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What Is A Twin Flame?

This relationship stands firm on strong foundations of equality and balance right from the start. 
It beams the message of true love for the world to see and learn from, 
encouraging each to find their own twin flame.



Unlike a soul mate connection where a relationship can be a non-romantic link, such as a friend, relative or relationship, a twin flame bond is deep rooted, romantic, intense and brings a feeling of unquestionable completion to both people. Many believe that twin flames are souls created together, living life separately until at some key point in time they will reunite and remain together forever. Often twin flames have experienced very difficult love relationships throughout their life and have had to learn many heart-breaking lessons which have tested their faith in love until they eventually meet each other and encounter the ultimate connection.




Meeting your twin flame is a life-changing experience as it feels like you have finally found your other half. You may feel that you have known this person for a very long time and there is an uncanny familiarity for both of you. There is a profound spiritual bond, an instant attraction, trust, understanding and 100% belief that you were meant to find each other and that you really do ‘know’ this person! There seems to be an inbuilt natural telepathic link between you, sensing each other’s emotions without saying anything, finishing each other’s sentences and often thinking the same thoughts at the same time. Beliefs, ethics and attitudes seem to be mirrored, engraining a similar outlook on life so there will be no future unhealthy debates or disagreements that could unbalance the relationship. 

‘Now we have finally found each other, let’s create the best life possible together’



The deep love between twin flames is beautifully silent, unconditional and very intense. There is no question of mistrust, confusion or feelings of being unsure in this relationship. A twin flame bond knows no jealousy, or need to control and there is equally no fear of rejection or deception. There is kindness, patience, encouragement and a powerful feeling of wanting to do the absolute best for the other person. Many find themselves also making positive changes for themselves, not only for the other person. It seems to be very much a case of equal thinking, ‘now we have finally found each other, let’s create the best life possible together’. Onlookers will recognise an extremely special and powerful relationship that is admired, envied and desired if they have not yet found their own twin flame. There is no issue with ‘give’ and ‘take’ and twin flames will do anything for each other without questioning what they will get in return. This relationship stands firm on strong foundations of equality and balance right from the start. It beams the message of true love for the world to see and learn from, encouraging them to find their own twin flame.




  • You can sense each other’s emotions even if apart
  • Intense feeling of love
  • A strong feeling of completeness
  • You complement and encourage each other
  • There is a deep telepathic connection
  • You don’t like being apart
  • Open, honest and non-judgemental
  • You’re seen as the perfect couple




To meet your twin flame, you need to be aware of the steps you should take to allow this to happen. Many people will experience a life changing event just before they meet their twin flame. This was perhaps something which was a difficult and major decision for them, but will be positive in the long run. It has often been the case that a person has just finally walked away from a very difficult relationship that has had many ongoing issues. This has eventually highlighted and emphasised what they’re missing out on, learning the truth about what real love should and shouldn’t be. These tricky situations that are learned, recognised and eventually accepted as lessons in life make us evidently take decisive action to change our path. This changes our soul’s journey. The final letting go of these negative ties and finding the strength to move forward alone will open the door to our twin flames. Look at your life and think about what needs to change for you to be happier. Move on completely from negative relationships, review your whole life and work out what could be better. Meeting your twin flame will be at a time when you are both more settled in yourselves and have changed certain aspects of your life for good. 
The question of ‘Is this the one?’ will never be asked! It will be overwhelmingly clear. There will be no doubt in either of you whatsoever, as you will both just know.

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