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Take A Soul Detox With The Power Of Nature


Modern life can drain your energy, cutting you off from your roots.  All the materialism and striving can pollute your soul, making it hard to be peaceful.  But you can get rid of spiritual toxins with these five simple practices, to re-connect you with Nature.  The summer weather is the perfect time to move on psychically, getting out and about for your soul detox.


Find remedies for:
  • Feeling cut off
  • Losing contact with your intuition
  • An over-active mind
  • Loss of belief in your life purpose
  • Feeling generally under par




Maybe you’ve developed habits you know aren’t good for you, eating the wrong things, getting stressed, not sleeping?  Probably you spend days inside, maybe sitting at a desk, staring at a screen or dashing about trying to complete tasks.  No wonder you can feel incomplete and on edge.
TAKE THE CURE.  Go for a micro walk.  When you have a coffee break or lunch hour, don’t slump in a chair.  Get out and use your legs, even if it’s only for five or ten minutes.  Make sure you walk where there are at least a few growing things.  Notice your surroundings very closely, letting your attention zoom in and out, from gazing at distant objects, to homing in on those closest to you.
Nature is the shadows of clouds drifting over the hills and it is that little butterfly fluttering from bloom to bloom.  As you watch you may find that you notice symbols and metaphors that give you wisdom about your life and you feel part of the cosmic web again.


Intuition is the voice of truth within you.  It’s your deepest self, trying to give you wisdom.  This may be about your own path in life, or things you need to know about the world.  If you’re cut off from it you can feel empty and unsure.  You may find it hard to make decisions, spend time with the wrong people and make career and relationship choices that aren’t in your best interests.
TAKE THE CURE.  Nature has the greatest power to boost your natural instincts.  Find a quiet spot outside where you know you can be private and just sit.  Listen to all the sounds around you.  As you become still you will hear more and more – the birds sing, the breeze rustles the leaves, bees buzz, and there are other, more subtle sounds that you may not be able to explain. 
Look around you, noticing the contours of each leaf, blade of grass, stone and twig.  If your mind wanders, keep bringing it back to the present moment.  Relax your body as much as you can and breathe deeply and comfortably.  Let the hassles of life flow out of you.
Think of a major life question that you have.  Don’t try to analyse it, just hold it in your mind, sitting with the uncertainty.  When other thoughts interfere, notice them and let them go.  Just listen to your inner self and the answers will start to form.  This is your intuition speaking – you have cleaned the wires and made contact.


Has it become almost impossible to switch off?  All day you’re multi-tasking and in the evening going over and over the day’s problems.  You may feel worn out and overwhelmed, as if you’re on a treadmill and there’s no way off.
TAKE THE CURE.  Go somewhere where the air is fresh and clear.  This may be beside a stream or on the top of a hill.  Relax your body and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath while visualizing the breath spiraling up your spine as you count to six.  Pause for a count of six, then exhale to a count of six, visualizing your breath spiraling down, cleansing your being.
If this rhythm feels strained, settle into a rhythm of your own.  Once you are comfortable with your spiraling up, holding and spiraling down timing, do the exercise ten times in all.  Slowly return to your regular breath and don’t rush back into ordinary life if you can help it.  You have inhaled peace and expelled stress.


Perhaps you used to know what you wanted, but now it seems meaningless.  Often you ask yourself what’s the point of it all?  Have you backed yourself into a corner with your commitments?  Or is this all there is?  
TAKE THE CURE  This depth of discontent needs a radical approach.  Take time out and go somewhere beautiful and dramatic, unspoiled or possibly sacred.  This could be a mountaintop, an ancient woodland, a stone circle or a shoreline – anywhere that calls you.
Settle comfortably, relax and breathe in the ambience of your surroundings.  Give all your stress to the earth, imagining it flowing away in a sludgy stream, until you are clearer.  Then imagine nourishment rising through you, from the earth.
Ask yourself that big question ‘Why am I here?’.  Notice all the thoughts that come. If they are irrelevant concerns, blow them away and ask, and ask again.  Notice your surroundings.  If an animal or bird approaches it may have symbolic meaning.  You may not get a clear answer, but pointers will arrive.  Follow these and eventually your answer will be there.


There isn’t really anything wrong with you – just aches and pains, low energy, not much motivation – you may even be somewhat depressed.  You’ve tried early nights and other small lifestyle changes but nothing makes you feel much better.
TAKE THE CURE.  Give your problems to a friendly tree.  There is an old custom of tying a rag to a tree to represent an illness and asking Mother Nature to bring back health.  In fact that tradition is still active in certain places such as Madron’s Well, in Cornwall.
You don’t have to go to any location other than somewhere that is right for you.  Go for a leisurely walk and find a tree that seems welcoming. In your hand hold a small strip of cotton, linen or wool (N.B. Please use only natural fabrics)  Hold the fabric in your hand, close your eyes and pour all your feelings of discomfort, lack of energy and low mood into it.  Ask the tree to take your malady and give you some of its earthy strength.  Tie your strip of fabric to a branch and say thanks.  Leave the tree some water as an offering, and whenever you feel under par, think of your tree and relax.



We’ve looked at remedies for feeling cut off, losing contact with your intuition, having an over-busy mind, losing belief in life purpose and being generally under par.  Nature can cleanse you and revitalize you in so many ways.  For an extra lift, our team of encouraging Readers will help you get rid of those spiritual toxins with their wise advice, so call today and the sun will shine more brightly!



PUBLISHED: 27 August 2018


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