experience when everything went on to the open fired range. There was a stronger sense of community which has slowly waned. Except the good old days without antibiotics, public health, hygiene controls and jobs in t’mill once you hit eleven, might not have been so wonderful.


On a spiritual level I gained a huge understanding by realising although I don’t have any more questions, I don’t have the answer for everyone else. There is no way around the seeing it for yourself thing.


There’s no escape from the handcart conclusion or concept either. It’s perfectly possible to step out of the cart and, quietly, watch. Gently encouraging others to join you on the sidelines. I know it won’t stop those pushing from carrying on regardless, but I don’t think the Devil would be impressed when they arrive empty handed. While they are getting literal Hell, us clever ones can push the cart back to where it all, supposedly, began. Wherever that is, was, or will be. I only hope I can resist the overwhelming temptation to ask if there was a deposit on the trolley? It seems a perfectly reasonable question to me.


Time never pauses.

So say Aldi it now, not.

Aldi it later




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Published: 13th November 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Back in Ten Minutes Dragons


Struggling for inspiration I typed ‘On this day in history’ into Google. The only slightly relevant event was the world’s largest Hydrogen bomb being tested. Seeing as this will be read on the sixth  of November a big bang would be notable I suppose. Apparently this particular firework could be seen from a thousand miles away, which is a lot of neighbours to bake a spud for. Luckily potatoes are a basis of most European cuisines, so you wouldn’t have to write multi-lingual menus.


I’ve never been one of those people who, when they don’t know the answer, waffle on as if they do. When I make something up it’s outrageous and, completely obvious that it can’t be true. My granddaughter once spent half an hour wriggling around the floor to prove a short armed T. Rex would have to lie down, on the ground, to pick strawberries. ‘Which is how jam got invented.’ I replied. She seemed happy with that, and I’m sure she will stay that way until she hears about the sixty million year gap that remains unaccounted for. That’s another thing people do, digress, but the crafty ones veer off slightly, so it still seems pertinent to the conversation. Maybe the need to be heard is buried deep within the human psyche, even when what is being said is utter twaddle.


We are all really good at flogging a dead horse too. That’s the same horse you led to the water, but it wouldn’t drink, and you couldn’t make it, so it desiccated to death. Which is exactly how I felt after writing this week’s first paragraph.


There is a very fine line between perseverance, which always seems to pay off, and a useless enterprise. The problem is that you won’t know the difference until there’s a big change in circumstances. This is usually indicated by everyone suddenly digressing the conversation around to a political discussion, and, effectively, ignoring your success.


I don’t get that need to be superior in some way. I’d rather be the inferior cracked pot that lets light out through the gaps. It’s easy to be damaged as we go through life too. The trick is to embrace the faults as a necessary part of our being, to be grateful for the careless handling that put them there. To not wear our chips on our shoulders, but to leave them where they fell. Strangely, the dried out horse suddenly seems to have a bit of a spring in its step again. We got there in the end.


When we think aloud.

The silence listens, it knows.

Thinking is allowed.



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Published: 6th November 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




From the Dragon's Water Meadow


Every so often, make that too often for comfort, I get these strange bees buzzing in my bonnet. Today’s being ‘There’s no ‘F’ in team.’ You might want to read that again, a little more quickly, and aloud, to get the full effect. I know I’m stating the obvious but my hive mind is busily considering the implications; of which there are many. The first being that you have to think about the simple five words of the sentence and choose to either, snort with indignation, or smile, enigmatically, at the inherent truth of them.


Already there is a division into separate groups, neither of which really gets the other’s viewpoint. Which, in my modest opinion, isn’t bad as an opening paragraph to the blog. Another two sub sections have now emerged dividing those whose nerves are being got on, and those which are not. The ones considering I’m having a personal dig at them will just have to deal with it. The really clever ones among my readers, will, by now, have concluded that team, should, actually, begin with a ‘U.’ That U right now, is me. However my team would be a group of free thinkers, so, if it’s OK with everyone, I’ll hand over the captain’s arm band to someone else, which, in a perfect world, would be you.


The problem is that we all seem to rely on others. Rely also starts with a U, that U being anyone else except you. Neatly, I can now point out that if these words really did begin with a U they would be meaningless within our present understanding of the English language. We would just have to hum along to the world’s tune, like busy little bees flitting from flower to flower. Unfortunately, taking the words out of the conversation doesn’t remove the concepts from our life. It just looks that way.


The more I listen to these bees the more I realise this blog is directed at relationships, and, sorry fellas, US! I’m from the generation which put providing first, but the first provision I should have made was time for the team, not just put in the hours earning the money for their kit. While the queen bees are giggling over that, I hope they pause to consider time is irreplaceable. They can have the carpenter putting the new kitchen in, or the patient male child minder, but not both at the same moment.


Others may feel it’s hypocritical for the happy hermit I am to point out life is a team sport. My reply would be, ‘I’m living a life, not playing games.’ All of our interactions, and relationships, should be fun, to the point of extreme seriousness. Maybe it’s a sentence too far to add fun has a U in the middle of it.


The honey of life.

Requires many flowers.

Bloomin’ obvious.




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Published: 30th October 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Graceful Dragon


Back in the days when more people smoked, making hay while the sun shines, could, theoretically, have caused problems. I can’t remember hearing about a reaper becoming incinerated, but I am sure they would have been quite grim had it happened. Perhaps people were more careful then, or something else changed in our society along the way. The obvious answer would be no win, no fee, solicitors. I don’t think it was that simple. If I did I would have nothing to blog about, I would also be facing claims for false advertising.


It’s not often ASDA, (or Waitrose), run out of sausages, while there always seems to be a nice selection of fresh fish on the slab too. Farming and fishing are amongst the top careers for industrial accidents. Coming from an agricultural career I’ve had my fair share of mishaps when handling livestock. When you bring heavy machinery into the mix, or being out in a howling gale the odds shorten even more. The same concept can be applied to finding an empty supermarket trolley in the run up to Christmas. I’ve had more than one life or death situations doing that. So why is it that we seem able to forget about those in peril in the fields? I know my grandchildren are disconnected from food production. I think that’s a shame as it takes away a source of gratitude. If there’s one thing we should be grateful for it’s not being able to eat another Crimble morsel. Ferrero Rocher aren’t morsels, they’re salad, cocoa grows on trees.


It isn’t easy being grateful. Making a cup of tea involves rain, civil engineering, pickers, packers, potters and purveyors. More civil engineering, gas rig workers, delivery drivers, warehouse stackers, tap makers. It’s an almost endless list. Culminating with not receiving a ‘thank you’ when you pass their mug. Do you have the right to feel umbrage at that, after ignoring all those involved in the process? My answer would be ‘No’ followed by my whispering ‘I’m as guilty as anyone else.’


Weirdly, and I am grateful for my weird mind, extending gratitude to others begins with being grateful to our self. We are who we are, and we do what we do. One of many reasons I am weird is I actually try to observe what I’m doing, why, and to whom. Note the word try is in that sentence, but I’ve noticed when I successfully observe myself, I act differently. Is anyone ever grateful? Obviously not! Which is, basically, the difference between making someone a brew, or letting them wear it.


Gratitude tends to be quiet. It could even be as calming and therapeutic as meditation. When we are grateful within ourselves, apparently, any situation can be dealt with with appropriate calm because we are glad that it happened. While I am grateful to the wise dragon that passed the information on, they have a really irritating, rather smug, smile. I will take that as an indication of just how far I have yet to go along the gratitude road.


I wish gratitude.

Had a few less syllables.

Then this would work out.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 23rd October 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Fluff... The Magic Dragon


After four years or so of being in my possession, I’ve just seen there’s a battery light on the computer keyboard. It’s green at the moment. I will be obsessively monitoring it though. As soon as it glows red I will know what to do. Instead of cursing everything under the sun, while turning the flat upside down faster than an energy starved Duracell bunny on a technological carrot hunt. Why I noticed is the important bit. I changed my usual behaviour and did some polishing while the computer was switched on, although, sensibly, I turned off the keyboard to save filling the screen with gobbledegook, although writing the blog would then have been a lot less angst.


I’m rather good at turning inconsequential moments into profound, Earth shattering discoveries. I also like to think I can get them into perspective too. This one is tricky as it encompasses everything I try to consciously be, while according to the rules of Zen, it was seen by not consciously looking and doing something else. I can explain the moment, but the only person realising what happened and its consequences is me. My Earth is in bits for a short while, yours is still turning. Of course I could head off at a tangent, by suggesting this is symbolic of the power of words. Zen is beyond words, beyond thought, even beyond imagination. It, simply, is.


Discombobulation might not be in the dictionary, but it’s certainly in my head right now. While it is so easy to see something, it is even easier to forget it’s there. Life changing moments should be as it says on the tin, since a life changing moment could arrive when you pour out the beans. They are just that, beans, not worms. I happen to think the fear of what happens next, the worry of opening our can of worms, gets in the way of what should be the next step. Knowing we will be helped along a particular way doesn’t make it any easier to take that first step. It may not look like a chasm, but it can be. One thing I can say with confidence, based on experience, no one is ever pushed over the edge. It just seems that way. This is why I chose dragons for company along the way. They have very bouncy bellies and love to lie in the shade of cliffs.


Even the most inconsequential of our actions can produce a tidal wave of transformation. Most of our cities have arisen from their own rubble. We call it hard core now to avoid recognising destruction and creation are the same concept. The dust on my keyboard wasn’t obliterated, only dislodged. It rests in peace until the Hoover comes out. The weird thing is, I know it achieved the reason for its existence by waking me up.


You are not dust, or a vacuum cleaner. Like every other speck in the Universe you are a highly valued being. What we are being at any given moment, is the problem, which is, usually, our personal choice.  


Doors open and close.

Quietly the way changes.

What will be, will be.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 16th October 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon from the Emerald City


When Dorothy dropped her house on the wicked witch the unforeseen consequences changed several lives. The Wizard of Oz is actually a story of a series of accidents, with a happy ending, not a Holby City one, unless of course, you’re a naughty witch. It also concludes with everyone finding their highest good, again with unforeseen consequences. The Tin Man’s heart was breaking as they said goodbye for instance. The problem in trying to act in the highest good for all, is that it might not, actually, exist in reality. There will always be unforeseen consequences to any action, simply because any of us can change our minds. Which begs the question ‘When does an unforeseen consequence become beneficial and part of the highest good?’ My answer would be all of them.


Unforeseen consequences, to me, are the flow we should all drift along in, and, paradoxically, the way to the highest good, for all, is what is in our own highest interest. Which sounds idyllic until the Universal, unconditional love rule is factored in. Selfishness has to be left behind, along with manipulative and controlling behaviour. Those are just a few of the main examples. Once we start to think that way, our life path resembles Dorothy’s journey even more. So I swapped my companions for a couple of scaly thingys, and, unlike Dorothy, never looked back.


I told a bit of a fib then, I’m always looking back. Saintly I am not, Yoda I am not either. I, personally, know the answer is in letting go, completely and utterly. Which isn’t easy, as anyone who’s been through a shipwreck will admit to. We desperately cling to anything that floats. Sometimes we have to, but there comes a time to release it. This is why there seems to be very few life rafts on Kensington High Street, although appearances often deceive until we look closely. Ship wrecks are another unforeseen consequence, usually resulting from someone else’s actions, but we don’t have to drown. It just seems like we are going under. Weirdly, the official advice from H.M. Coastguard is to relax, and float, when you find yourself suddenly in the water. Struggling reduces your ability to survive.


One of the worst decisions I ever made was to follow the Buddha’s teachings. Every religion gives hope of an afterlife, Buddhist’s try to work it all out here, through their Earthly existence. Why my worst decision? Well I’m a medium, I know there is an afterlife, with some very interesting, very unforeseen consequences. So if you feel confused with it all, I can relate. Been there, done that, bought the T shirt, now you don’t have to. I’m not saying ‘Trust me,’ I never do! I know you have to trust you. I also understand we all carry an infinite supply of torpedoes for self sabotage. Some of mine were thermonuclear. I survived, one day I might wash up on a palm fringed beach, to feel squidgy, warm, sand between my toes, and know I am home. Until then I’ll keep putting credit on the gas meter.


The Good ship Buddha.

Sails without a compass.

The tide will decide.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 9th October 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon in the Bath


I’ve heard ‘Defenestration’ over used recently. It’s the political conference season, so quite a lot is being thrown out of various windows, although the word is mainly used in regard to people. My problem is I always think laterally. Picturing certain politicos hurling through empty space, surrounded by glittering glass shards, might be less lateral and more wishful thinking admittedly. My work around that one being it’s a mental picture window.


Using a window as a means of garbage disposal can’t be recommended under any circumstances. Which is why plumbing was, eventually, invented. I’ll leave that there and hope somebody doesn’t tread in it. When you apply the concept to human interactions defenestration seems to be instinctive. Which is strange, because humans have been around a lot longer than curtains and blinds. I’ve never understood the concept of ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ Which is what ostriches do when they bury their heads in sand. Except they don’t. They may have a walnut sized brain, but they worked that one out by their selves. We, however, are experts at ignoring obvious problems, or, we throw them out of the window, without thinking, then wonder where the draught is coming from.


This is the difference between making a choice, or decision, and defenestrating. You consciously open the window first. In so doing, you get a chance to see what’s going on outside the comfy bubble. There’s another immediate problem with defenestrating, as either way, being fragile, the bubble is going to burst from the blast of cold air, or from whatever was just chucked at the window. It gets worse, you also have to close the blind afterwards, so good luck with that. You could blow another bubble, and another, ad infinitum. Buddha refers to froth, a lot. He might not have had an ostrich, or plumbing, as examples but he might have been on to something with this idea of bubble blowing.


Maybe we are taught this behaviour at a very early age, bubbles are fun! They are also prismatic, revealing bright rainbow colours on their surface. They are also addictive, my granddaughter gets through three bottles a week. Her excuse is she’s nine. It’s not all bad news. Bubbles can be beneficial, as long as they are recognised for what they are. This blog came from within my frothy imagination. They also gently remove grime from nine year old granddaughters, and are essential on top of a latte. I think it’s important to realise the difference between bubbles and glass. When it’s put in those terms, even my granddaughter understands. I can’t, definitively, say that about ostriches, or politicians, but, if there’s one reading this blog let me know.


A bubble haiku.

Is literally bursting.

There it was, now gone.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 2nd October 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




There's Always One Dragon


The hardest part of writing my blog is where to start? How is, completely, straightforward, I press some of the square bits on my keyboard. Perhaps I should take Piano lessons then I could blog some Bach. It might, however, be worse than my bite. Being able to understand humour like that, yes, it was meant to be a jest, requires complex thought, mental agility and the imagination all working together. This is where the expression ‘Falling over with laughter’ originated. Some minds couldn’t cope with hearing a joke. Like walking, laughing takes a while to master. Whoever just muttered ‘So does being funny’ I know where you live.


I think our own minds are curious beasts but they are difficult to understand. How do you look into the box when you’re firmly in the box, while the box you’re looking into is already looking into you? Whoever proposed ‘Out of the box’ thinking obviously didn’t have a clue what they were banging on about. Our minds govern our behaviour. Acting without thinking is impossible due to the way our body is connected. Unfortunately thoughtless actions are all too common. Whoever just whispered ‘A bit like this blog’ I know where you live too!


Buddhism is one antidote to being thoughtless, there are many others each as effective as the other. I just like the side effects of a good dose of Amidha. It’s easy to be told to be thoughtful, or there will be consequences but when it is boiled down to personal responsibility without consequences, life becomes a lot more interesting. Not immediately, it’s like learning to laugh. Being thoughtful to others, in all ways, simply to be thoughtful of others sounds so easy doesn’t it? What most religions have as their basic teaching doesn’t actually feature in Buddhist practice. It’s a conclusion reached somewhere in the process. At that point everything changes.


When all becomes one there is no box to think outside of, or inside from. There is just the box, the aardvark, or the zebra. Being thoughtful of others keeps them separate. Zebras and aardvarks don’t like being imprisoned in boxes, as much as boxes object to being jails. How can I state that as fact? Well I asked them, individually. Which was a silly thing to do. I could have saved a lot of meditating time by going straight to the one. Eventually I did. Which perversely directed me straight back to the other one involved, myself. Ripping yourself to bits is not an easy thing to do. It is best done from a position of self love and self awareness. I’m an expert at doing things backwards, so it was at times a painful experience.


I don’t have any more questions but I can’t say I have all your answers. All is one but I’m not the one seeing your life through your eyes, that one would be you. So, one is really two, even though it’s still very much one, unless you’re an aardvark.


When you add it up


Whichever you choose to be


One is, more, or, less.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 25th September 2018


The P Word Dragon


The P word in question, being patience. What else could it refer to when considering dragons, or anything else for that matter? I have a theory, that’s another way of saying, ‘The dragons think’... This is, patience doesn’t actually exist. Whichever way you look at it patience is another word for ‘waiting’ and patience is simply an indication of how we are waiting. It’s exactly the same when anticipating the arrival of a bus. Unless you run up the street, get behind and push, it won’t get there any quicker. In fact, trying is attempting the impossible, so don’t, otherwise I’ll be in major bother with our insurance people.


Trying to influence a situation is the same as pushing a fully functional bus. Think about it. If the bus has broken down, you and your fellow passengers are not going to provide the motivational force to get it round the town. You would wait for another and leave the temporary wreck to the mechanic. Congratulations! You have been ‘patient’ as in, waiting appropriately, depending on the Universal conditions of the moment.


Every reading I do involves this approach to the ‘P’ word. If I know it ain’t going to happen, whatever it is, then I tend to end the call or chat rapidly. I accept I could be wrong, obviously. When I proceed with the reading I will never ever change it because I’m being properly patient, rather than a proper nuisance. This does tend to provoke a certain level of angst among my clientele. Especially when they mention ‘It’s impossible’ a day or so before things change for the better, no matter how bad it was. The weird thing is I get the feeling about something not happening as soon as the phone rings. It’s as if the Universe is impatient to let me know someone could be using their patience in a better way.


It may seem as if I just contradicted myself. If patience doesn’t exist, neither can impatience. They don’t but other actions such as desperation, obsession, manipulation, being fearful etc are unfortunately very common. Of course none of my clients have any of those behaviours, they are all wonderful. Their patience is expressed in their dynamism, embracing of change and positive thinking. Perhaps aspiring Zen masters should ponder on the importance of removing patience from their vocabulary. Good luck with that. I’m still working on the implications let alone the practice.


I’m also struggling with the Buddhist detachment thing. My heart goes out to every person who I have had to say they should move on from whatever they are wanting. The calls I value most of all are those where the instruction is to keep going because someone will benefit from the help in overcoming the shock. Maybe I should change my approach and when it happens ask the caller ‘Which do you want first; the good news, or the bad news?’ I am making some progress regarding not using the ‘P’ word though. A lot of callers tell me not to say it to them.


A patient Haiku.


Would fill an eternity.


Very Quietly.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 18th September 2018


The Hearth Keeper Dragon


In regards to religion, closing the book can lead to an open mind, with a willingness to explore other possibilities. In ‘Spiritual’ circles, the open minded sometimes promote the use of books, which tend to be fairly formulaic in their subject matter, such as Intergalactic soul groups, or ancient Atlantean wisdom. Quite often the books promote the use of crystals, or the power of oracle card decks. Even more often they are written by owners of crystal shops, and oracle card designers. I have a very simple view of everything. Everything, is, simply, weird. Without one underlying idea of unconditional love, all my theories would fall apart and I would have to return to the books.


Except, I would go back to the dragons. In fact, they would probably have explained my mistake way before I got to the point of fearing I was wrong in my conclusion. If I described dragons as Angels with a feather allergy, that might help some reading this to understand where I’m coming from. Dragons don’t actually run my life. I have the ability to be as daft as anyone else, and make use of the concession all too often. Unconditional love never rebukes, or corrects. It might sigh ‘I don’t believe you just did that’ but that’s as nasty as it gets. Which is immensely vicious, because it makes me stop and think, then, usually, burst into, at the very least, five minutes of tears.


If I think totally dragony, my universe is a very large sun warmed space with countless basking dragons. As I tip toe past them, toward the centre, the atmosphere slowly changes from funny, to serious fun. The dragons surround a flickering flame burning atop a small heap of rocks. No fuel, of any kind, the stones give of their self. While the fire doesn’t speak, it does change, occasionally. The tornado sized whirling inferno is a bit of a giveaway something is awry, but, mainly, it’s as comfortable as sitting by a candle.


The problem with cosy fires is the flames draw our attention. Images appear and fade as we gaze upon them. Castles are raised in seconds, while forests creep up mountains, then crash into desert valleys. Unlike a song though, the fire will always remain the same. Its warmth spreading everywhere. It took a long while to reach the centre, and, in many ways, it was unnecessary for me. I was as touched by unconditional love in the wilderness of the present world, as I am sat by the hearth. We all are! Zen taught me to see only the fire, as flames, nothing else. My perception will change, over time. I won’t blog about that, because I don’t think there is an internet provider in the afterlife. I could be wrong on that, so don’t quote me.


I am oh so tempted to take this a step too far, but I will resist, because I don’t want my eyebrows singed. No one should take this a recommendation to burn any books. There isn’t a need to close, or, open any either. Reading is as much a part of life as washing up, and both should be enjoyed equally. This is why so many struggle with spiritual concepts as they can be hard to get your head around, since many of them seem, simply, too weird.


Walking, with dragons.

Can be quite problematic.

They prefer basking.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 11th August 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon With a Slide Rule


One would think that an infinite Universe would have an infinite number of blogging subjects within it. The thinking one behind this blog would argue otherwise, since I always struggle to start. Which might stop my readers arguing over whether I actually think or not. I think, I think, too much. For instance, I know I am happy but I think I could be happier. I know I would be happier if I just stopped thinking about it. I understand the theory, putting it into practice is the problem.


There is a slight inner conflict. Physicists are also in conflict over whether or not, the Universe is, actually, infinite. Their conflict, though, is more of an open warfare. They all accept it’s big, but is it big enough that size becomes irrelevant? Either way the implications to Physicists and Physics are huge (sorry). Does it really matter when the Universe isn’t really bothered what we think, but is highly concerned about how we think and act towards everything else? In a big Universe, that everything looked at on an individual basis, is, almost, but since real numbers can be applied, not quite infinite.


The actual mathematics for calculating the number of every single particle in the Universe is a straightforward multiplication. It just needs a big calculator, after measuring a few lumps of stuff to get an average. Which, in the end, means our highly technical answer is a guess, a ‘To the best of our knowledge and belief.’ That phrase really gets my goat, it’s a cop out, especially regarding spiritual concepts. When I started to ponder about the meaning of life, my basic premise, which is a posh, scientific, word for a crazy idea, was that any ‘God’ would be acceptable to scientific principles. I used to absolutely agree with Richard Dawkins, now, I think he jumped to the wrong conclusion about the teeny, tiny, point regarding an underlying, infinite, Universal intelligence.


The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that the infinite, whether or not it is actually infinite, is infinitely playful. After fourteen odd billion years or so, you would expect a certain level of maturity. Humans would, but the Universe is still a babe in arms in terms of its own life span. Which, basically, is the entire problem in a nutshell. Being human, we can only think in human terms and, being humans, too many of us think we have the answer. I realised a while ago understanding the Universe is so relatively young explained a lot of what I could observe as my reality.


Zen does provide an infinite number of blogging subjects, since Zen is everything. It also gives the infinite a good chuckle as so few on Earth follow Zen teachings and practice. I never thought I would be able to express the entire principle of Zen, in a single sentence. Achieving this pinnacle of success hasn’t made me any happier, that might take another fourteen billions of patience. By then, the Universe will be toddling, I can, mindfully, push the swing. Hopefully, after another seven billion years or so, we can go and chuck some corn at the celestial waterfowl. That might even make me happy, thinking about it already does.


Swans swim silently.

Their movement is deceptive.

The secret is safe.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 4th September 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Post It Note Dragon


Looking for inspiration, I read my horoscope. It began ‘Don’t worry about being productive today Aquarius.’ Yay, morning off! There won’t be a blog, it’s written in the stars! Except, it isn’t, as after seeing that phrase I had my subject for the week. That’s the thing with Universal signs, all they can be are milestones along the way, while there are always two or more ways of looking at them. One hundred miles to go might put you off or encourage you, because the last one you saw was two hundred miles back. A glass is either half full, or half empty. Unless it’s a Zen glass, when it would be a drink.


In a Zen Universe, which I happen to think is our collective reality, a sign is a sign. It would also be permanent and unchanging, just as the Universal mind is constant and unchanging. The single committee has one member and you. When you ask for a sign, you will get one. One is, theoretically, all you need. Practically, the Post It note dragon is the busiest dragon of all. They are the one who has never had a Rolo break, up to now. This is because everyone keeps asking for signS, plural. It’s also the reason people get confused when they ask for one, as, generally, they have already had seven.


So, with the cooperation of Archangel Michael, we’re giving the post it note dragon ten minutes off. Michael gets asked for signs too, but, being busy, he delegates. Quite often during a reading I have mentioned this to people. Some have even wanted a fluorescent sign from him, and I pass on from him that it can be arranged but they need to sort out the delivery. Look at it this way. A sign, from the Universe, is a physical manifestation of unconditional love. It’s a miracle, or, you could say an expression of the love of God, towards an individual. Trivial they are not.


Yet, those who ask see signs everywhere. These tend to be relevant and produce the same sharp intake of breath, with the warm fuzzies each time. Why would the higher powers waste their energies? I don’t think they are. There is more than one way of reading a sign, it could be saying yes, or no, this way, or that way, etc. The first one is the important one. Other signs are either cues that we need to remember where we were when we asked, and look at it from a different perspective, or asking us how many times do we need telling?


Not many people have refused water to a thirsty Angel, but most would run away from a dragon suffering Rolo withdrawal. They would probably be screaming for a sign they were going to be alright too. So it’s a vicious circle for the Post It note dragon. Why not give them another Rolo break? Ask, receive, and remember the sign. Dragons, like elephants, have long memories and, like Angels, balance kindness extended with kindness being granted.


The Post It dragon.

Always has a runny nose.

So the sign should stick.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 28th August 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The At The Back Of The Bus Dragon


Regular readers will, by now, have worked out that I have strong political, environmental and pacifist views, but that I never blog about them as such. I just refer to them obliquely. There is a reason, BBC news doesn’t share my blog, so I’m not going to share their stories. Given the popularity of Facebook and the others, that is probably an acceptable social attitude now. If not, well, it falls into the category of fake news and I just might make it to ‘gone viral’ on the back of it.


If only fame were my motivation for writing the blog. Actually, I’m just having a little fun with words, while spending time with the dragons and anyone else who’s hanging around. I stop fretting over what to write as soon as I start tapping the keyboard. Prior to that I’m in my own tiny Hades of angst. It’s next door to the dragon lands for the good reason of putting off unwelcome visitors. I have to go through it, to get there. In that marvellous place Rolo grow on Horse Chestnut trees. No sensible sapling would argue with a dragon, they just do as they’re ‘asked.’ I know that feeling too well. Especially with the blog, like the trees, I do as I am ‘asked.’ It is possible to debate intensely with a dragon and avoid getting eaten, sashimi style, fried or fricasseed. Be warned, they have a sneaky way of helping you argue with yourself for hours, sometimes days, until you see the point.


Not many people would like the sound of that, as it borders on insanity, which, in my world, is the bus stop before Tiny Hades. If this was referred to as Sanzen, everyone would be grabbing their ajirogasa, for a quick agura, and the spiritual experience of the meditation. The blogs come from the same place as non-directed meditation (Sanzen) but without the mat (ajirogasa) and sitting cross legged (agura). We do the work, so you don’t have to. Except, you can, but only if you want to. If you can day dream you can meditate anywhere, at any time. Yes, I know that isn’t in any of the books and sounds too easy. This is why it’s in the blog, because it is that simple. As the dragon at the back pointed out, it had to be kept simple for me to understand.


 I usually avoid mentioning contemporary issues, but there is a relevant one, the current attitude to ‘experts.’ Apparently, they have all disappeared according to some politicians, while others state they should be relied on completely. When it comes to meditation I think the experts are dragons and they are willing teachers too. A good place to start is to consider a very simple problem. How does something that big and scaly, manage to get Rolos out of the tube without tearing the foil to bits? Obviously, you need to buy Rolo first, so you can focus on it. Once you have done that you are already thinking with a stilled mind, just like a tree in dragony company. It might take a while, there is an answer though, and I guarantee it will surprise you. The only way to find it is to try. Lastly, being at the bus stop is a cinch, it’s where we all are until we get on board. This is why Buddhists refer to the great vehicle, or Mahayana. So now you know.


The Rolo orchard.

Where chocolate is salad.

For vegan dragons.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 21st August 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Savlon Dragon


Well, what a week that was! Last Tuesday’s rush paid off, I’m now an official The Circle chatista, you have to bring your own coffee or tea along, otherwise I’m in an online talking shop. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make the choice, because I actually started doing remote readings via text many years ago. I am also the proud owner of a new mobile phone. Loads of pressable buttons and settings to fiddle with. Life was good, then it went downhill a bit, but, shortly after, upticked itself back to life is good again. What happened? I got a nasty infection in my finger, so I couldn’t type, or button press. It was bad! Really bad, and the pain was a bit upsetting too.


Many friends of mine would see the event as Karma calling, perhaps a lesson in avoiding pride and the acquisition of material things. Some would even suggest it could have been a negative energy attack, and suggest strange rituals involving sage and salt. I do have a process involving sage and salt, but it needs a cooperative chicken, butternut squash would get ginger instead.


I know what caused the problem, it was entirely my responsibility. There is a lesson to learn, it’s one I should have realised many, many, years ago. Stop biting my nails. I’ve got degrees in Biology, I know about infections, and where bacteria are present on the human body, as well as what they can do when they find a way inside. All that went out of the window when I decided that little sticky up bit of keratin, on the end of my digit, had outstayed its welcome. Which, considering I had caused its existence a few short moments before, is a little perverse.


I’m not playing for sympathy. I’m stating facts that are applicable to me over the past week. I’m the master of my own disaster. I accept this, I even shout it out loud for others to see my embarrassment, although I soon get over it, being surrounded by sarcy dragons ensures that. The point is we all have a certain, inbuilt, level of ‘Capability to be daft, occasionally.’ The problem is when we follow up on this, there are unforeseen repercussions. I’m not too sure that all the results are totally unexpected now. I accept, for a little while, I stopped thinking, which is something Buddha warns against. In fact, I’ve always struggled with that one, the ‘always aware’ thing. I am, perhaps, starting to see where he’s coming from now. While I might have a heightened ability to be daft when compared to others, I don’t have to listen to those particular ideas. No matter how ingenious it seems at the time, any thought will always precede any action, thus, accepting my innate stupidity has a voice disarms it.


Buddha is happy, and smiles. All is peace again, apart from a gathering storm of stroppy dragons. They are not happy. As they indicate if I ever, ever, sort myself out, then I won’t have anything left to say here, which could affect their Rolo supply. Maybe my dragony way is to make the repeated mistakes others learn from. Then dragons get to practice their irony, Karma sees positivity being generated, Buddha knows inner contentment is passed on, and I get egg on my face. Life is still good though.


Here comes the Haiku!

I should write two, and catch up.

But, I’m not that daft.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 14th August 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Driftwood Dragon


Another reader, Jane S, saw this and thought of me. It must be down to the rapid deforestation of my hairline, unless I’m getting a reputation for dragony doings. As soon as I got the picture I knew it would be the next blog. I had a plan, which is fine, except I hate plans. I am the enemy a plan never survives meeting. Weirdly, today of all days, I need a cast iron schedule to get everything, effectively, done by 11 am. So I am exceptionally grateful to Jane S for listening to the dragon’s plans, and enabling my rapidity.


Dragons don’t ‘do’ hasty, it would be like an oil tanker rushing down Oxford Street on Christmas Eve. Things would get broken. It’s the same with the Driftwood dragon, Patience played their ace filled hand when someone decided to tidy up a pile of wood. I don’t know if the builder had a goal in mind when they did so, but the resultant heap of timber, which, let’s be honest, is all it is, now looks as fine a heap, as a heap could be. We do like our plans though don’t we? Which is fine, as long as they are kept flexible and adapt them to the actual situations our blueprint created. Sometimes that effect looks like it was a design for a pear.


I think there is always a reverse gear. Going backwards to get around the mountain, over the bridge, makes more sense than trying to put crampons on a tank. Crampons are those spiky thingys mountaineers put on their boots. Dragons are those scaly things that are really good at spiking our plans and giving us a better idea half way through the disaster we’ve put together. I don’t know why people seem to get these two confused and put their trust in the ‘straight ahead’ modality. Hand’s up anyone who has ever seen a leaf fall directly to the ground.


The idea behind this particular blog has been initiated, scrapped, re-invented, rejected, and re-invigorated so many times you wouldn’t believe it. I went into panic mode when I realised how much I had to do so quickly. So, this morning I jumped under the shower, dried myself off, made a coffee, and decided to be flexible. Having just looked at the clock it paid off! I now have a spare 45 minutes I didn’t think I would have.


So, in honour of the Bendy dragon, there isn’t going to be a Haiku. I love that whooshing sound tradition makes when it flies out of the window, instead, here’s what’s written on the Driftwood Dragon’s little plaque.


‘Dragons live forever.

But Murphy’s not that old.

So, just for fun.

He slides down rainbows,

And lands in pots of gold.’


Which, as plans go, sounds like a good one.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 7th August 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




An Average Dragon


It’s Tuesday, so the usual circumstances make shopping problematic. I have to survive on my available resources, which is why I’m defrosting some chicken. Such is life. My life is such, that for the purposes of this blog, I’m declaring chicken the new butternut squash. As mental gymnastics go that’s a pretty easy one for my vegetarian readers to perform.


 I live by Zen and Buddhist principles, seeing its existence in everything, even frozen chicken thighs. Being able to cook means I have several gazillion choices to make as the rest of my day progresses. The only thing set in stone is the chicken, which, once the blog is done, will get a quick tickle in the microwave. I won’t stress about the choices between paella, curry, or gumbo, etc. until I need to make a decision at meal time. I’ve done the important bit and observed what’s in the fridge, understanding coq au vin is not an option, since I don’t have any wine. Part of my inner peace comes from knowing my immediate limitations.


Limitations are, in my opinion, not necessarily a disadvantage. I know a lot of people in my line of work would, absolutely, disagree with me but shout ‘Hallelujah’ if I said ‘It’s best to encourage people to advance their self.’ By doing all we can and are capable of doing, excelling and achieving our wildest dreams, any one of us still can only attain being statistically average. I admit it’s a very small sample size, of one. I have to admit it, as it’s a mathematical fact. Which is when things take a weirdly spiritual turn, as the Universe can be expressed mathematically too.


Basically the Universe, (other highest powers are available) wants you to be you, but the best you you can be by using the resources available to you. Taking from other yous will, eventually, come back on you in some way. Equations always have to balance. Another way of putting it would be that Buddha is an average Buddha, but only since there are no other Buddhas to compare them to.


The jargon attached to motivating others and our self, through, for instance, mantras, is powerful stuff. The problem to me is this creates an expectation of something special having to happen, when the absolute best result can only be average. Understanding we are all one leads to this obvious conclusion. It has to be that way, since if we were all the same then all would be one, but the one, we are one with, wouldn’t be needed to balance the books. I’ve noticed over time that removing them from the calculation leads to erroneous results.


We all begin our day as frozen chicken. Which is fine. Thinking that defines us for the next sixteen hours or so, might not be the best attitude to adopt. Many of us wish for the unseen hand to place us in a different environment, unfortunately that can often mean a visit to the frying pan. Except we are not frozen, we are not chickens, but we can cross the road any time we choose. Quite how, when, and why, is our own, personal, and very average choice.


The middling haiku.

Will create its own level.

Like flowing water.


(No butternut squashes were squished in the preparation of this blog.)




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 31st July 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The AGA Dragon... Part of the Second


One of the tricks old dogs quickly learn is how to bark at their beloved owners through a medium. Which came as a bit of a shock to the lady sat opposite me on the train bringing me home. She thought we were going to have a conversation about keeping diaries and blogging. I’m innocent! She started it, by explaining why she was taking so many pictures. Of course, I mentioned that her dog’s favourite spot was spread out in front of the Aga cooker in the kitchen. She was going through the day from Hell, which had started with a guinea pig being diagnosed with a tumour, so she had to do the kind thing. Things got worse from there. I shone a little light into her darkness by giving her a reading. She had never had one before. Her assumptions had influenced her attitudes, as, until I described her dog’s character and scars, she had psychics down as a bunch of scammers.


The important bit of the conversation wasn’t the reading, as while we talked, she realised we both, actually, shared a lot of beliefs which I had shown her as being absolutely valid. Investment banking, as a profession, doesn’t put time aside for philosophical discussion. I could explain why, out of all the people on the train she had chosen to sit near me. Basically she was the one in most need of the help I could have given anyone. Which is when the AGA dragon cheerily wagged its tail and the draught blew her away. Shortly afterwards we reached her stop. She got off, taking her luggage, but leaving a lot of unnecessary baggage behind.


If I sound blasé saying ‘It’s happened many times before.’ Forgive me, I’m just being honest. I learn something from each of these experiences, and always in a profound way. To have several over the course of a few hours was a bit of a gobsmack. I now understand what the AGA dragon needed me to hear. All I can say is, ‘I will try.’ The Rolo bribery was unsuccessful, this one means business.


Anyone reading this can be the lady on the train, just as any of the psychics on The Circle could be me, sat quietly, looking out of the window, as the world passes by. An Aga range doesn’t direct its warmth, it radiates heat, all around, constantly. Sometimes though, two people open the air vent, and the smouldering fire blazes into a roar. (Feel free to attach your own symbolism and ideas to that simple fact.) Experiences have to be shared, otherwise it’s just a pipe dream, the others involved give it reality. The trick is to have no preconceptions, (assumptions), and, especially with me, no attitude.


 There’s nothing wrong, in any way, about asking a psychic for a simple answer, to a straightforward question. Although my answer to ‘Are they coming back?’ Might be ‘Have you tried asking them yourself?’ It’s a dragon thing... To get more from your reading experience, be prepared to put more of yourself in. Conversely, to give more of an experience in your readings, take a little of yourself out. Ooo! Was that a tad controversial? If it was a bit early to say that, can I point out, in my defence, I’m still processing the simple words of the AGA dragon. ‘Assumptions generate attitudes.’ I am never going to assume any client of mine could not be a lady on a train. I will also never forget, as these two blogs have, so neatly, shown me ‘What goes around, comes around, and always for a good reason.’


Haiku that Alan!

Perhaps silence is needed?

So, think, quietly.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 24th July 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The AGA Dragon... Part of the First


There’s an old saying, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ It’s one most people tend to agree with, but only up to a point. I used to be firmly in that camp. A week, however, is just long enough for things to get turned upside down. My response now would be ‘Assumptions generate attitudes’ AGA! It’s a perfect palindrome, as our attitudes generate assumptions. In fact I’ve been told to offer you all the opportunity to run away, as reading on may cause you to stop and ponder.


I attended a TheCircle meet up in Manchester. That’s why the blog didn’t appear. It started off in a weird way as my immediate boss, within three seconds of seeing me, was swinging from my neck in a huge hug. We had never actually met until that point. Not very business-like at all. Shortly afterwards, the M.D. stepped out of the lift, then strode towards me in that Imperial, Darth Vader, way, saying ‘You must be Alan.’ Before addressing anyone else at our table (we were having a quiet coffee). Admittedly, the handshake was quite corporate, but I would have been less shocked if Wayne had one of those buzzy things in his palm. Christine, the new friend I had shared Pizza with the previous evening, activated my inner Yoda, by musing ‘Fame, or infamy, which is best?’ I’m only a trainee Jedi and the answer to that, obviously, lies within the force somewhere. I’ll wait until mobility scooters have hyperdrives to find it.


On one level it was a wonderful day, being able to chat with Wendy, who sorts the blog out, Helga, who I could interact with, rather than just getting told off...again, Lynne, and the call centre staff who I occasionally wind up, something wicked, via the interactive website chat. I have to mention Marie too, or she would kill me, but we had already met on a previous occasion. Which is why she is last, but not at all least. Thank you all for a brilliant social gathering, and, especially, for having everyone stand at the wrong end of the room when the cakes came out. Draconic planning at its best.


Oh yes, I almost forgot, my attitudes and assumptions were vaporised. My little fortress, my own, personal, Death Star got blown to bits by Darth. Oops, Wayne, the M.D. When he outlined how he saw my role, as a Reader, within the organisation. Basically, Yoda, we are, mmmmm. Without ALL the Readers, everything else TheCircle does, is pointless. He meant it too!


‘Oh look, a lion!’ It’s a distraction away from my confession time. Up to then I had just coasted along. Not really considering why TheCircle allowed me to work in my honest, ethical, and slightly weird way. Every other company I have signed up to has let me go sooner, or later. TheCircle asked me to consider re-joining them. Perhaps, just perhaps, they knew something about me I didn’t know at the time, and I am still slowly processing this after meeting the AGA dragon.


I’ve written several blogs around the concept of how we all stand in our own way. I think the first thing the swipe from the AGA dragon’s tail removed was my slight smug smile that I didn’t, personally, do that. How wrong I was. One thing I might be right about is something the dragons are always muttering behind my back, which is ‘Alan, if you were confident, you would be dangerous.’ I don’t, actually, want to be dangerous apart from changing people’s attitudes, and assumptions, particularly in regards to how they see their self. I’m not writing this out of revenge for what’s happened to my thinking over the past few days. Why should I suffer alone? It’s O.K. I don’t do vengeance, Universal rebalancing is much more fun.


The thing is I can only help those who reach out to be helped. If TheCircle is its Readers, then the Readers are their clients. If they think we are all just after the money, well, I can only speak personally, but you have never been more wrong. I’m in it for the help. Sometimes, I admit, that is simply sticking by what I said in the first reading I give a client. It’s a dragon thing, one slides behind me, so I can’t move from the spot I’ve put myself on. Quite often it defies logic, common sense and infinite probability, strangely, it usually comes in, more or less as I said. If I could do what I do, freely, I would, but no one would ever be able to get in touch with me. Think about it!


This old dog has learned quite a few new tricks over the past few days, however, only cute puppies get shared on Facebook. Experiences are their own lessons, but to appreciate each experience we might need an open mind to reap all the benefits. It’s a fact that you don’t know when that life changing event will happen, but too many of us assume it never will. Which is a really neat segue into the next thrilling instalment.


It’s a two parter.

Not the Haiku, but the blog.

To be continued.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 17th July 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragon Called Dorian Grey


Six months from the time of writing this I’ll be a year older. Which is the sort of maths that could cause major trauma for certain people. It’s taken me a long time to work out the difference between maturity and growing up. We tend to see them as the same, using one, to replace the other. I don’t think we should.


Maturity is a reflection of how we interact with others, my granddaughter, is, in that respect, very mature. The longer she takes to grow up though, the better, as far as I am concerned. Maturity doesn’t tell lies. Grown ups do, all the time, especially to their children. Telling an eight year old T. Rex had short arms so it could pick strawberries, isn’t fibbing. It’s one of the grandfatherly perks.


Grown ups make excuses, maturity accepts responsibility. Many children are acting as carers for their parents, but they don’t do the grown up thing and complain. I suppose my use of the term ‘grown ups’ gives away a lot of my own thinking. It also confirms the fact I haven’t, actually, managed to grow up. Which begs the question, have I matured, or just got older? I suppose I might be mature enough to know I can’t answer the question, but I’m childlike in the respect of considering it irrelevant. If I was really mature I wouldn’t have introduced another concept into the discussion, and stuck to the point. Then again, perhaps accepting our ability to think, with the uncluttered mind of a child, is a sign of maturity. We just need to wipe the crumbs out of our mental cupboard. The problem with that is grown ups have this cleaning thing.


Unlike an artisan Cheddar, which matures as it grows older, humans don’t spend their entire days chilling in a cave. Yes, I know that would be like winning the lottery for me, but I am sure we’ve already established I’m slightly different in how I think. Becoming a hermit would totally go against my own definition of maturity being a measure of our treatment of others, as I would be, happily, ignoring everyone. Basically, for me to grow up, into who I wish to be, I would have to isolate myself in a cavern, except, without WiFi I’d be lost.


This seems to be one of those conundrums that doesn’t have a definitive answer. Which, I am mature enough to admit, really annoys me, but grown up enough to wonder if it matters? The grown up would have a coffee and worry about something else. While I am like a T. Rex, with a very small strawberry, which I am determined to pick. So, it would appear that I am neither mature, or grown up, and merely a dinosaur with a fruit fetish. Hopefully, another sign of maturity is to like what you see when you look at yourself.


Buddha teaches ‘What we think, we become.’ More importantly, in my opinion, is the one about everything being a matter of our own perception, because that allows us to change our viewpoint. Others will see us as their own life has taught them to view their reality. I get that, and don’t return the judgmental attitudes back to them. ‘What they think, I refuse to become’ could easily be my mantra.


A short pause follows.

Blogging isn’t easy from.

Costa Manchester.



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Published: 3rd July 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dozy Dragon


Last Tuesday, by 0945, the blog was all done, and the haiku just needed a slight twozzle. (Which is very similar to a twizzle, but with added rarity value). At the moment I’ve managed one factual sentence and a weird half joke. One thing I’ve noticed from writing the blog is, as soon as I mention the weather I immediately go into a totally unrelated topic. It’s draizzlening by the way. Too wet to be drizzle, but not enough to call it rain. So, just to be awkward, as usual, today’s weather inspired topic concerns duvet days.


For the record, a duvet day isn’t how long it takes the average male to fit a 10.5 duck down quilt into its cover. They are those times when getting out of bed just doesn’t seem worth it, no matter what the day holds in store. They seem to strike at random, but, weirdly, when planned for, they are as wonderful as the unwelcome ones are dismal. These events are often referred to as Monday morning syndrome, which would be fine, apart from the facts of the draizzlen, and it’s Tuesday.


Spontaneous bed magnetism, with accompanying verticality rejection, can strike anyone, at any time. It is, in my medically unqualified opinion, the only mental health issue where saying ‘Pull yourself together’ actually works as an instant cure. Trying to pull yourself up, as a reaction against the octopus grip of the mattress, has no effect. Arguing with gravity is useless. Giving yourself one stern reprimand does the trick. Remember though, if you are constantly telling yourself off you will only increase the desire to stay in bed. Hoping you get fed up of nagging yourself, so you go away and get the kettle on which means you don’t have to, is counterproductive. All you have to do is pull yourself together enough to make a cup of tea. This would be a lot easier if bedrooms had under floor cooling. Obviously, you would then hurry from the freezing parquet, slide your slippers on, and head for the kitchen. You could plan ahead, and put your slippers in the kitchen ready for the morning, most kitchens being under floor cooled, or that’s how it feels. Duvet days are also why a breakfast you haven’t made yourself always tastes better. There seems to be a lot of evidence that duvet days are an intrinsic part of human nature. Morning people are the exception, not the rule.


Dragons have duvet days but their way around them is by practicing kindness at all times. Waking up at stupid o’clock, knowing you are facing the day from Hades is not easy. You open your eyes and immediately look into the slavering jaws of disquiet and suffering. Kindness and sympathy is required at these times. You are, most definitely, not going to get it from your partner. Who, having slept through the alarm, is racking up your share of extra zzz’s as well as their ration.


Be kind to yourself. Accept that right now, although you don’t want to, you have to, so you will. Wash your hands after and then get the kettle on. We all have days where we want to postpone their arrival, it’s normal, but the cure is to simply proceed, as directed, with kindness and understanding to our self, until your brain decides it’s awake. Just because it’s miserable outside, doesn’t mean you have to bring the draizzlen inside. Well not unless you prefer cold, weak, tea.


The answer is coffee.

Drinking enough until you...

Forget the question.



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Published: 26th June 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Ryu Sama


Human civilisation is based on two simple questions. ‘What if...?’ and ‘How the heck did that happen?’ If these are applied to everything we do, life, suddenly, becomes so much simpler. Which obviously begs the question ‘Why?’ To be asked. Why allows things to be constructed around it, in a way, ‘why’ doesn’t actually exist as a real concept. For example, science has worked out for the most part, how the heck did that happen, in regard to the formation of the Universe. The what if being when the big bang happened. There is no why it happened which applies. Of course, everyone has their own answer to their why are we here, it’s absolutely fine to disagree with me over how the heck did that, really, happen?


What if crops up a lot in my readings. ‘What if they meet someone else?’ ‘What if they don’t think I’m attractive?’ It’s an endless list, and why constantly crops up too. Mainly when people decide they are the reason why what the heck just happened, happened. It gets worse when clients decide they know why, and apply what if to their own behaviour in regard to the other person. ‘What if I buy... for them?’ ‘What if I lose weight?’ When these are put into practice, and nothing happens, the why that is being acted on, can become self destructive, and the reason how the heck did that happen, keeps happening. Wondering why underlines manipulative behaviour, self worth issues, addictions, and self sabotage. Thinking why is bad! I can’t tell you why it’s bad though, because it doesn’t exist.


For example, you’ve been dumped. How the heck did that happen? Well, basically the other person ended the relationship. Hands up everyone who immediately thought why, after the word dumped. So now you’re dumped, what the heck happens next? What if you just accept it immediately? If it was a manipulative trick, you blow it out of the water. If the other person wasn’t developing an emotional connection with you, while you’re now free to move on to someone else who might.


I’m going to, perhaps, be a little controversial here by stating, people who are in love, tend not to dump their partners. Yes, I know circumstances get in the way. What if you made the changes that would then allow heck to happen? Why heck shouldn’t happen, such as differing cultures, or beliefs, doesn’t belong to the couple who think what if those barriers weren’t there? They are the thoughts of others. What if they were disregarded?


Living without why is not easy, unless you become a hermit. Don’t! Dragons love being around hermits. Human culture is based on whys. It’s seen as the answer to every what if, and each how the heck did that happen. Zen teaches, in its own, weird, way that Things are as they are, because that’s how things want to be. Paradoxically, Zen goes a little further and allows the discovery of exactly why that is so. Knowing why perversely removes the need to ever use the word again! Release your inner master, by using why, one last time, in the context of ‘This is why I will go through life acting on what ifs and accepting the heck that happened from my actions.’


Hermits, and dragons.

As one, sitting silently.

What if heck happens?


P.S. (Ryu is one of the Japanese words for dragons, Sama is a term of respect accorded to those who have wisdom, like we would say Professor.)



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Published: 19th June 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Bon Voyage Dragon


It’s that time of year when most of us are thinking about the rapidly approaching summer holiday. Which, for my American readers, is similar to a vacation but without the guaranteed weather. Sweden never has bad weather, simply inappropriate clothing choices. Using the same argument Cleethorpes never has inclement days, and besides, wet suits are stretchy enough for sand castle building. Clever people buy holiday homes, that way they have enough room to plan for every eventuality during their stay. We’re not all that lucky, our eventualities have to fit into a suitcase and whatever the airline allows to be carried on, or whatever can be crammed into a car boot. For the Americans, that’s a trunk, but without the floppy ears. Baggage is a problem however you look at it, paradoxically, it’s the biggest problem in what should be one of life’s happier moments.


Dragons don’t do baggage, they have enough problems, getting airborne, as it is. The only time you will see a bag carrying dragon is on Halloween. Dragons don’t actually do holidays either. They enjoy each moment as it comes, without worrying about whatever happens next, or tearing their hearts out over some inconsequential event several years ago. Being at peace with their self, to them every moment is a poolside cocktail.


There is a song about Nellie, the Elephant, who packed her trunk, then left the jungle to join the circus. She also ended up back in the jungle, with her baggage, because the King of the herd was calling, from far, far, away. Long story short, they got married and lived happily ever after. I am presuming after Nellie got rid of her baggage. Another, let’s use the word vicious here, way of getting the point across, is to imagine all your life’s baggage undergoing an inspection by an over zealous customs officer at the airport. Every little thing is dragged out for their scrutiny and the amusement of everyone else who can see what’s going on.


Now, obviously, it’s your suitcase and your holiday, but, the way dragons see it, that’s your life. We all have things we need and want to take with us, including companions who help make us who we are. Travelling light has a lot to be said for it though. I don’t have much of an option. Everyone is now thinking ‘Ahh, that is because Alan is guided by the wise dragons.’ The truth is my packing abilities leave a lot to be desired, I can crease solid steel, while breaking floppy souvenir teddy bears. My solution to the problem was to use a large holdall, empty it out, then be very selective about what went back in. It’s an ongoing process, but the space between my ears is no longer jam packed with stuff that isn’t required on the journey.


One of the security questions we are asked at the airport is did we pack our own luggage? Obviously there are huge implications with that too. Are we constantly allowing others to add to our baggage? I really like this new dragony explaining things technique, of making me think like an inanimate object would view the world. According to the dragons I find it therapeutic because I can, at times, be as thick as a brick.


A summer haiku.

Unlike a wonderful time.

Is soon forgotten.


(No U.K. seaside resorts were intentionally harmed in the production of this blog)



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Published: 12th June 2018




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




When Dragons go AWOL


Well, this is a first! Blogging on a Friday. ‘What better way to start the weekend could there be?’ The dragons giggled, as they all took to their wings, soaring away, from the dismal drizzle unique to Wales. If you have blue skies and it suddenly goes dark, don’t worry, it’s just a flock of dragons looking for a basking spot. Exactly eight years ago I was preparing to do the same. A life in Spain beckoned, I had no intention of coming back. To say the plan went pear shaped is an understatement. I recovered. The memories won’t fade, but they don’t sting any more. The iodine, of time has worked its healing wonders. Let’s face it, going from an owner occupier to my daughter’s sofa would cause a little pain and trauma.


So, why am I smirking as only a water melon could? Today, of all rainy days, when I should be at my most miserable, I couldn’t be any happier, or more at peace within. Faith didn’t get me through the dark days, I lost it very early on in the process. When hope disappeared too, a large part of my humanity went with it. No matter how hard I tried the feeling of someone by my side remained through it all. If they hadn’t been there I don’t think I would have given readings to the ladies in the job centre and received slightly less abrasive treatment. I was prodded, sometimes harshly. Looking back on those dark days I used to think I had lost everything of me. I didn’t, because I never stopped caring for others. That was why I could do the medium thing every time I signed on.


After five years the turn around was as spectacular as only £92.00 could be. I know, strictly, that should be written out, but it looks colder that way, as cold as only hard cash can be. I received it as a grant because the work programme organisers realised it was the only way to get me off the dole. They held mock interviews and I wouldn’t tell lies, so they asked how long I would stay in a job? Which is when I replied, ‘Until I can get a phone line back in.’


Buddha doesn’t teach that there is always someone (thing) by our side. Although it’s pretty obvious, from what is taught, they found it to be true. Buddha just chose to keep that quiet, as he knew we have to see it for our self. The amazement I have, right now, is each time I see them, they’ve changed, well, apart from the smiling eyes and gentle voice. Distant thunder is gentle, getting louder as it approaches. The voices of our guides grow in our minds whenever we don’t listen. Many of us understand this from our own experience. This one is different, they cover our ears because the lightning will land at our feet with a shocking surprise, and make a difference instantly. I’ve only heard them shout a few times and it was a long time ago when it last happened.


I don’t know who they are because they are always by my side, so, when I turn my head to look, they move to the other side. It’s the same when they are behind me, as in right now. Being on a swivel chair doesn’t help either. It doesn’t matter anymore, although it used to. I’ve done the eternal searching bit, well, for eternity. Eight years ago was the beginning of a new life, but it was my idea of a perfect life, not the Universe’s. Now we are in agreement, and I owe them my thanks and gratitude for all the experiences that got me to here. What didn’t kill me, just made me stronger, although, it seems, my greatest strength lies in caring for others. Perhaps that applies to us all. The one behind me at the moment seems to think so too.


Our hard trials.

Simply blessings in disguise.

Just recognise them.



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Published: 5th June 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragon Called Sterling


Regular readers may have noticed a pattern emerging in my blog. It’s the one where I put my hand up to something which I could have handled slightly differently. I insist these incidents are simply an expression of my solidarity with the remainder of humankind. Since all are one, how could I not do as I do? The dragons would, however, prefer to say ‘You’re as daft as the rest, but it doesn’t make you a bad person.’


Last week was hectic as, on Monday afternoon my social landlord informed me that I would be having a new bathroom installed starting Tuesday morning. Which I don’t class as being very sociable. The plumber also arrived two hours earlier than I expected. Once we had a short, let’s use the word, discussion, and I knew what was going on with the workforce and the landlord’s organisation of it, we got on very well. Due to his personal circumstances he preferred starting early, which was fine by me. He’s done a cracking job, so I am well pleased and hopefully the painters will be just as diligent.


I should have seen something coming, as the plumber was called George... Did I? Nope. On Wednesday I noticed a pound coin on the windowsill. George had found it behind the old wash basin pedestal. Wednesday being lottery day I immediately went into ‘It’s a sign’ mode. I usually only play the Euro-millions game, but, within two seconds, I was convinced I’d already won enough cash to stuff into a large shed, filling it up to the rafters. I had a mystically, magically, dragony powered pound. If anyone owes the dragons it’s anyone called George. It seemed a reasonable train of thought, at the time.


The problem with certain trains of thought is, if you’re on the wrong track, then eventually along comes an express which knocks you flying. My magic, long lost pound coin, was no longer legal tender. The shape was changed recently. It is worthless. Actually, not quite. I’ve put it on my ‘memory mat’ which sits by my side. It’s not an altar as such, it’s a memory mat! I could post a picture, but that would entail doing some dusting first. I’m philosophically undecided about whether memories gather dust as a metaphorical reminder.


Each time I look at it I will remember how easily I slipped from my point of inner stability, peace and calm. I also get a giggle from it too, so, to me, the coin is priceless. It’s also beyond worth to the dragons too. My expression, when I realised, gave them a chuckle which will last for a thousand years. I can live with that happy thought.


So, you may be wondering about the cryptic title. There is a dragon called Sterling. They’re the one who came up with the line ‘Alan, it was a sign, just a gentle reminder to up your cleaning regime.’ To be fair they came up with the haiku, so I’m not going to hold a grudge. I am, however, not applying that to my landlord. The painters arrived five minutes after a brief phone call that they were on the way. At least I got this finished before they got here.



We all say sound as a pound.

Not round as a pound.



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Published: 29th May 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Inspiring Dragon


The problem with trying to catch a dragon is not that you need a very strong cable, with a high tensile steel, crane hook, on the end. Googling, for heavy machinery, easily, solves that dilemma. The issue is trying to fit some Rolos, on said hook, without smashing them to bits. Dragons can be quite picky over things like that. It gets worse, success brings the reward of a very large, very miffed, dragon, with a hook, in its gob, which will, eventually, need removing. That moment is one of those strange times when the word, ‘Eventually,’ changes its meaning to, ‘That would be you then.’ So, you may well, ask, why, on this particular morning, is Alan planning on catching a dragon?


I’ve got a blog to write, and there wasn’t one around. Correction, they are all either, basking, or, playing tag, with the swallows. I’ll let you hold that thought, for a moment. Anyway, it didn’t feel right to disturb them. Which is when I felt the gentle tap, of a foot long talon, on my shoulder, and I had something to write about. I also have a new method for finding inspiration. Which is, sit tight, and wait for it to find us.


Quietly approaching a group of basking dragons, in a mobile crane, would, immediately, make them suspicious. Besides, the smell of the diesel would mask the aroma of the bait. The day’s only catch would be a cold, from the breezes of dragon’s giggles. They would ask what you were doing, and surrounded by the dragon’s, ‘Be honest,’ influence, your cunning plan would be revealed.


Quite often we do the same thing when we go out into nature, or listen to soothing music to find relaxation, and peace of mind. It’s a bit difficult, because the reality is you can’t lose what you always have. Under these circumstances peace of mind always goes with you. If you want to go for a pleasant walk, go for a pleasant walk, for the purpose of going for a pleasant walk, and no other reason. The same thing applies to meditation, relaxing, while listening to music, or having a massive burn up at the gym. In fact it applies to everything, up to and including each breath we take. When I manage that, if I ever do, the dragon’s happy dance will shake the Earth out of its orbit. Don’t worry, there’s a way of putting it back again.


There are many, many, ways of expressing, ‘Mindfulness.’ Finding its actual purpose, and effects actually involves not looking for its purpose, and effect, and simply doing, what you’re doing, without wondering about anything else. Which is Zen practice, except Zen practice teaches not to practice Zen. The dragon pointed out it is perfectly possible to mindfully multi-task, but, me, being male, it would take too long to explain how. Which is when I realised the dragon was, ‘It,’ and the swallows were getting impatient...


As Bruce Forsyth, often said, ‘That’s all there is to it.’ Dragons never understood the Generation Game, they live too long, and there were never any Rolos on the conveyor belt.


Majestic dragons.

Swooping with attentive care.

To tickle swallows.



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Published: 22nd May 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragon Named Bond James Bond


Ian Fleming got the name from a book, on his library shelf, written by an American ornithologist. I’ve just looked on Wikipedia, and was a little surprised to see the similarity with Sean Connery, as he is now, and the actual James Bond. You just need to apply a mental razor, and they would both pass for brothers. In my opinion needs saying, of course.

One of the hardest thing fiction writers have to do is get the reader to suspend their disbelief for a while. Most tackle this by including as many hard facts, as possible, into the narrative. Basically, the lies get buried in the truth. I’ve just realised the hole I’ve dug, for myself, as I’m transcribing what I’m feeling from a dragon called, Bond, James, etc.

This particular dragon has had me under surveillance for the past five days, I had the idea for the title last Friday. Nothing else, just the title. A good dragon will often do that, sometimes, like now, once too often. I’m not a super villain, (honestly, I’m not), with an elaborate escape route pre-planned. So I am busily trying to unravel the dragon’s plot before I bury myself in it. The point is there isn’t, actually, a plot. I assumed there would be based on simply hearing a dragon state, very clearly, ‘My name’s Bond, James Bond.’ She was fibbing, her name is Lucy.


Dragon’s have a weird sense of humour. The fact I based my assumption on a fictional character, believing there would be certain dragony facts attached, for the blog, probably with a few cataclysmic explosions, hasn’t escaped them. Especially this one, who has been stirred to shaking with laughter. My assumption was harmless, totally harmless. Being embarrassed, by dragons and, at the same time, learning, from them, is a way of life now.

Assumptions can be more deadly than an accurately thrown, steel rimmed, bowler hat, especially when we act on them. The worst assumptions happen when someone is being silent. Various scenarios get turned over until the inevitable text, email, or phone call is delivered, which often leads to a long period of drama...

The thing is James Bond never messed up, innocent parties never suffered from any of his actions. That’s because he uncovered the facts first. Yes, he followed the clues, but he waited until he had the full picture. Two things can be assumed to be forever, diamonds, and unneeded break ups!

James Bond is a work of fiction, and, believe it, or not, this blog is supposed to be a reflection of reality. I accept responsibility that the picture is what I see in a dragon’s shiny eye, however I don’t assume what I see there without thinking it through. Sometimes there is only me, no one else. One thing I do understand is how a mirror works, and why the image is reversed. While things might appear to be upside down, it doesn’t mean they, actually, are. A dragon will always wait, and see, before taking any action, so think dragon, reflect, and have a relaxing Rolo until you know the facts.

A haiku of spies.

Could be a collective noun.

Like a flock of fish.



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Published: 15th May 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Scaly Swan Song


It’s been a good week, so far. I’ve managed to convince three people to use the virus checker on their mobile phone if they think they’re coming down with something. Of course it’s backfired, one of the three was my granddaughter who is now refusing to go to school in case she’s infectious and I’m the nominated emergency child minder. All of which, is, obviously untrue, but there was no way I could let an introduction like that go. Actually, those who know me might wonder about the first part, as one thing I do well is wind ups, so I might give it a go.


My granddaughter would actually believe it, she thinks I know everything, just like her mother did once. She grew older and wiser, eventually recognising when she was being teased and now doesn’t listen to a word I say unless it’s been Googled. We still make memories going back over the old ones sometimes. Which is great as my granddaughter refuses to think, for a millisecond, her granddad could ever do something naughty! Faith doesn’t get wound up, her mother instead gets miffed at that.


Faith now has a mobile phone. Which is another wonderful line, until you know Faith is my granddaughter’s name. Faith doesn’t need a mobile, that’s the emotion, not my granddaughter. Our faith is our rock, until it gets shattered for whatever reason. Sometimes, the greatest test of our faith is when we lose someone close to us. I’ve talked to enough people to realise that the stages of grief are a psychological reality. The problem is we all go through the stages in slightly different ways and with varying amounts of time spent in each one.


 I don’t think anyone snaps out of grief, it’s a slow process until we accept the way things now are. There does come a time when we can think of the happy memories without feeling the pain anymore. This is the worst time for many. We think we will never be happy again, but, suddenly, we are, although we shouldn’t be, as we’re thinking about someone, or something, we’ve lost. Keep going. Grief is a pause button that will get pressed several times in our life. Nothing, and no one, lasts forever on Earth. A mountain will, eventually, crumble into the sea.


I actually think accepting we will lose people can be beneficial, as it motivates us to enjoy the time we have with them and make more happy memories to recall later. Yes, I know that sounds morbid, but it also seems sensible. When Buddha speaks of detachment, this is a big part of what he was referring to. It seems paradoxical that separation would increase love, but it works. Many people with terminal illness do this. It’s the basic idea behind a bucket list. We all suffer from a terminal illness, it’s called life. When I go, I know I will leave others behind. I would like to be able to lessen the pain for them, somehow. Quite how, at the moment, is irrelevant, but when it becomes necessary I will do my best, practically and emotionally. Well, that’s the plan, unless a stray bus comes along when I’m not expecting it... Another thing Buddha said was ‘We think we have time.’


The darkest of skies.

Will hide the brightest rainbow.

Once the sun returns.




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Published: 8th May 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Draig Gymreig iawn yng Ngwlad Groeg


There’s a Zen practice involving the student carefully writing on a warm pavement, using water. The beginning has usually evaporated before reaching the end of the Japanese character. Given the climate of the U.K. the closest analogy would be building a sandcastle on Blackpool beach while the tide was coming in. If you want to try this then please, wrap up warm and snug, or bribe a child then sit in a cafe while watching them through binoculars. The idea is to teach the student the futility of human endeavours, which is a bit of a depressing concept. I don’t quite agree that everything we do is useless. In fact, I think everything we do is priceless, especially when we do it for someone else.


Along my own journey I’ve built a lot of sandcastles and not just in Blackpool. I was young and footloose, once. Far flung sand from Skegness and even Mediterranean beaches has seen the bottom of my bucket. Well, my children’s buckets. The sandcastles have all waved in farewell but their happy memories remain. One of the happiest being making sure a couple of Welsh paper flags got packed in the luggage when we headed to Zakynthos. People cheered when they walked past, my daughter was beaming and still talks about it years later. It just took a little thought and the risk of my partner’s ridicule, so the flags were cunningly disguised as spare tooth brushes. She had a thing about baggage allowances too, so I didn’t risk it and lied. Perhaps publicly admitting it now is Karma.


We all look at others and think they are doing better than we are. That’s the problem, thinking and assuming, rather than thinking, enquiring and researching, until we know the underlying reality. No, I am not saying you should go through your neighbour’s dustbins to find their bank statements. I do, however, think it’s a good idea to get to know your neighbours. Buddha teaches that we should be discerning, so, if they really are from hell, at least you know for sure. Why they are that way is their issue, not yours.


Thinking aloud, perhaps that is what leading a spiritual life is all about. Just letting everyone else get on with their own life, while you get on with yours. Tolerance becomes an invincible strength and our own self respect the unbreakable defence against others’ insistence we comply with their demands.


So, with mindful awareness, grab your bucket and spade, then head for the nearest beach. When someone asks why you are building a sand castle, at your age, simply tell them ‘Because the pavement is too cold to write on.’ Your privacy, after that, is guaranteed. You could always cheat a little and take a child along with you, they build, you watch and learn. If that’s your choice just remember the child places the flag, the adult then applauds. Dragons can be fussy about that, especially Welsh dragons.


A haiku in Welsh.

Would be appropriate... but.

I know my limits.



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Published: 1st May 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The iDragon


According to Facebook, and I’m not going to argue with them, I posted this on my wall exactly five years ago. ‘Awareness is the key, not the door.’ At the time I thought I was being cryptically clever. Having it turned into a custard pie, which was then splattered in my face this morning, was a strange wake up call. So strange that it took another two coffees to work out it was the beginning of this week’s blog.


Facebook is instant. Which makes it a Godsend for dad’s everywhere, they are no longer held back in their jokes, having to say ‘I guess you had to be there at the time.’ Facebook, and other forums, put you there, right when it happened. This can be as great as it can be abysmal. I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos of crowds around young, stranded, seals and dolphins and the news of being so stressed from appearing in selfies they died. I used to think it was the fact an innocent creature had been killed that made my blood boil, now I’m not too sure. I’m more inclined to the notion of I’m simply reacting to human behaviour in these circumstances.


Have we changed so much as a society in so short a time, as Facebook and other forms of social media have existed that we no longer care about anything, other than a brief few minutes of fame and kudos from our friends? Actually, I don’t think so, but back in the day when cameras used film and setting up a shot took five minutes of faffing, a light meter, then a trip to the chemist, it was easier to chuck a dolphin back in the ocean, while cute puppies take a lot of posing.


I can hear the shouts of ‘I wouldn’t do that!’ None of us know what we would do until it happens, only how we acted when it did. If someone was trapped in a burning building and the fire brigade hadn’t arrived, would we rush in, or hold our phones up? I know what I would like my answer to be, and seeing as I rarely take my mobile out with me (don’t ask)... the chances of channelling my inner Superman are slightly increased, but I can’t say for certain.


One of my clients mentioned being unsure of being able to forgive someone, which is when I used the burning building analogy. They understood the concept then. If they weren’t aware of some genuine remorse and valid reasons for the other person’s behaviour, how could they be forgiven? Worrying about the possibilities in advance, is as effective as chocolate fireguards for dragon fences.


Awareness is just another word for being present, or mindful. I’m as guilty as anyone else for forgetting that. I always should practice what I preach. Being aware allows us to quickly weigh up the situation and then act appropriately, whether we are rescuing, forgiving, dolphin stressing, or picking imaginary custard from our eyebrows. Awareness is key to everything, maybe if we all applied that to our social media use, we could all make the little differences that combine to form major changes to the world. Just remember you can’t make people think BY SHOUTING AT THEM!


On to the haiku.

The iDragon will assist.

The app is inbuilt.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 24th April 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The No Resemblance To Anything Else At All Dragon


Our life is a complicated jigsaw. Getting the picture is difficult because something will come along that knocks the table over and we have to start again. Reassembly usually takes a lot less time because we get better with practice. Strangely, we usually get to the exact point, as before, when the dreaded table tipper returns. It need not be that way. Human jigsaws have flexible pieces, which, with a little thought and effort, can be assembled in an infinitely variable way. In fact it’s perfectly possible to build a rubber jigsaw, which bounces back onto the table completely intact.


So far, I don’t think anyone would disagree with me. That might change with the next sentence, which is. This is all Buddha found under his tree. I have to say that ‘me,’ is really an ‘us,’ but dragons have enough of a bad reputation, so I’ll personally cop the flak for this one. I have a theory that we all make life complicated to avoid the personal responsibility making it simple would bring. An elephant, with a bobble hat, is just that, you can call it a tea pot, under a cosy, for as long as you want, but you can’t ignore the fact all your peanuts have suddenly disappeared.


I am not perfect. It is so easy to say, I’m sure everyone reading this will have thought this at least once a week. Acting on this particular elephant in the room is not easy. Finding the right first step to take is difficult, there are so many to choose from. If it’s any help I don’t think it really matters which path is taken, because they all lead to a place I know as home.


The Buddhist method of meditating on one’s own nature worked for me. It took me a long while to learn not to beat myself with a hammer to make the pieces fit. Wafting the thoughts away with a feather, gently and persistently, paid off. It was almost like magic! One step forward, two steps back, means you are still progressing, but in a circle. There does come a moment when the table might get tipped over, but it will be in a different direction and the elephant becomes plain. That’s half the battle, learning to stop fighting one’s own nature.


My current jigsaw puzzle picture might sound a little weird if I describe it. I am, however, on a doubled up dragon dare to do so. It’s a picture of a hatless elephant, with a peacock feather in its trunk. I can see a lot further now, just by climbing on their back. My elephant doesn’t need to fly, besides that jigsaw would belong to someone else and could lead to copyright issues. For the same reason, this particular dragon can’t, actually, call me Dumbo. I could, however, point out to them ‘If the clown hat fits, wear it.’ I’m just not that daring.


It begins quite thin.

Gets bigger, then tapers off.

It’s an elephant!



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 17th April 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Little Weedy Dragon


Dragons, everyone would agree, are, basically, big. One was hiding in my tiny kitchen, waiting for me to make my blogging coffee and to pass on the idea. How is that possible? This one pointed out they dwell in the space between my ears, which is huge. I responded with ‘I must be out of my tiny mind to go along with this one!’ ‘I rest my case’ the dragon replied. As you can see I got my own back with the title.


Those of a certain age, like me, will remember ‘Bill And Ben, The Flowerpot Men.’ They were two puppets which seemed to be made of flower pots and both talked in gobbledegook. Between their two flowerpot houses lived Little Weed, who translated for the children watching. Examples are on You Tube (other sources are available). Little Weed wasn’t just a translator, she was, along with Slobbadob, the snail, Bill and Ben’s spiritual guru, although the three year old me missed that crucial point. I was more aligned to the fact of Bill and Ben, behaving badly, usually without getting severely punished. Little Weed and Slobbadob personified Karma too, Bill and Ben always learned from their mistake. Promising Little Weed never to do it again, but, being made of flowerpots, forgot by the next episode. Another philosophical allegory wasted on the child I once was, but so relevant to how I think now.


Many spiritual teachers and life coaches etc. emphasise the importance of finding our own inner child. The dragon pointed out we can’t reconnect with something we never lost, it’s always been there. A child learns and interacts with the world according to their own knowledge, at the time. Adults, being adults, think they know best, the Universe, being the Universe, knew better and also knows, one day, we will get that the Universe will only, and always has, known better. All are one, all are equal. Which is one reason children play happily together, until they are taught the non-existent differences between them. Who teaches them? Children also overcome any language barriers by their actions. You can say a lot, to another, without using a word and offering a sweet instead. To a child the world is full of wonder, adults are in the same space, but children think we are on another planet. Your inner child knows better, children understand our world is for sharing, until shown otherwise.


In a way each of my blogs is an expression of my own inner child. I’ve got invisible friends and I just transcribe what they say. Children tend to put things simply and, usually, honestly, again based on their ever changing world view. I’m not, in any way, embarrassed by the fact. I couldn’t have said that a few years ago though. Have I grown or regressed? Not even the dragon had an answer for that one. Personally, I think I have learned, while being neither Bill, nor Ben, I can still, occasionally, behave as badly as the Flowerpot Men. One day I hope to be called really childish, I will take that as a compliment though.


A childish haiku.

Would be profoundly simple.

But full of giggles.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 10th April 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Basking With Dragons


Dragons like a good bask, in fact according to the Draconis Lege, they like nothing better. Sunshine, or Moonshine, if it can be basked in, it should be basked in. I am reliably informed that when it comes to basking, Rolos are sunshine because chocolate comes from a plant. This fact appears in the Draconis Lege, under the basking section, but is scrawled in pink crayon rather than in neat, gothic, print like the rest. Going by the same logic steak and chips is a salad. It isn’t, obviously, since dragons prefer Rolos to rib-eye, besides chips come from a pan. The thought of Rolo has probably been around since the dawn of the Big Bang, but they weren’t, actually, invented until 1937. Basking became compulsory just after the first stars ignited. As soon as Rolo came into being the Draconis Lege was amended. Why was it desirable to instantly alter billions of years of traditional thought simply because one tiny thing had changed?


Buddha taught that our ideas and thoughts are like a raft to carry us over each river we come across in our journey to understanding. Each river would be different, so, rather than using our old raft we should take the time to build another. Our ideas and beliefs should develop from our own experiences. Nothing is static. Which is common sense to a dragon. Buddha did propose certain unchangeable rules, like the noble rules and precepts but these, to a dragon, are just common sense too. If they are followed the mind is clear and free, basking isn’t interrupted by guilty memories, only the occasional Rolo gets in the way.


It isn’t easy to change our ideas, when it comes to our spiritual beliefs that ‘isn’t easy’ verges on impossibility. Humans are social beings with an aversion to solitude, unlike dragons. The work around with that one is the Zen Buddhist method of individual meditation. You are free from another’s ideas and persuasion. Zen practitioners are recommended to find a teacher to prevent their falling into madness though. It would have been nice if the scholarly dragons had mentioned it at the beginning of the process rather than as an afterthought after my exam.


The thing is, that in the end we are all Zen masters when it comes to changing our minds. No one else can do it for us. The teachings of Buddha aren’t the only way, they were the only way that worked for me, but that is not a recommendation for others to follow that particular path. Most of us have inner conflicts, unlike basking dragons. Those conflicts can’t be resolved with a judicious scrawling of blue crayon. Well, actually, they might be. As long as the back story is known first. If we understand why we always do, what we do, stopping doing it becomes a conscious thought process, rather than a reflexive reaction. Dragons, being the exception which proves the rule, always react to the smell of a Rolo, and have done since 1937.  


Our mind’s sky, when.

Dark thunder filled clouds give way.

To clear sunshine.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 3rd April 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Another One For The Hubbies


I’ve got two granddaughters, one who is 17 going on 3 ½, the other is eight but acts 37. She has a handbag and carries it just like Victoria Beckham. The older one shoves everything into her phone case, which then dangles from her nose ring. That’s a slight eggsaguration, but, alike they are not. This Easter however, they would both prefer cash rather than carbs. Although the younger one had to borrow a phone to reply to the question and add twenty bunny emoticons after the words ‘Cash please granddad.’ So my two will be getting exactly what they both want, without any fuss.


Why am I mentioning this? Well, this year Easter Sunday falls on April 1st. A day celebrated throughout the world as April Fool’s day, although traditions as to how long it lasts vary. In the U.K. for instance, it is up until noon. It always starts at dawn, so millions of children will be waking up to dumb dad jokes rather than their eggspected choccy brekkie.


How many bad memories of yours have the phrase ‘It was only a bit of fun’ attached to each one? Unless we are laughing with someone else, it isn’t funny. If several are laughing at one, that isn’t humour, it’s torture. All it takes is a little self control not to take advantage of the situation at the time. Why do so many of us, me included, find that so difficult? Probably because there are such fine lines between caring, competing and pontificating. We all seem to be able to switch so easily between all three of them too. Are we all, me included again, really that shallow?


Obviously, we are all going to scream ‘No’ at this point. Don’t include me this time. I am instead going to consider how we appear to others when we behave in a certain way. Which isn’t actually pontificating, it’s caring.


If we are all one then the maths is taking from the one, reduces it. If we add to the one, then any eggcess comes back to our self, because it literally has nowhere else to go. This is how I know the Universe is sneaky in its way of working. Unless the addition is done selflessly, it’s actually a subtraction, because the action would have come from our own agenda. Buddhism isn’t all tingshas and saffron robes, it is hard work. Rightly so! Which is neither caring, competing, or pontificating, it’s simply stating a fact.


 Doling out the chocolate eventually means the gift isn’t the same. Using April Fool’s day as the eggscuse isn’t giving, it’s competing with what the day is actually about. What you feel Easter day celebrates is, of course, entirely up to you, just as with April Fool’s day. This year though, resist the temptation to conflate the two together. I admit it’s a golden opportunity, but try to be an eggsample, rather than a silly goose.


The Easter bunny.

Being slightly dyslexic.

Failed the eggsam.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 27th March 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Slight Reprise Dragon


Today is the Spring or vernal equinox, and if you’re reading this after 4:15 p.m. you missed it. Don’t panic, I’m writing this the week before so you will have plenty of notice. Except you won’t, because this blog is written seven days in advance. So, I lied. The equinox isn’t today, it’s when you read this, on the 20th of March or thereabouts. Many of you will think I didn’t tell a fib, but I did, as in I knowingly and willingly said something I knew to be untrue when I stated it. The dragon guardian of Universal lore is not happy. In fact, when they stop giggling I am sure they will express their extreme miffdom in ways only a cantankerous dragon can.


By the way, that word ‘lore’ isn’t a typo. It’s defined as traditional knowledge around a subject. It’s not my fault that it is onomatopoeic with another word ‘law.’ This dragon is the enforcer of both. Technically, which is just another way of saying legally, I am guilty as charged. What of? I have made a point, which is rules are made to be broken. I also cheated because I actually know this dragon well. They love semantic arguments and they are really impressed by my illustrative use of onomatopoeia. Whizz, bang, snap, crackle, law. It’s not often you get a Rolo out of a dragon, especially this one.


The Buddha and the teachers through the ages never actually say ‘You must’ but they encourage us all to try. Perhaps they, in their own way, knew the Universal story is a living, evolving, entity in its own right. We should try to live by what we our self, know to be the best way of being, especially in regard to others. I include all others in that statement, don’t forget I occasionally sit and chat to interesting boulders. All, to me, really does mean all. Once you begin to hear the voice of the planet where you drop litter becomes a very real matter of choice and responsibility. Your discarded wrapper could lead to having a long, and involved natter with this particular scaly mountain.


I’ve just realised what this dragon looks like when they haven’t got their head in a haystack. Which came as a shock and my error cost me that Rolo too. I suppose they had a little more to add from last week. The equinox is all about balance and new beginnings. Instead of thinking I must, why not use I should try? It’s a very simple and very flexible way of being. One that can only add to the Universal lore and one that we will all be happy to have noted against our name in the great big book. It’s a great big book because the dragon needs a great big biro. My entry reads ‘Alan is always very trying.’ I wouldn’t mind but it’s highlighted in dark brown, apparently the bottom of a rusty, Routemaster, bus will do that though.


‘We need a haiku.’

‘I know’ the dragon replied.

‘Give me a minute.’



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 20th March 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon of the Old Bailey


Occasionally everything goes very quiet and very serious. A dragon’s head poking out of an old-fashioned hay stack means it’s time for a judicial review. After all, a big head needs a big wig. Each of those phrases has a different meaning regarding judges, dependent on whether you feel guilty or not. O.K. the big head bit was, admittedly, a dig. Mea culpa! Judicial can refer to an in depth review of the evidence, being judicious is simply not rushing to a conclusion. A big wig is someone important, with probably knowledge greater than our own, whose input and criticism will be valid whether we like it or not.


There were times when these incidents were a lot less enjoyable than meditatively basking in a fallow field, with a sweaty eared dragon and some half melted Rolo. I’ve seen more vaporised straw than most people have had crab sticks. Looking back, the dragon roared in frustration then, rather than anger and, as an attention grabber, myriads of burning plant fragments takes some beating. The point I missed and have only just realised as I write this is I was safe. Apart from getting covered in tepid ash. My highest welfare was, and always will be, the dragon’s prime concern.


Way, way, back when hay stacks didn’t come wrapped in black plastic, people were proud to be referred to as ‘God fearing.’ It’s how I was brought up. I am so, so, glad I thought that bit through to become ‘Universe loving’. One day I might even manage ‘Universe respecting.’ To quote a dragon. That was it, after a quick thump on the ground. Dragons don’t need a gavel to clear a court.


It’s not often this one smirks, because he’s a git. They know I am not going to argue cosmic law with a cosmic counsel. I respect everything and everyone, without expressing judgment. Which is enough to get by in life without the fear of knowing we are being supervised at all times. The point is, because all really is just one, that feeling won’t go away. It’s a result of the connection we naturally have with the highest power and everything else. It’s not upper management breathing down your neck, it’s love.


Buddha taught that ‘What we think, we become.’ My maxim to that is ‘Worries are thoughts too.’ Are you thinking, or worrying? I go against most usual spiritual beliefs. Stuff happens, (I cleaned that up a bit.) Usually that stuff is not of our own making and the Universe has its way of being, which we have to go along with. I don’t think the Universe is determined to make anyone suffer, in fact it’s the total opposite. We are ALL supposed to be happy with what we have, right now. The guidance around every one of us sometimes struggles to get that point across.


One of our basic worries is in regards to death. We all fear the reaper but there’s no escape, they will come. My way of looking at is ‘You can’t build a hay stack without cutting down the corn first.’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no rush to get home again. I’m happy to go with the flow until that time comes. There is a reason rushes grow by the riverbank. Leave them there, they make things appear just that bit more tranquil as you drift by.


The cycle of life.

Is a tandem built for two.

Share the pedalling.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 13th March 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Tip Toeing With Dragons


Every so often it goes very quiet between my ears. Silence, except for the gentle snores of snoozing dragons, is a bit difficult to put into words. The sound is like a purr but the ground vibrates, mixed in with the groans of ‘I couldn’t eat another thing’ just after you’ve troughed the Christmas pudding. It happily grumbles along in its powerful peace. They must all be recovering from Chinese New year. When the whole idea is to borrow their energy to write an informative, and hopefully entertaining piece of writing surfing on their wave, to find them hibernating is the last thing I needed. Which is when I realised it was exactly what I needed.


I could, quite easily, wake one of them up. A better idea would be to just curl up beside one and share their dreams. The trouble with that being a dragon’s dreams are empty, or that’s how they seem. Free from troublesome, questioning humans, they can just be aware of their own self with absolutely nothing else to do, other than be aware. It’s a very peaceful place. In fact, if peaceful was as infectious as a cold, I would be merrily sneezing along with the dragons.


Of course sod’s law has dictated that while I’ve been tapping away there have been several annoying interruptions from messenger. When I first started this week’s blog I had a vague idea it would be a short explanation of Karma. After a few attempts as a beginning I accepted the scaly ones were channelling Z’s, and the honest thing was to go along with it. I was really enjoying the peace too, until the beeps started. It’s my own fault for thinking of disturbing the peace for my own benefit and I totally see this from the dragon’s point of view now. So much so that I know they’re all dreaming ‘Don’t apologise, forget it! If you say sorry we’ll have to wake up to accept your apology.’ Instead, I will just thank Karma for their gentle nudge and leave the snoozing dragons in their own peace again.


Learning from Karma leaves you with a very similar feeling to being among dozy dragons. A warm fuzzy feeling, like having a freshly laundered elephant for a bobble hat. Which is enough warm fuzzy for anyone. Karma has a wonderful sense of humour. Her skill is getting us to see the issue, but in the way that makes us laugh at our own behaviour. They know that is the best way to help us forgive our self. We all make mistakes, the point is to see them as opportunities to learn from. Our blunders are stepping stones across the river, not boulders to make a dam against our own progress with the gentle flow.


Anyway, the dragons are awake again. I take full responsibility for wondering if a sleeping dragon can hear Rolos in a coat pocket being unwrapped. Apparently they can. Sometimes, however, even a dragon needs to curl up with a cup of Horlicks,* and just nod off.


A silent haiku?

Utterly impossible!

It would be blank verse


*(Other malted milk beverages are available)




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 6th March 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Acquatic Dragon


Blogging, I’ve decided, is like fishing. It starts off with a good hook, so the reader feels happily caught on a nibble of something they were looking for. Then, once I start to reel them in, everything tightens up and like the fishing rod, I bend into a tangent. Meditation is a lot like fishing too, only with a nonexistent net. I bet you want me to explain now don’t you?


Anyone can day dream of being sat by a pool of gin clear water with a splashing fountain bubbling away in the background. It gently merges with the bird song and rustling leaves as the breeze stirs the weeping willows. You can’t help feeling relaxed. Meditation is not a passive exercise though, it’s actually fish watching. You can soon see majestic, golden fish swimming in your pool. Many meditations insist that we should control our thoughts, so according to their doctrine there can’t be any fish in the pond. I recommend going against the flow, just like a fish does. We’re not meditating are we? We’re fishing. The trick is to watch the fish. If one swims away, don’t go chasing after it, but if one catches your attention, focus in on it.


Except these are thoughts, not fish, however from the perspective of what you’re reading they are fish, from my perspective, as the writer, they’re thoughts. Now you are totally confused let’s ignore the fish for a moment and go back to the water for clarity. It’s cold too, so if you want to run some over your fingers feel free. When you feel ready, just chuck the fish back into the pond, or at least don’t struggle if they swim back into view. The ‘Is the oven on?’ Or ‘When’s the MOT due?’ Fish and their cousins can be safely ignored. Just be careful, because some of the thoughts can be like sharks when they bite and you might feel a ripple of realisation.


It is only possible to have crystal clear water, which, from my perspective, is your mind, if you accept it is the perfect environment for thoughts, which are the fish, to breed in. The two are indivisible. What you do with the fish is the important thing. They will swim away, or they will remain, some will even end up in the net. The net is important and I haven’t really explained where that comes in, mainly because it’s invisible. If I started describing things that aren’t there you might all think I’m deranged. Only, from my perspective, it does exist. We are all in the net. You are caught up in it, just as the fish can be and just as the water flows through it. The other thing about the net is you have to see it for yourself, once you do then the reality of being can start to be understood.


Buddha worked that out, sat under a tree, at night. I think it’s possible to do the same while washing up, or having a relaxing bath but, with a thought \ fish, can be applied to any situation you find yourself in. Try this the next time you pick up a tin of sardines when you’re shopping for instance. Many people say you can’t find mindfulness on a Supermarket shelf, but just as fish swim against the current, I don’t quite agree with their perspective.


The humble goldfish.

Going around in its bowl.

Enmeshed in glass.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 27th February 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Gambling Dragon


I had the idea for this week’s blog the previous evening. As usual, it got changed over coffee. Actually, not so much changed as I was challenged ‘I bet you can’t explain everything about mindfulness in less than five hundred words’ the scaly presence giggled. I bet I couldn’t too. I lost, big time. It actually took two hundred and fifty five. Of course, that’s not counting this introduction, and the haiku.


(1)There are five stages of the grieving process. Denial, ‘Oh no, I don’t believe it!’ Anger, ‘I don’t believe it!’ but louder. Bargaining, ‘I don’t believe this happened to me, rather than...’ Depression, ‘I don’t believe I can do anything about it.’ Finally there comes acceptance, ‘I believe this will sort it all out.’ Unfortunately, these are instinctive reactions we all have, not just to grief regarding someone’s death, but any change that happens in our life. Most people we interact with on a daily basis will be going through at least one of these stages, if not several, all getting mashed up together. This is why people are weird to varying degrees throughout the day.


Mindfulness teaches that it is possible to short circuit the inbuilt reaction mechanism we all have to change. In fact, I would argue, because I love arguing, sorting out these reactions are the key to mindfulness itself. This opens the door to a higher understanding, at least that’s what I found. How?


Well, instead of going all the way into denial stop at ‘Oh.’ Now channel Mr Spock, ‘Fascinating.’ Which is guaranteed. You are now in full control, possibly for the first time in your life. This has got you straight through anger, bargaining and depression. Now, mindfully decide what the next step is, as in, think it through, only acting when you have the answer. There’s no rush, take your time. Doing this simple exercise immediately connects you to the ever changing Universe from the point of remaining present, with acceptance, at all times, (255) ((According to Microsoft Word.))*


According to the big scaly thing currently scoffing my last Rolo, the other reason the haiku doesn’t count is because they’re not really words, they’re more like garbage. I can quite happily ignore that remark. Slapping this down has given me food for thought. It’s so succinct and easily fits in the space between my ears. I lost and won. A good, unconditional Universe will make that happen.


 I will leave you with the haiku and get on with my favourite pastime, bantering with dragons. This one’s running scared and called all of its mates in. A cold, grey, rainy, Tuesday now has a much brighter outlook.


It is not garbage!

Haiku are a form of art.

Like Jackson Pollocks.


*Other word processing software is available.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 20th February 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Morning With The Ice Dragon


Today is going to be the most difficult blog I’ve written so far. It’s snowing! Maintaining my concentration is not going to be easy. You would think a butterfly mind like mine would slow down in the cold weather, but I’m sure that’s why someone came up with the idea of central heating. Being an air-head does have its advantages, occasionally. We tend to think of others too. So one of us, way back when, thought of the other creative butterflies, cocooned away in the cold and did something to help. Anyway, enough about snow, the blog is supposed to be of help to people in some way.


Apparently, there are ten quintillion water molecules in each snowflake. That’s a lot and thirty five different types of them. No one can actually say they are all unique, but the chances against finding a pair are in the quintillions. Winning the lottery jackpot is just (that’s an ironic just) millions. The reason is simple enough. As they form, random events influence the minute ice crystals to come together in different ways. Wind speed is one example and the actual air temperature is another. Snow is amazing! When there’s enough of it to block a road or path, amazingly annoying. Strangely, we all know that amazingly annoying person too. Unlike snow, a bit of salt won’t get rid of them, although a few of my witchy friends might disagree there. If salt did make someone disappear they were probably a slug.


Enough of this snow thing, let’s get to a point! Never shout at an ice dragon. They can make snowballs big enough to bury you. You learn something new every day...


Many people believe in the concept of twin souls, or twin flames. Spending their life time searching for their missing twin. Often feeling their search is a trudge through a long, dark, winter. I tend to go more with the idea of Swan mates because of their white feathers. Swans pair for life, but they don’t live as long as people, only about twenty to thirty years. Which, spookily in human terms, is long enough to raise a family, pay off a mortgage etc. In other words accomplish a major part of a life. Swan mates are, in my own opinion, also a lot easier to find. You’re not looking for a snowflake in a Winter Olympics... Being topical.


When everything changes, swan mates need to talk things over. Humans, unlike a lot of swans, are not Mute. Their relationship can either continue, or if both want a new horizon to wander off to, it can end. People can still lead separate lives and nest under the same roof. Of course, some couples, like swans, will suffer in silence, some might even turn into a Flamingo and fly to somewhere exotic and new. Life, like a snowflake, has many unique paths to its end result.

A snowflake is rigidly defined by its environment, so are we, in many ways. However, we are not destined to remain as we have been cast, or, chose to be for a while. In winter, while the Earth can be as hard as Iron, nothing, for us, is ever set in stone.


Iridescent snow.

Reflecting rainbow colours.

If you look closely.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 13th February 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'Don't You Dare Call Me Igor' Dragon


There are spaces where, by Universal decree, silence is absolute. Even snow falling is banned. The problem is, every time I go to one I start giggling within five seconds. It happened again, just now. My eyes started leaking at the thought, then I felt the guardian around me and after one comment from them I’m all smirky sniggers. What was this magical spot? Well, today it was the graveyard of dead hopes and dreams. I’ve been there many times, as we all have. The sight of a dragon, in top hat and tails, resurrecting them and talking 1930’s Hollywood vampire was just too much. I cracked up. So, according to the Universal law we both had to leave. We arrived at another sacred silence, well sort of, it was one where I listened.


There was a time, not so long ago, when I had lost all hope. Beyond despair, I just felt things would never get better. In fact I can’t actually describe it effectively because it’s part of the human understanding that things change. I don’t have the words to convey the sensation properly. At the time that was irrelevant. I wasn’t depressed, it was simply the circumstances I was in. It happened about four years ago. Since then I have spoken to one other person in the same position and I speak with a lot of people. It took a lot of conversations to bring them around. I’m not saying I gave them their hope back, I don’t think anyone can do that for another. It’s such a personal thing that we have to find it our self, wherever we left it. I can say they are a lot stronger now.


The strange thing is, looking back, I knew I wasn’t alone but I had reached a point where it just didn’t matter. I really had given up. I was, literally, not human. I was thinking about just that when I started typing. Which was the moment the dragon huffled ‘Yes, you were a zoooooooombie! We had the technology to repair you.’


Perhaps this is why we have to hit rock bottom before we can start to climb out of the hole, or, at least stop digging down. The something watching over us all, which I understand best as dragons knows it has only one chance to get our attention long enough for us to see the EXIT sign over our particular door. They never give up, it’s another Universal law. They remember that one well, because they wrote it their self. They know however, some people reach a point beyond gentle encouragement. A time when even Angelic, or in my case, draconic whispers, would do more harm than good. The cure apparently, being worse than the disease. I get that. I would probably have lost it completely if the dragons had started trying to motivate me.


I got out of it, circumstances changed, in a very surprising, almost miraculous way. I caused it to happen myself, basically by winding someone up. They gave me what I needed, without my asking for it, from sheer exasperation. A good thwack round the head at the right time, from a very skilful dragon, (Angel) can do that though. The last thing any of us will ever do is die. Until that happens, however it happens, there will always be hope. It doesn’t matter if you have lost yours. It will be kept safe, in the cemetery of dreams, to be returned when you’re ready. All I did was wait, you can too.


In the dark forest.

Not all who wander are lost.

Look for their camp fires.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 6th February 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Nessie, The Not Quite A Dragon, Dragon


A client of mine lives in Inverness and recently sent me a picture of her dog, Hollie, paddling in Loch Ness. For two reasons. Hollie sits up, paying perfect attention to what I say, whenever the client has a reading and whenever there’s a reading, Nessie wanders in. Nessie, or the Loch Ness monster is, actually a Kelpie, a water spirit born from Celtic mythology. They are often depicted as horses, which were revered almost as deities in some Celtic cultures.


Nessie is a very horsey dragon, except she’s not quite a dragon, she’s a Nessie. Nessie is actually a word in Draconic, (the language of dragons) it means ‘Gentle spirit.’ She has a kindness so big, it shoves other dragons aside and she’s fat enough to cause severe contusions if she sits on them. Nothing argues with Nessie, ever! One deep glance from her mahogany eyes immediately reduces all to tears. This is why there is dew on the meadow each morning. Nessie tells the flowers stories, to empower their beauty and the grass can’t help but listen.


Right now there is a major debate raging about plastic polluting the planet, especially in regard to the oceans. The strange thing is most of us have forgotten the magical energy all around us. It exists, but we choose to ignore the gentle, inner voice. A lot of advice on how to connect to something we are, unbreakably, connected to is convoluted, complex and actually goes against science. The Celts told stories; their whole culture was based on a verbal history, kept as sacred by the Bards. What was written down is only a glimpse at what has been lost forever. The Celts honoured their environment, because through their stories, it came alive. Mother Nature spoke, they listened. We, as a species could cause the loss of our own oceans and seas. There is a horror story, more frightening than Balor, of the evil eye, that could, easily, become fact.


All the water on Earth is connected. The Sun evaporates the sea, forming clouds, which falls as rain so the rivers flow, while the lakes fill. So, you ask ‘Where does the dew come from?’ I’ve told you, Nessie tells the flowers stories and the grass earwigs. Children have this wonderful view of the world. If we were all more child-like in our thinking, taking care of the planet would be second nature, it would probably be our first in a very short time frame. Children also ask the obvious questions and demand answers, but they would be happy with the explanation about the dew. Well, my granddaughter is. Maybe we should try that with our civic and business leaders, they would last all of ten minutes.


Our attitude needs adjusting, all of us, me included. So, my suggestion is the next time you are near water, of any kind, including the washing machine. Think about where the dew comes from. If your eyes begin to leak, then after a long pause you begin to giggle, just know it’s Nessie, the Kelpie, passing by. It might not happen overnight, but your attitude will change. She always keeps the sitting on option, open but only for when it’s needed.


Shouting at mountains.

Will cause an echo that says...

Listen to the trees.



Allan Pin 0572

Published:30th January 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Fairground Dragon


Ancient Greece was an amazing place, unless you were a chip. One of its most famous philosophers, Heraclitus, was so famous, very few people have heard of him. Possibly, because of a hatchet job, performed by some of those that are remembered, even revered, in our present day. Heraclitus was so clever he attempted to cure himself of Dropsy by covering himself in manure, then sitting in the sun. Logically, he reasoned, based on his observations of nature, the manure would draw the fluid from his body. Logically, according to modern day medicine, he died. If you think that’s weird, many of his ideas are still held as valid by many people. We call them New Age, or Buddhists, for example.


Heraclitus once said ‘Everything changes, nothing remains still, you cannot step twice into the same stream.’ Which upset the priests, as they had fairly rigid views about what happens to the soul after death. The existing teachings of Gautama and Amhida, Buddha, basically say the same. However, it’s what they said which is important here, not what is said, they said. Both, actually, say very little about what comes next. Possibly to avoid upsetting any eavesdropping priests, but both thought it was possible to think things through to the inescapable conclusion. Tibetan Buddhists practice a week long ceremony, before interning the body, to bring about an auspicious reincarnation. Obviously, according to their belief and Heraclitus, nothing can be ever set in stone. I agree with them, not from belief, but from thinking it through, with help of course.


Many people think that a psychic reading involves seeing someone’s destiny. Their fate is woven into the threads of the Universal tapestry which can be unravelled and explained. They usually end with, ‘Of course you have to bear in mind that free will applies.’ I’m backward, in that is the point where I actually start from. The only thing I see woven into anything is, ‘Welcome’ on the Universal coconut fibre mat. Sometimes it’s a matter of fathoming out what is going on with others mat’s as we all ride the cosmic helter skelter together. That ride is simply our path to happiness and peace of mind. One of the most profound conclusions I arrived at was that life, with all its trials and tribulations, is the easiest way of helping us understand what is important. That was a shock, and a lot of pre-conceptions got left on the mat by that particular door.


So, having pronounced myself a charlatan, because I believe there is no fate, or pre-determined future, how come I can still predict, with a fair amount of success, what will happen? Unfortunately, the one thing that is perfectly predictable, is human nature. We all do what we think we should, when perhaps, doing the opposite would help more. The cosmic helter skelter is a magical ride. You can go from anti-clockwise sliding, to clockwise skidding and vice versa, with a single thought. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the ride! I’m happy where I am, stacking the mats and handing them out.

It’s six syllables.

Philosophically, so...

A haiku challenge.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 23rd January 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The 'You Can Go Off Dragons' Dragon


January 20178, (oops), brings a Blue Moon, i.e. two full moons within a calendar month. Given that a lunar month is 28 days, it should be a lot less rare than it appears. All that needs to happen is that there is a full moon near the first day. The fact is they are fairly scarce. The next one will be March 20178, (tut), after that it will be October 2020. I can’t see any pattern to when they occur either. Trust me, I’ve been Googling for hours. A Blue Moon is a random event, as far as humanity is concerned. The Universe wonders what all the fuss is about, as to them it’s simply another full moon.


Way back when mankind had a sensible Lunar calendar, the year ended on the twelfth, or thirteenth moon. There were no Blue Moons, just the ones that made astronomers puzzle over their calculations over how long the year was. Which was important to the rulers, they needed to know how long they had been in power, so they had bragging rights. Rulers had the money, so they had dibs on the astronomers. The solstices were the easy bit. Drag a few rocks around as markers and there you go.


The Moon was the issue, and being a feminine Goddess, she had dibs on being femininely awkward. This was all solved by the invention of a sensible, fixed 12 month calendar. Except it wasn’t, because a sensible year would have a sensible, fixed, number of moons, which it doesn’t. Cutting a long ramble down to a corner shop visit, there isn’t an origin to the idea of a Blue Moon being in any way special. Which means my minced and re-potted history, is as valid as anyone else’s.


The concept of the Moon as a Goddess goes deep into mankind’s collective ideas. Strangely, most cultures have the belief she is connected to supernatural events. Hindus conduct pujas at full and new Moon, Hecate was \ is the Greek Goddess. There are many others. I actually think the belief that a Blue Moon is her way of reminding us that we might think we are oh so clever but, in the big scheme of things, we might need to reconsider. Maybe it’s just another opportunity to honour the energies and that would be lucky in, and of, itself.


So, assuming a cloud free night on the 31st January 2018 (yay). Yes, I do know how big an assumption that is. Take the opportunity to wonder at the Blue Moon. Use it as a reminder of the Universal power running through us all. Perhaps it’s rare, simply for that reason, to help us avoid our overwhelming ability to be complacent about what is really important. Then again, it could be the time when the Goddess stands with those who Moon gaze, listens to their needs, and if possible, against all the odds, brings them into reality. 


‘Once in a Blue Moon,’

‘Is when,’ whispered the Dragon.

‘Alan talks some sense.’




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 16th January 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The I Dare You Dragon


According to the Jewish calendar we are in 5778, while the Islamic date is 1439, for now. Their New Year is later on. Google says it’s 20178 so, if it’s OK with everyone, I’ll go with that, mainly because they had a couple of cute cartoons marking the change. I remember the good old days when my New Year lasted until March, until modern technology ruined everything. The cheque guarantee card became a debit card, so I was prevented from using the previous year when I wrote out a cheque. I didn’t actually do this on purpose, but I seemed to elevate a simple mistake into an art form, while it was possible.


You might have been in the queue behind me at the till. Were you an impatient mutterer, or an ‘I did that myself yesterday?’ This was always a fairly consistent 50-50 split, so being a democratic person, there’s no need for a belated apology. To compound things I always had issues with those little shelves you were supposed to write on. I write with my right hand, but hold the biro upside down as if I’m left handed. That’s a result of the bad old days, when I was ‘educated’ into being a right handed person, rather than keeping my natural, lefty, inclination. The Co-Op till isn’t the most conducive spot to explain to others that you are calligraphically challenged, and why.


I miss those days of being chased down the street by managers waving my cheque at me and asking me to alter it. I miss the light hearted banter of sympathetic people. I don’t reminisce about the awkward feelings I had every time I paid for the weekly shop. The wife packed away, I stacked the belt and wrote the cheque. It worked, because basically, I don’t know my right from my left, so I would try to put everything into a single bag. There are other consequences, for instance maths is gobbledegook. I can do simple sums and understand the concepts of quantum mechanics, but get lost in the formulae. Shopping for shoes is a hoot, well, not really. If I was six I could get away with asking an assistant, I’m sixty and struggle on in silence.


Yes, I know there are many people with greater challenges than mine, there’s even more whose challenges, like mine, are totally hidden. At least when cheques were flying around there was more time to take a pause, because everybody had to, not just me. Although that added to the inner pressure because polite me, didn’t want to hold others up. There’s an old, Native American saying, ‘Don’t judge another person unless you’ve walked in their moccasins.’ I take that one really to heart, because it would take me an extra ten minutes to find the correct foot. Actually, I would just chuck them on and hobble.


Older people tend not to go to Starbucks. There’s the possibility of a looming culture clash at ASDA, or Sainsbury’s. Especially when it comes to paying, I will not have a contactless payment card, or use my phone. I simply don’t trust it. So you young beggars can moan at me, as much as you want. My PIN operated card is a vast improvement on what I’ve been through before. Or, you could enjoy the short pause and talk to the person behind. Even if it’s to complain about the doddery old git in front, which would be me then. It’s still communication and, when it comes to communication, between us all every little helps. Go on, I dare you.


Left or right handers.

Both walk through life the same way.

One step at a time.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 9th January 2018




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Matronly Dragon




At the risk of alienating most of my audience, especially so close to the festivities, I come bearing bad news. According to the latest study Manflu is real. It was on Radio Four this very morning. Men have a less effective immune system than women, thus they are hit harder. I know that sounds like good news to many of you, wait, it just gets better. Testosterone is the basic cause. So, while he’s lying in bed grumbling, or shouting, he’s just making himself feel worse. Oestrogen has the opposite effect and leads to a stronger immune system. Which, let’s face it, is obvious, as Mum has to do the nurturing, looking after bit, however she feels. That’s the downside, but, and call me crazy, it all seems too sensible not to be a result of the Universe sorting things out to balance perfectly.




Don’t keep this to yourself, tell him. In fact, make sure he reads this.




Only up to there though. Of course he will have started describing some symptoms, expecting you to begin nursing him back to health. Once he’s done that, you don’t need constant reminders, you heard, so he can shut up. You’re the nurse, it’s in his notes. If you get really fed up with the whinging, threaten him with a visit to the doctor. This is often better than a good glug of Calpol at putting things right. Men don’t do Doctors unless they know it’s serious.


‘A hubby is for life, not just the wedding day.’ Yes, I know a lot of hubbies are as much use as a puppy, especially when they are ill. I also appreciate I am quite hated, by all my married readers right now. After giving every husband the perfect excuse to act like a very privileged bear with a migraine. In my defence may I remind you of the Universal balance at work, which, in this specific case, is governed by the Matronly Dragon. I’ve argued with a lot of dragons in my time, but not this one. Not only is she kindness and compassion incarnate, she’s probably the quintessence of sneakiness and ‘It will only hurt once, but you’ll feel much better after it!’ Here’s her plan.


The treatment is designed to remove the effects of testosterone and begins immediately he starts sniffling and sneezing. He won’t argue, because his male ego turns his weaker immune system into a privilege. Being a scientific fact and men are really into them, he goes to bed, quietly, no manly shouting and chest beating. No TV in case he gets excited and most definitely, no sex, no matter how excited he is about having a couple of sickie days. When he wants something, then he listens to his stronger, feminine side, so he gets it himself. If he wants to get better, he stays in bed, silently connecting with his inner oestrogen. This leaves you to just get on with everything else and after an hour or so, he will definitely want to get better. However, he stays in bed until you think he’s well enough. All you need to do is pop in every three, or four hours, smile and say “I understand why you feel so bad, you poor dear.”


The solstice beckons.

Like Christmas, it’s all about.

Light in the darkness.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 19th December 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Polychromactic Dragon


While I was waiting for the blogging kettle to boil I noticed a really bright rainbow. It was perfect, well almost perfect, a double spectrum but only about a quarter of a semi-circle because of the clouds. Those are lucky clouds, as they now have an iridescent lining to complement their silver one. Anyone else might have glanced through their kitchen window and thought ‘It looks like rain.’ To be fair, I would have said the same, besides I listened to the weather forecast. Anyway, the rainbow inspired me to stick to the original plan, which anyone else would call classical madness and briefly discuss Dragons, Origami, and Ikebana, or Japanese flower arranging.


Dragons, basically, can’t do either. Their claws get in the way, crushing blooms to a pulp. While a suitable piece of paper would clear the Amazonian rain forest in its making and again, there’s a claw problem. It would end up full of holes. Dragons however, have this sense of inner beauty of all things. How it became is irrelevant to what they are seeing. The art is appreciated, just as much as the skill of the artist. They also think differently, for two reasons. Their brains are fuelled by chocolate caramels for a start, while they only think when they have to think about something. They appreciate the artist’s detachment and focus on the task in hand. In a way they see a kindred spirit at work, which becomes a shared experience.


I am often asked ‘How do I connect with my personal Dragon?’ You could try either Origami or Ikebana, as one method. You will soon find your dragon. The moment will be when you think ‘I’m useless at this, it looks more like a custard tart than a crane.’ Your Dragon will then appear and gently tell you ‘Actually, it’s not that bad.’ Or ‘Well it’s a lot better than anything I could do.’ Your dragon is being totally honest. It’s not a gentle motivation to practice, it is a factual statement based on their world view.


Buddha knew he wasn’t perfect, but after thinking things through, he began to understand how to become the Buddha. He also wasn’t the Buddha until he had convinced others to try the same disciplines and succeed. If it was a race, he lost. Someone else got there first, because they had to. Buddha, now being the Buddha, understood why without having a Dragon whispering the answer in his ear. A good Dragon will do that! They are allowed to help us cheat in life’s exams. They understand why it isn’t cribbing since all are really, just one, perfect, one.


There are a lot of things we humans can do just as well as a Dragon. Especially in the ways we interact with others and how we view their efforts. I recognise my own failings in that regard. I don’t accept that is who I am though and try to improve as I go along. This morning’s rainbow was just a gentle reminder I might actually be doing better sometimes than I personally think. I won’t beat myself up about it. I’ve got a Dragon for that, should it ever be needed, while rainbows are a gentle reminder.


A physical fact.

Or a shimmering dragon?

The rainbow just is.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 12th December 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Down To Earth Dragon


On the 3rd of December there was a full super Moon. Can I have an Ohhhhh yes! It was also the date of Mercury beginning a retrograde. Do I hear an Ewwwwww No? I’m writing this on the 28th November but using the past tense, why?


Well, I know it’s going to happen or the Solar system we inhabit will have fallen apart. This blog would then be in both actual and cyber space, possibly with even less avid readers if it got vapourised. Obviously, I’m hoping Wendy works her Tuesday magic, but I can’t say for certain while I’m writing. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be psychic but I am being scientifically accurate.


The two events are predictable using astronomical data, based on the same Physics that keep us in orbit around the sun. For me, full Moon falls just right, it means there will be a dark, going to just visible Moon, at the Winter Solstice. For a lot of people, Mercury doing what Mercury does, according to astrology is just, well, wrong, period. The super Moon is a result of its orbit; it looks bigger because it’s closer. Mercury, apparently going backwards is just an optical illusion caused by the relative motions of the Earth around its neighbour. Them’s the facts folks, deal with it, I had to. I am not knocking Astrology, as I would be kicking myself for my own superstitions regarding Moon and the Solstice.


The point is when does a superstition become a reality? I can’t explain how important that is to me personally. It’s more serious than football was to Bill Shankly. Buddha teaches that ‘What we think we become.’ Strangely, I have to accept I have partly become what I feel from the energy of Moon and her phases, and I like it. Working with it in meditation helped me to puzzle through parts of the maze. I treat her as a person, as it’s the only way I can comprehend her at this point in my eternal life. Learning that from her made sense of so much that seemed unknowable.


Retrograde Mercury can also teach a valuable Buddha lesson. Communication basically goes backwards, while everything seems against us. To a Buddhist that just seems like a normal day. There are the choices we make and responsibility of our own actions to consider. You might feel Mercury’s oppression as deeply as I feel Moon’s liberating power. One balances out the other for me, but I know the Universe has a wicked sense of humour. As for communication, call me crazy, but I have this thing to think about what I say, and to whom I’m speaking, before I say it. This doesn’t always work, admittedly, however Mercury can’t twist my arm in persuasion to act otherwise.


So when you feel like the entire retrograde is conspiring against you, especially with Christmas and its shopping coming up, just remember you are not entirely alone. I can relate, because of what I went through with Moon. Buddha felt the same way too, which is why he sat, under a tree, to think. Mercury’s illusion may seem real and you feel the confounding energy, but your own inner resolve has the power to overcome it. No matter how dark the night, your inner light never goes out.


Playful Mercury.

The Universal Prankster.

Just Like Coyote.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 5th December 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Techy Dragon


For the past few weeks I’ve been using a newly discovered function on my mobile phone. It’s the one where you leave it at home when you go out. I have to admit, previously it was the first thing to go in my pocket. A few days ago I did take it with me, but only because I was meeting up with others and we needed to know where we were. Which explains the text I sent. ‘I’m the one in the dark blue coat, stood by the black planter, under the broken street light.’ Suffice it to say that my granddaughter found me quite easily from that.


It was the Christmas carnival (I know I’m writing in November, but it will be Advent when you read this). It’s the one night of the year when the town is literally jam packed. So now you all know I live in the little Welsh town of Hartleys. (Other fruit based preserves are available.)


I leave my phone at home for a reason. The main one being I’m slightly deaf in one ear. I also like to just get on with whatever I’m doing, without being interrupted. That said, if I know I’m going to go for a coffee while I’m out then obviously, the phone goes with me as I can use free Wi-Fi. Perversely, my mobile service has just given me an extra 5 GB of data to use free. I reckon that’s simply to encourage me to take my phone out more, well it’s not going to happen.


While we were waiting for the festivities I took a few pictures of my granddaughter and uploaded them to Facebook. This was simply because she was basically lit up like a Christmas tree, with glow sticks and a flashing fairy wand. It was so easy to do, pose, point, click, then share, the hardest part was getting her to stand still and smile. It only cost me a candy floss.


The evening progressed after the parade and we moved to the fair while waiting for the fireworks. Moving around became more and more difficult. Not from the crowds, but the fact that clumps of people were forming, immobile, in everyone’s way. Except they weren’t ‘just standing’ as everyone had their mobile out, taking videos and pictures. I don’t know if I was more annoyed with the behaviour, or the inability to complain because not long ago I had done exactly the same. Well, not exactly the same, I had made sure we were out of anyone’s way first. Which begs the question why are they called mobiles in the first place, statuesques might be more appropriate.


A little consideration goes a long way. My night wasn’t spoiled too much but it made me think a little. When we are enjoying ourselves, as individuals or as a group, it is ‘Oh so easy’ to just forget about everyone else. My problem is Buddha is for life, not just for Christmas. Each moment is precious, as it is an opportunity to ponder and to interact with others, with mindfulness. Everything, at all times is a memory that can’t be relived, or captured on a phone, not even an iPhone X. It isn’t what we do but how we do it which matters.


Mobile devices.

Are they a blessing, or curse?

Make your choice wisely.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 28th November 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon in a Green Cloth Bag


Old Macdonald doesn’t like playing scrabble, there’s not much you can do with E, I, E, I, and O. To be honest I’m not that great at scrabble either, I get too focussed on going for the longest word. I am also banned from Trivial Pursuit, but that’s another story. This is all about word games.


There are three words that at first glance seem interchangeable - blame, fault and responsibility. I think we should re-define them. If it’s raining, blame the weather. Which is no one’s fault (unless you are pagan and honour the rain God) but if you get wet, take responsibility for not using the umbrella. When it’s put that way, in that context, it makes perfect sense. So how come when some soggy person is stood, dripping on the door mat, the first thought is ‘It’s their fault, they should have used an umbrella.’


 Another game I am good at is playing Devil’s Advocate. What if they are too poor to own an umbrella, or suffering from dementia? Suddenly the fault gets transferred, or it should, unless you’re auditioning for Scrooge in the Amateur Dramatic Society’s latest production. And don’t try pulling the one about I didn’t say anything about their health, or financial status. It’s not my fault you jumped to an assumption, but based on the available facts at the time, no one will blame you for that.


If the three words are interchangeable why not just use one of them. The question is which one? Make your choice now. Hands up all those who immediately went for responsibility. Now, hands up all those who went for one of the others but now want to change their minds.


So how would I define fault and blame? I wouldn’t change a thing, apart from making them linguistically inapplicable to people, cats, dogs, chinchillas and any other sentient being. That way you couldn’t blame anyone for anything, which sounds wonderful, apart from the responsibility thing. If you take responsibility for your actions, blame and fault become irrelevant. Hands up everyone who wants to live in a world like that? You can, quite easily, that is you, as an individual. Getting everyone else to understand where you are coming from would be your responsibility though. Strangely, not blaming others or finding fault with them makes a big difference.


Obviously I am not saying accept bad behaviour from others. Loving our self is the first step, taking complete responsibility is one of the last. That includes the next breath after your final one of your Earthly life. I am totally assured we all get help with that one, but like my banning from Trivial Pursuit, it’s another story.


I apologise for having to put your hands up in the quizzy bits. TheCircle wouldn’t run to buzzers and flashing lights. There were lights, but the crissy deccies committee got to the cupboard first.


Trivial pursuit.

Whimsically time wasting.

A bit like this blog.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 21st November 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Blarney Dragon...Who Is Not To Be Confused With Blarney, The Purple Dinosaur


Every so often my mind wanders off, in a daydream. This usually ends in a totally random thought which opens up a whole new world. It’s a lot like sitting in a farmhouse that’s being whirled around in a tornado but without any copyright issues. Strangely, the force of the bump on landing is proportional to the energy field of the being who wanted a word. Which is why, after a huge, ground rending splat, I’ve been happily chatting with the Leprechaun King for a while. Luckily, dragons don’t do jealousy and besides Leprechauns don’t really exist. Argue that point with a dragon if you disagree.


Leprechauns, like Genies, can grant wishes, this usually happens if the Leprechaun has been helped out of a predicament. They also practice unasked for magic to the deserving, and generally educate the human race by winding us all up. You have to be really careful asking a Leprechaun to grant a wish they have given you. Like Coyote, Fox and Raven energies, they are tricksters. Teaching us all lessons in a uniquely subtle way. For instance, if you asked for a ton of gold, right now, you would get it straight on your head! Seeing this happen to your friend might make you ask for the same gold, under your feet, in which case you would be digging for years.


When I met the Leprechaun King, they were dressed in black, and on their way to Tom’s funeral. They were paying their respects because Tom, apparently, was the only person who had actually managed to get one over on the Leprechaun King by making the wisest wish they had ever encountered. Tom asked the Leprechaun for just enough.


There was just enough of a crop to buy more land, just enough food to make guests welcome, just enough life in the old tractor and just enough petrol in the van to get the produce to Market. There was just enough love in the cottage to make everyone happy, just enough cows and sheep to keep the land healthy. The Leprechaun King had watched Tom for many years, thinking Tom would realise there was never enough time, which would be the sting in the tale. No, when Tom had used just enough years to see things would be just right for his family, he died.


As he talked, the Leprechaun admitted Tom had not actually seen through the riddle of the wish. Tom was just being, well, Tom. The thought that Tom had shown the King the real meaning of wealth and power, but how easily it was misused, was what made the King’s beard bristle and why he was twisted into a Celtic knot. For that reason alone, the King wanted to say ‘Thanks’ by attending his internment. As he pointed out the lesson wouldn’t be buried with Tom, it was in the Leprechaun’s heart now. Maybe, just maybe, that’s enough.


Leprechauns have Kings.

Avoid a card game with one.

They hold Aces too.



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Published: 14th November 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Trip Advisor Dragon (Other travel agents are available but not as green and scaly


I’m writing this on the 31st of October. For the past few days my Facebook posts have ended with ‘Look, it’s Halloween, I’m allowed to be evil!’ Of course, I’m not evil and, as we all know, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on Facebook. By the time you read this it won’t be Halloween, or bonfire night, but, hopefully, the humour will last longer than a sparkler, giving you a warming smile as we go along. We will now have a short pause for those still wondering if I am evil, or not, to catch up.


‘We can only be who we are, wherever we are.’ Is one of those obvious statements that a dragon makes when it wants you to spend several months contemplating the implications of life as we thought we knew it. If everyone on the planet dropped their own hype and had the bravery to appear as they are to everyone else, everything would change. Politicians would be unelectable and the world would be led by honest people. Not all politicians tell lies, most of them believe what they say, but what they say is what they think we want to hear to get our vote. We are nudged along by other forms of media who either support, or oppose the politicians, with very little opportunity to say what we really think and more importantly, actually be heard.


Today is also the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther stating his own ideas, which led to the reformation, Protestantism, religious intolerance, etc. The only reason I used politicians as an example is that we can all relate to them. They were an easy target. You and I are a lot more evasive, especially when there are so many things we have to see for our self.


Martin Luther did the most difficult task any human is called on to attempt. Sit down, become aware of reality, consider that, in relation to their life and then put the conclusions into practice. Or, in my view, Catholic monk nagging dragon = Zen master. Strangely, Martin Luther’s thinking about salvation, as he saw it, contain powerful echoes that we can only be our self, wherever we are. He took responsibility for his words and actions, knowing the risks he faced from the authorities.


Martin Luther is a part of history, so are you and I. For many reading this it’s herstory. So, I’m asking straight out, who’s writing your life? Quite often we behave as swithering politicos, instead of having the confidence to be our self. I also understand that there are people trapped in lives they would not choose but can’t break away from. People kill people for the most trivial reasons. If you are in that position, my heart screams ’Freedom!’ for you. No one believes they can ever make a difference, until they try and if they fail, try and try again. So why not try something different? Instead of try, just for once let’s use the word do.

Life is a journey, with a destination, which you have now arrived at. Understanding those implications made all the difference to me and I completely recommend others to give them some consideration too.


History teaches.

Always a boring lesson.

Often repeating.


(How long did it take you discover the mystery destination?)


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Published: 7th November 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The ‘They Might Not Be So Stupid After All’ Dragon


As usual I kicked the computer before starting to write. The on button being big, blue and round is easily toe activated. This morning I might have been a little more exuberant than usual. I hadn’t got a clue what this was going to be about and the thought just before I activated the computer was ‘Whatever my horoscope says, that’s the subject.’ Bear in mind I hadn’t seen it yet, but had committed to going through with it no matter how difficult it turned out. We’ve all been in similar situations I’m sure. Anyway, that’s the title explained, as between me and the scaly clever-clogs, we’ve knocked out a paragraph without even touching the topic for this week.


(Aquarius) October 24, 2017

You're apt to be drawn to lively and exciting things today. Dramatic and dynamic activities are the ones that you'll be most comfortable with. If you're in a boring situation, think about ways you can spice it up. Throw a wrench in the conversation to see how people react.


Uuuum, that last sentence is second nature to me; in fact it’s first nature. I don’t do it to wind people up unnecessarily. I just think we all need to get over ourselves occasionally. While certain people should invest in a cherry picker specifically for that purpose. While I was waiting for the blogging (which isn’t a replacement for a naughty word) kettle, to make my blogging coffee, the blog was on my mind. Believe it or not, I do think about this bit of my life. I was wondering about going down to every other week. That, I now realise, is a trust issue. A good dragon will always have something to say, at length, in depth, from every angle. So that bit is sorted out. Ain’t life grand!


A good dragon can talk backwards as well. Have you noticed the order got reversed? We \ I \ they could wax philosophically on everything being a reflection of everything else. I’ll just stick with dragons talking backwards, towards their tails.


My lively, exciting, dramatic and dynamic activities include talking to dragons on an hourly basis. The whole concept is reversed as it has become magically mundane, every day is extraordinarily commonplace. A good mirror, like a not so bad dragon, reflects what is in front of it. That word ‘reflect’ is important with its other meaning regarding thoughts. So today, why not stand in front of your own mirror and see a different reflection to the one you usually see? If you can’t manage totally inverted, a sideways slant is a good place to start.


I speak from experience. Things getting turned on their head is nothing new. The totally positive horoscope for today has become a dragonag. What’s a dragonag Alan? curious minds want to know. A dragonag is when a short phrase, sometimes an image, basically anything gets turned into feelings of ‘there could be a lesson in this for me’. The thought grows slowly, like a baby vulture nesting between my ears. Looking at me with beady, vulture eyes. Eventually it flies away, taking the now dealt with issue away in its talons. I don’t know what happens then, I don’t really want to.


Vultures, and budgies.

Excellent companions.

But not in one cage.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 31st October 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Dragon Called Shuuusssh


Every bloggy morning, which is like a misty morning but without the risk of bumping into a street lamp, I do a meditation. To try and get a little clarity about the subject. Today was no different, except I haven’t a clue as to what I’m supposed to be transcribing. Seeing as I have already started, then whatever I’m writing is actually nothing but is obviously something and we’ve already covered that topic in an earlier blog. It’s not often I can visualise a dragon scratching its head and stuck for words. Maybe the point they are trying to make is they don’t want to be disturbed but are too polite to say it straight out.


Which, being a sociable animal in evolutionary terms, I can totally understand. Notice the word evolutionary there, it’s important, I’m happy in my solitude. It isn’t a question of having to be alone, I could visit others, or wreak havoc on Facebook. It’s difficult to be in someone’s company, wanting to communicate with another, who is strangely silent. The quiet is as awkward as when someone says something which is totally outlandish. Most people just want to be somewhere else at those moments.


Older people or those grieving a loss, have to endure the constant chatter of ‘Would you like another cup of tea?’ and ‘well, they had a good innings.’ What they really need is someone who will just listen when they are ready to say something. Not be constantly reminded why everyone is turning up with condolence cards. Grieving people know exactly why they feel the way they do, so do a lot of people in care homes, especially those who are still compos mentis.


There is a Buddhist teaching ‘Do not speak, unless you can add to the silence.’ Which, when you apply it to the circumstances referred to, starts to make a lot of sense. It’s not easy to express sympathy without using words, then again, perhaps it is. A hug is silent but we act like grief or old age is contagious. Many people forced into solitude see the act of making a brew as a timer for someone’s visit. Once the cup is drained they will be out of the door. It might go against all our instincts, but some people might actually want to be left alone at times. Of course their needs, such as shopping etc. require checking but they might not want constant baby-sitting. It can be a case of comfort turning rapidly into irritation, help into hindrance.


Only by taking our own ideas out of the problem are we able to get to the answers. We are all too polite to tell people to leave us alone with our thoughts. As soon as we do, we know we are going to be labelled by others in a negative way.


Life is like walking blindfold across the Grand Canyon on a silken thread held under two empty matchboxes. It’s not easy to know what to do all the time and whoever is around advising us has not managed to make it to the other side either. Why not try going against your instincts? So, the next time you find yourself in an awkward silence, try keeping quiet, until you know what requires saying.


A silent dragon.

A rarity, seldom seen.

The tears of a clown.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 24th October 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Culinary Ryu


If you chose to spend several hundred pounds on a traditional Japanese kitchen knife and it went rusty because you didn’t look after it properly, you could, with a little appropriate scrubbing, return it to its original glory. Try doing that with something made in the West, no matter how stainless the steel. A Japanese knife oxidises, slowly, producing a unique pattern. Which is on top of the original shades on the blade from its forging. Almost a living thing. It will outlast its original owner too, becoming a family heirloom.


Traditionally, some bloke in a Kimono would wander round, knocking very gently on Shoji doors and sharpen the knives. They were viewed as craftsmen, while here, they would be a tinker. When I say sharpen we are talking Katana sharp. Samurai sword sharp. Celery surrenders immediately and potatoes chip themselves. (I’m sure the dragon said chip.) Many people reading this will think, ‘What’s the point? It’s just a kitchen knife.’ Then wander down to the hair dresser and never wonder about why the scissors seem to melt their hair into shape. Nowadays, most of them are made in Japan, and as my sister-in-law regularly points out, cost a fortune.


We don’t invent our values, so much as grow into them and as we progress, easily forget those we had and acquire new ones. I’m not Japanese, but I appreciate their mindset and aspire to practice it, as far as possible, within my life. That’s not just the Buddhist bits, although quite often it’s difficult to make a distinction.


By telling your friends that you are now leading a Green lifestyle, everyone would know what you meant. I’m less green and more rising sun orange-yellow.


As I already mentioned, I’m not Japanese. Which limits my lifestyle choices somewhat. Japan manufactures two sorts of product, totally disposable, or built to last. I’m not going to inherit any heirlooms and at those prices, I won’t be buying any either. I don’t think I would get away with ‘The dragons sent me,’ on GoFundMe.


Luckily, my previous employment taught me the skill of sharpening a knife. So, if you ever visit, you will get one millimetre thick slices of tomato on your butties. They just won’t be cut with a tabo hiki. Which is just as it should be, because a tabo hiki is for octopus, a santoku is for veggies. Before you all start writing in and moaning, I do know a tomato is a fruit!


(So, I’m sat here with a very, very, know it all Ryu, (which is the Emperor’s personal dragon). Who is looking over my shoulder, knowing the next bit is the haiku.)


Raw fish, sashimi.

Everybody knows this!

It is not sushi.


Congratulations are due to the scientists who won the Nobel prize for discovering gravity waves. I have spent all my life thinking gravity raised its hat. It’s good to learn something new every day.



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Published: 17th October 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The ‘Do You Want Fries With That?’ Dragon


Just before I started to write my blog I was chatting on social media and used having to do this as my excuse to go. They sort of dared me to have Burger King (other fast food outlets are available) as the subject. It was a strange, but very ordinary conversation. My reply was ‘Well, it’s the closest I will ever get to working with royalty, so I might.’ Might, quite quickly became has.


Which all looks totally believable and most of it is true. The important bit, the quote, is a lie. I didn’t quite say that and have completely changed the context in which I originally said what I did. Mind you, they now owe me a tenner for accepting the dare about blogging around those burgers. Which is another lie. Actually, that’s more of a regret, I’m sure they would pay up if there really was a bet, but it was never, officially, laid. Spitting on your palm and shaking hands, is problematic on certain social media platforms.


So far, so entertaining, hopefully... It’s strange because a lie, i.e. something which is not true, is always a lie. We do seem to have this inbuilt line in our brains, where a lie can become something else, as long as it’s funny, or expresses a point in a humorous way, and often the complete opposite of the truth. For instance, Dublin has had a University since the dark ages, it was one of the first to be established in Europe. It’s a simple fact, but is also the origin of the complete fallacy that Irish people are thick. They get paid a reverse compliment.


The problem is that line is very thin and very flexible. It’s also unique to us as an individual. Finding common ground which we can all laugh at, without worrying about others feelings, is not easy. Ask a stand up comedian! I don’t count, as I’m sat down and this is a blog, not a sketch for Radio 4.


Paraphrasing Buddha, ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ Would seem to be the right way to conduct ourselves in our dealings with others. I just happen to think that would lead to us all sounding like Jacob Rees Mogg (other political figures are available for ridicule). I think the key is consistency. By being the same with everyone, they get to know your actual motivation and sense of humour. It takes time.


Women get this, men don’t. When we meet someone males suddenly begin channelling peacock energy, fluff out their feathers and immediately try to impress. Men also want to make their partner laugh but humour can, as we have seen, rapidly cross the line. The fact women get that too, is why males get other chances. So, guys, if you are given that extra opportunity, recognise you are being given it by suggesting somewhere slightly more upmarket than, say, Oh, I don’t know, Burger King.


Finding a haiku.

Took more time than usual.

Fast food was easy.


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Published: 11th October 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




My Personal Dragon


My personal dragon has, up to now, been very shy and avoided getting involved. The path to her cave looks as if it is carpeted in gold, but Rolo wrappers do that. For many years she has allowed me to sit on her wrist while we talk. Her head so close, that all I see is her single eye. If lakes were emeralds, you could dive from cliff tops into her eyes. I’m not swimming though, I’m blogging, but now you all know where it’s coming from.


I once led a retreat in a meditation for people to find their own dragon. She helped. It began in a strange way, as instead of getting people to relax we started looking at why they were slightly grumpy. Once everyone was fairly irate, we went for a walk. Not through a sunlit meadow, bordered by snow capped, distant mountains, but in a landfill site and it was raining. That slow, penetrating, drizzle the weather reserved for bank holidays. As the leader I was, by now, panicking as to where this was leading. Well, I knew the where, but was very puzzled by the how. Which is when we walked into the dry, dusty, desert and were surrounded by baby elephants. I love elephants but they have this elephantine smell. Which, when there’s a lot of it, can be quite oppressive. This was getting weirder by the moment.


Each individual in the group was then herded off, by the herd, on their own specific journey. There was a collective lesson which emerged as we all discussed our experiences. It was that no matter how bad things are, how down we feel, or how ‘Unspiritual’ our surroundings, our dragon knows and will help if we are brave enough to accept the answer and put it into operation. Wherever they are, just like Angels, they are with us.


At the time I was beginning to change my ideas on a lot of things. Doing this exercise for others accelerated things a little. Looking back it now makes perfect sense to have started at the landfill, it was where I could leave my old way of thinking.


I don’t have to do this as much as I used to, but my dragon used to wind me up whenever I was grumpy or feeling hard done by, whatever. We would go over each negative idea and slowly put it into perspective until I was giggling like a three year old. Not at, but with myself, simply seeing how silly it all was in relation to the bigger picture. It’s strange laughing alone, for no actual reason, besides pure joy and took some getting used to.


So I asked my dragon what would be the point to this particular blog? Her reply was as cryptic as ever, ‘You started it.’ I’ve finished the Rolo too. The only thing she will never do and I’ve begged, threatened, screamed and everything besides at her to take the last one. She won’t. As she says, ‘The caring thought is more than enough.’


Life is a journey.

Without a destination.

Only an ending.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 3rd October 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The I'm Not Superstitious Dragon


Just like millions of others on the planet, one of the first things I do each morning is check my horoscope. I always read it with a big pinch of salt, for three reasons. OK it makes me coffee thirsty, while I am just a tad sceptical. This morning for instance, there was a prediction of a small windfall.


I need / want a new tablet, I had decided on the model, when Monday arrived I went online to reserve it, to pick it up tomorrow. It is now reduced by £19.99. I am glad I didn’t do all this yesterday. Dragons might actually be useful, note the might. Then the little voice said ‘Keep looking.’ On the next page I saw the one I coveted, which although originally beyond my budget, was now down to the earlier price of the one I had already chosen. Basically, I get a better tablet, for the same money. So far, so beneficially spooky, with a debatable slight uptick in dragon usefulness.


Maybe I’m just an awkward curmudgeon, which sounds far more impressive than git and the dragons are in agreement here. No, not about me being a git, rather this doesn’t actually constitute a windfall. If a tablet fell, because of the wind, it would break, also I haven’t actually received any increase in cold, hard, cash. The outlay is identical. If the horoscope had mentioned new technology, or anything similar, then I would be a convert and in the market for a star studded wizardy hat, while searching Amazon for an astrolabe.


I used to be a, ‘Give me a signaholic!’ Constantly shouting at upstairs to show me something. In the beginning there were significant glimpses, slowly they became less frequent as I learned to stand on my own two feet. I still check my horoscope every morning. Which probably sounds after everything written so far, slightly stupid. Given that whatever the Aquarian day mentions, the good Aquarian, I am, is going to disagree with it, what’s the point?


Well, over the years, there have been three instances where the horoscope mentioned a life changing event. Each time it happened it was right. We are talking Tarot Tower cataclysms by bed time, with positive effects that are permanently ongoing. I would say they were just coincidences, but three is the charm. Remember those three savoury reasons? I wake up, grab a coffee and the salt, then read the horoscope. If it mentions a life change, I can quickly get my shoes on, ready for a caffeine powered runner. The salt then goes on the bag of crisps I keep in case of emergencies.


A Dragony Interruption...


(An hour before he was planning to go out for the new tablet. Alan’s horoscope for Tuesday, mentioned an occasional slight indulgence being good for the soul. He went a bit catatonic, with his chin on the floor about that. I made sure he got down to *****. I would also like to add the cash windfall arrived on Thursday 21st September. Did Mr. super psychic see that coming? Nope! I’ve just left him there, on the floor, all weekend, but I promise to revive him so he can write next week’s blog tomorrow. With love, from the I’m Not Superstitious, but ALWAYS very, very, useful dragon. XX)


Don’t annoy dragons.

They always have the last laugh.

I will learn... one day.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 26th September 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Magpie Dragon


 This could be my last blog, as after reading it, people might get organised into a pitchfork armed mob. In my defence I would like to say the conclusion I arrived at changed from what I was originally thinking before I started writing. Saying, ‘I channel stuff,’ makes me sound like a television which is why I avoid mentioning it. So, what’s it about? Well, crystals.


I’ve got an, ‘A’ level in Geology, which is as scientific as it’s going to get. Most people know the Earth is formed from three layers, the crust, the mantle and its core. The mantle consists of a single mineral known as olivine. Olivine is Peridot. A translucent green crystal and according to, ‘The Crystal Bible,’ possesses qualities related to spiritual healing. We all live on a several thousand mile diameter lump of it. A green Olivine, not a yellow submarine.


It gets worse and not just the jokes. The most common mineral in the crust is silicon dioxide, otherwise known as Quartz. Unlike Peridot, Quartz has several unique forms but all have the same basic, adding to well-being powers attributed to the clear variety. So basically we are the ham or Vegan cheese, in a cosmically organised, crystalline energised sandwich.


‘What’s so controversial about that?’ I heard you ask, after finding Amazon does in fact sell pitchforks, (I checked). Buddha and several others put it like this. ‘If you love a flower, you don’t pick it, you water it’.


I appreciate the innate beauty of crystals which in itself is an energetic vibration. It is wonderful to be surrounded by things that bring us pleasure. Riches aren’t the problem, attachment to them is. Attachment is, in this case, absolutely unnecessary because it’s impossible to get away from the crystal energy. Perhaps that’s what the Magpie Dragon is saying. Look upon the crystal as an eternal rose, in an everlasting vase. Don’t forget the bush or the nurturing garden it grows in. Every Japanese garden has levels, to suggest a landscape with distant mountains, its foothills and a lake on the plain. The more I think through the implications of all crystal energetics, as one, I delve deeper than seven dwarves with JCB’s. Which is more or less normal for me I suppose.


To be honest and if anyone dare think, ‘That makes a change,’ I know where you live! As I said at the beginning, the conclusion changed before I began writing. When it was expressed simply as, ‘All are one.’ We are, I just got nudged into thinking about another example to share with you all. I accept that all might just be one though. Some of you might be getting bored or busily polishing up your pitchforks.


The light of the Earth


Shining on, through time, and space.


Echoes of our lives.


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 19th September 2017


The Father Abbot Dragon


Each morning I am awoken by the sound of Tibetan temple bells drifting, like fine Himalayan snow, through my bedroom. Thanks to modern technology they have a snooze button. Today I have been revisiting that mental monastery, where I spent many meditative months laboriously polishing the brass images and icons. I realised all that is needed now is a quick flick over with a feather duster because gold doesn’t tarnish. Which is when Father Abbot and I went for a walk and a talk, while I brushed my teeth. Whoever said males can’t multi-task got it totally wrong.


It was all very interesting, beneficial and totally personal! So I am not going to mention anything about it, apart from the argument at the end. I never knew the abbot was really a dragon. I should have worked that one out for myself, a long time ago.


A plan B will always be needed throughout our life, as Father Abbot pointed out. Our actions will cause consequences, for which we are responsible. Quite often we try to avoid the results of the havoc we just wreaked, sometimes unknowingly, however we are still on the hook of Karma’s line. When another person’s actions cause a consequence which affects our self, is one of the major reasons we are all guided and helped. Achieving the highest good is like shepherding fog using leaf blowers, and people wonder why dragons are grumpy sometimes. Destiny and Fate, being derived from Universal unconditional love, are both unconditional and flexible.


He’s right of course and on many levels too. We live on a dynamic planet, if it wasn’t how it is, we probably wouldn’t be here. We forget and seek for understanding, rather than accepting things are as they are. After all the work I put into the brass symbols I seemed to have not learned the diligence lesson. It’s for life, not just for meditations and day dreams. Stopping to think before we act is so important, but seems so difficult when we are in that moment. Yet, in that moment, there is a pause button which we can all press and wait for guidance. I can’t say you will hear temple bells, or The Father Abbot dragon. If you count to three, or however many you need, I can, with absolute honesty and conviction, tell you there will be a noticeable difference in how you act, eventually. As eventually as it took me to notice the warm glow of my temple’s gold.


I have to say that one of the lessons I have learned is there are no lessons to learn, or rules to obey. So, I’m breaking the one I set myself about the argument we had and I lost. Put it this way, where do you think the haiku came from?


To quote a dragon.


Would require more syllables.


Than haiku allows.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 12th September 2017


The Horticultural Dragon


That’s a picture of Rafflesia arnoldii. The biggest flower in the world. It can grow up to three feet across, with a weight of fifteen pounds. Which is probably why you seldom find them in bunches on offer at the local petrol station. OK the colour is a bit garish and I would say it’s more impressive than gorgeous. When you know it’s a parasite, thriving at the expense of other plants and is perfumed with the scent of rotting flesh to attract flies for pollination, it suddenly becomes less impressive and verges on EEeeEEwy. (It’s pronounced how you feel about what you just read.)


It’s that word, parasite, which changes people’s minds. We have this innate, inbuilt, response to those forms of life, such as tapeworms. I’m sorry if you’re reading this over your lunch break but you just proved my point. I won’t go into details, but there is a disgust response in human’s and other animal’s psychology. Basically it kept us safe from harm, we avoid certain things because of it. Such things are so disgusting that trying to write about them without being too disgusting is disgustingly difficult. So I will take the easy way out and let you use your imagination.


With Rafflesia arnoldii, what you see is what you get. A big spotty, purple-red thing, with the stench of old dog food. Parasitic people are a different matter. Why isn’t the response the same? Maybe it is, not many of us would give a complete stranger a wad of notes if they demanded it. I’m not talking about being mugged, simply giving to another, whether they appear to need it or not. However, we tolerate those who literally drain us dry, both emotionally and financially. Sometimes that’s down to their addictive behaviour. All you can do in those circumstances is hold on, hoping that they will, one day, make the breakthrough of accepting their problem and find the appropriate help. We all have our limits though and a good addictive behaviour will take you there and beyond, into unknown territory. Waiting for the person to emerge again is heart-breaking.


In life’s rich, verdant garden the real Rafflesia arnoldiis, the proper parasites, don’t look like they really should. For instance they don’t have the orange plastic label on their stem. Quite often they resemble a rose and they get picked, shoved in a vase, admired and then need constant watering. Usually with tears.


So what’s the answer? Compost! Or, more accurately, manure. Grow strong by learning from your past ‘doings.’ Weeding is important too. That amazing Rafflesia arnoldii is cutting off the light to the orchid underneath it, the unique bloom of your own self. It has to go onto the compost heap before you, the orchid, withers.


Mary’s Garden grew.

Silver bells, and cockle shells.




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Published: 5th September 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Inspirational Dragon. AKA The One Who Always Gets Her Way, Eventually.


The scaly muse, behind the blogs, decreed ‘This is the one that rhymes.’

‘It’s only right, that you struggle a bit, as punishment for your crimes.’

‘I’m innocent.’ I replied, with righteous indignation.

‘What have I done, to drop myself, into this situation?’

‘The idea of us all line dancing, was the final straw.’

People just giggle now when they hear a dragon roar.’


‘Maybe that is the case, but I will not apologise.’

‘For a few moments, some see their world through my eyes.’

‘With lightened heart they struggle on, unknowing of their guidance.’

‘Never asking who dispenses their hope and reassurance.’

‘I share their pain, right now, as always, with this task you have set me.’

A poetic blog, for you dragons a change, but to me an elephant sized worry.’


‘Will I do you justice? I think I have already failed.’

Your power is boundless, while mine is physically jailed.’

‘Yet, dragon dear, I have glimpsed the twinkle in your eye.’

‘It’s not the result that matters, but the fact I dared to try.’

‘So greened mountain, my words in your honour may seem empty and hollow.

‘In my defence, may I point out, not many words actually rhyme with Rolo.’


Her name is Karma.

The one who restores balance.

Don’t try to argue.


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Published: 29th August 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Flash Dragon


Don’t blame me for where we end up with this one! It all started from what I think is a brilliant opening... I use an electric toothbrush, which is a bit weird because I don’t have electric teeth. Good innit? I also shave electrically. They both plug into the shaver point in my bathroom. Except, having only one shaver point means I can’t energise both at the same time. There have been electric razors, and power points around for years, just as there have been electric toothbrushes but that weird little bit of plastic on a bathroom wall, is still referred to as a shaver point. Anyway, what really annoyed me this morning while I was brushing my teeth is the spare hole in the unit, which is annoyingly useless. If I had bought U.S. appliances that would have simply moved the hole to the other side, just as having a U.S. and U.K. mixture would. I can’t win.


By now you will have worked out I am OCD around keeping appliances charged up. In my defence I will point out I don’t have a power pack for my phone. When they make one big enough to run a death ray, I’ll think about it. Obviously that means waiting for the death ray to be invented, but I don’t want one, it would be silly. Nope, it’s all about the power pack.


 I could easily overcome the problem by getting an adaptor and plug that into one of the kitchen points. However, personally I think shaving in a kitchen might be a bit gross and I don’t fancy spitting out used toothpaste over last night’s washing up. Don’t start on the ‘Well, just take either into the bathroom, duh!’ One, I would constantly forget. Two, I would be constantly reminded that I still hadn’t done last night’s washing up.


So here we are, dragon and I, discussing a to me intolerable situation that has a simple and effective work-around, which I flatly refuse to contemplate. Thinking it through, with their help, I have no choice but to accept things as they are, I don’t have to put up with the way I am looking at it. Those are my thoughts and understanding how weird I actually am, helps me to come to terms with the unchanging facts. That is the only work-around that makes sense under the circumstances. The truth is it takes an hour to charge the razor up, to give around five shaves and the toothbrush is good for eight cleans before it goes flat. There isn’t a problem at all. Like my non-electric teeth, it’s all in my head. What’s even more annoying is knowing teeth are actually electrically powered, well the muscles behind them are, in a way. Does it ever end?


My major problem is that the original minor problem hasn’t really gone away. I could blame the builder, or the Landlord. Curse the government because I can’t buy a mansion with three bathrooms, (one for shaving, one for teeth and the last for anything else). The situation remains, festering and simply has to be dealt with, probably by accepting it will be my responsibility to do something about it and accepting responsibility for the solution too. I don’t like the sound of that. Does anyone?

Maybe I can come up with an alternative if I devote enough energy to it. That will have to wait though. This morning is for cleaning, especially the bathroom. How does toothpaste get on to mirrors? At least it comes off with a damp cloth and a quick spray of cleaner afterwards makes them sparkle. Mirrors of course, not my teeth.


Electric haiku.

How convenient, and quick.

Invent them, someone!



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Published: 22nd August 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The (Other Hydrolysed Yeast Based Spreads Are Available) Dragon


Apparently half of you won’t read past the next word... Marmite! Me? I’m firmly in the love it camp. The only problem I have is deciding when the jar is empty. In a way I’m probably Marmite retrieval obsessive. I absolutely refuse to buy it in the squeezy container. While I would know I had got every last available molecule out, the thought of unseen residue would drive me to insanity. Just for the record that statement was for literary effect, and in no way constitutes an admission. At the moment I have the perfect jar in my cupboard. There’s enough in there to guarantee a decent slice of toast, but it’s still interesting chasing the bits from the sides. That groove, around the top, was completely exploited weeks ago.


You would think that one of my greatest joys is getting a new jar and digging the knife into totally unexplored territory. Actually, it isn’t, there’s no challenge. To make it worse I am fully aware of my behaviour when Marmite extricating, which is one of the reasons I have a toaster with a reheat function. I have to admit to talking to the jar too, coaxing it to yield up the hidden treasures within. Will it, or won’t it? Only adds to the excitement. Like I said, I know what I’m doing and why I am doing it, I am simply making my breakfast my way.


This thing about either loving, or hating Marmite, is just a marketing ploy. Everyone on the planet has their own jar in their pantry, except they are called a partner, parent, or child and the pantry has a front door, with a bit of garden, if you are lucky.


A lot of people feel like empty Marmite jars, with nothing left to give, no matter how much they would like to. The difference is Marmite people can be refilled. With a little thought and compassion, they need not become as stretched as a space capsule’s parachute. That depends on who is wielding the knife and how much toast needs spreading.


It might seem a bit strange to compare human interactions to Marmite, because I am sure half of you only act this way in regard to the jar. The other half stopped reading ten words in. The thing is everyone is, at times, a jar of Marmite with someone wanting our all. So, heed the advice of the new jar I have in the cupboard and keep your lid firmly fastened.


Love it or loath it.

A very healthy option.

On eggy soldiers.


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Published: 15th August 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Reflective Dragon


When you ask a random sample of people about mankind’s greatest achievements, the Apollo Moon landings would get several mentions, including mine. Assuming I was a random sample of course. If you asked a statistically valid dragon about them, the response is ‘Several Americans went all that way for a picnic, didn’t take any of their friends and left all their rubbish behind.’ For some strange reason dragons have this weird idea that everybody should be friends with everyone else. Dragons don’t recognise prejudice of any kind. They literally have no word to express the concept. If you try to explain they give you a blank, glazed over stare in return. Being dragons they understand we are all uniquely equal and respect our choices. So they might come out with ‘That’s nice’ and let us carry on.


Most children have the same idea, until they reach a certain age. I’m not naive enough to suggest children can’t be spiteful, but I am observant enough to realise much of their prejudice is actually taught to them by their parents. Who in turn, got it from theirs. It seems right to point out I am as guilty as anyone else. It also seems right to note that raising children, in any nation on Earth, is based on parental responsibility... Ouch!


One of the weirder things I noticed after I started practicing meditation and mindfulness, happened at the open circle at the local spiritualist church. I stopped laughing. Others were falling off their chairs and I blithely carried on talking, or whatever I happened to be engaged in. I hadn’t noticed what was so funny. It took me a while to work out if the joke was at someone’s expense, I didn’t find any humour in it. This wasn’t me consciously taking up some pompous, egalitarian stance, then being stony faced in protest. Laughing at someone was no longer amusing.


Neuro-science has an explanation, if we maintain a mental state for long enough, it becomes a new way of thinking. The brain learns and rewires itself so it is a different normal. Empathy and compassion was shown to be improved by training. People can be taught to be nice, as easily as children can be taught to be, well, children.


My mantra is ‘We are all our own teachers.’ Which, by implication, makes us all our own parents. When was the last time you took a long, hard, look at yourself, then put yourself in the naughty chair? If we have a parental responsibility to our children, we have a similar personal responsibility to ourselves.


This blog began with the thought of seeing my reflection in shiny scales. I chose to look hard at what I saw there.


Human behaviour.

Often questionable.

Sometimes outstanding.


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Published: 8th August 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Wassailing Dragons


What is really of value to us? To begin answering the question requires defining the words, really and value. Really is easy, it’s a reality, the clue is in the first four letters. Value is the problem, because it’s an individual thing that is actually meaningless unless it’s shared. Ebenezer Scrooge valued gold and hoarded it until he got his arm twisted by three dragons wearing fancy dress. Afterwards, the gold became a smile enabler, the cold gleam, transmuting to a warm glow. According to the story Scrooge eventually smiled more than most.


I know it’s summer but the dragons are carol singing already. They know I’m a soft touch for Rolos and if the treats aren’t forthcoming, the scaly ones will actually start crooning. Dragons aren’t too concerned about the shrink-flation occurring with a lot of sweets. A smaller Wispa, costing the same price, still won’t touch the sides of a gigantic gob when it’s thrown into that yawning chasm. Feeding dragons is like emptying the Atlantic with a tea spoon but a lot less boring. What gives the sweeties their real value when I, the dragons and you know they are imaginary? Well, it’s the thought that counts. That’s the magic.


After the summer holidays, most mums’ thoughts are going to turn to Christmas, while their children will be list constructing. Most people’s Christmases are like World War One in that they occur as a result of various plans and alliances forged over the years. They usually have a similar, uncertain outcome so the battle is organised as a rematch every year. Dragons don’t do Christmas, well, not as a single special day. Which is why they don’t have a problem humming ‘Silent Night’ while I type this in July. I do, because my eyes are filling up.


The hardest gift to give, accept and appreciate is our time. It’s difficult because it has to be mutual and all three have to happen at once. Unless you chain someone to a chair. How often do we give all our time to others? To listen and talk, sharing something more valuable than gold. A turkey, basically cooks itself, apart from the last ten minutes of faffing around basting the beastie. I know, I cook the Christmas dinner for my daughter, we usually gather at her house. It’s my gift to my grandchildren. They get their mum’s time and undivided attention. I don’t say a word, which makes it a true, unconditional gift. It’s just another Rolo for the dragons to share.


Time is precious and strangely, is shared between us all equally. You can’t do an Ebenezer with an egg timer. The same hours tick away for everyone on the planet, every single day of the year. This year, why not let The Kitchen Sink Samurai loose on the cooking? Get everyone involved and the veg takes ten minutes. Poundland has a great selection of peelers which are reasonably safe for semi- supervised children. One way of many to make the day both memorable and different.

Oh, and leave a Rolo by the front door to avoid dragony interruptions to your family gathering.


A Dragon’s Christmas Lunch Menu. (In case you forget the Rolo)


One Choccie orange.

Unwrap it, but don’t tap it.

Aim for the tonsils



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Published: 1st August 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Rambling Dragon


Believe it or not, I usually have an idea of where I want to start when I write my blog. Today, I just have the title. What’s so unusual is I always add that last, after the haiku. Perversely, it’s the first thing that gets read but nobody notices. Everything appears to seamlessly flow together.


Writing and talking are very different beasties but both are simply concerned with making our self understood to others. Obviously, I prefer writing since I can think about what I want to say and if I don’t like it, there’s the backspace. No one sees the edits. Isn’t life wonderful!


Well, wonderful- ish. My day job is focussed on talking to curious, sometimes stressed people, regarding a troubling situation. There’s no backspace and my brain doesn’t work like a word processor. Just to make it even more difficult for myself, I don’t use cards. I don’t have a reference point to go from. Once I’ve said it, it’s out there, with ‘Alan’s Responsibility’ plastered all over it in bright green letters. In a further extrication of sympathy, can I add that the thoughts for the reading flow at the same speed as I’m talking. A new picture, or sentence pops up just before I’ve given out the preceding one.


I take my work seriously, I don’t however, treat my general conversations with people at the same level of commitment. I’m not going to beat myself up about it until everyone else on the planet starts beating themselves up. I’m beginning to see that a big part of conversations should actually be silences where we process what we have said and listened to.


Obviously there’s a huge difference between giving someone a reading, having a chat with several friends, over coffee and cake, or getting legless at a party. This very wise pair of reptilian eyes is leading my thoughts just to conversations with a single other. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Listening requires your silence and responding to them needs your thoughts to be put into words. Which, if done properly, requires time. It’s perfectly fine to refer to your own experiences, if they are relevant to their situation.


It’s going to be weird for a while as I practice this new idea. One of my biggest faults is I assume a conversation with someone is an excuse for me to strut my stuff as a psychic. So, to everyone I have done this to please accept my heartfelt apology and a pledge to act differently in the future.


So, surprisingly the Rambling Dragon was actually quite succinct, although my thinking got turned around slightly. They are going on about how few people I know actually read my blog, so the apology is a tad meaningless. I know actions speak louder than words and my actions next time will be different. Just so you know, after writing the haiku I am now getting a lecture from the Rambling Dragon’s sister, the Three Billy Goat’s Gruff Dragon. It’s my own fault, I opened the door without thinking. Doors however, don’t talk unless it’s a lift door. We’ll get to that storey another day. Don’t giggle at dragon jokes, it only encourages them.


Words can be bridges.

Crossing over boundaries.

But beware of Trolls.


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Published: 18th July 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




They Call Me Madame Dragon


Wendy, who sorts the blogs out, has been on holiday to France. She visited the Dordogne, which I can spell, just don’t ask me to pronounce it. Wendy saw the dragon and thought of me. I have to admit I collect dragon images, they inspire me. Clever clogs here wanted to thank Wendy, so I sent an email headed ‘Merci beaucoup pour’... which is when I had to Google the French word for dragon, which as you all know, is dragon.


Strangely, that’s a masculine word, so it’s le not la dragon. Which doesn’t mean all French dragons are males, just that the female dragons are but only grammatically not biologically and certainly not psychologically. There’s always a balance, because the word for window is feminine and we all know how much ladies like to be noticed. I won’t mention the havoc caused by matching everything to the curtains, or vice versa.


Basically, your average female dragon doesn’t give a flying fig what it is called, or if it’s sexuality is questioned in some way. They know nothing has changed within their self, despite the human rumours and innuendos being put about quite innocently by Francophones. Should all of France suddenly become anti dragon and begin hurling abuse at anything scaly, they still wouldn’t bother. They are happy knowing their own worth as dragons.


I’m prejudiced because I have learned a lot from dragons, I think we all could. This is why the Zen Buddhist blog got hijacked and is now a group of dragon tales. If someone gave you a really sharp knife and asked you to stab yourself, would you? Then why use their words or thoughts to influence your own behaviour? We are all worried about what others say about us, especially on social media. Perhaps that all is an overstatement, as I don’t anymore. I will always listen to advice and always keep an open mind. It’s where I find my inspiration and peace. I’m not arrogant enough to think I know it all. There isn’t a dragon alive who knows it all. Remember that, because it completely disempowers everyone who says they do, especially in reference to what they ‘know’ about you.


The dragons chose not to be insulted by the French language. This is why you seldom find a burned croissant. So do the dragon thing and just giggle it away.


There is a balance here too and that is in regard to children being bullied. I personally think we should change that word to ‘Psychologically Assaulted. It isn’t a laughing matter, so let’s do all we can to repair the damage and prevent it happening in the first place.


Haiku en Francais?

Se montrer a la hauteur! (I will take on the challenge)

Apres un cafe.                    (Which I will drink with a very smug smile)


Please Note I know there’s a load of funny linguistic accents missing, but if you want to organise a whip round to get me a French language keyboard I won’t complain.



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Published: 18th July 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Starry Eyed Dreamer


There’s a Native American legend that tells of the stars and the Milky Way being the camp fires of those who are on their journey back to the Great Spirit. Which, to me is a wonderful, inspiring thought. Recently, on Facebook, there was a post saying ‘Imagine the stars are just the lights in their window when our departed loved ones move the curtains to see what we are up to.’ I’ll give that a ‘cute.’ This is not because I have Native American guides, which makes me favour one over the other and it isn’t my innate animosity to religion and the usual concept of ‘Heaven.’ There’s something deeper going on.


Thinking about it, to put it into a word, freedom is the one that is most appropriate. There should be no rush home and the traveller can amble hither and thither, lighting as many fires as are needed throughout their journey. There is also my inner Celt! They believed the day was for the living, while the night was for the dead. So I can giggle at the thought of wimpy Apaches, huddled around their fire’s light being teased by Fionn and the Fianna, shouting ‘Boo!’ from the shadows.


Another part of it is the idea of a settled spirit in a home. I’m a medium and often talk to dead people in my readings. I know this image of home is often presented and I have to agree that I’ve often felt that myself. I am also aware of the under current and rip tides in the sea of souls we are all one with. We are both individual drops and the infinite ocean at the same time. If the Facebook message had mentioned portholes on a ship it might have been moved up to ‘quite nice.’


There is a Hindu tradition that the Universe is the energy of a cosmic dance. I can go along with that. The stars are always there behind the clouds, or drowned out by the brilliance of the sun. Regardless of time and the weather, everything is still, well, it still is, and as it always was constantly flowing. Let’s face it, those camp fires are moving at several thousand miles an hour. Which is a lot faster than Crazy Horse’s horse could gallop. I’m sure Fionn’s wolfhounds could keep up with the pace though.


It is never easy to let go of certainty, especially when that certainty has grown with us over time. Our inner child rebels against the tide which always flattens the sand castle. It’s the same with the events in our life. Quite often I find myself just trying to help people be patient for the extra few days until the tide turns and their castle is still there, just slightly altered from how they remembered it.


Flexibility might seem a dangerous way to live, to just go with the flow and let the journey decide the next step. In many ways it goes against all we are taught and everyone we come into contact with. Our own sand castles, on someone else’s beach. At times like that I take heart from the thought of Fionn mac Cumhaill. He didn’t have a castle, just a hall with an always welcoming, ever open door. Perhaps that is one of the things about mediumship we keep to ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to know where the best after life parties will be.


There is no darkness.

With a candle of courage.

But you need matches.


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Published: 11th July 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Little Secret


This is another DIY exercise, except, this time, the carpet doesn’t get soaked. Assuming, of course, you wipe your shoes when you come back in. You need a clean jar, with its lid, and a breezy day. Hold the jar up, into the wind and then tightly fasten the lid. Well done, you have caged the wind. Except we all know how incorrect that statement is. You have an empty jar. The same thing happens when we put people in boxes. Cut off from who they really are, they wither. Whoever owns the box might feel enriched with their treasured possession but it is transitory.


Relationships are dynamic, like the breeze in the trees, constantly changing direction and intensity. A windmill can harness the energy, utilising it for a purpose but unless it is facing into the wind and is strong enough to withstand the pressure, it fails. The problem is that any relationship is between at least two people and both are, at times, wind and mill, interchangeably.


It takes many years to grow a bonsai tree. Careful pruning and training eventually create the desired form. Which, in its own way does the impossible and cages the wind. The art lies in working with what is already within the seed. Taking action when necessary and being decisive in those actions too. Quite often extreme subtlety is needed but there are times when only a length of stiff wire will do get things into the right shape.


The other thing to remember about bonsai is they are happy in their small pot because they are nurtured within their environment. A relationship needs its boundaries but they need not be restrictive. In a relationship, there is neither gardener, or tree, nor wind and mill. There should, however, be growth and a shared vision of what the partnership should be.


Relationships require constant input and evaluation. Humans, unlike trees, have the ability to communicate. Most males see this at best as a chore, at worst a necessary evil. Then endlessly complain that they will never understand women! Guys, it’s simple, the secret is in communicating, which also means listening.


Silence is sacred.


Within the monastery.


Not after weddings.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 4th July 2017


Dreaming allowed


Dreaming Allowed


The best thing about the warmer weather is it keeps the dragons quiet. They’re busily basking in the sunshine. Which leaves me free to muse, hopefully without any scaly interruptions, until they hear the ice cream van...


Those words are direct from my imagination, well almost, because while the thought is impossible, there’s the sneaky feeling that goes along with it. I’m not exactly surrounded by dozing dragons as my webcam shows, it just feels that way. Which my webcam can’t show, this is why I turned it off. I can express the feeling through the keyboard but the words are empty and hollow. All my readings are based on feelings and sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words.


A dragon is well, awesome. For starters the ground shakes, in a gentle earthquake, as they breathe. When something capable of doing that gets even minutely miffed the world stops, or that’s what it feels like. I’m using the word ‘miffed’ very loosely. Dragons don’t get angry, they just go into thought disapproval mode. That’s like six, synchronised supernovas, which is extremely difficult for anything but a dragon. It took me a long time to realise the intensity of the feelings they generated within me needed to be diluted. What I felt as rage was their slight disappointment that I hadn’t quite thought something through.


I persevered and, at the time, I honestly thought I had to progress. Spiritual development was a battle I could not afford to lose. One day I heard the words ’So, you’re fighting for inner peace, how does that work?’ I would love to say I immediately changed my ways but I can’t. For a long time I just saw myself reflected in a dragon’s eye and felt their patient encouragement. No instructions, or mind boggling insights, just patience. One day I got it, I saw what the dragon saw within me, their patience was rewarded.


Like many other people who begin a spiritual path, my first encounter was with my spirit guides and the Angels. That phase ended with a wonderful meditation in which I felt myself walking in front, while they followed me reading the map. Treading boldly into the unknown led me to the dragons. I’ve just realised that it wasn’t a map they were all studying so closely, it was a restaurant guide. They sneaked off for a tea break, leaving me to do all the work on my own.


Our imagination, some say sets us apart from other species. I have my doubts, everyone has heard a dog dreaming. In many ways I could relate imagination directly to the Universal connection. If the thought has an accompanying sensation then it’s probably not just your imagination. If the sensation refers to something large, scaly and in permanently snacking mode, I sympathise, I can also relate.




Pictures portraying a life.

The mind’s gallery.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 27th June 2017


The Can-Can Dragons


The good thing about last week’s cliff hanger was that I thought of the haiku yesterday. That said, it’s still appearing at the end. That moment was also when I realised the particular cliff edge I was very close to is the plateau where the dragons practice their line dancing. With all that turning, twisting and tails, there would be the inevitable ‘Oops!’ Or ‘Where’s Alan gone?’ Get the picture? That’s a Koan!


You want me to explain now don’t you? A Koan is a story used to educate followers of the Buddha. It’s usually historical, often a conversation between master and student. I realised there is a lot more to it than that. The idea is it encapsulates all the teachings in one simple, easily remembered, sound bite.


Zen, however, has no teachings to follow apart from learn what cannot be taught. A Koan is like a Universal hologram, all the information is within every minute piece after you shatter it with a sledge hammer. The same concept applies to Icons, Hindu statues and in their way, Christian parables. All you need to understand is there, laid out for you, all you need to do is understand it. Which is, admittedly, the tricky part. If you think that’s difficult try getting your heard round the fact I learned what can’t be taught by thinking about various teachings.


Just what is the right way to be good? There isn’t one, well maybe there is, because the point is to live it, not learn it. Besides, in an unconditional Universe do we have to be good? Without being able to see the whole picture how do we know the difference with absolute certainty? Obviously, the only person who can decide your own behaviour, attitudes and interactions with others is you.


For instance, if I had flown off the cliff into infinity, assisted by a dragon’s tail, it would not have been an accident. I am responsible for my own actions, I chose to be there, the dragons chose to jive. I should respect their choice and also be prepared to get out of the way. The only act of forgiveness involved would be my getting over the fact it was a stupid thing to do. They were being careful obviously, or else I wouldn’t be able to type this out. Which opens up another concept of ‘What we think, we become.’ Then there’s ‘Remain present at all times’ And of course ‘Never, ever, annoy a dragon, because the sound of squished human makes them giggle.’


The next time something catches your attention, pause in the moment, relish it. Be it a painting, pot, phrase, or pondering. The wind in the trees is a Koan, just as much as sunlight reflecting on rippling water. Don’t think you can’t feel the connection, because we all Koan.


The Koan Panda.

No longer needs their Kung Fu.

They know the secret.



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Published: 20th June 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A bit of a Cliff Hanger


The Circle started a new Facebook group for its Readers to interact on. Me, being me, decided to celebrate this auspicious event with a haiku. The problem was that the gaffer had to use Google to find out what a haiku is before commenting. Presumably to also make sure I wasn’t being sarcastic, obstreperous, or counter-revolutionary. I can do all three really easily. Of course, the regular readers of the blog now know what’s coming. A quick introduction to haiku and a reminder that always assuming others know what you’re banging on about, might, like General Custer’s cavalry’s preferred picnic place, be an assumption too far.


The concept of haiku is originally Japanese, it’s a short statement of five syllables, or word sounds, followed by seven more syllables and ends with another line of five. The English language is totally different to Japanese, just in case you were wondering. So haiku have morphed a little in the Western cultures, although still retaining the five, seven, five structure. The idea is to think of something that reflects an aspect of the present in an unusual, entertaining, witty and amusing snippet. A good opening for example would be ‘Will June be May’s end?’ How topical is that? Of course I am talking about the weather, as since the months have turned it’s been deluging in Wales, while May was fine and sunny, well mostly. It’s not my fault if you thought I was referring to anything else. The second line should expand, or further delude people. ‘Our political climate.’ Think about it... Are seven, very handy, but, used purely for explanatory purposes, syllables.


What I like and often struggle to do, is turn everything on its head with the last line. It’s even more difficult as I really do have to be seen to be neutral and besides, I’m talking about the weather aren’t I? So, ‘A changing outlook?’ Would probably be the best choice to make the point and not upset anybody. It’s framed as a question because it’s your choice to look out of the window to see how the weather actually is performing, or you could trust what the forecasters are saying and act appropriately according to them. I’m still talking about the weather and not any election.


What I am actually trying to do is explain the intricacy of haiku technique. They are, fundamentally, ear worms. Which is why they fascinate me, much in the same way Koan do. It’s the conundrum in a matchbox thing that piques me. The ultimate, show, don’t tell. I suppose I just like the challenge they present to my writing.


“What’s a Koan Alan?”

I’ll leave that until next week, once I know which way the wind is blowing. I’m also assuming I still have a job after the gaffer has spent a couple of hours Googling it.


(No gaffers, politicians, Native Americans, U.S. Servicemen, or P.O.T.U.S’s were harmed during the production of this blog. Weather forecasters deserve everything they get)


Haiku on Haiku.

An impossible mission!

Not if you’re Tom Cruise.



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Published: 13th June 2017




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Quiet Word


When I was at school the biology teacher said, ‘Irritability is now defined as a response to stimuli.’ They were referring to one of the seven characteristics of life. I Googled them before starting as it’s a long time since I was at school. It has become ‘responsiveness to the environment.’ Which is a shame because the Victorian use of ‘irritability’ actually resonates well with me, when considering the human condition. Especially in regard to my own responses. Condition, is another word which has a number of context driven meanings. So, the phrase we are conditioned not to scream when our response to environmental conditions has led to irritability, makes sense. Why stop at screaming? Well, a clue is in that word sentence.


Society is the way it is because that’s the way we all prefer it, apparently. It didn’t get here overnight. Yet a lot of people don’t actually like the way things have turned out but don’t have a clue how to get it to a way that would suit their own ideas. Besides, a society of one is defined in the books as clinical insanity since one is creating their own reality. What makes it worse is the fact there are more than one societies on the planet. Each with its own standards, belief system and morals. Sometimes they just get along, quite often they don’t. The way to get along is within an environment of understanding and compromise. This is guaranteed to irritate someone all of the time and everyone some of the time. A society works because it doesn’t irritate everyone all of the time.


Some schools of Buddhist thought stress detachment from the desires our world offers. It’s a no-brainer to me. Materialism has no hold, well not any more. I’ve had my moments but this is a blog, not a confessional. I learned a long time ago that the degree of detachment the schools referred to was within a monastery. I don’t live in a monastery. Although the passing years are giving me the tonsure, which is the correct word for the hair style. No, I found the way to live within society was to try and follow the principles of:- Right Speech, Right Action, Right Thought, Right View, Right Effort, Right Livelihood, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. In doing so I became at peace within my environment. Well mostly at peace. The Biologist in me remembers the seven characteristics of life and the fact there are eight Buddhist principles, sometimes, just sometimes, irritates the hell out of me!


Gautama taught that the key to progress is to practice; obviously I need to practice and, perhaps compromise a little more.



Refers to all things fishy.

Including sardines.




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Published: 6th June 2017




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




This Little Light of Mine


Very few, of the very few people who actually read my blog, will not, at some time, have lit a candle. Some of them may have used that candle to light another candle or tea light. So, assuming there are now two candles burning, how many candles were actually lit by the person? It’s a question, not an argument. Either one or two is a perfectly valid answer. It depends on where you decide the person ends, the candle begins and their individual responsibilities. Think about it.


Let’s light another candle. Using the first one, just to be exceptionally awkward. So we now have three little twinkles. That might be four little twinkles, if you include me but I’m more of your bright spark type. Anyway, each of those candles is shining off into infinite space at the speed of light. They’re on a window sill. Didn’t I mention that at the start? Well, they are now. Each photon generated shoots off until it hits something that either absorbs its energy or it is reflected back. Have we added to the light in the Universe? I would have to say no. The wax of the candle, whether it’s derived from a fossil fuel or busy bee endeavours is just the energy of the sun stored as a chemical. Lighting the candle simply releases the energy back into the Universe.


It gets worse, much worse, especially when you consider where everything comes from. It’s all literally star dust. Ancient stars exploded in their cataclysmic death throes and eventually, along came everything that is in existence today. Yep, we are all Universal recycling and we are all in the Universal recycling bin folks.


So now I have pointed out how utterly, infinitesimally, insignificant you are, just remember this is why the Universe begins with U. Try to understand that, while it begins with U, it does not necessarily, revolve around you.


(There then followed a gigantic argument with several dragons. I was screaming I can’t end it like that, they just glared, as only dragons can.)


The glowing candle.

A light that will never fade.

Like a living soul.



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Published: 30th May 2017




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Dragon's Pointed Clause


Sometimes my ability to not see the obvious is astounding. I save these articles on my computer preceding the title with a number. So this will be 15, The Dragon’s... Number 10 has remained at the top of my list of articles on my screen for several weeks, but this is a blog, not the chart show. I fixed it just before writing this after noticing I had actually typed !0. Now everything is just as it should be, the sequence is correct and I am at peace. OK I lied, I’m not at peace but I will be when I get over feeling such a Dumbo for making an inconsequential mistake. That might take an hour or two.


I only get slightly OCD about my writing and when things don’t do what they should. This misspelled file problem has ranged from a faulty hard drive, via a computer virus, to a full blown international conspiracy organised against me by the Illuminati. All I had to do was put me specs on and I probably would have noticed it straight away, without squinting. That blessed file has been on my mind constantly. It really has done my head in wondering what was going on, and I’ve renamed it more times than Rumpelstiltskin ever was.


When I am at a loss as to how to proceed, I do the sensible thing and phone a friend. In my case that usually involves turning away from the issue, detaching completely and listening to the first thought that comes back. Which, in this case was ‘There’s always a simple answer.’ Dragons don’t do the ‘If looks could kill’ thing. They have this ‘Sneezes can vaporise’ inbuilt and immediate response to them. So I resolved to get the problem solved simply, which meant simply looking at it PROPERLY! before I started writing. (You don’t know how painful it was to type that exclamation mark)


Except the definition of simple here was slightly wild, since at the time I was actually pondering on the genetics of left handedness in regards to humans and snails. Don’t ask! By now I was mentally multi tasking to an octopussian, violin virtuoso standard. Making a coffee, while chatting to an invisible dragon, wondering what my blog was going to feature, worrying about the freaky file and focussing on genetic conservation through geological time. As the dragon pointed out just now ‘The problem was resolved, eventually. A good snail will always do something eventually. Usually by just slowing down.’


So, if you’re wondering what the point of this week’s blog is, there isn’t one. Unless you count the fact of the file being filed appropriately, a point which it isn’t. Admittedly, whilst most files actually come to a point, that isn’t the point under discussion. I’m just happy to be a work in progress, which might be a point if I ever progress to it. That’s life and going slowly like a snail lets me enjoy the moments and the view.

(A complete list of what I am actually OCD about is available on request. Send a large, self addressed, envelope to The Circle with £3 in stamps to cover postage).


That exclamation.

Caused no end of bother.

I’ll keep quiet now.



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Published: 23rd May 2017




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Another Dragon's Tale


“One day. Oh I don’t know, let’s call them God for simplicity, decided to have a holiday. This meant finding an assistant to cover their absence as you can’t have a universe without a highest power can you? Anyway, they shoved an advert on the notice board and were overwhelmed by the number who applied. Now God, being all powerful, all wise and slightly sneaky turned them all into ducks, then set them swimming on a pond in the middle of heaven.”


“Things went, well, swimmingly I suppose. Everyone who passed by would stop and listen to the chattering ducks as they tried to outdo each other to get the assistant’s job. Their wise quacks made the crowd feel at peace as they debated high philosophical ideas and other duckly stuff. Even God was impressed which, let’s face it, takes some doing.”


“Time passed, there were less and less ducks as they realised they probably weren’t up to the job, so, one by one, they asked God to restore them to their former selves. Eventually there were just two left. Each as white as swans, which is difficult for ordinary ducks but these were two extraordinary ducks. Anyway, one day the inevitable happened. God was asked to restore a duck, leaving just the one to be the assistant. God asked why the other had given up? They replied ‘I can’t have a decent conversation with a duck all they do is quack.’”


“It’s not often God has a problem but this is another of those not oftens. As they tried to change the assistant back the universe stopped. God doesn’t swear but if they did they would have. God looked at the duck who said. ‘Before you placed me on the pond I was proud and arrogant. I was once a ruler of many kingdoms. As I swam, I listened to the others and learned. I felt the peace of the visitors and the joy of the children when they bonked my bonce with a bun bit. I am a happy duck at peace with being a duck. Perhaps that’s what happened.’”


“Well, God harrumphed, I can’t have the universe run by a duck, even for a fortnight. ‘Of course you can,’ the duck replied wisely and with that strange smirk only ducks can do. How? God demanded, in that cosmically, cataclysmic way unique to them. ‘Simply try to change me back again. Time stops, everything stops and no one will notice. You have your holiday and when you return you change your mind about turning me back to who I was.’”


“This is why you’re my ideal assistant, God beamed, with a smile wider and brighter than the Milky Way. ‘I’m not an assistant, I’m a duck. I’ll always be a duck, in many ways I always was a duck.’ How can I repay you? God asked. ‘I’m a duck! That is my purpose. What can you give me that I don’t already have?’ The duck replied. God then decided not to ever have an assistant, as all they did was cause problems.”


“Which is when Mrs God got involved, as she often does. Strangely, it was her idea about the ducks in the first place but God, being God, keeps that quiet. So, the next time you’re sat in the bath, with a plastic duck, thinking whoever thought that one up must be the richest person on the planet, well they are. They just don’t look on wealth in monetary terms, it’s more ducky. Anyway, like the one on heaven’s pond, you, with your duck in the tub, might, just might, get the idea eventually. She got her holiday, God got their much needed break and the duck found their true purpose. All is well, and because it is, it always was.”


Rubber duck wisdom.

Does not apply in showers.

Use an umbrella.




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Published: 16th May 2017




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My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Philosophical Dragon


This is my thirteenth post, I noticed that when I filed it away. Which explains a lot and does anyone know a good, reliable, kind-hearted, dragon re-homer?


Absolute honesty forces me to say, ‘I am not writing this, we are.’ The words are nothing until they are read and if they are nothing, how could I have done anything? I knew I was innocent! Except, I’m guilty but logically you lot aren’t. Obviously since I am one of you lot I must be innocent too but I can’t be innocent and guilty can I? Apparently I can since I am but we are not. The problem is we are, while I am not. Which all depends on how you define ‘we’ and ‘I.’


No, I didn’t disappear in a puff of existential thought, I’m still here and continuing not to write while I do this week’s blog. That’s the trouble with absolute honesty. We, which would be us, don’t have the language to express it. I could have written he, instead of I, in the second paragraph, except there would have to be other changes, since that is the way English is structured.


I are, is actually how it should be stated. The way we speak is also the way we think and not many of the, ‘we’ reading this would think I are correct. Egotistically, I could protest, ‘I am!’ but he, that would be Alan, knows it is incorrect since he really are. Well, for now, at least.


“If Alan claimed to be channelling would that make it easier to understand? He would be telling lies, as Alan is merely thinking aloud. It’s allowed. What isn’t permissible according to Buddha is egotistical self delusion.”


The sneaky dragon said that! How do you know, Alan? I hear you ask. Hey! I’m psychic, I heard you. For one thing it’s written between the marks indicating direct speech. I also understand that all are one not ‘is’ but are. The difference is important, we are and always will be. Is would infer a ‘Was’ too but there wasn’t. Was there?


“Yes, but it’s gone and is therefore currently irrelevant.”


Of course, as I said, I could have stuck with ‘He’ and written this from the point of view of an outside observer, job done. I choose to observe myself though and being a work in progress much more work needs doing. One thing I have learned is not to speak unless it adds to the silence. I just wish I could explain that silence in words others might understand.



“We’re trying to help.”



Five important syllables.

The perfect haiku.



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Published: 9th May 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Scaly Tale


A Scaly Tale.


You never know when a ‘You really do need to think about this’ moment will arrive. It’s like being thwacked on the back of the neck with a pair of semi-frozen kippers. If it’s the thwacking dragon there is even more of a shock. She always aims for the ears. My particular pair of smoked herrings arrived about half an hour ago, or it will be, by the time I’ve finished writing.


A few days ago I was chatting to someone on social media. Which I do use, I’m just not very sociable. They happened to say, ‘Alan, sometimes, I don’t know whether you are just being wise, or channelling from the Angels.’ I don’t DO compliments, so I replied, ‘If you are bleeding does the brand of bandages matter?’


Usually, my Monday routine is to fall out of bed, have a couple of coffees and hit the blog. This morning has been different. I hadn’t a clue what it was about, until now, three hours or so later than usual. Luckily, I was in the shower when the boat came in, so I don’t actually smell of fish. I got under the water thinking of what to email in and ask to postpone the blog. I almost drowned (it’s a blog, I’m allowed to exaggerate for dramatic effect) when I realised the implications of that simple conversation. For me, as a student of Zen, but more and most importantly, for the person who played their part. They won’t have a clue what I am talking about, but I owe them my life and that isn’t an exaggeration.


If you have to ask, ‘How can I help?’ Perhaps you shouldn’t try. Perversely, that is my opening question on a ‘The Circle’ call. Helping another should be a natural course of events and given without thought of anything, apart from being of help to another. There seems to be a more powerful force available to us sometimes. Where we help without even knowing what, why, or how we did it. Perhaps it’s when we are visited by an Angel, and they lend us their wings for a moment. I know this is something I have done, many times and afterwards just continued on my way with a fading, enigmatic, smile. Experiencing it from the recipient’s point of view has been a real eye opener and is taking a little adjustment.


We all have one capability we seldom use. It’s to be our real self. To talk to someone who has an interesting face, despite their sitting on the pavement, wrapped in a greasy overcoat. It’s easy to throw some change into a tin, but why is it so hard to spare some time? Without giving the time, there can be no help and, without helping others, we don’t help our self. Those though, are the thoughts of the Buddha. We are not all Buddhists. The person I was chatting to is a Sikh. For a moment they were the master and the student acknowledges their teaching with humility and gratitude. The student also apologises for not understanding immediately.




The Universal dice game.


Chance, or destiny?


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Published: 4th May 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Circling Dragons


Every so often during a reading I have this almost overwhelming urge to scream, ‘Will you say no after the next thing I say.’ to the client. This is because the connection is so clear, wacky and a direct link to the cosmic sense of humour it does my head in. It happened again recently. We even shared a laugh when I asked them to say no at least once and I used an incorrect name on purpose. I should have stopped there, pleaded ‘I’m not well,’ apologised and run away. As the laughing turned to the sound of a key creaking in a rusty lock and the door opened. Or, if you’re into ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ a wicked witch had just got squished.


While things can’t get any worse but usually do; when things are absolutely brilliant they seldom get better. How do you improve on happy? I didn’t think it was possible until this reading. As it turned to their creative side and dragons. Sod’s law demanded they answered yes and fell off their chair when I mentioned they should stop feeding them strawberries. By which time I had totally given up and was jumping up and down on a giggling dragon’s tummy to shut it up. Of course, I forgot a laughing dragon’s belly is a wonderful trampoline and they just laughed louder the higher I bounced. So did the client, because they had the same picture in their head.


The actual, factual - this is where you might think of directing your energy - part of the reading, lasted for around 15 minutes. The last 5 were when happy got improved on, because it was shared. There was me, the client and I didn’t bother trying to count the dragons and we all just, well, shared. There isn’t another word to describe what was going on.


I only did a short shift that night, because I was recovering from a fairly nasty virus and it was my last call. So there was time for a short, sensible, debriefing session. During which it was pointed out being slightly below my normal energy level actually helped me stay grounded when I was plugged in to that power. The client had to feel it too, through me, to give them the confidence that they are doing what it says on their tin. It isn’t labelled sardines. No, it wasn’t my ‘destiny’ to have a cold. The fact of my ‘suffering’ was simply made use of, for the higher good. In many ways I know I got as much from the reading as the client.


The point is I will remember this dark, cold cloud’s especially shiny silver lining. Several green and some red scaly things will remind me, although I doubt I could forget. Happiness and inner peace is important to us all as individuals but when we share it with others, is when the magic begins. I personally don’t think those magic moments can be planned. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, which could apply to any particular moment. The important thing is to be in the right frame of mind. Again this is fairly generic, as my principal thought all the way through was to not start coughing. As to who to share with, well, obviously that would be whoever is around you when it happens.


Dragons with mobiles?

An impossibility.

They use an Alan.  



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 26th April 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




A Scaly Tale


A Scaly Tale.


You never know when a ‘You really do need to think about this’ moment will arrive. It’s like being thwacked on the back of the neck with a pair of semi-frozen kippers. If it’s the thwacking dragon there is even more of a shock. She always aims for the ears. My particular pair of smoked herrings arrived about half an hour ago, or it will be, by the time I’ve finished writing.


A few days ago I was chatting to someone on social media. Which I do use, I’m just not very sociable. They happened to say, ‘Alan, sometimes, I don’t know whether you are just being wise, or channelling from the Angels.’ I don’t DO compliments, so I replied, ‘If you are bleeding does the brand of bandages matter?’


Usually, my Monday routine is to fall out of bed, have a couple of coffees and hit the blog. This morning has been different. I hadn’t a clue what it was about, until now, three hours or so later than usual. Luckily, I was in the shower when the boat came in, so I don’t actually smell of fish. I got under the water thinking of what to email in and ask to postpone the blog. I almost drowned (it’s a blog, I’m allowed to exaggerate for dramatic effect) when I realised the implications of that simple conversation. For me, as a student of Zen, but more and most importantly, for the person who played their part. They won’t have a clue what I am talking about, but I owe them my life and that isn’t an exaggeration.


If you have to ask, ‘How can I help?’ Perhaps you shouldn’t try. Perversely, that is my opening question on a ‘The Circle’ call. Helping another should be a natural course of events and given without thought of anything, apart from being of help to another. There seems to be a more powerful force available to us sometimes. Where we help without even knowing what, why, or how we did it. Perhaps it’s when we are visited by an Angel, and they lend us their wings for a moment. I know this is something I have done, many times and afterwards just continued on my way with a fading, enigmatic, smile. Experiencing it from the recipient’s point of view has been a real eye opener and is taking a little adjustment.


We all have one capability we seldom use. It’s to be our real self. To talk to someone who has an interesting face, despite their sitting on the pavement, wrapped in a greasy overcoat. It’s easy to throw some change into a tin, but why is it so hard to spare some time? Without giving the time, there can be no help and, without helping others, we don’t help our self. Those though, are the thoughts of the Buddha. We are not all Buddhists. The person I was chatting to is a Sikh. For a moment they were the master and the student acknowledges their teaching with humility and gratitude. The student also apologises for not understanding immediately.




The Universal dice game.


Chance, or destiny?


Allan Pin 0572

Published: 4th May 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Braveheart Dragon


I was reading an article on the BBC website about Tyrannosaurus rex. It was in regard to new research showing their snouts were as sensitive to touch as human hands. So kissing would be good, but those small fore limbs made hugging problematic for them.


This makes evolutionary sense. If you’re twenty something feet tall and ripping lumps off a Triceratops to feed to your babies, it’s helpful to not flatten your offspring in the process. There is a lot of other evidence that shows Tyrannosaurs were quite attentive parents. If you thought this was going to look at tyrannical families, well, ten highly intuitive points for the prediction but it’s actually about our buttons.


Hopefully, I just pushed yours and you want to keep reading. I might have hit the one that completely turns you off. Either way there has been an instinctive reaction, followed by the equally instinctive question, ‘What am I going to do now?’ The buttons we all have, just like a computer keyboard, function according to an operating system. They tell us what to do. Accepting we have an operating system is important. Psychologists call it social interaction, while teachers refer to education and parents would say it’s your family.


Our buttons are unique to ourselves. One person’s harmless remark is like a head butt from a Brontosaurus to someone else. They can be a wonderful strength and a fatal weakness. Let’s face it, some people devote their life to pressing them and we dance to their tune. Knowing the buttons exist and what they make us do, puts us back in charge. The computer won’t say ‘No.’ But you could.


The trick is to wait until, ‘What am I going to do now?’ arrives. Your reaction becomes a conscious action. This is most effective against the habitual button pushers. Especially when you choose, to absolutely and calmly, agree with them. For example, if you have always clung to their trouser turn up in tears pleading when they say I’m going!’ You could respond with, ‘Well you’re useless at packing so I’ll help.’ You can’t buy their expression, even with a credit card because it’s simply priceless. They are also powerless, as their operating system just crashed.


Our buttons make this feel counter intuitive, because we are so used to having them pressed. We often tend to push our own, including the ones marked fear and consequence. It took me a while to work this out but now I have just a single button. It’s big, round and red; marked ‘Do not touch!’


For the record, anyone who mistakes my patience, kindness, tolerance and understanding nature for weakness gets a Jurassic Park sized shock. That isn’t a button, it’s a confident expression of my self worth. It only seems like I’m channelling a dragon.


(If you have trouble understanding the dinosaur references grab a five year old. With their parent’s permission, of course)



Not for me, just paint me blue.

I will cry, ‘Freedom.’



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 11th April 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!






I have learned two things from being a medium. One is that somehow, who we were is transformed into who we are and will be, for eternity. Our death is simply part of that somehow. The other is I honestly don’t know anything about this, mysterious ‘Somehow.’


I used to speculate about it, and for a long time listened to other people’s own speculations until they stopped making sense when compared to my own experiences. The major realisation being, however anyone sees or believes the ‘somehow’ to be, is how it really will be. This is the somehow bit. I don’t know, because I haven’t died. Although, if you’ve got this far, you might want to kill me. Especially after I point out I have given too many messages, from too many dead atheists, to think religion is a necessity.


Many people have the concept of reincarnation as part of their truth and as a past life therapist, I admit it’s part of mine too. In a way, thinking about those mechanisms led me to this somehow and my admission of unawareness. The factual truth is I don’t know and I am fairly certain, it’s actually impossible to know.


For someone who understands everything as flowing from a source of unconditional love, this ‘So, why do we have to die?’ thing, has vexed me for ages. Whenever I get puzzled I delegate the question to my guides, who replied. ‘Well, look at it this way. A war starts from and ends in peace. Why does humanity think the middle part is so important?’ Who others call guides, I refer to as gits. Now you know why.


Another way of looking at it is we are all squinting through the wrong end of a very large telescope. On our side we can only see a tiny part of a universally big picture. It’s tempting to try and expand on that small reality. From the Universe’s viewpoint we are simply the focus of its infinite love.


Many messages I’ve given have mentioned various sensations people have felt when someone passed away. No one, no matter how isolated, is truly alone when it’s time to meet their ‘somehow’. Knowing this, I asked my bunch of disembodied psychopaths to show me exactly how that works. It happened in a recent dream. For about five minutes I was aware of everything being exactly the same. I was surrounded by angels in their full, flowing glory, a few dragons, my human spirit guides, and the menagerie of animal ones. I lay on my bed, very haggard, very grey and very dead. Constantly groaning, ‘I can’t breathe!’


“What did you expect, Alan? You’re dead.” They chorused, with a smirk. After a while they mentioned, “Have you noticed you are somehow, still able to complain?”


There is a massive difference between doubt and not knowing something, although the latter often leads one into the former. It’s OK not to know, that I do know, for a fact and a certainty. Now, somehow, I need to come up with a semi relevant haiku.


The dragon’s parties.

Are invitation only.

Bring your own Rolos.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 4th April 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Blue Peter Dragon


To read this week’s blog you will need four, two litre, milk containers, an egg cup, a very expensive Persian carpet, some blackcurrant squash, and a permanent marker. Mark the egg cup with the word ME, which, admittedly, is actually you, then write Universe, galaxy, solar system and Earth, on the milk vessels. Grab the Universe, put some blackcurrant in to taste, apparently, then take it to the source of everything, which would be the tap, and fill it to the brim with water. Now, stand on the rug, and decant this into the galaxy one, followed by the solar system, and lastly, the earth. Obviously, everything is one, you can see it now, Thanks Alan, job done. Really? Your eyes are in the egg cup, you, and ME live here, on Earth. All that juice has to go in there for you to see it, go on, I dare you.


A dragon would explain that the Universe will always fit in the space between your ears. It has to, so what’s the problem? The water, in reality, came from the Universe, it already exists within the Universe, therefore it will easily be held by the egg cup and anyway, it already is.


Let’s change the words on some of the containers to body, brain, and mind. Now the contents of the Universe easily fit, don’t they? Well, not according to the dragon, with their black, and white, ultimate truth, way of looking at things. All the blackcurrant has to go into the egg cup, without any mopping, or carpet stains. They will also give you that smug, all knowing look, which tells you to think it through a little more.


So scrub out body, and brain, which are replaced by awareness, and perception. Fill one from the Universe, which means making another two litres of carpet threatening blackcurrant, and the other from the mind. So you now have four litres to fit inside that ickle egg cup. How the (insert appropriately) did that happen? Obviously your perception is simply awareness of your senses. The two are, more or less, inseparable. This is why we wake up when we hear the dog bark, and dream while we sleep. It is almost impossible to stop sensing, a good long coma might be the closest you could get.


By now some of you may have got the dragon’s point which is you can fit it all in ME, which would be you, but, in absolute honesty, is an egg cup. You just need to make sure there is enough space to hold it. Defining what ME actually is, enables that to happen. You might not be who you think you are, and what you are not takes up a lot of egg cup.


I have a love/hate, relationship with dragons. While I am engrossed with the thought flow, and transcribing the words, which I love. The dragon is sneakily digging a big hole for me to fall into when I think I’m being clever. My reply of, ‘But being unconditional means I can’t be defined.’ Brought the reply of, ‘You’re as unconditional as the volume of an egg cup. Unconditional, without boundaries, which means it all goes in.’ To be fair she did drop her tail, into the hole, so I could climb out.


So, how do you define yourself? We all do, but which would be the better choice? There are many different ways, and even more weird ideas. The process I used was to find what you can take with you when you go, let’s call it, home. I have to state, categorically, we all go home and are all made welcome. The self, I found, was the Buddhist one. I cannot say that is the soul, or spirit, we all have. I could speculate but speculating in the immediate vicinity of fire breathing, scaly things, which get grumpy way too easily is not recommended.


We all make that journey as we go through life. Your perception about what comes next is influenced by many factors, what you believe, all you have been told, your upbringing, basically all you have been through. The result is many fear what happens when the train we are all on stops at the station. My fear stopped being a problem when I realised I could not possibly know my perception and awareness are based on this ME I currently am. As a medium I know that there is a station, and we all get off the train. I will be trying to get my hands on the same guide book as everyone else, but not until I get there. ‘It can’t be that simple.’ Is a thought on the minds of many egg cups while they read this. It is that simple. The ideas of it being difficult are a result of your present perception that it isn’t. Like anyone else, I can only try, my big decision was to stop assuming and try to find out.


I will probably regret this, but, I’m giving the dragon the last word. She would like to reassure everyone we are all guided, through our journey, and at all times... ‘Remember when you found your toddler busily rubbing Ribena into the brand new beige Berber carpet and you screamed, “God help me!” They were, it just took a little while for you to get it.’


The chicken and egg.

One preceded the other.

This cycle of life.



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 28th March 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Archer


The Scaly Toxophilist.


The mind is a wonderful thing, with just a few words and a relaxed attitude, it becomes a time machine. So, in your mind’s eye ladies, fluff up your wimple, and let’s wander down to the village green, to watch the blokes practice their archery, after a session in the local tavern. If you prefer, imagine a sturdy, and proud, Cherokee warrior stalking a buffalo across the windswept prairie. Me, well, I’ll join the Samurai, just outside Kyoto.

Are we all imagining comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Which achieves the aim; the target, the archer, the bow, or the arrow? There isn’t a straightforward answer to the question, although most people would answer, ‘The archer,’ as they are the one taking aim at the target. What makes it even more tricky, to provide a definitive answer, is there are several meanings to the word, ‘aim,’ as it depends on the context at the time. A dragon’s way of looking at it would be to say, ‘The tree.’ That’s being humanly democratic, because the bow, arrow, and target, are made of wood. There are three of them, and only one archer. Except trees tend not to attack each other, with axes, to make bows, arrows, and targets? Does this make the archer a tyrannical tree oppressor? The dragon wonders, probably not, because very few politicians are arguing in favour of arboreal emancipation.


Most of you reading this, are, by now, convinced there is a simple answer, in that the archer being aware, and conscious, is the only one capable of taking an aim at all. You’re also thinking I’m fairly insane. On one level I would have to agree, but that assumes there is only one level available for discussion, this one, the earthly one. I accept that is, quite rightly, the default level for talking because it’s where we all are, however my, possibly crazy, ‘We,’ includes trees, arrows, and targets. Just as yours does. You can’t make them all magically disappear, although by stating it has to be the archer that’s exactly what you just did! I’m not intentionally criticising anyone, for many years my answer would have been, ‘The archer,’ and probably followed it with a few insulting remarks. What changed in me?


As a medium I gradually became aware of passed over pets, which went a stage further with incidents involving wild animals. Some of those stories are absolutely hilarious. It wasn’t all fun though, as I also found this weird ability to talk to trees. More precisely, to pass on to someone what they had been saying to their own, particular tree, while they were sat underneath it. Perhaps talking to trees is not absolutely correct, listen to, seems more apt. At the time I was going through a shamanic way of looking at everything, and quite happy with my own definition of, ‘We are all one.’ Which was fine. I was happy that I had solved the archer’s riddle. We ARE all one, job done.


When I find the guide who did this to me I have sworn vengeance on them. A revenge so dark, it is not wholesome to describe. O.K. honesty time, again. I know which dragon it was, and there is no way they are getting my last Rolo. ‘So Alan, dear. What, exactly, is this one we are all one with?’ She asked, so sweetly, and with a genuine curiosity.


 The problem with dragons is they are too big to batter, it just makes them giggle, and they are way too wise to argue with. To be fair they had given me the biggest clue of all in that there is actually a one to find. The major problem with human, dragon, interaction is they have this infinite patience thing, which can be really, really, annoying. They also do a sarcastic, ‘That’s nice dear... but!’ which is when you know you are totally wrong minded, and have to start all over again. They never get annoyed, or frustrated, they also never give up. Perhaps the reason I can relate to them so well is my guardian Angel swapped their feathery wings for leathery ones a long time ago. That, however, was another journey, and a half.


The basic teaching of Zen, apart from the four noble truths of Buddhism, is there are no teachings to follow. There is no goal to achieve, but the aim is to be aware exactly why that is so. Enlightened ones understand why there is no enlightenment. If that isn’t Zen enough for you, how about seeking the nothing that is everything then finding everything really is nothing, including yourself. The journey to knowledge is irrelevant, but totally relevant to the individual as it is what they are doing at that particular moment.


Which brings me neatly back to the imaginary archer where this all began. You can be the arrow, flying, freely, through the air, the bow which gave it the energy. A target, with the perceived aim of helping others. An archer, taking responsibility for their own actions, and aiming carefully, with regard to others. Even the tree where it all began. The possibilities, and opportunities, are infinite.


Your arrow is not simply wood, you have a mind, and can change your own course at will. A bow doesn’t have issues with being a bow, and an arrow doesn’t get upset when it is fired. Sometimes we all have to be the bow playing someone else’s fiddle, and, being fired, can be a transformational experience. Yes, it’s a shock, when it happens, but no more so than the arrow’s experience as it leaves the bow. Try looking at the world through a dragon’s eyes, it is a totally different viewpoint. They look beyond our own, self imposed limitations, instead seeing the limitless possibilities we are all capable of.


Writing this was when I actually realised I was simply the arrow in the dragon’s bow, or the tree, perhaps even the bowstring. I know I wasn’t the archer until I had an aim, strangely, my aim was also the dragon’s and, together, we hit the target. I actually get why the journey is just that time passing from place to place, experience to experience. The archer aims, pulls on the bowstring, and looses the arrow, in one smooth, almost instinctive action. There is no separation between them, all is one.


The best thing about dragons is their claws are too big to fit on a keyboard. The bit of how many years this all took, unfortunately, can’t be mentioned. I did give them the opportunity, but after waiting five minutes, nothing appeared. Then I realised there’s a haiku to come up with, and she’s done a runner.


Dragons fly, because.

Gravity did not argue.

Clever gravity.


(Clever dragon too, that’s cost me a tube of Rolo)




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 21st March 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Butterly Mind


Theoretical physics is as close mankind has currently got to understanding the Universal mind. This is wonderful, as long as you can get your head around theoretical physics. To me, it’s all rocket science. While it is all purely theoretical, you will find it extremely difficult to argue with the conclusions, because the ideas are based on physical facts, or laws. Physical laws explain why you stand back from a rocket, after lighting the fuse on November 5th. Isaac Newton puzzled that one out but he used an apple and cannons, not a firework. I can understand why apples were a safer choice and being a pirate in a past life makes sense of the cannons. Theoretical physics extrapolates what we already know, to arrive at answers we actually don’t have but make sense, as they are based on previous observations. So, it isn’t rocket science at all, because most theoretical physicists explore the cosmos by simply sitting, and thinking.


They have an idea called Chaos Theory, which proposes that, under the right conditions, a single flap of a butterfly’s wing would cause a tornado in Tunbridge Wells at some point in the future. I’m writing this in the same way, as at this moment I don’t quite know where this is leading. I flapped my wings but I haven’t a clue where the whirlwind is headed, probably anywhere but Tunbridge Wells. I could relate it to our life paths and lucky breaks making a difference, or interactions with others making a change. I could go down the road of comparing chaos to the widely held belief of pre-planned events in our lives, which many understand as their destiny. Chaos, for the non-scientists, is any moment where we wonder what exactly the heck is going on? Which is the problem because, if there is a destiny, then it could be argued the thoughts of what’s going on would be irrelevant. In fact they should not exist as they would, in theory, be impossible. We all know the thoughts arise on a very regular, and realistic, non-hypothetical, basis.


I can relate. My biggest, what the heck is going on?  concerned the two main schools, of Buddhist teaching, in regard to the nature of the Universe. These are Theravada, and Mahayana. Theravada proposes that you are a caterpillar, doing what caterpillars do, and you will always be a caterpillar until becoming a butterfly. Mahayana teaches you are a butterfly but with a caterpillar’s perception. Zen, which is based on Mahayana, and I embraced like a juicy cabbage leaf, taught me to just enjoy the flowers in the meadow. Except my flower meditation was the rocket I needed to explore the Universe.


One of the hardest tasks we all face is to simply change our minds around a situation. The thought would also change our life, if it was acted upon. In my case it was my entire belief system. I am a medium, I talk to dead people, and I had very strong ideas from that work, with some amazing validations to hold on to them. Even getting inside the cocoon took years, but I let go and everything slowly changed.


This is the paradox I struggle with. The thought comes to us all so easily. We are all guided, Angels constantly whisper in our ear or, in my case, a dragon roars in the distance. Oh come on, folks! You’ve read enough of these to know I’m slightly weird. Anyway, your quiet, inner voice advises you on the direction to take but we all, (me included), hesitate at taking the action required. It is as if we suspect the Universe is setting us up to fail. I can easily imagine such a Universe, but like a theoretical physicist, I am looking for the ultimate reality of existence. Just as Einstein refused to accept that everything is simply the result of quantum mechanical probabilities I cannot believe the Universal mind does not have our highest good as its sole purpose. A caterpillar becomes the butterfly, without fear and fear is just the knowledge different consequences exist. Are we simply too clever for our own good sometimes?


Here comes another one of those moments. I have to make my conclusion but instead of flapping my wings I’m doing what I usually do. Which is wait, put the kettle on, and make a purposeful choice, rather than take a hasty action. Having rejected all the other possibilities the matter has been settled. I changed my thoughts, which is another definition of the butterfly mind imposed by people onto others. Perhaps there is no conclusion, only the one you make of it yourself.


I am happy that something semi-sensible emerged from the preceding chaos. I have no desire to influence your thinking at all. This butterfly may have flapped its wings but, being a butterfly, will not read about the annihilation of Tunbridge Wells in a newspaper. You can write your own story, just as surprising, just as eventful. You simply wait for the right pen to arrive, in whatever form the biro chooses to be.


(Any connection to actual disastrous events occurring in Tunbridge Wells, over the next ten years, and this article, are purely coincidental. No Tunbridge Wellian was harmed during the making of this production.)


The butterfly thought.

While fluttering through the trees.

But she never spoke.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 14th March 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




Dear Betty (A letter to an Agony Aunt)


Dear Betty,


I have been emailing a guy I connected with on a dating site for around 3 months, and we have met for coffee once a week, four times. I am beginning to think this could go further, which I would like, but having been hurt in the past, I am being cautious. I thought we were making progress, until I received this email from him.


‘Hi Jayne.

While I was sat having a quick pastie in the park, I saw a dandelion pushing up through a crack in the path under the bench. I gave it a few drops of my Perrier while I thought of you.

See you on Thursday.

John xx’


After the email, John sent me the GPS location in a text so I could see it for myself. I am worried that he is too weird for me, although I thought for a while, John actually got it. My head says run away, screaming, ‘Axe murderer,’ but my heart wants to keep trying. I am really confused.



Dear Jayne.

Love can be confusing, even more so when it is unconditional. John sees your inner beauty, which, despite all the troubles you faced and overcame, still shines through. Where others see the dandelion John sees the rose. Instead of taking it home, he let it stay where it was, to be what it will be. Helping it on its way, with a little water. As long as you feel John is being honest, and I am sure he is, but only you can decide to trust his words. It is easy to be persuaded by our heart, when it is having a sugar rush. Love is shown by our actions toward others, it is what we do, not what we say. If you are going to run away, hold John’s hand, he will happily join you in your journey wherever it takes you both.

Auntie Betty


How is love defined?

Simply unconditional

Without boundaries.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 7th March 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Mountain


Every so often I receive insight, through a meditation, when the quiet stillness is replaced by a mind movie. I can’t call it a vision, seeing (sorry) as my eyes are closed, and, perhaps, I shouldn’t call it a movie because there’s no popcorn. It isn’t a documentary, there are no explanations, I have to work those out for myself.


One concerned a mountain. It stood high, snow capped, majestic, and awe inspiring, framing a wondrous horizon against a perfectly blue sky. As I watched the rock faced the power of nature, winds raged, ice forced fragments off the surface. These fell into the raging rivers flowing down the steep valleys. This was a time-lapse mind movie. In timeless seconds I saw the millennia at work, while mount Magnificently Perfect, reduced itself to humble gravel. Eventually these became sand on a beach, where a child happily splashed in the gentle waves. Giggling, as only carefree children can, when the sand of the beach squished between her toes. Her laughter was echoed by the small, but always Magnificently Perfect, hill in the distance.


If only the understanding I received could be expressed in as few words as the visual cues. I could list them, but it would take forever, literally forever. The realisations took a while to think through, and each one led to further implications, then further ponderings on those. The one that took the longest was understanding mount Magnificently Perfect happily became sand. Although it took millions of years it eventually found its purpose in making a child happy. The child, obviously had parents, they were happy too. Perhaps the child was an orphan, with a troubled past, now forgotten, maybe for a short while. The mountain had simply done, what mountains do, but no mountain can ever achieve on its own. It is simply an item of note, on the list that can’t be written.


There is a concept of ‘The Eternal Now’ esoterically it is a point where everything is, has been, will be, and always was. This is why there can’t be a list of what I learned. The list does not actually exist, as a list, only as a moment shared between a child, and the mountain. I was simply an observer, but I will be eternally grateful to them both.


A castle of sand.

Built by dreaming Princesses.

But now the tide turns.





Allan Pin 0572

Published: 28th February 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




The Kitchen Sink Samurai


How do you do the washing up?  Before the smug replies of, ‘I’ve got a dishwasher,’ ring out, the concept applies to loading and unloading one, just as much. Most people wish they were doing something else, or, even better, someone else was doing it. Which begs the question of what would you be doing with that spare time? Many people stand at the sink, with their marigolds on, imagining lazing by a sun drenched pool, downing daiquiris. The clever ones take their gloves off first, dream people tend to notice these things.


One thing I have found is that peace of mind is unshakeable, once discovered. It’s lurking under the mental boulder we all carry between our ears. Some of us have a mountain to wear down, but it can be achieved slowly. Few people have time to sit down and meditate, and Zen practice has nothing to do with meditation, it has everything to do with mindfulness. So, like a Samurai, why not focus on the task in hand, or marigold?


Stand at your kitchen sink, and remain aware of what you are doing, which is the washing up. It is all you are doing, and it is what you will be doing until it’s finished. If you feel yourself drifting away from the thought, stop. Your thoughts are your own, and under your own control. If necessary, say it aloud, but quietly. People might get the wrong idea, and call for medical help.


If you try this don’t expect instant results, it will take weeks before you begin to notice the difference. Samurai warriors begin by whacking each other with lengths of bamboo. It is not until they can stop the stick a few millimetres from their opponent’s body that they are trusted with the razor sharp Katana. That said, if crockery had ever been a weapon of war a Samurai warrior would have started their training at the kitchen sink.


It can’t be that simple, can it? Well, yes, it can be. Taking the first step begins any journey, while the most important step is the one that takes you forward, or backward. When you actually want to do the washing up, to experience the quiet solitude of the purposeful, silent, focused, mind, welcome to the mindful world. Now you’re here, rinse out a couple of cups, and I’ll get the kettle on.


Kitchen Samurai?

Totally impossible!

Maybe, maybe not.




Allan Pin 0572

Published: 21st February 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!




An IKEA Life (Some assembly required)


It only seemed fair to offer some form of introduction, as, when I was first asked to write a Reader’s blog, I had a vision. It was of people climbing the walls, or sitting in a corner, with their hands on the knees, slowly rocking back and forth. I take personal responsibility very seriously, so here is some background to me, the Reader, and blogger.


My spiritual journey began around twenty two years ago. I became interested in Spiritualism, and went through the training to become a platform medium. Someone said something after a service, which made me wonder because what they said was impossible, seemed perfectly possible, so, me being me, went ahead and tried. Guess what, I was right. That led to me working via the internet, without hearing a sitter’s voice. Eventually, by a very circuitous route, I became a reader on TheCircle.


The financial crash hit me hard, a relationship ended, the house and car went. A miracle of a new life in Spain was just a ruse from upstairs to get me to where I needed to be. That was a year without any income at all. I survived and because there was nothing else, I meditated. Once I had learned what I had to things changed. I was able to get the phone and internet back on after five years. One of the first emails I received was from TheCircle, asking if I would be interested in returning, as a Reader. Here I am.


When I say to someone having problems, ‘I know how you feel.’ I know from experience, not just empathy. Been there, done that, got the T shirt and pawned it. There is always a way out of any situation, but sometimes, the miracle is simply a little patience. Talking of patience... I will be testing yours, because I will be finishing each post with a haiku.


Alan... Who?

That blogger on The Circle.

Aaah interesting.  



Allan Pin 0572

Published: 14th February 2017




Allan    PIN 0572   


My reading method is fun and sometimes funny; what can you expect from a reading with me? Probably the unexpected is the best description!






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