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Deepen Your Relationship With Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being fully, consciously aware in the moment. When you are ‘mindful’ you are in a constant state of light meditation and feel peaceful and grounded. This benefits you as a person, but can also help your relationship. There are specific ways practicing mindfulness can make your relationship more fulfilling.
Find out about:
  • Creating happiness
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Noticing your partner
  • Making extra time together
  • Developing a shared spirituality




The simple truth is that being ‘in the moment’ makes you happier. Practice it as often as you can. Bring your mind away from bills you have to pay, routine you have to follow and all the tedium of the everyday, and just ‘be’ in the moment. How do you feel? What is your body telling you? What emotions are trying to flow, as you repress them so you can ‘get on’? What does the sky look like, or the texture of the wood on an item of furniture, or the fabric of your clothes?
The present moment truly is all that we have, yet, strangely, it leads into an awareness of spirituality. Certainly it brings peace. When you feel peaceful and in tune with yourself then you are more able to relate positively to your partner.


However happy and contented you and your partner may be, life is full of challenges and losses. Your partner is bound to feel sad at times and to be struggling. When you are caught up in the pressures of life, you may be blind to this or at the very least sometimes impatient.
Mindfulness brings you into contact with how your partner truly feels, and this opens your heart so you feel compassionate. It also makes you conscious of any suffering you feel, which you may be bottling up. Compassion for yourself is not the same as self-pity. It is a loving appreciation of self, which you need to experience before you can be truly compassionate to anyone else.
Be mindful of your feelings and those of your partner, and be kind to both of you! This will fill your partnership with gentleness and intimacy.


We all take things for granted after a while and you may assume you know all there is to know about your dearest. Not only can this make life boring and take the edge of your experience of togetherness, it can also mean that you lose true connection with your partner and miss important clues. This can lead to one or both of you not feeling perceived and understood.
As often as you can, bring your full, loving attention onto your partner. Notice their little gestures, tines of voice – even their skin tone and the exact colour of their eyes. How wonderful it is that you have this human being in your life, with all their unique and complicated being!


We all find that time goes faster as we get older. This is because everything is familiar, nothing really ‘strikes’ us and brings us into the moment.
Mindfulness can change this, because when you are mindful you notice that there is so much that you have missed and lots of the beautiful details are new and exciting. This sense of excitement transfers itself into the relationship, especially if you are practising mindfulness together.
When you are mindful you have so many more wonderful minutes to share.


You can practice mindfulness at any time, but when you have a routine of mindfulness that you do together, it lifts you both and gives you a shared spiritual experience.
You could start the day off by sitting together in silence for ten minutes and simply being mindful. Maybe play some soft music that helps you relax. Whenever your mind wanders, bring it back to the moment, just noticing how you feel and your immediate surroundings, including your partner.
At the end of your ten minutes, share with your partner how you are feeling and what your thoughts are. Perhaps life has come into a slightly different perspective? Maybe you are not quite so worried or stressed. Maybe you have a sense of being part of something that’s greater than you. Sharing and comparing enhances all of this, fixing it in your mind and taking you forwards together.



Mindfulness can help you personally in all sorts of ways and can certainly enhance your relationship. We’ve looked at how it makes you happy, brings empathy and compassion, makes you notice your partner, gives you more time together and offers the benefits of a shared spirituality. Whatever you are going through in life, mindfulness often helps. However, if times are hard and your relationship is full of problems, you will need supportive intervention, and that’s readily to hand with our wise team of Readers, so put in a call today and get the understanding and advice you want.



PUBLISHED: 25 April 2018

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