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Understanding Clairsentience


What is Clairsentience? What is the difference between feeling normal emotions and clear feeling? Find out how a Clairsentient can bring powerful insight…


Clairsentience may be viewed as a type of empathy. Empathy, much like compassion but on a higher level, is being able to connect with someone and feel their emotions. While most people have compassion, less have an empathic ability. The higher form of empathy is Clairsentience and someone with a Clairsentient ability, has a more refined and highly tuned skill to feel other’s emotions, sometimes when they are not expecting it.




 The phrase Clairsentience means ‘clear feeling’. The term ‘Clair’ comes from the French translation of ‘clear’ and ‘sentience’ means ‘feeling’. In the spiritual world, there are four metaphysical senses; Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Claircognizant (clear knowing) and Clairaudient (clear hearing). Clairsentience is a metaphysical sense that means a person has an ability to feel things physically or emotionally from other people, which is usually given to them by their spirit guides. A Clairsentient is someone who has the Clairsentience ability, giving them a sense of how someone has felt during a situation in the past, or how they feel today.

A Clairsentient may feel emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, anxieties, joy and happiness…



 Clairsentience can occur when the reader is linking in with a person. They may feel physical ailments that the person once experienced, or they may have overwhelming feelings from the emotions that were present in the past or feelings that the person may currently be going through. A Clairsentient who experiences clear feeling may feel emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, anxieties, joy and happiness. Physical feelings of Clairsentience may be pain in the body, aching, or feeling sick and it will more often than not be a physical symptom that the person will have suffered. Clairsentience can also happen when a Clairsentient holds an object that belongs to someone. They may pick up on past emotions related to the object, or get a sense of the place it came from.

“When my friends or family are going through a difficult time, I feel like I’m living it with them”…




 Some people are Clairsentient without necessarily realising it or acknowledging it. The typical person who may have a clear feeling ability, is likely to be sensitive, caring, compassionate and have strong empathy. If you can relate to any of the following statements, then you may be Clairsentient:

FRIENDS & FAMILY: “When my friends or family are going through a difficult time, I feel like I’m living it with them. I feel strong emotions, not only internally but can also feel the physical symptoms of anger, grief, sadness and fear”.
STRANGERS: “Sometimes when I’m in a shop, queuing to pay, or on the bus with people I don’t know, I get a sudden feeling of emotions that were not there before. I often find it difficult to understand where they have come from”.
REMOTE FEELINGS: “When I’m on my own I sometimes get an unexpected feeling about something, often an overwhelming sense of emotion. It suddenly happens out of the blue and I won’t necessarily be thinking of anyone in particular”.
OBJECTS: “A friend showed me her late mother’s engagement ring. When I held it I had an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. It came out of nowhere but I can only guess that I was picking up on her feelings when she was given the ring”.
Sometimes we create more fear by overthinking situations…



 A reading with a Clairsentient will help you to focus and separate your current fears, vulnerabilities and anxieties on whichever area of your life is concerning you. Sometimes we create more fear by overthinking situations, so a Clairsentient can differentiate between what is real fear and what is just negative thinking. If you are worried about a partner or someone close to you, a Clairsentient may be able to pick up on how they are feeling. A Clairsentient may also have the abilities of a Medium, meaning they can link with loved ones who have passed away in to the spirit world. If you have unanswered questions about your relatives or loved ones, a Clairsentient will be able to sense the past events from that person’s life, and describe the physical feelings and the emotions that they experienced.




Experience a Clairsentient reading to help you make choices in love, relationships, work, career, home and family. Sometimes emotions can be overwhelming and cloud our judgement in making the right decisions for a happier future. Clairsentience readings not only give you insight for present circumstances, but will give you empowering guidance for the future. Speak to the UK’s most gifted readers at TheCircle, for reassuring and compassionate insight into the past, the present and the future.

PUBLISHED: 26 September 2016
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