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What is True Love?

What is true love and a soulmate experience? How to find true love and how to recognise it…

Love is probably the most important aspect of our life. We all want to be loved and to be content in a loving relationship. Judy Garland once said: “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” Her quote beautifully describes how love is not only a physical expression of feelings but indeed in powerful emotion that can be all-consuming. True love is something that we all want to experience in life.
When a couple are very much ‘meant to be’, everyone around them can recognise it…

What is True Love?

Relationships will always come with ups and downs and most of us have had difficult times and amazing times. A good relationship manages to rectify problems that arise, easily bringing balance back into the partnership. A long-term relationship has usually lasted well because both partners know how to communicate with each other. That said, sometimes when we are faced with challenging aspects in life, communication is often the first part of a relationship that starts to break down. What is true love and how can we experience it? True love is very much dependent on both partners openly learning and understanding one another. True love is felt in the depths of your soul and when two soulmates or twin flames connect, love is a vision for all to see. When a couple are very much ‘meant to be’, everyone around them can recognise it. The communication and physical interaction is visibly astounding and the energy that they emit is almost tangible. The energy that true love releases is a vibrational force that can be absorbed by others.
Do not let past relationships, experiences and hurts affect your new relationship…

How to Find True Love?

Finding true love is not something that you can make magically appear and it is not something which can be automatically felt in a relationship. True love is a ‘knowing’ and an in-depth overwhelming feeling that you have met the love of your life and sometimes it may feel like you have known them forever. Many people who say they have found true love usually felt it almost instantly when they met their partner. Here are some tips in finding happiness and true love:
The Past: No matter what the past is, leave it behind. Do not let past relationships, experiences and hurts affect your new relationship. Negative emotions and feelings from the past can have an impact or influence on a new partner.
Get Out There: You are not going to meet someone if you never go out and socialise! Go out with friends, attend parties or sign up to an internet dating site. Open your heart to meeting someone new.
Forget The List: Do not have any expectations of the type of person you want to meet. You may fall in love with someone who is the complete opposite to your ‘usual type’. Be open to different physical appearances and get to know someone before you decide the next step.
Believe in Fate: Fate plays a big part in potential lovers and soulmates meeting. If you meet someone in a random place and you like them, don’t be afraid to offer your telephone number or plan another time to meet up.
Be Confident: It doesn’t matter how long you have been out of a relationship, the point is you know that you are now ready to meet someone. Pamper yourself, buy some new clothes, get a new hairstyle – or do whatever it takes to help you to feel more confident.
Don’t Be Shy: When you meet your soulmate you may instantly feel a strong connection between you. The chances are, they feel it too. Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart and let them know.
Soulmates who do not stay in your life forever in a romantic sense are often sent to teach you an important soul lesson or experience….

Soulmates & Twin Flames

Soulmates are people who are meant to be in your life in a love connection, but they can also be a friend, a work colleague or a family member. Soulmates who do not stay in your life forever in a romantic sense are often sent to teach you an important soul lesson or experience. For example, you may have thought that you married your soulmate, but it ended up in divorce. Perhaps that person was meant to teach you about boundaries or trust? Twin flames are a stronger loving soul connection and are certainly more likely to be a lifelong relationship. Twin soul energy can be wonderfully powerful and is almost infectious to the people who are in their presence. Twin souls also have a telepathic understanding and will know what each other is thinking and feeling.



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PUBLISHED: 28 November 2016
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