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Sex on the first date: put up or put it off?


Sex is a really important component of a successful relationship. Have you noticed how turned on you are by the right person? Equally when a relationship is dead in the water even the physical presence of a partner is repellant.


Few things to consider before peeling of your clothes!


So here you are on your first date, the atmosphere is electric. You just know that the sexual chemistry rocks. Do you throw caution to the wind and show them your birthday suit or hold back? Only you can decide. There isn’t a definitive right or wrong answer, be guided by your heart and soul. Here are a few things to consider before peeling off your clothes.
1. Its good to identify what you are hoping to get out of dating. Are you looking for multiple sex buddies?  Do you want a relationship? Talking to one of psychics at TheCircle can help.
2.There are many double standards, men who have sex on a first date are just doing what comes naturally; women who agree to sex immediately are either desperate or have a bad reputation. Ladies and gentlemen, this does not compute. Both sexes should be responsible and less judgmental. Every situation is different.
3. Never be pressurized into anything you don’t want to do. Getting jiggy for the first time is nearly always awkward as neither of you know each other sexually or as a person. Showing them your all may feel as if you are exposing yourself too much, too soon. Sex for the first time with a new partner can be disappointing even if we fancy the pants off them.  It takes time to find out what really turns somebody else on.  Alternatively, sex with a stranger could be a screamingly sizzling experience. It’s a gamble! Some couples have had sex on their first date and have developed long term relationships.
4. Waiting for a while can have advantages. It increases sexual tension and anticipation.  Rather like a strip tease, getting to really know someone attractive makes you want them more. When the time is right for you, go for it Tiger!!

5. If you have your beer goggles on it could be disastrous to bed your date. You could wake up next to the biggest mistake of your life. Having sex with the neighborhood loser is always humiliating.
6. Players can think they are very clever and believe they can charm anyone. Whether you have sex on the first date or hold out for a while their agenda is non negotiable. Once they are done with you, they lose interest. Use your gut instinct to identify time wasters. Remember that even if you get caught out they will eventually be lonely and alone.

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