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What's The Secret of a Happy Relationship?


We are all individuals, reacting and acting in different ways. In relationships, it helps if we can celebrate and laugh about those differences.

Love brings the best out of people, and when two join together, they are still individual, yet something magic happens within the union.  Love lifts to allow each other to reach for your dreams and hopes, where one plus one equals two and becomes the power of ten.  Yet you remain an individual.


Love effects change, but it is not about each of us changing the other to ‘our’ view on how things should be.  It is more of a compromise and a blending of ideas.  In loving someone, we accept them ‘warts and all’.  Love gives room to breathe and possibly adjust our views and perspectives, and as individuals we make the choices.


Communication is key


There is a very loving saying that could apply to all couples and it is; ‘If there are two ways of taking something, take it the good way’.  Given that we are all individual, we will have different views and one partner may say or do something that means one thing to them, yet is perceived as something completely different to their partner! Confusion can become commonplace and cause challenges.  Communication is key and in the early days, vital.  Check that your loved one has understood what you meant, and as you learn about each other, you will know that they ‘know’ what you meant.




The heartfelt desire in all of us, is for our significant other to see our ‘specialness’.  The characteristics, talents, ways we have that are unique to us.  If our partner ‘sees’ these, comments or references them, compliments us, praises us, specifically mentioning them to others, then we feel ‘seen’.  There are two magic things from this; we feel that our ‘specialness’ is recognised and this recognition makes us feel special to them.


Little acts of showing love for your partner


Little acts of romance or kindness are the golden, loving threads in our relationship tapestry. A note, card, flowers, favourite sweet or meal, little gift, can let your loved one know that you have been thinking of them.  Small, random, little moments that are worth more than anything.
If something is important to your loved one, and you can spare the time, support them in whatever way you can.  Even if it is just by listening and spurring them on to achieve their goal.  If you can do it together, then all the better.  Hobbies, projects or passions that you can do together are good ‘relationship’ glue.


Making time for each other


Making time for each other, without distractions, matters.
Relationships take work, no matter how much you love each other, and there are challenges and times when all does not flow smoothly.  Help is at hand from the wonderful, loving readers at TheCircle.  Calling for a reading can calm you and the situation down, and bring some much needed information and different perspectives in.
What we nurture, will stay with us. What we focus on, we will get more of. What we pour our passion into, will grow. What we show care for, will flourish. What we pour love into, stays in our hearts. What we imagine, will come to life. What we cherish, walks beside us.

PUBLISHED: 01 February 2014

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