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Listen To Your Angels

Angels always want to communicate with you and there will be a special angel who is there to protect and guide you.  These wonderful beings are not tied to the established religions, despite the fact they appear in many religious stories.  They are messengers of Light and they want you to shine your own light and to experience joy.  Learn to tune in to the messages they bring.

Read about:
  • What are angels?
  • Signs of angel communication
  • Make an angel altar
  • Learn about your guardian angel
  • Learn about archangels




They are spirit messengers, always in the service of the Good.  Angels have never been human – they have not incarnated into this physical world.  They are beings of Love that unites all and they don’t belong to any dogma or judgment.
Angels have hierarchies, with the ‘upper’ angels, the Seraphim closest to the Cosmic Source.  The angels most likely to be felt in your life are the archangels and Angels.  The archangels carry a specific, powerful energy that you can call on to help you, while angels bring messages and protection.  
However, always remember this is a way for us to understand beings that are mysterious.  While the Seraphim may be at the top of our hierarchy, that does not make them ‘superior’.  That’s a human idea, and the kindly angels that help us day-to-day are just as valuable in the Divine scheme.


Angels can only make contact if you are open to them, and they can only truly ‘come through’ if you ask them to.  However, there are many little angel ‘calling cards’ that you’ll begin to notice and love, once you tune in.
White feathers are one of the best-known signs.  You might find a little feather lying on the floor when you’ve been thinking about angels and asking for help, or it may just be there when you’re having a bad time, to remind you that you’re loved and watched.  A feeling of peace may come over you, as if you’ve been brushed by angel’s wings.
Angels also show themselves in cloud formations, either as an angelic host or single guardian.  Other signs you have angelic help include plants flourishing beyond expectations, cut flowers lasting and dying plants reviving.
Angels are very attuned to sound.  When you need them you may hear a special song on the radio, sometimes containing the word ‘angel’.  Crystals can be linked to angels, and if a specific crystal seems to call you, that can be angelic contact.  When you’re really open to them you may feel the gentlest of touches on your shoulder, as their wings brush you.
Your first step in listening to your angels is to think about them, ask them for help and look for their signs.  You will soon be in communication.


Creating this devotional space makes a channel to your angels and is a continual reminder of them.  Choose a small shelf or cupboard top for this and cover it with a white cotton or silk cloth.  Place white candles on it, and any crystals or pictures you feel are right, or have been drawn towards.  If you wish to call on a particular archangel, choose crystals and colours from the list.
A clear quartz angel statue will harmonise with any angelic vibration.  It may be possible to buy a pair of white wings, but you can also make these yourself, out of white paper.  Fresh flowers are a good choice and you may find these last longer on your altar.
Tend your altar regularly, burning candles, replacing flowers and putting there any artifact or sign of angelic closeness.  You are creating a portal for blessings to come your way.


Always around to guide you, your guardian angel is waiting for you to make contact.  Do this by choosing a special crystal to represent him or her (angels are beings of neither, or both sexes, and may appear as either).  This could be celestite, angelite, selenite or any crystal that appeals.  
Place also a small trumpet on your altar and burn a frankincense joss stick or diffuse frankincense oil, to raise your vibrations.  Imagine the glow of the candle creating an orb of light around you, pure and protective, and affirm that no negative forces can come close.  Burn a single white candle, and sit comfortably in front of your altar, relaxing and becoming mindful.
Close your eyes and imagine that you are slowly climbing seven mist-shrouded steps.  As you get to the top of the steps the white  mist clears and a beautiful light floods the space.  Be patient, serene and welcoming, asking your angel to come to you.
You may receive impressions, hear a sound or see a figure.  Peace and joy will flood over you as your angel approaches.  If you are very successful you will be able to talk with your angel, but if not, do not despair.  Just try another day.
As always with any psychic work, note what you have experienced in a special note-book.  Blow out the candle, affirming that your circle of protection is dissolving, and ground yourself by drinking spring water.


These powerful angels will help you with specific problems, giving your guardian angel support.  Archangels are mighty beings whose energy can manifest dramatically.  Here are twelve principal ones with their associations.  Please note that although you may attune to the archangel specifically linked to your star sign, all the others are equally available.
JOPHIEL, Aries.  Dispels doubt, give self-esteem, courage, creativity, inspiration and strength.  Colour gold, crystal citrine
SANDALPHON.  Taurus.  Guardian of the earth he brings responsibility, practicality and groundedness.  He can make you aware your body is your temple, and bring physical health and strength.  Colour brown or deep green, crystal jade, brown jasper or any smooth stone you have picked up.
METATRON. Gemini.  Versatility, bright light, illumination, the ability to de-clutter your life so you can develop.  Colour white, crystal Herkimer diamond.
GABRIEL.  Cancer, Archangel of the Moon (which rules Cancer).  Brings fertility, eases emotional blocks, consoles, enables you to let go of fears and come ‘home’.  Colour orange-gold, crystal beryl.
MICHAEL.  Leo.  Great warrior, commander of the heavenly hosts, he brings faith, protection and the power to drive away darkness, speaking your own truth.  Colours are bright yellow for strength and faith, sapphire blue for truth.  Crystals amber, topaz, sapphire.
RAPHAEL. Virgo.  Divine healer who takes care of travellers.  He can help you heal yourself and connect with nature.  He soothes and calms, and is linked to the caduceus symbol.  Colour vibrant green.  Crystals emerald or green tourmaline.
CHAMUEL.  Libra.  Healer of relationships, he opens the heart, bringing healthy self-love also.  He consoles when a relationship breaks up and can connect you with your soul-mate.  Colour soft pink.  Crystal rose quartz.
RAZIEL.  Scorpio.  Lord of life’s mysteries, bringing you awareness of what cannot be understood by the logical mind.  He brings transformation and the ability to let go of obsessions and find inner ‘knowing’.  Colour indigo.  Crystals garnet or electric blue obsidian
ZADKIEL.  Sagittarius.  He brings trust in the Divine, mercy and kindness.  He aids psychic protection and meditation and boosts the immune system, removing what has held you back and revealing the bigger picture.  Colour violet.  Crystal amethyst.
HANIEL.  Capricorn.  Protection, determination and energy to follow your life-mission is his gift.  Soothing panic and supporting communication, he dispels negativity and encourages you to develop your individuality.  Colour turquoise.  Crystal turquoise.
URIEL.  Aquarius. His name means ‘Fire of God’ and he is linked to lightning and sudden happenings.  He is dynamic, drives away fear and stimulates physical desires.  He brings stamina and will put you back on your feet if you feel despondent or rejected.  Colour ruby red.  Crystal carnelian.
TZAPHKIEL.  Pisces.  Carrying the gift of nurturing and mystical states, this angel brings an open heart and awareness of other realities.  If you need to let go of thoughts and influences that come from others, this angel releases tension and heals emotions.  Colour lilac.  Crystal labradorite or purple fluorite.



Now you know what angels are, how they communicate, how to make an angel altar, your guardian angel and the archangels.  You have the basis for linking with these amazing beings, but to get some guidance on your way our spiritual Readers are always there to help.  To contact the celestial realms quickly, put in a call as soon as you can.



PUBLISHED: 13 August 2018


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