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Using a Dowsing Pendulum

How does pendulum dowsing work and how do you use a dowsing pendulum? Understand the powers of the pendulum…

Much like Tarot cards, the pendulum is a tool used for divination and getting answers from higher energies or spirit guides. A pendulum is a weighted object which is hung from a cord or chain and can often be a crystal. Some psychics who use a pendulum will use something personal which they feel they connect with spiritually, such as a silver ball or a trinket. A dowsing pendulum is believed to link with a person’s intuition so that they can give psychic guidance on specific questions. These questions are usually a yes / no but they can also get further insight by tuning in with Clairvoyance.



A dowsing pendulum is a tool that we can use to establish answers, but what is pendulum dowsing? Pendulum dowsing allows an intuitive person to link with the universe, their spirit guides and their psychic ability, to give answers to questions. It acts as a transmitter and receiver of information and is interpreted by the Reader through the way it moves. Most Psychics will use a dowsing pendulum to re-confirm their Psychic thoughts, or they may intuitively feel that it is the right tool to use for that particular person, to give them the best possible guidance. It not only gives a Yes / No answer (depending on how it is moving) but can also help people to make decisions.

It will receive messages from spirit guides, loved ones who have passed away or angels…



A pendulum is believed to work by connecting with the Reader’s intuition or Psychic ability. It will receive messages from spirit guides, loved ones who have passed away or Angels, depending on how the Psychic works. The pendulum is held from the top by one hand, initially steadied by the other hand and then will begin to move once a person has linked intuitively with it. Some people believe that a dowsing pendulum works by involving the left and the right sides of the brain, combining intuition and rational thinking.




Anybody can learn pendulum dowsing as we all have a natural intuition or Psychic ability. Although professional Psychics may have a lot more experience and understand how to personally interpret readings, pendulum dowsing can still be a fun experience and could be used to help friends or family to make decisions. Here are 5 easy steps to learn pendulum dowsing:
HAVE AN OPEN MIND: It is important to have an open mind, put doubts or scepticism aside and relax.
HOLDING THE PENDULUM: Hold the chain or cord between your thumb and forefinger and steady the pendulum with your other hand until it is completely still.
LET GO: Once you have steadied the dowsing pendulum, let go. You may find that it slowly starts to move, just relax and let it be. It will usually stop moving and once this happens, you can get ready to start working with it.
YES OR NO: So that you know how your pendulum interacts with you, you need to understand which way it will swing or move for a ‘No’ response and which way it will move for a ‘Yes’ response. Ask the pendulum in your mind ‘Show me a ‘no’ response’, then repeat the same for a ‘yes’ once this is established. For example, some pendulums will swing in a circular movement for a yes, and may just swing back and forth for a no.
Now you understand the yes and no movement, you can ask your questions.
Spiritual healers and Reiki healers use pendulums to identify areas in the body of their clients that need healing…




Once you have worked out how to use your dowsing pendulum to answer questions, you can use it for additional purposes. Pendulum dowsing is also known for cleansing the home of negative energy. Much like the sacred ritual technique of ‘smudging’, a dowsing pendulum can be used to ask for spiritual support to get rid of unwanted energy by saying ‘please help me to remove negative energy from this home’ while you are dowsing. Pendulum dowsing is also an excellent tool for finding lost objects, simply done by naming each room in the house and interpreting the Yes / No of the dowsing pendulum until you find your lost item. Spiritual healers and Reiki healers use pendulums to identify areas in the body of their clients that need healing, and pendulums are even known to be able to detect allergies.




Making decisions in love, relationships, work, house moves or family can feel daunting at times. Sometimes we need a helping hand to understand our choices and the reassurance to know the outcomes. If you need guidance in any area of your life, speak to the UK’s most gifted Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums at TheCircle. 



PUBLISHED: 03 Aug 2016

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