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Six Steps To Reveal Your Soul-Mate


There is someone who is just right for each of us.  In fact it could be the person you’re already with and maybe with a change of attitude this could be revealed.  Follow these six steps and the world will not only look different – you can find happiness in love.


Take the following steps
  • Be realistic
  • Work at it
  • Get on with your life
  • Put in your ‘order’
  • Recognise your soul-mate




Do you think a soul-mate is a perfect being, who will give you everything you want in life?  Will they descend on a cloud or ride up on a white charger and sweep you off your feet?  Will they look like a film-star, have bags of money and always be in a good mood?  Do you believe that once you’ve found your soul-mate rainy days, work and bills to pay will evaporate? If so, think again.
Your soul-mate will no more be a perfect being than you are and they may well not conform to any of your ideas about beauty and success.  However, when you find them, although the problems of life won’t go away, they will be much easier to bear.  You will share them, and mostly they won’t matter.  You will feel contented and complete, deep inside and all loneliness will disappear.
So your first step on the road to your soul-mate is to stop searching for a fantasy ideal.  What you find will be much more magical than that.


If you want a job you brush up your CV, scour the Net and apply.  If you want somewhere to live, you go looking.  If you want a career, you get educated and you qualify.  No-one waits around for Fate to bring them these things, or says ‘If it’s meant to be, it will be.’  Yet how many times do you hear those words about finding soul-mates?
If you wait for your soul-mate to knock on your door you could wait for a long time.  So go out and be part of life.  Pursue your real interests, make friends, Internet date if you like.  Give your soul-mate a chance to get to you.


When you find your soul-mate, life will be wonderful.  But it’s not so bad right now.  Involve yourself in the things you enjoy, have fun, pursue your career.  Enjoy times on your own, pamper yourself and make friends.  Certainly do not only choose activities that could turn up a soul-mate.  Life is for living right now.
Make sure that you really look after yourself, emotionally and physically.  Of course, you will not be as happy as when you have your soul-mate, but you can still be happy.  Nurture your self-esteem, steer clear of anyone who brings you down, sort out your issues and learn to like yourself.  Take care of your health and well-being, because you are worth it.


Affirm to yourself very strongly that you are going to find your soul-mate.  Although it’s a mistake to be too specific about his or her characteristics, you can be specific about how you will feel – loved, cared for, complete.
You may have had relationship troubles in the past, but try not to dwell on these.  Don’t moan to your friends about how awful it is and how you will ‘never’ find that precious someone.  Instead affirm to yourself that your soul-mate is nearby.
Each morning affirm to yourself that you are on your way to find your soul-mate.  Each evening light a deep pink candle and affirm again that your soul-mate is drawing closer and closer.  When you place your head on the pillow to go to sleep, let your last thoughts be happy expectations that your soul-mate will soon be here.
If you have a bad day where you feel lost and alone, by all means have a cry and turn to a good friend for support.  But don’t wallow in negativity or self-pity.  Dust yourself off as quickly as you can and launch yourself once again at life.



There’s a powerful magic in acting ‘as if’.  This means that you saturate yourself in visualisations of what life is going to be like when you have your soul-mate.  When you eat, set the table for two and imagine your soul-mate is there.  Play the music you think they might like, dress to please them and make sure you sleep in a double bed, with room for a lover beside you.  Soon the Universe will get the message and supply just the person to fill that space.



You may have had passionate, all-consuming relationships in the past with people you thought were soul-mates but were something very different.  So how do you know if a person really is your soul-mate?
There are three vital ingredients to soul-mates.  Firstly, there is chemistry.  There is an attraction that goes beyond looks, that makes ordinary life exciting, love-making deep and meaningful and puts that little ‘extra’ into things.  Never talk yourself out of the experience of this because the person doesn’t come in the ‘right’ package!
Secondly, you have shared goals.  This may be anything from your spirituality, through home-making, charity work or starting a business.  It could well be all of these.
Thirdly, in some way your relationship is of benefit to the world.  This could mean it’s great for your children, or that the scope is much wider.  Soul-mates spread joy and healing around them.
Now you have found your soul-mate, will life be perfect?  Of course not, but the great thing is that won’t matter!



We have gone through the six steps of realism, working at it, getting on with life, putting in your ‘order’, acting ‘as if’ and recognizing your soul-mate.  You are now in a wonderful position to make that connection, but extra help and advice are also at hand.  Just call one of our insightful readers to have valuable tips and guidance to draw you closer to your soul-mate.



PUBLISHED: 17 August 2018

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