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Why Do We Have Vivid Dreams?


Discover why or how to have vivid dreams, what a premonition can mean and why dreams can be an open doorway to our lost loved ones.


Research and studies show that on average we dream between three and six times a night, with most dreams lasting between five and 20 minutes. Many people do not remember their dreams, or they may only remember some of them and it is believed that 95% of dreams are forgotten about when the person awakes. Dreams are a state of consciousness illustrated by sensory, emotional and cognitive episodes during sleep. We cannot control our dreams, whether it’s the content, the images or what we do in the dream, although it is said that some are able to do this sometimes. What causes vivid dreams? A neuroscientist is interested in the structure of a dream, the phases of sleep and the body’s ability for dream production and organisation. A psychoanalyst focuses on the meaning of the dreams and how they relate to the person’s current life and relationships. Understanding vivid dreams meaning can be tricky but it can also be very useful. Knowing how to have vivid dreams is not necessarily an easy thing to learn, but it may forearm you for the future.





Vivid dreams are a way of our subconscious bringing to the fore emotional experiences in our life. What causes vivid dreams? They may be issues that we are currently worrying about, fears and concerns that can directly relate to everyday life. Vivid dreams meaning can feel so real and be so detailed that we believe they are reality. They may represent an unconscious desire or wish and therefore could be working as a form of psychotherapy. Our dreams consolidate and process ideas, information and thoughts that our brain has recently gathered. Some believe that we experience vivid dreams because our unconscious state is forewarning us of upcoming events, bringing a vivid dream meaning known as a ‘premonition’.
Those who experience these dreams may have a psychic or intuitive ability…





Have you ever experienced a dream that has come true in real life? Some people have premonitions in their dreams. This is a phenomenon that could be explained as a sheer coincidence or as a prediction for the future. Premonitions are not necessarily a bad thing, and may also foretell a good occurrence, or perhaps a surprise that you were not expecting. What causes vivid dreams of an upcoming event can present itself at a young age, sometimes continuing through life or sometimes just happening for a short space of time. It seems the period of time between the premonition dream and the real-life event is usually between a day and a few weeks. Those who experience these dreams may have a psychic or intuitive ability while others may be sceptical and put it down to coincidence.





There are several things that can affect our sleep, our unconscious state, the types of dreams we have and the vivid dreams meaning:

STRESS – Anxiety and depression, especially stimulating nightmares.

SLEEP DISORDERS – Insomnia, sleep apnea

HORMONES – Sleep and dreams are often impacted upon when a woman is going through a hormonal change

PREGNANCY – Restless sleep, experiencing more REM sleep

ALCOHOL – Using stimulants such as alcohol or drugs will effect sleep state and dreams

EMOTIONS – Difficulties in everyday life that are currently affecting emotions

Often these dreams are very vivid and will represent not only the loved one, but a familiar environment…





People who are more spiritual or believe in life after death often believe that our dreams are a gateway to the afterlife, and a way of communicating with loved ones who have passed over. Dreamers have reported seeing, speaking to and connecting with their deceased, often exchanging messages of love and comfort. Spiritual Mediums can psychically connect with those who have passed away and reassure us that this is indeed a way that our loved ones can communicate with us. These dreams are often experienced within the first few months or years of a person losing a loved one, and can be a comforting reassurance that there is still a connection and that they are around. Often these dreams are very vivid and will represent not only the loved one, but a familiar environment or setting for added confirmation. Discovering how to have vivid dreams of loved ones is possible. Before you go to sleep, ask them to come through in your dreams.





Sometimes when we have vivid dreams, we can easily understand what they are about and why we have dreamt them. However, sometimes they can be confusing, upsetting or unsettling. Many of our psychics at TheCircle specialise in dream analysis and can help you to understand your dream to see if it foretells your future. If you are dreaming of a lost loved one, our compassionate psychic mediums may be able to connect with them in order to give you comforting reassurance. What are your dreams for the future? Get expert psychic insight now.



PUBLISHED: 20 June 2016

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